The Ultimate JDM Porsche 964’s Life In The UK

When you fly to Japan to collect your modified Porsche 964, in order to drive it 1000kms to its shipping container, destined for the other side of the world, you know it’s a special one.

This was the exact situation which our friend from Driftworks in the UK, Phil Morrison, found himself in last year. You might remember, we put together a small story about it. Phil is currently responsible for some of the most exciting builds online at the moment. This Promodet built Porsche 964 is just one, his manual-swapped Lamborghini Murciélago is another.

Recently, Phil, along with the help of some friends have created an update on the story of his turbo-charged Porsche, along with a comprehensive look at the car in its now more reliable state, thanks to a healthy dose of problem solving.

As it happens, this 964’s life has only really started to get going since it arrived in its container outside of Driftworks HQ in Birmingham, UK, following a strange period in its history where nobody really knows what happened with it.

2019 Driftworks PROMODET 964 Speedhunters by RICH STARKEY-06

Anyways, I’m sure nobody has made it this far into my inane ramblings and is instead deep into the video learning why Phil’s idea of small, subtle tweaks have made this JDM icon better, in pretty much every way. I’ll leave below some behind the scenes wallpapers from the video shoot, courtesy of Rich Starkey.

Phil, when can we come shoot, er, everything?

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photos by Rich Starkey
Instagram: @rich_starkey



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JDM spec'd. German car, in th UK.


RWB cars dont usually float my boat, but this thing really puts the wind in my sails :) and with Phil behind the wheel you know it will be DRIVEN, like rally DRIVEN




Why Can't manufacturers build this kind of cars.
I know they are not what common people wants to spend money on. but I'm never loosing hope of that dream to see this as much number as I see civics and corollas. Mom's and Dad's of yester years buys this kind of cars for their family car.


When you know a 911 is tuned by Promodet, then it'll be a serious one.


Air-cooled Porsches with RWB body kit is my type!


mmh those panning shots! wonderful photography. Can you guys here at SH please try to include more panning shots of feature cars in the future (as a photographer myself i know already that’s not always feasible, i’m not saying EVERY ARTICLE)? It makes a bigger impact on viewers subconsciously when some of the images are obviously in motion, and mere tracking shots hanging out if another car rarely brings out that sense of dynamism. More panning shots please!


I thoroughly enjoyed this and wish more people followed this formula with their videos. Cinematography is perfect.



See even the Japanese know Porsche is an icon. Old new. Doesn't matter. Porsche is worldwide! Like Ferraris and all that. But you can't beat Porsche's history, reputation and race pedigree. Love Porsche for life!


Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the short film! Michael who made the film did a fantastic job!