The Supra Is Coming To NASCAR

Rumors were abound, but now it’s official: the new Toyota Supra is heading to one of the least likely motorsport series you’d expect to see it in. Or at least its name is anyway.

While it’s not the full-blown Cup Series, the stepping-stone NASCAR Xfinity Series is a hotly contested championship where the likes of Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and Toyota do battle. Previously, the Japanese manufacturer has campaigned a Camry-badged machine, but for the 2019 season which kicks off in February at Daytona International Speedway in Florida, the new Supra will be taking its place.

As for how much actual Supra DNA will be in the car, it will least carry the badge and some of the design cues we’re likely to see in the production model scheduled to make an appearance next year. Of course, all cars competing in the Xfinity Series are governed by a strict set of rules that extend to physical dimensions, weight, fuel, engine size, transmission type and power output among many others, so we were never going to see anything but that.

Ultimately, the NASCAR Supra will run a 5.8L V8 with carburetor and a 4-speed manual gearbox inside its tube-frame chassis. That makes it about as far removed from what the sports car we’re hoping Toyota will deliver us in 2019 will be, but this is pretty cool all the same.

Brad Lord
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This is what happens when you let Japanese and German engineering excellence breed with Good Ol' American "Know How" you get a race car with down syndrome. It's amazing that the colony of prisoners, down under, figured out a better solution.


Better analogy would be Bayern München playing football in Lederhosen. Yes, may look right for some folks, but is totally anachronistic.
How a non-historic series can still run carbs is absolutely beyond me

Chris Colouryum

V8 Supercars is probably the best spectator car motorsport out there. Nascar people are simple folk though. Let them be.


V8 Supercars - yawn. NASCAR development goes well beyond any Australian series. Closer racing and done well for the spectators. I hated NASCAR for years and thought we, in Australia, knew better. But having been to the US and spent time with some top engine builders and visited teams on both sides of the ocean I am a convert.


How can I reliably watch this in the US with decent commentary? Asking for a friend...

Chris Colouryum

Internet. The Googles. Youtubes.


But I want to get something without any personal investment


For the official way search V8 Supercars "Superview"


Euro TCR is pretty good too, just started watching intently this year, major parity amongst 6-8 manufacturers, Early doors but, reminds me of the 90's btcc.


"you get a race car with down syndrome"

Not cool.


i know, 'crazy retarded' would've sounded better.


I think the Toyota 5.8 liter V8 would make a great option! :-)


Should not be allowed


Ugh! My Eyes! *Facepalm


I don't care what anyone says about this, but i think this is pretty cool and I'm happy that manufacturers are mixing it up a bit.


Agreed but the ones that don't enjoy this form of racing have to have their voices heard!


Is that a Supra!!!???


Is that...



Basic NASCAR shell with Supra stickers does not equal Supra


Great advertising gimmick. Every American will know the Toyota Supra and hopefully this will help sales of the actual Supra. Unfortunately this failed the the Australian made Chevy SS

whalter white

1 build a z4
2 put a bodykit and emblems on
3 name it supra
4 profit


"carburetor and a 4-speed ... 2019"

Move along, nothing to see here.


With I think about 800 hp that averages 150mph on certain tracks surrounded by 40 other cars for hours. Sure it isn't high tech like F1 or touring cars but its nothing to dismiss


The high tech is there, it is in the development, testing and attention to detail.


*that spins to 10,800 and makes closer to 950hp.

Chris Colouryum

Nascars are basically oddly shaped billboards right? This is a just a marketing decision to get the supra brand out there - but fuck me it's ugly and does a terrible job of promoting it. Whoever made that decision... loooooool


A more important story is that the Supra is coming to Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Cannot wait to see and hear it in the metal, even if still camouflaged. I'll be pestering the Toyota reps as to when they can take my deposit.


This is perhaps one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. That is one fuckin ugly car.


I just don't get the whole 'x car is in Nascar' nonsense. There's as much of a Supra/Camry/Fusion/Mustang/whicheverChevrolet on those stock cars as there is in a fridge, which is to say not at all. It's a steel cage with a GM engine and some car-shaped plastic around it all.

Wait for the real thing to show up in GT4/GT3/GTE, then we can talk.


supra gt car in japan has a boosted 4-pot, so it's not a real supra either. just sayin'


Wow a Supra going to NASCAR for the first time
Bet that this will be fun with other cars like the Mustang and Camaro


"Carburator and a 4 speed manual gearbox?" LOL...we're in 2018 folks! How can this venue be taken seriously?


And tell me what is wrong with a carburetor or a 4spd?


NASCAR should just call itself a historic vintage racing series, and then we can all sleep better. it's really a joke to call it high-tech, when WEC and F1 and Indy still exist.


NASCAR Monster Cup cars use fuel injection and the ECU's are from McLaren. I imagine Xfinity still uses carburetors to keep cost down. What's so import about how a car receives its fuel?


Would much rather see them make a GT4 version for the European GT4 series of GT3 for Blancpain/private teams to use in the British GT or other series around the world & obviously Super GT or GT500 (but I don't know much about the Japanese GT series that exist)




I love NASCAR and am excited to see this next year. I'm not sure why everyone is hating so hard on this form of racing. No, it doesn't share much more than a name but does that really matter? I doubt anyone will get confused. The important part is that Toyota (TRD) is participating and have been pretty dominate in the Monster Cup, I just hope they don't suffer the same teething issues Chevy has with the Camaro.