Four Favourites From Attack Tsukuba

In my main coverage from Attack Tsukuba 2024, I covered the general atmosphere of the event around the pits and multiple paddocks.

With 190 entrants competing on the day, it was hard enough to even check out all the cars let alone select a few for a closer look, but I managed to pick four favourites to share with you. They might not be what you’d expect…

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-57

We’ll start with the obvious pick – the Y’s Produce FD3S Mazda RX-7. There was no mistaking the symphony of Yuki-san’s four-rotor FD; its glorious sound echoed across the entirety of the Tsukuba grounds when the Mazda was out lapping. It’s not just all noise though – the RX-7 placed 23rd outright with an impressive 56.548 lap time.

Yuki-san’s FD is no new arrival by any means. It’s actually been around for quite a while, but that’s what makes it so special.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-54

Compared to some of the other FD3S RX-7s competing at the event, Yuki-san’s car has very tame aero. The rear fenders have been widened by 45mm and the front fenders by 30mm, but this only came about through a desperate need for wide tyres with a whole lot of extra grip.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-111

That’s to be expected with the RX-7’s staggering 980kg (2,160lb) wet weight coupled with a Scoot Sports-built 600hp naturally aspirated four-rotor engine.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-55

Like most cars at Attack, Yuki-san’s RX-7 also runs an Endless 4-pot big brake kit up front.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-71

Next up we have something a little bit different – a Porsche 991 GT3 Cup. At an event stacked with meticulously modified cars, you might be wondering why I would take such an interest in a ‘standard’ Cup car.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-130
Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-76

Well, despite me being unapologetically obsessed with everything Porsche, these cars are becoming more and more common as weekend track toys here in Japan. Just at Attack, I counted no less than three 991 Cups. That’s three more Cups than standard 991 GT3s.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-133

These retired race cars are becoming an affordable gateway into turn-key racing, and boy do you get a lot of car for your money. I managed to get my camera into this car for a few laps, so judge for yourself.

Kanjo-style Civics aren’t the first things you’d expect to see at an Attack event, but once you’ve seen these two go around Tsukuba it all starts to make more sense.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-27

Civics in general made a bit of a comeback this year, with this EF hatch pairing making the trip up from Osaka. Ikegami-san put down a 1’02.740 lap in his B16A-powered JACS EF9.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-53

No fancy aero, no giant turbos or inlets poking out the bonnet – just pure N/A VTEC power and some insane driving.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-22
Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-21

The Petronas Aslan EF9 was ever so slightly quicker, posting a best lap of 1’02.055, but this car has K-power under the hood.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-68

Finally, we have this almost grassroots style 180SX. This is another car I’ve seen at Attack several times in the past, but the Toybase RPS13 attended this year with a freshly-fitted wide-body kit, allowing 295/30R18 tyres to squeeze under the fenders.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-69
Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-67

With a stripped-out interior, 450hp SR20DET and a relatively tame aero kit, this is a build that many of us can relate to. Its 58.691 lap was nothing short of impressive as well.

Speedhunters - Alec Pender - Attack24-200-2

That’s it for my Attack Tsukuba 2024 coverage. You can guarantee I’ll be back next year for more, and potentially some other Attack days in between.

Alec Pender
Instagram: noplansco



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I have an old track car I drive, it’s quite loud partly because of a small hole in the exhaust. The way it feels driving is why I like it so much, sitting down in the well worn seat shifting through the gears, it’s just great fun.


I love all of the cars at the Attack Tsukuba meet however I would say the Porsche GT3 Cup is the best here why?
Because it's a Porsche GT3 Cup


derp derp derp Porsche is da best derp derp.


curious - why on the gt3 cup car does he have the air inlets on the hood for the brake cooling taped off? Loved the incar video!


I would guess the reason that is being done is an attempt to reduce drag. Tsukuba is a very low speed circuit so perhaps the trade off of taping off the ducts to reduce drag (or the perception of reducing drag) is a worthy trade off.

Time Attack cars only need to put down 1 or 2 laps to win an event so on a slow speed track like this their brakes are unlikely to over heat.



This is actually more likely temperature manipulation for the brakes. NACA ducts inherently don't have a lot of drag. Don't increase frontal area. Not an appendage that is sticking out like an air scoop. The theory of a NACA duct is an ability to peel off laminar flow and direct it somewhere else without creating drag.

Hard to speculate but this is probably now for temperature of the brakes.

Not gonna get that answer from any of the speedhunters expert staff LOL.


You're mostly wrong. In 2017 a few friends and I were preparing our cars for a 126-mile day trip, all at legal speeds of course :biggrin:

Our buddy Rupert (yes, that Rupert) taped up every orifice with speed tape, aerospace grade.

Rad and condenser had carefully limited airflow (yes A/C equipped and still over 900HP, try that in your Civic). Went out of his way to tape every single spot possible. Experienced drivers get a feel for wind turbulence - if he felt any of that, he called up our military "plug" and "proqured" another roll of the speed tape.

In the end the taping was moot as our racing partners ran into some trouble with overzealous Smoky Bears (this means police for you Gen Z types) :surprised:

No need to disparage the Speedhunters Staff, I doubt you've ever produced photographs anywhere near their level. Admin has been contacted regarding your post, nothing you can really do about that.


I mean you really can't make up how stupid you are Frank. It's staggering. You're one of the lowest IQ people I've ever come across in cars. Thank God I have had the opportunity to travel the US racing with F1 engineers and multiple national / world championship engineers and racers....otherwise I might actually believe the fecal matter that spews out of your mouth like a sewage plant.

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That's very fascinating
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Frank Profera


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Nobody in the automotive community would actually call Leno an imbecile. The guy willingly admits he isn’t the best driver but his wealth of knowledge is difficult to match. I know several people who have either met him or are currently friends with him and nobody has anything negative to say. You on the other hand constantly change your name on here and bitch about everything. Get a life dude, seriously


Here come the beta cavalry to defend the beta cavalry defending the beta cavalry. I've learned anyone who uses the term "community" in this industry is someone who immediately has no credentials. Wealth of knowledge? Lmao. I guess we all have different measuring sticks. When is the last time he built an engine or transmission and didn't pay his mechanic who runs in Formula Ford?

Thought so.

Anyone can read a bunch of books and memorize the brochure. If that's what you think credentials someone by all means go ahead. We are now diverting the topic to Leno when it is about Frank. This is a weak minded man's tactic very common when people start getting outclassed in what they are discussing.

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Frank probably loves you.


Thanks for your word salad! Jay and I will have a good laugh
Still waiting to hear your real name or supposed credentials. Maybe you can show us your car, I'm sure it's very impressive

Frank Profera


"Then Jay...THEN HE SAID HE KNEW PEOPLE MORE SKILLED THAN US. Hyuck hyuck hyuck. I swear these internet haters."

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We’ve been laughing at you for far longer. And in much higher circles. I can assure you.

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10 replies and still afraid to say your own name or show us any of your cars :twisted:



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