Life Goals: Collecting Your RWB 911 Turbo

We’ve all done it.

We’ve been sat at our desks, stuck in traffic or had our heads on our pillows dreaming of the moment we collect our dream car, whatever it might be.

I’ve been through it a thousand times, with a thousand different cars, depending on what’s tickling my fancy at that particular moment in time. From walking into the showroom to driving the car off the forecourt and that first drive home. Imagining the sights, sounds and smells.

I don’t think I’ve ever dared to dream this big, however.

On a recent holiday to Japan, Driftworks co-founder Phil Morrison found himself in a situation where he could acquire his dream car, in his favourite country; a smooth RWB wide-bodied Porsche 964 Turbo built by Promodet, one of the leading Porsche tuners in Japan. With the help of some friends on the ground in Japan, Phil made the envious journey to Fukushima to collect the car from Arios Cars, before continuing his holiday with a 1,000km road trip taking in the sights of Daikoku PA and Mount Fuji amongst others.

At just over 16 minutes long, it’s the perfect company for your lunch break or that extended bathroom break you’ve been planning. Now, back to my own day dreams…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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Now this is one car or specifically one RWB that I can dream for, smooth, classy and goes with the tradition of Porsche being a gentleman's race car. Even though RWB is a huge phenomenon, it seems incomplete and poorly executed attempt at widening a classic 911 with all the bolted-on look.
This one though, only word is apt, "Perfect". This one does justice to Nakai-san and his OCD level of dedication to the craft!!


Its amazing how much better it looks without tacky bolt on over-fenders.


I think this may have become my favorite video! I know what I'm going to be thinking about for all of tomorrow ;)

Anthony Chang

Not a fan of RWB's , but this one looks good(because it's CLEAN without those "bolts")
Promodet? YES PLEASE. That will add extra points.
*Looks like a legitimate "GT2 EVO"(in 964 form XD) to me. Great one!


OK... where can i buy this and al of the 993's in that shop and how much!!!!

Matthew Sales

RWB body looks ten times better smoothed in! Sounds great, too.


Ok, I normally talk mad shit about RWB but this is a hell of a nice car. Ugh. If this was only the norm coming out of that shop. This is a really really nice looking car. Wheels are perfect, color is perfect. SEE PADDY we can be friends hahahaha


I'm not sure what alternate universe I've woken up in, John.

9 is happening Paddy!!! Hurry post something praising drifting so we can yell at each other.


Absolutely perfect! I love how you've experienced buying a car in Japan and bringing it home. I wish I can do the same.


Im no porsche fan, but geez I dont know the owner but through this I felt like I was apart of his journey and at 13:42 on-wards is when this video becomes extremely amazing.

Thanks for a very interesting video. Goodluck with finding the issue with the porsche and wish you many happy kilometers.


What an absolute dream this is. Absolutely stunning example of a well modified, clean RWB build with the underpinnings to match. I've never stopped dreaming and working towards owning and tuning an RWB 930 like Stella since I first saw the Rauh Welt cars featured here on Speedhunters. This video helps bring home it’s possibility even more so. Thanks for the epic vid and I look forward to getting featured in many years to come!


Would that thing even fit on Irish roads Paddy?


With difficulty, but yes.


Thanks Paddy!
If anyone's interested, I post a bit about this car on my own IG @PhilMorrisonDW & some on @Driftworks too


When they were showing the features on the porsche, I was trying to look around it at the Hiace, hahaha!


What a beautiful car. My RWB will be built on June 23/24 and this makes me very excited to see mine come to life.