Red Hot Chile Pop-Ups

Chile is a South American country were car culture is growing fast.

Still, finding a car like Daniel Carrasco’s Nissan 200SX here on the streets of Santiago is rare. In Chile it’s difficult to get car parts, and when you do find them the cost is well above what they are in other parts of the world.

But even with these problems, there are plenty of people willing to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice plenty in order to see their personal projects through to completion. Daniel’s drift-spec RPS13 is a perfect example of that.

2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-35
2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-06

In the 1990s, many new Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas were imported into Chile from Japan. We had the 200SX, and also the Nissan Cefiro, although that was marketed as a Laurel Altima.

There aren’t many surviving cars from this era left now, but many of the ones that do still exist in Chile are owned by enthusiasts.

2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-01

The passion for these cars from the ’90s is growing here, but ‘JDM’ styling is still very limited. And that’s what makes Daniel’s 200SX even more special; people are not used to seeing a car like this on the street, and when children see it go past they will always point.

2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-12
2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-28

Outside, the Nissan features an RPS13 Type X body kit, Type X taillights, and 18×10-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs with Yokohama 225/35R18 tires which really complete the picture.

Under the hood you’ll still find Nissan’s original CA18DET mounted in the engine bay, but it now benefits from a GT28R turbo and a Nistune upgraded ECU which Daniel programmed himself. There’s also a Cusco 1.5-way LSD and Tein Super Street coilover suspension.

2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-29
2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-27

Although Daniel used this car for various competitions and the national drift championship, these days he competes in an S15 Silvia, which means the 200SX is now daily driven.

2019 Nissan 180SX by Javier Alfaro Speedhunters-40

As the afternoon turned into evening, it was time for us to leave the industrial location that we chose for this shoot and head back home, but not before stealing a few more looks on the streets of Santiago.

Javier Alfaro


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Isn't that a 180SX?
Specially with the CA18?

Or that might just be an Australian thing.


The Sr20det s13 is the 180sx, the ca18det is the 200sx, and the ka24det are for the 240sx ...

The s13 got a lot of variations, and this on is the common for chile, the “tail and nose” of the s13 are different in other countries ...


Almost. The early JDM 180SX (pignose) launched with the CA18DET (89-90). Then with the 1991 facelift they received the SR20.
Japan had two models, Silvia (fixed lights, 2 door) and 180SX (popup lights, 3 door fastback). Europe got one model, 200SX with the popups and fastback.


Precioso el auto! Soy chileno desde Australia y es mucho mas comun ver a los S13 180SX aqui en Sydney, mi Hermano tiene uno, y yo tenia un S15.
Siempre es un placer ver a estos tipos de autos y entusiastas en Santiago Chile. Neccesitas encontras mas autos entusiastas y dale con mas articulos!
un saludo desde Sydney
(diculpa por los errores mi espanol escrito no es el mejor del mundo )
Un saludo desde Sydney


Perfection indeed. its just a shame Nissan Stop making this. Hopefully one day one will be strike with something and they will make few more like what Toyota did to 86.


yo what's with all these letters we're adding to chassis codes on Speedhunters now? what used to be the completely unambiguous Skyline chassis designations - R32, R33, R34 - are now all prefixed with BN- for no reason. A80 Supras have become JZA80s. everyone knows what an S13 is; nobody has any idea what an RPS13 is. why are you doing this, Speedhunters? I mean, you do you, but it's confusing.


jdm noob? we know this in 2005


I'm not saying I don't know what the letters mean, I'm saying I don't see why Speedhunters adds them to the names that are commonly used. S13 has a clear meaning to most car enthusiasts, RPS13 doesn't. sure, I can figure out what we're referring to, but why not just say S13?


E-S13 = 1988-1990 Silvia w/ CA18DE
S13 = 1988-90 Silvia w/ CA18DET
RS13 = 1990-91 180SX w/ CA18DET
PS13 = 1991-93 Silvia w/ SR20DET
RPS13 = 1991-98 180SX w/ SR20DET
KPS13 = 1991-93 Silvia w/ SR20DET & Super HICAS
KRPS13 = 1991-98 180SX w/ SR20DET & Super HICAS
HS13 = 1989-90 240SX Coupe w/ KA24E
RHS13 = 1989-90 240SX FB w/ KA24E
MS13 = 1991-93 240SX Coupe w/ KA24DE
RMS13 = 1991-93 240SX FB w/ KA24DE
KMS13 = 1991-93 240SX Coupe w/ KA24DE & Super HICAS (Canadian Only)
KRMS13 = 1991-93 240SX FB w/ KA24DE & Super HICAS

These Codes only Apply to S13 Models:
No Letter for Coupe
R = Fastback
No Letter for CA18DET
H = KA24E
M = KA24DE
K = Super HICAS

Marius Engen Skinnes

In Europe RPS13 is a 200SX S13 with CA18DET.


200sx its a 180sx for eu market


Depends where you live I guess.
There's different versions of the "S13"

The RPS13 is the 180/200SX, the hatchback with pop ups.

The PS13 is the original fixed headlight version.

It's just the technical chassis code, same as RX8 and SE3P.


Weeeeeew, a completely banal 180sx, the only redeemable thing being the TE's..


It's one thing to have an opinion, it's something totally different to be an asshole, at least read the story man, getting parts is a lot harder anywhere in Latin America than it is in the US, and this man has managed to build a beautiful car, but he's sorry he's not up to the standards of your Zonda.


The car is nice, but I am here to praise the author for his appropriate byline title. Clever is as clever does!


My god that is a beautiful car. Before, if I wanted to build an s13 hatch, I would have instantly gone Rocket Bunny, but honestly the Type X body kit seems to grow more and more on me and I want it.


That’s on sweet s chassis. I’ve always been a fan of the pop up headlights and 180sx aero, definitely thee look for the hatch model. Even cooler this ones from Chile! I’ve seen you guys have pretty serious Subaru enthusiast as well, really nice to see 90s jdm isn’t just popular in Japan, the US, and Europe but worldwide


Btw this is a nice S13 anywhere, not just Chile. Not many people are driving this clean a s13 anywhere, props on the styling


Felicidades Daniel y Javier! éxito en sus proyectos hermanos chilenos y saludos desde México!


Good on the owner for keeping the CA18, they're like a mini RB20.
I always felt that 18" wheels are too big for the S chassis, 17" is the sweet spot for me (unless there's some crazy widebody on it).



Lo he visto más de alguna vez por la calle aquí en Santiago y es genial ver gente de nuestro país dejando su marca en esta página. Esas TE37SL, en esas medidas le quedan bastante bien a pesar de ser un diseño moderno.

Congratulations on a simple but clean build.

Saludos desde Chile


Bloody superb. I really appreciate builds like this, beautiful execution the dude knew what he wanted and he made it happen. Excellent work