Isle Of Man TT: The World’s Greatest Motorsport Event
Welcome To The Isle Of Man

Nothing else compares to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT). Held annually on the picturesque Isle of Man, a small island situated in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland, the TT races attract the bravest and most skilled riders, as well as a legion of fervent fans, all drawn by the promise of speed, excitement and danger.

The origins of these races can be traced back to 1907, which makes the Isle of Man TT one of the oldest motorsport events still being contested today.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (260)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (219)

What sets the TT apart from other motorsport events is where the racing takes place.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (224)

The 37.73-mile (60.72km) Snaefell Mountain Course weaves through the island’s villages, countryside, and mountain roads, offering a unique blend of straightaways and sharp turns on public roads closed for the event.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (161)

This year, fans lined the banks in big numbers. In fact, the 2024 event – held from late May till early June – had the most spectators since the 2007 centenary TT, with nearly 70,000 people arriving by sea or air to this tiny island nation, almost doubling its population for the fortnight of racing.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (204)

The event is so physically large that 2,000 race marshals are positioned around the course.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (277)

Unlike the controlled environment of a traditional racetrack, the Mountain Course presents natural hazards: stone walls, lampposts, and even the occasional wayward animal. All these elements amplify the risk, demanding not just technical prowess from the riders but also nerves of steel.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (231)

Speed is the essence of Tourist Trophy races. The fastest riders average more than 136mph (218km/h) over a single lap, with top speeds exceeding 200mph (321km/h) along some straights.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (229)

Even shooting the TT is on another level. Take this shot from the approach to Hillberry, located on the 36th mile of the circuit. The spectator-filled grass bank exists just metres from where riders blitz past at upwards of 170mph (270km/h), kicking up dust and grass and leaving a body-shaking wake of wind and noise. It’s intoxicating.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (195)

There are no barriers or massive catch fencing here, not even safety tape. Common sense rules apply. Want to have a race bike pass by at full noise within a metre or two of your face? Hillberry is the place for you.

Passing Time
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (227)

This year’s TT had its challenges, inclement weather being the biggest. For all the joy of sitting on a bank watching the racing, it’s less fun when delay after delay halts the action. On a few occasions, the rain caused races to be cancelled outright. As frustrating as that was, it is understandable as rider safety is paramount, and the TT course is challenging enough in the best of conditions.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (162)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (191)

Even with all the disruption the weather threw at the organisers, nine of the 10 scheduled races were completed, although some at revised (shortened) distances.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (190)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (189)

The bright side of all the weather stoppages was the opportunity to nose around the paddock.

Here, the big teams are based in large tents kitted out with full workshops’ worth of gear.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (174)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (188)

Further down the field, things get a little more modest, with some riders doubling as the mechanic. Whatever it takes to be here.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (177)

Away from the glare of the television cameras and the masses of spectators, crews rushed around their bikes, preparing them for the next race, be it a simple fluids change or an engine rebuild.

Attention Paddock
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (154)

The grid area sits right in the heart of the paddock, and as soon as the PA system fired into life, a sense of excitement always filled the air. In the unmistakable voice of Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson MBE: “Attention paddock, attention paddock, this is race control…” Everyone hopes it’s a call that racing is on.

Once the signal is given, riders quickly assemble. The larger teams retreat to their remote grid boxes while competitors further down the field grab space in the open. Bikes fire into life to begin their warm-up sequences; blankets shroud tyres that will soon meet the Mountain Course.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (236)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (233)

Watching how each rider counted down the minutes was a real eye-opener. Some were relaxed and chatty, while others were focused on the task ahead.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (242)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (254)

Every rider who pushes their machine under the start line arch knows the risks that lie ahead. Despite the obvious dangers, more and more riders are signing up to compete. While many chase podium glory, for the majority, simply becoming a TT rider is all that matters.

The Winning Feeling
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (247)

The focus will always be on the winners and big stars, though.

Davey Todd is the new rockstar of road racing. He’s the king of swag with an Aussie-style mullet and a beaming smile that excludes a no-fear attitude to lapping the Mountain Course. Having moved to the Milwaukee BMW team this year, things have clicked for him.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (256)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (259)

The opening, and sadly only, Super Stock race went Davey’s way, however, the crowning glory was his win in the Senior TT – the blue-riband finale to this year’s Tourist Trophy.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (212)

Just over an hour earlier, my local star Mike Browne claimed a TT podium by finishing third in the Super Twin race, making it onto the rostrum for the second year straight. When I covered a season of Irish road racing in 2019, I marked Mike as a star in the making. To be there and see him claim another TT podium was special.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (217)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (263)

Local brothers Ryan and Calum Crowe took out both Sidecar races. Meanwhile, Peter Hickman had a lucky win in the Superbike opener.

The Greatest
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (245)

The greatest of all time – ‘G.O.A.T.’ is an acronym often thrown about, sometimes resulting in passionate debate. Here, there is none: Michael Dunlop is the greatest road racer of all time, and this year he rewrote the Tourist Trophy record books.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (248)

Arriving on the Isle of Man just one win short of his legendary uncle Joey Dunlop’s record for most TT victories, it only took the opening Supersport race for Michael to equal the tally. A few days later he eclipsed it after winning the first Super Twin race.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (206)

Many thought Joey’s tally of 26 wins, having stood since 2000, may never be beaten, so it seemed fitting that it would be the final member of the legendary Dunlop dynasty who would ultimately break the record.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (215)

Although a loose helmet visor likely denied Michael the Superbike victory, and a clutch issue prematurely ended his TT Senior chances, more first-place finishes in the second Supersport and Super Twin races of the 2024 event ultimately took his race win tally to 29 – an astonishing feat for the quiet Ballymoney star.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (185)

While others celebrated victory with sponsors and friends, with Michael it was nearly always the same routine. Head down, shorts on, and straight into prep for the next race.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (151)

For me, the TT is the world’s greatest motorsport event. For two weeks each year, a nation stops, schools close, and public holidays are declared ahead of professional and amateur racers alike attacking the high streets and open roads of the island at wide-open throttle.

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (273)

It’s impossible not to love the brilliance of it, accept the risks involved, and leave feeling energised knowing that everyone you meet, be they racers, marshals or spectators, is there living their passion. It’s both mad and brilliant. If you haven’t witnessed the Isle of Man TT in person, you really are missing out.

Cian Donnellan
Instagram: ciandon

Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (152)
Isle_of_Man_TT_2024_on_SpeedHunters_Pic by CianDon  (264)


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Isle of Man will never EVER fail to impress me with the quality of the participants. It's a wonder how their riding suits could cover their huge cojones so well.


The Isle of Man TT is indeed the world's greatest motorsport event because you are literally sending it on two wheels on a narrow circuit

That takes an immense amount of skill close to even Pikes Peak

Justin Jadunath

I would absolutely love to attend the Isle of Man TT as it is such an amazing, and unique event that regardless of whether I like motorcycle racing, I MUST acknowledge that it is the apex of moto racing. Cian, your photos are stunning. ESPECIALLY the panning shots at the corners! All I feel is motion when I look at them.



How much does the winner get? It better be alot for this craziness!!

Love to see this in person.


Hi David,

The Senior TT is the blue riband race, with £25,000 going to the winner from an overall pot of £84,500. The Superbike TT is next best, with £20,000 for the winner, followed by the Supersport (£10,000 to the winner), Sidecar and Superstock (both £8,000) and finally the Supertwin (£6,000).

While it may sound big, don't forget that competitors compete in multiple classes, meaning building and running numerous machines. Michael Dunlop had 6 bikes at the TT this year (2x Honda Superbikes, a Honda Superstock, Triumph Daytona 765 Supersport, a Yamaha R6 Supersport and the Paton for the Supertwin)


Thanks much for these motorcycle articles! I look forward to reading these ones each year!


I like motorcycle. Motorcycle go fast. Jump n has fun colors. Road is narrow and da caw has 2 wheels. Engine go vroom. My favorite EVAR. Other than drifting becaws drifting is also amaze.


Amazing event an amazing pics!

Mohamad Azimin Bin Mohd Kamal.

Hello ,What Happen Trek Rood.Jampe fly moto
go on trek Racing in Rood Village Town.
Dwon No konsisten (Racer) Racing Trek cruciut.


Thank you for the coverage! We definitely need to see some more road racing posts


Bucket-list event to watch one day

Vincent Conker Auger

Cian, this is definitely some of your best work my friend. The jump shots are so clear, it's crazy.

Glad everything went great and you made it back home. From what you told me when Sasha and I were with you in 2022, there are a lot of risks for spectactors and photographer, too.

Have a good one, Cian.


Important footnote:it was one of the few TT events that did not claim a life, a feat in and of itself.

Andrés Álvarez

Damn, some actual speedhunting on speedhunters, Kinda getting tired of seeing the same stanced euroboxes all the time.