CG Fantasizing With Khyzyl Saleem

It’s seems like this month is shaping up to be one made of CG dreams. Last week saw our little collaboration with Ash Thorp kick into action, and now we have the first in a series of guest posts from our very own Khyzyl Saleem.

It’s always a good day when I see Khyzyl’s name pop up in my inbox, as I know that just like myself, you guys love to see what crazy concepts and creations he’s been working on. This is the first of a few posts that will answer this very question.

For this post, I’ll let Khyzyl go through each of the cars and give us insight into his creative process, be it an idea he’s been wanting to explore for a long time or something that just materialized as a ‘why the hell not’ sort of thing. Khyzyl, take it away…


KS: Hey everyone, it’s been quite a while since my last post on Speedhunters so I’m quite happy to be back again. 2017 was quite a busy year for me as I decided to have a crack at transitioning to 3D. Most of the work you’ll see in this post were experiments in teaching myself how to model bodykits and parts on cars in a more three dimensional space, which means I can finally show a car from more than one angle.

This is just a small selection of some of the things I’ve been up to this year, but you can find a lot more on my ArtStation and Instagram pages.

After my 2D concept I posted last year, this wide-bodied Datsun was one of the first projects I wished to turn into 3D.


Still continuing with my love for all things sci-fi and cyberpunk, I had to try an create a drone vehicle. It was pretty challenging trying to put this together, but all in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Now I just need to finish it!


Who doesn’t love a Blade Runner-esque 964 on the streets of Tokyo?! This was experimentation with colour tones and grading.


A V12 R34, barbaric you may say, but it’s all part of the fun. I wanted to embody my love for time attack machinery and the cyberpunk world once again, and using 3D software like 3DS Max and learning how to model really allows me to explore further and in so much more detail.


With this image I wanted to try and give the Countach a bit of a modern update; as you can see, gone are the pop-up lights. What do you guys think of the outcome?


My love for 190s never ends, even more so, for the DTM-spec 2.5-16 Evo II variant. I wanted to make it a little wider, mainly to practice modelling kits, but believe it or not this one will actually get built. No real Evo IIs will get hurt though…


An F1-inspired F150. Why not?!


I was curious to know what a Honda S2000 and a new NSX would look like if they were merged together, and this was the outcome, as accompanied by a Senna Marlboro McLaren livery. Not that I support or endorse smoking in any way, but you have to admit it looks pretty cool!


A diary in the metal, nobody has to read, like or understand it, except you and you alone. Build your car how you want to.


Once again, not forgetting my futuristic roots, I had a lot of fun taking apart this previously rendered DTM E30. It’s quite fun to make up little stories to suit, no matter how cheesy. “The car managed to do its job; it did it damn well too. I got what I needed and managed to get away before they even knew it was gone. Now then, time for this shoot, wink. Peace” – Xen.


Panoramic Camaro, anybody? The beauty of making things in 3D is that you can literally change any part of the car you like; you’re only limited by your imagination.


Ever wondered what a Ford GT40 could look like with a modern twist? I merged parts from the latest Ford GT to the original GT40 and I think the outcome is quite surprising. The modern touches suit the car pretty well.


Yes, another FD RX-7, this time standing out thanks to a kit that redefines wide.


An R32 Skyline GT-R with a bit of an attitude problem.


If you know me, you’ll know that nothing is really sacred in my books. This Jaguar E-Type went through quite a transition; mechanically it might not make total sense, but all in all it was incredibly fun to create.


Here we have the E.V.E Viper, a special series of drone/autonomous vehicles I’m creating. What for? You’ll find out soon enough…


You’ll see by this point I’m a little obsessed with RX-7s. Who doesn’t love a time attack fire-breather though?


I designed a wide-body kit for this gorgeous twin-turbo Chevy C10 truck. If you’re familiar with the Nelson Racing Engines’ ‘Tiffany’ build, this should look very familiar to you.


I seem to be obsessed with giving classics a modern makeover at the moment, and the Aston Martin DB5 was another one I wanted to add to the collection.


Another Countach fusion I’ve wanted to do since I saw the glorious Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.


Here I wanted to make something loud, obnoxious, bright and vibrant. An aesthetic fit for Japan; living to offend.


One last thing, 2017 was also the year I was able to buy my dream machine, a 1992 FD3S Mazda RX-7. I didn’t expect to buy this car so soon but this particular example was just too good to miss.  Hopefully you’ll see more on this and the build I have planned for it in the very near future.

Khyzyl Saleem
Instagram: the_kyza
Facebook: TheKyza

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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DB5 is gorgeous, if there are replicas around, it would be nice idea for build.


Thank you so much! I just wanted to try something modern.


Hey Khyzyl, been a fan for a long time and its great to see you in here. The 190e is my all time favourite of yours, do you have the instagram account of the person building it into reality?


HANDS DOWN the most inspirational Speedhunters post...EVER.
Certainly, one of the most creative people in an industry filled with predictable, credit card projects.

Speaks volumes about the times we're in though...In an age of unrealistic builds...the digital ones manage to reign supreme!

If I had to make one critique (which I always must) it's that the cars depicted in Japan are a wee bit too left-hand-drivesy.

Terrific, terrific job, however...on ALL of them.


Very impressive work, kept being blown away the more i scrolled down and congrats on your dream car purchase cant wait to see what you have in store for it! hope you post the updates on here!


Thanks a lot Rich, it means a lot! I hope so as well man!


If I was a billionaire, I'd be having some of these amazing machines built then made into some ultra 80's future film. You know, I'd love some of these cars as sort of a visualizer where there are background elements that move or smoke out of focus in the foreground or something maybe twinkling lights or people passing. Would make for an epic screensaver or mobile background.


Haha I have actually done a few of those! If you check out my Facebook page and go to the videos section you'll find a few of them!


Found them, they were exactly what I was thinking, it really adds another dimension! Great stuff, I never realized some of these are complete 3D models, I had just assumed they were all photochops.Great work!


Oh my lawd, these are incredible! I love that Datsun truck!
Every picture I scrolled down to just blew me away. I didn't think any of them were overboard. I just kept looking at the details, shaking my head in awe. Simply amazing.


Thank you very much Aaron!


Long time follower of your work. You have such a signature style. Feel like you're in a prime position to create something amazing with your FD (give them SH partners a nudge). I'd love to see you do a modern OEM twist on it IRL.


Thank you for your constant support Chris, I really appreciate it man. I have a few plans with it for sure, going to be exciting!


Thanks Kyza for showing off that great imagination, loved that fire breathing time attack Rx7 as well!


You're very welcome! Thank you for viewing! haha


That 964 looks incredible. I'm in love with turbo fan wheels, and it looks so beautifully aggressive.


Thanks a lot Marco!


Simply the best digital automotive artist of our generation IMO. Love that Kev's HR31 livery inspired R32 made it to the post! And I still can't get over that Huracan livery. Painting my Z31 project Nissan 920 Safari Gold which looks to be the exact color Kyza chose as the base. Might have to use a variant of that mixed with a little BRE type flare. The angles going the opposite direction with BRE fender stripes showing the safari gold underneath perhaps? That's why I love Kyza's work so much. It's pure inspiration for all of us.

Keep it up gentlemen!


Wow, thank you so much man! I had to include Kev's inspired R32 that thing still has me going even now haha. I would love to see more of your project!


Btw, I assume you are going for a real life version of that wide body FD with your new purchase ;)


Yeah, Kev's car is so well done. It's local to me and I see him from time to time when I pop in to pick up stuff. I would love for you to check out my project, Khyzyl! I am building my take on a Z31 as a Z432. N/A RB stroker fully built with Supertech and Tomei parts, ITB's and long tube headers. Shooting for 300RWHP with 9-10k redline. Ordered Watanabe 16" wheels already. Converting to an S14 rear subframe and going for total driver experience on this one. If you get a chance, you can check it out on IG. Username is same as here, RVAE38. Hoping to have it in the paint shop in 4 weeks and the goal is to have it done for Zcon and possibly SEMA.

I absolutely love your stuff! You and Ash Thorp are my favorite digital automotive artists!


That first image of the Countach is proof that all those people who say that the car looks best in its early form, without the wing, spoiler and fender flares...



Hahaha thank you man! Happy you like it!


Yep, I think you came up with the perfect Countach.

Like you took all the various aspects that made the original work and made them MORE.

Funny how a nip here, a stretch there and a few tucks all around can do so much.


The original concept car is an even stronger counter argument


Man the renders look soo good I almost thought they were lifelike. Then I saw the last pic and I thought "is that a render or a real car?" Wows me every tie.


Thank you very much buddy!

Christian Schmidt

Nice render works. But I hope I see this kind of childish hard parking cars never ever in real life. Whats next steampunk stance cars?


I've already seen examples of both in real world, coming from both Japan and the US haha.


Brass is the new carbon fiber.


I think Rusty Slammington is already almost there


rusty slammington been there lol. Last time I saw it though.. it was unrecognizable haha.


seriously I love what you do. And some may say it's sacrilegious what you do to these cars, but I say, "Why the hell not?" The Countach is cool as shit. I loved the E-Type. ALL OF IT!! Moooooorre!


Thank you Jay! I have plenty more to show as well! haha


Good God man!
Your vision is "just right"!

I'm so in love with your classic truck renderings. The C10 in this article is my favorite.

Looking forward to seeing lots more stuff from you in the future. Congratulations on the FD! Please drive carefully!


speaking of trucks, the f1 raptor is dope.


I really appreciate that Tim, thank you so much! I will definitely drive safe haha, I have to!


Very Interesting. Just for my personal interest....could you make a 2015 Toyota Verso look so god damn cool?


Anything is possible! haha


Absolutely brilliant. Love them!


Hi John! Thanks a lot man!


The first image gives me chills.




The porsche is real cool.
I totally dig the touches to the countach.
Is the gtr supposed to be mid engined? Regardless, the work is amazing. Your transition to 3d seems to be going along quite smoothly lol.


Thanks a lot John! The GTR is actually Rear engined!


Too cool. The part of the countach that I enjoy is the headlight design. Reminds me of the front end on the Vulcan from aston martin. Headlight design in real life is obviously constrained by laws/regulation, so it's nice to see original design every so often.


The little mismatch in the rear over fender on the Datsun sold me. Great work.


Thanks buddy!


if you model a set of fenders for a volvo 240 wagon I'll build them.


Is there not a 240 speedhunters project car? If there isn't then there should be.


Bryn has his "Stripclub" wagon but progress has been mighty slowish. Life gets in the way as they say.


Amazing work as always. Looking forward to the RX-7 and 190 builds. Curious to see what you would do with a 1965-1969 Corvair coupe or a Series III XJ6 (or Series II XJ6C). Anyway, enjoying your 3D work, and hoping to see it in a movie or video game one day.


A 90's XJS would lend itself to this design language. In fact I need to see one now lol.


Yes, the TWR race cars were fine-looking beasts. Such a stylish car would lend itself to Khyzyl's treatment nicely, I suspect.


Thanks very much Chris! That could be pretty cool! I might give it ago one day haha.


Loving the 3d. Working in 2d always leaves some errors in perspective which hurts my brain way more than it should.
That first picture is absolutely fantastic.
More on that BMW behind the Lambo?


Haha thanks a lot man! I'll post more on that BMW in a second post! :)


Desktop Wallpaper material right here


You can grab all the wallpapers from my Artstation site mentioned at the top of the page! :)


Ayyyy, Im going to do just that. You are really really talented my dude! Want to teach a 17 y o thats into design some stuff? *wink* *wink*


I'm surprised someone with this much talent has no idea how tire markings work, kills some of these for me. Still some great stuff for sure.

Daniel Rabs Jessop



You can blame how the mapping and labels for the tire markings are made for that haha, thanks for the comment though!


I would love to see how you create these fantastic works. Incredible work!


Back at it again! Amazing as always, always using your artwork as my wallpapers. Especially those w/ more of the futuristic theme. Would you ever by chance do a 94-99 Celica? I feel like them 4-eyes would make something for a "futuristic" mod that you'll develop lol.


lol or make the next gen celica look like the baby lambo that it clearly wants to be.


I can't wait to see what happens to the FD.


Really digging the cover image. I've always been a fan of the cyberpunk genre.


Hi Khyzyl,
I am thinking about building the 190e as well but other projects got in the way. I have the 190 sitting in the garage for over a year now. I am debating whether to convert it into 2 doors before doing the wide body on it.
Love your work.



I say do it. Widebody kits sometimes look strange when they invade the space of the back doors. That's my opinion though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

GTRs all the way for me! V12, as long as it's quad turbo!!

Daniel Rabs Jessop

SOMEONE PLEEEAAASSSE BUILD THE E TYPE JAG!!!!!!! Mate, these machines are, in one word, phenomenal! You my friend have a talent that is out of this world. Just visualising these creations in your head would be hard enough, but to take them to this level just blows my freaken mind! Going by these renderings, I cant wait to see your FD in the flesh. Keep it going mate, inspirational!

Daniel Rabs Jessop

Oh, and Khyzyl, I know I shouldnt ask, but how about a 2002 Subaru Liberty B4 (this is what it was badged as in Australia, with the EJ20TT engine). Wide body, big wheels, heaps of attitude. I MAY have one parked in my garage that I could use a bit of inspiration for......... Just sayin'! ;)


Some images are too much alive that if I've seen them out of this post i'm sure i'll never guess it's a 3D rendering, specially that R32 and the time attack RX7.
Time for Ford and Lamborghini to check the F40 and the Countach.
For the real RX7, it must have a unique body kit from your designs, some of these kits must come alive. Looking forward


Looks like the rx in the first image could be a realistic interpretation of what it might look like. Obviously I"m not the artist though.


I looks like the most realistic but according to the renderings made overall I think the design would be wilder. We must wait and see the final product but sure it will be well done.

Daniel P Huneault

you need to re create one of those rx7 with your rx7! amazing renderings as always - i always look forward to see what you will create next! Could you do a classic mopar like a widebodied Roadrunner?!



Seriously, you already were a beast in 2D, and now in 3D it's even more amazing! Also, the speed which you learned how to do it all in 3D as well. It seems like in just a year you already mastered it... Very impressive!!!


Awesome work man! can't wait to see what you are going to do with your FD... Im looking to buy one of those in the near future :)


I really dig the RX-7 models you made. Especially since that cars is also my dream car. Specifically the '02 Spirit R model. I can't wait to see what you do with your FD and more of your FD 3D models.


Very imaginative work and a lot of fun to look at, noce work!

Please don't molest your new FD too much, so many have been lost under the knife. Please tell me you will keep it rotary, please?


Wow that stock RX-7 is gorgeous. Congratulations! It's not often that you see a stock example like that.


Ever since i started following Khyzyl work on artstation, i always dreamed about playing a NFS game with this kind of futuristic, more aggressive would fit perfectly with some sort of "Auto-Sculpt" system from NFS Carbon. Perfect.


I want to build all of your renderings! You're the Chip Foose of modern car designing. All very exciting machines. My all time favorite is The Insurgent. That thing gives me good feels. Loved the MK1 GT40 too! I just started building a replica, and I'm just dreaming of going crazy with the aero once it's assembled. I do fiberglass mold making at a replica shop, so I'm seriously going to town on it afterwards. Please do more GT40 builds! ;)


What does 明確な車線 mean?


Clear lane in japanese


Holy smokes........What a masterpiece. Excellent sir


that time attack RX7 is just out of this world!

major props for your work! I'm a fan!


can u teach me how to draw so well


Top notch work all around, my favorite is the F-150, do you have any more views of it? Wrecked cabs are pretty cheap to acquire...