Expanding Automotive Imagination

You know what the most sought after thing in the automotive world is? Imagination.

It fuels our passion and dreams, and through technology the truly gifted individuals among us create. And today it’s the visual execution I’d like to focus on.

We are no strangers to the awesome work that Khyzyl Saleem has shared on Speedhunters, and he’s been somewhat of an inspiration to another very gifted artist we’ve met through the internet, Ash Thorp.


While the Hollywood movie industry is where Ash’s main creative outlet lies, he shares something rather similar with you and I: an affinity for cars.

Over the last few months, Ash and I have been chatting on a regular basis, first about his recently rebuilt NSX project that we’ll be giving you a look at soon, and the a ‘what if’ scenario. Specifically, what if’ we took an unassuming automotive platform and expanded on it. You know, something a little left of field; a car that still appeals but one that maybe nobody has yet gone crazy with, or has never applied a certain style to.

And this ‘what if’ proposition quickly evolved into a ‘why not do it?’ one.


Which brings us to this Volvo 240GL.


I’ll let Ash introduce himself and his idea behind this mean wide-body digital creation…

AT: My name is Ash Thorp and I’m a San Diego-based designer, director and creative that has been working in the feature film and video game industry for eight years now. I carry numerous roles in my career, but I am mainly focusing on directing and creating concepts of my own. I have worked on film titles such as Prometheus, Ender’s Game, Total Recall (2012), and a few video game titles, too. I have an enormous passion for cars, which has fueled my career and led me to own one of my personal dream cars – my current first-gen NSX – which has been heavily modified in all the right ways to fit me and my personality.


AT: So why a Volvo 240GL?


AT: “Why not?” is often the question I ask when I make something. I am particularly interested in cars that people haven’t really built trends around; I like the idea of showing the opportunity in something that would normally be looked over. To me, that is the power of design. To get someone to rethink something they might have missed, showing them potential, and expanding the viewer’s own personal imagination.


AT: I picked the Volvo out of a long list of cars because it has incredible design direction that carries throughout the entire car. I wanted to make my own version, reflecting my own style and taste. Heavily influenced by the incredible lines and brut design of the Audi IMSA race car and the DTM racing series, I wanted to play a little fan fiction with the idea of a four-door 240GL taken to the extreme.


AT: I had such an amazing time building this one out and look forward to the next builds to come.


And that’s precisely what we are trying to do here; call it digital tuning or digital design, we’d like you to give us an idea of what car you’d like to see modified by Ash. From those, we’ll choose the platform for our next virtual build.


We’ll then wait for the magic to happen before unleashing another set of images like this one, for a digital car feature of sorts.


I was grinning for a long time when Ash’s finished renders of the 240GL came through; I knew it would be pretty wild given the IMSA racer inspiration he was going for.


I’d call it that, plus a hefty dose of modern day time attack detailing and the mother of all roll cages.

Then there are takes on the different wheels setups and body coloring. The smooth turbo fans are definitely my favorites, but the more stance-oriented slotted and dished rims work really nicely too.

It’s also pretty crazy how you can play with focus points and bokeh in the digital realm; it’s as if Ash was using a 50mm lens at f1.2.


It’s pretty obvious that this is nothing short of a limitless playground when it comes to how far and wild you can go with a chosen base.


The next one will be up to you – let us know in the comments what you would like to see. Keep it as oddball as possible; we want to fuel creativity in directions it has never been taken, then make the choice and hand it over to Ash.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Programs Used:

– Cinema 4D for modeling and scene building (base Volvo model from Turbosquid)
– Fusion 360 – A CAD-based software that Ash uses to design and model wheels
– Keyshot for texturing, lighting, rendering
– Photoshop and Lightroom for final post work



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I think I found my favorite car...


The next one will be up to you – let us know in the comments what you would like to see. Keep it as oddball as possible; we want to fuel creativity in directions it has never been taken, then make the choice and hand it over to Ash.

How about a 1992-1996 Toyota Camry? I've seen one that had a 3S-GTE swap, but I've never seen anyone do something REALLY wild with a car like that.


Cuz noone cares for boring fwds. Even boring rwds can beat pretty good fwds


Tell that to 90's JTCC


You guys must have some solid features coming. It's only February, and this isn't even a real car(yet) lol!


I'm sorry but these renderings are unreal. Preach and teach! This form could lead to function. SH has the platform to make it happen. Hip 240 Speedhunters Project car??


what about a fiat bravo in TCR style
or a 07 yaris lol


I’d love to see an RWB-inspired take on a 914


This thing does exist. it's not quite RWB, but it's certainly wide enough...


My compliments. It's nice to see an 'ugly car' made functionally beautiful.

If find this to be incredibly inspiration. Instead of the RWB aesthetic (ruining an otherwise beautiful vehicle), you are flipping the script by making an ugly stock car, into a work of automotive art.

All I can say, is good job, and thank you for doing the right thing.

The role of any automotive enthusiast is quite simple, do no harm. And this man, has certainly done right by himself, in that department.


Ooh, you should do a 91-93 Accord wagon :D


Dude, that'd be awesome if someone did a CB7 or CB9.


H0t fire . This gets our juices going. Thank you speedhunters this get me thru for a few weeks. Then I'll need another shot of hope!!!!!


Bump up the boxiness and let's try a Super Silhouette Aston-Martin Lagonda...


Actually, the Porsche 944 needs help. Basically all of them look the same. Nobody in the 944 scene has any (ANY!) clue... There has to be someone that can help them! It's a good car, but it just lacks soul... You need to add some "oumph" to it, make the 944 owners feel that they have something with potential.

...and the same goes for the 924 but help the 944 first...


I'm doing my take on "what if Porsche had built a 968 GT2 EVO" with my 944. Basically it will be a 968 w/993 headlights, GT2 widebody & GT2 EVO front bumper/splitter. I have a lot of the parts collected so far but haven't had time to get them on the car yet. Hopefully it will look good, lol, although in the end it's a race car so looks are more of a bonus as long as it functions.

I started building a 3D model to do a render to get an idea of what it might look like once finished but other stuff got in the way. Seeing these renders is making me want to finish the model and render it!


ps, 944 owners dont need to feel like they have something with potential, they already know they do. Go find someone who will let you drive one and you will understand.


Umm, well first off a 944 is essentially a widened 924 so i dont know what you want to do to a 924. Also all of the 944's look the same because there is really nothing you need to do to it. You say it lacks soul, but how would you change one? Widen the fenders? The root of the issue with the 944 and its looks is that even when you do widen the fenders it still looks like a 944 and unless it sits next to a normal 944 most people would not be able to tell the difference. The other problem is bolt on fender flares rarely work on them because they already have such pronounced fender lines, by bolting on round fender flares you add round lines to something that is pretty boxy. It would be like bolting skyline flares onto a e30 m3, the combination of square and circular lines would be confusing to the eye.

I could see changing up the design of the front bumper/nose section and maybe adding a rear diffuser but the hatch means that there is little you can do with the top of the back end. Then you run into the problem that there isnt a large market for such parts so no one really puts in any effort to make them, I own one and i can tell you that aside from a new bumper/nose section and cutting out the spare wheel well for the diffuser, there really isnt anything i would do to the body lines. I have seen one that has been widened 4 inches a side, it just looks like a really wide 944 lol.


This one is not bad :)


I want this so bad for my Volvo!

Please, let somebody create this bodykit in real life!
I need this! Kidney for trade! :P


I have this idea in my head that I really wish I could see in real life (Digital or otherwise). Bare with me on this one. 1970 Chevy Caprice 4-door, widebody, massive bumper-mounted C/F wing as wide as the car, 20x12 F, 21x13 R, massive whipple through the hood (no carbs), 8 velocity stacks on top with a C/F angular air scoop (Just below roof line), custom bumpers (painted) and skirts, rear diffuser, full leather interior, bucket seats, grant wheel, full sound system, A/C, car painted yellow with taxi details, checkered stripe along the sides that fade at the end, a taxi sign on the roof, and the lisence plate: PRTYT1M3.

This mess is what I call: The Crazy Cabbie.


It all sounds awesome to me until you got to the Grant wheel lol. I think you can do better than a $50 Chinese made knock off. OMP? MOMO? even a Mooneyes "chain" wheel would be cooler. Just my 2c.


Kind of funny, because all of our cab drivers are "Rashids" around here(no offense). And you pretty much described a cab Dunk with a huge carbon wing. LoL


LOL, C'mon man! There's more than just a wing. ;D I'd mention the performance, but I doubt they can get that on a 3D rendering. Also, it's because of us Rashids that the ones who's street machines broke down can get to their destinations so they can fix'em. We're the backbone of the car scene! THE UNSUNG HEROES!

TBH, If I had this car in real life, I'd UBER the hell out of it.


And it's NOT A DONK!!! I take offense to my creation being called a Donk.


"just...wow...amazing...spectacular...i want it"
-Everyone, ever


Amazing stuff for me I would love to see a old school Ford like Capri done in this way


You mean something like this?! Its even had one pic featured on SH before... If youre interested in seeing more his IG is @Zakcapri


Why not choose the Seat 124 as the next project?

The Seat 124 is the Spanish brother of the fiat 125 that was produced between the 60's until the 70's
with a simple 60 horsepower inline 4 engine and a rwd set up, this car, along side the renault 4l, the seat 600 and the citroen 2cv motorzed Spain during the 70's and was used for everything, from daily family cars, to taxis, to police and even ambulances, the second most popular Spanish car was one big succes
This car also had won the third place in the mote carlo rally in 1977
Small, light and compact, this classic spanish car came with two variants, the sedan version and the wagon version, yet with a bit of care and love, you could make an amazing race car out of it, or maybe make a surfer's ride with the wagon.

Greetings from Spain


Oh forgot to mention the 124 sport too, the "luxurious" version of it wich only changed up the shape a bit and had the engine tweaked too to get a few more horses


This 240 is truly AMAZING!!! Thumbs up for Box Fenders. LOVE IT.
(So... this is what a 240 looks like in IMSA GTO form?)
Somebody make this into reality, please!!


It's sexier and meaner than both E30 and 190E combined together. In case any crazy enough guy will build this car, this wide body must be a 10mm steel to keep the legendary stiffness of the old Volvos.

I would like to see a Peugeot 505, the first car i have ever drove and still smile when i see any, this platform is too much understated.


How about a mk1 Triumph 2000 for the next car?


Saab 900 (or any, preferably GM era saab) would be cool. I'd love to see volvo S40 (96 - 04). And nic suggested 07 Yaris, which was right what I thought of as underrated... it would be very cool too.


I was excited until I found it wasn't real. Day ruined. Life ruined. Why would Speedhunters do this to me!?


That's ma boi. Sick work Ash! Can't wait to see what you do next man! :)


not one to give Volvo a second look but this is awesome i love the over all look and theme now drop a 2j in and it per perfect ! nice job !


How about a Jensen Interceptor. It's not the sort of car you ever see with big turbo fans or a wide body kit, it would be interesting to see what you could do with one! Some of us look at them as a "performance" car of the 60's-70's so why not give it a body to match.

The Volvo looks insane!


I thought the car was real until you told us, the detail and camera shots look spectacular. I’d like to see a crossover or SUV built like it’s taking part in the BTCC. Today’s touring cars aren’t as focused on the current trend of a higher driving position. A racing series like this could be interesting and profitable with the right platform. Kia Sportage or Renault captur.


The 240/245 Volvo’s actually have a solid enthusiast base, but not that of the Porsche 924/928/944 or even close to the w129’s like the Hammer. Another car like that, one that could use “modernizations” and take well would be the TJ Jeep Wrangler (living in the shadow of the JK/JL Jeep’s, good luck finding a TJ owner-enthusiast) as a rally machine or the still upcoming Tesla Model 3 as a cheap but “deadly” street racer (a near-future scene type deal with an African lesbian female high schooler owner just to shake it up)


How about a first gen Dodge Caravan done in the style of those crazy JDM custom vans with all the lights and huge stereos? You did ask for weird.


okay, so hit "print" and buy a 240gl. my one issue with digital is that it often stays that way. but hey, not every project is feasible. let's go with a Bricklin SV1 imsa/iroc next time.


Should do an FB RX-7, same IMSA and DTM style but with a little more modern Liberty Walk/RWB like flair, like the wide body Miura the just created and showed at TAS.


I'd like a Fiat 131. Maybe inspired by the Abarth version.


190e! With an LS, widebody, turbofans, in BOSS livery


Great Idea!

How about a Peugeot 405 or 406 coupe ?


I would love to see my car, a Plymouth Barracuda 1969, you dont see it so much in digital art. But if you really want an oddball try an Innocenti De Tomaso, this little thing will be great in your stile. Greetings from México.

Stuart Jamie Burns

Looks mean as!
I'd like to see what could be done to a pre-war car like a Talbot 105- I'm sure that would ruffle some feathers and be a nice challange for Ant


a Blower Bentley or a RR Silver Ghost would also be nice


can you tell this guy to unblock me please all i did was tell him to do a 66 charger one time on like 20 of his posts but im just trying to follow him again my ig is yeazy_yeet


Pontiac trans sport


This is such a mind stretch, I love it! Great job

I'd like to suggest a trio of early 2000 compact cars - srt4, focus svt and Civic si (ep) just bombing it against each other.


1986 Monte Carlo LS. I would love to see what you can do with the extra long front end, and a a relatively short rear end comparatively and get it to look nice, and not unbalanced. The SS versions are popular already in their own right, but LS versions are cheap, and the aftermarket for the engine and drive train are plentiful. But the bodywork outside of a cowl hood has been bland and unaffected for decades.

Daniel P Huneault

we need more creations like this one. Bravo!


Triumph GT6 or Crown Vic Interceptor


Opel Zafira B, just 4 fun…


A honda ridgeline built for track killing


I would absolutely love it if someone would do a third gen firebird. Yeah they get flack for the screaming chicken and the mullet wearing owner stereotype...but the have some nice lines and no one really plays with them much.


I once did a RWB Renault 5 Turbo and always wanted to see this idea but from a more professional perspective, so this would be my pick.


This is a great idea Dino! I'd love to see more of these.


definitely a geo metro convertible


How about an Opel GT? Ive always thought they were underrated cars with a lot of visual potential. Small and sporty with classic "Italian" lines. I think it could take a good wide-body treatment quite well. That or maybe an old Saab Turbo could be cool...


ooooh I know! How about a Maserati Shamal!? Would suit a nice boxy IMSA/DTM style makeover wonderfully!


I think the world needs a time attack hillman imp.


Ok, had me fooled for a moment lol.
Be interesting to see a brick rolling like that.


The next one should be a Mercedes W123 wagon. DTM, Rally, whatever. Maybe in the style of the 300SEL AMG.


I'll get a little nostalgic and throw out the Chevrolet Corsica/Beretta. They'd need some strong creative vision to turn them into something bold and stylish. I view it with Ecotec swap, some pumped up fenders, and completely reworked bumpers.


Ecotec swap is the obvious choice but what about a spiced-up 3400 V6?


Why not do a radical twist on a gen 2 Lexus gs300? They’re basically a 4 door supra that everyone can afford albeit naturally aspirated. It would be cool to throw around some inspiration for these big sedans (and considering I have two of them it could just become a reality)


A Group-B inspired Fiat Ritmo, but the one with single headlights. That would look incredible. And at least a digital one can't rust away like a real ritmo


I would love to see my 1965 Buick Skylark done in the style of vintage Grand National stock cars. I've been wanting to build this for a while now but I just cant picture it in my head.


Honestly, I'd like to see a second generation Dodge Intrepid. 98 - 04. And not just because I own one. It's a jellybean car. Looks like every other car from the era in different colors. The community surrounding it believes 'modifications' are to be completed by installing 'rare OEM' parts. There are a few models that stand out but nothing to this extreme. I think it would be an interesting platform to see get this treatment done to it, may give me inspiration for future changes to my own car.


As much as I want to like the Intrepid, it's a big, bloated, overweight car that was never available with a manual and may not even have any possible manual swaps. However if you really want to get unusual, you could go back to the first gen and use the Eagle Vision variant. They're not as rare as you'd think, especially here in Alaska where there are still a few of them puttering around.


Locally (Yorkton SK) there were like 4 Visions that ran around, 3 were really showing their age. 1 looked really well maintained and almost new.

As for the Intrepid, the forums discuss at length of how a Porsche manual transmission 'could' work due to design. But as with most online forums, no one has ever ventured beyond the armchair discussion of whether or not it 'could' work and attempted to see how hard it would be to do.

For the money, I'd opt to go to a Mendeola (I think that's the company name) Transaxle and have some kind of warranty / assistance from the company and then its new vs used. Presently I have other things to attend to before looking further into the transmission replacement.


Do a 1967 Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe done up like a Group 5 racer


real best car:
old fiat panda


I think a Morris Minor would be cool, maybe that's just me, seen a few hot rodded before in the more traditional sense, but would be interesting to see a different take on one.


How about you do something about the looks (and functionality) of Renault 8? It has the proper layout for a hoonmobil. I can imagine an RWB style wing or a set of snorkels, scooping air for a turbine and a cooler. Or use scoops in the widened fenders for the purpose.
Plus there's the front that only a mother can love (don't get me wrong I can look menacing with a set of Hella's), that can use a bit of creative touch.
Make it happen!


If this were "accidentally" added to any video game, I would buy said video game... and I don't own any video games, nor a TV, nor a console.


How about a behind the scenes as well? Such as how Ash goes through his creative process, where he gets his models, designing flares, etc.


It must be built.


How about taking a championship winning silhouette from within the Panamerican Racing world? I think the 53 Studebaker Hawk has a lot of untapped potential that deserves to be explored and even be exposed since it is a little known car despite it's racing success


Interesting, how Ash imagine the Nissan Stagea 34?!


I see your Datsun and raise a Volvo.


I'm currently in the middle of LS swapping a Volvo 242, after that fabbing body kit like this image, not as extreme but just how I like it.




What about a Ford Transit Compact or VW Caddy van ? Something totally different :)


Group 5 Pontiac Fiero
Can Am Studebacker Avant
Pikes Peak Nissan Pao
GT1 Olds Alero
Group B B5.5 Passat Wagon
IMSA Reliant Robin
and thats about all I have off the top of my head


A 70's Winnebago Indian, A Citroen H Van, or a Volkswagen Vanagon?


a road race wide body 83-92 Ford RANGER would be different, theyre popular drag trucks but not many have been road raced...


I think you should do a rare car, maybe one such as the Shelby Cobra.


How about a 1989 Dodge Ram W150?


if we are talking off the wall.... I would love to see a group 5/ IMSA AMC matador coupe like a batmobile CSL or greenwood corvette.


or in the vain of the Dekon Monza's


Awesome build!!!!!! Beautifully done!!!!


The next one will be up to you – let us know in the comments what you would like to see. Keep it as oddball as possible; we want to fuel creativity in directions it has never been taken, then make the choice and hand it over to Ash.

Something perhaps like a CLK GT-R, a late 90's luxury coupe (focus on luxury) turned into a Le Mans GT1 monster.


Nissan Patrol or a Toyota Landcruiser, 2 doored and slammed to the ground with open front like a 30's ford hotrod.


How do you like two wheeled creations?

I suggest you try a Harley-Davidson - Great blank canvas - show a different way to customize - create the new edge.


Awesome work as always Ash


Toyota S800 next please


I love this concept. The only thing that would make it better would be to use an estate as the base


What about Škoda Favorit, really nobody did crazy build with a classic car.


Third gen Chrysler LeBaron convertible.