LB Works SSX-660R: Who Says Size Matters?

The first time I saw a Honda S660 outside of a Honda showroom was on the winding roads of the Hakone Turnpike.

The car’s owner, an older gentlemen, was out for a spirited drive, and didn’t appear to be afraid of unleashing all 64 ponies from the 660cc turbo three-cylinder engine. Being incredibly lightweight and having a mid-engine layout, the S660 has sublime handling, something that was reflected in the way he was attacking the touge.


The massive smile on the owner’s face as he drove away was all that I needed to see: I had to drive one. Fast forward a few months later till last week, when I found myself standing in front of yet another S660, but one that’s a little different than showroom standard. This one was built by our good friend Kato-san of Liberty Walk.

Kato-san has transformed the S660 into a miniaturized LB Performance NSX, borrowing design elements from the futuristic supercar while adding his signature style into the mix.


Although the S660 is something far removed from the exotics that Liberty Walk has earned a reputation for working on, nothing was held back with the ‘LB Works SSX-660R’.


Starting from the front, the LB Works upgrade comes with a completely redesigned front bumper which gives the car a baby NSX look.

Next up are FRP side skirts and, you guessed it, bolt-on overfenders.


Liberty Walk overfenders always add extra aggression, but with the LB Works SSX-660R there’s a cuteness factor at the same time, something perhaps due to how small this car is. Really small.


The custom forged 3-piece 16-inch wheels are a collaboration with Frontline, and shod with Yokohama Advan tires tuck nicely up under the overfenders thanks to an Ideal air suspension system.

Similar to the front, the rear bumper also borrows styling cues from the new generation NSX to help complete the look. The ducktail spoiler does break up the flowing design of the S660, but partnered with the rest of the kit I find it a better fit than a GT wing.


Although you wouldn’t call this a fire-breathing monster, the lightweight chassis coupled with the boosted engine and optional 6-speed manual transmission all adds up to an intoxicating drive.  If you’re still looking for a little bit more performance and have some extra budget to burn, Liberty Walk can help out with the addition of an HKS turbocharger system to bring power figures into triple-digit territory.


The cabin, where this car remains standard apart from just a few accessories, is where all my hopes and dreams for the S600 are dashed. This is a kei car and I am 185cm tall, which makes for a tight and somewhat uncomfortable fit.


Most of Liberty Walk’s creations divide opinions; they’re either loved or loathed with very little room for people to be stuck in the middle.


But given that this isn’t a supercar, I suspect that the LB Works SSX-660R won’t be so divisive; it’s hard not to smile looking at this thing.

That said, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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I like it a lot.


Yeah, I would love one of these. But sadly, they're not sold in America.

Marcello Spineda

Not in Europe either :(


Me too.


I know, although I'm not sure why.


Safety regulations. OK to kill yourself on a motorcycle, but God forbid you kill yourself in a car. Typical government wisdom.


AND it is ok to whack a pedestrian with a bike instead of a car. The US has one of the most strict pedestrian rules for cars bumpers and such. At least more strict than Japan.




I want oneeee


You and me both! I just wish I fit in there without having to change..well everything lol. Even then... probably wouldn't fit


I can't tell how much clearance you need but can i suggest a bucket seat installation? With a LBW body kit it would be nice.


Am I the one one thinking this could do with a roof chop? Couple of inches out of the front screen would make it look very sleek.


It would look a little sleeker, but then absolutely nobody would be able to fit in it. ;)


This car to me is the greater spiritual successor to the actual nsx, as opposed to the marketed one. Why didn't they just do the hsv010. I mean really : )


I tend to have the same feelings about it being the spiritual successor. Don't get me wrong, the new NSX is amazing - but there really isn't that 'connection' with its predecessor. The S660 presses all the right buttons, especially with a bit more power on tap


I love to have one of this (is money is no objection, that for sure). It will be the best machine for my weekend go up Genting Highland to have some breakfast up there..

Muhammad Islahuddin Jamhari

The price in malaysia still 150k++. Totally not worth it considering the 660 engine. Better get an evo or subie or any other better car.


UGHHH!!?! They are that expensive there?? Man.. those import taxes are no joke..


thats about 35,000 usd.


That's still a lot of money for a kei car ... Could get a lot more car for that kind of money.. right o.O?


for RM 150,000 or 35,000 USD, we could get an entry level Camry or Accord for that price.
Keep in mind that's 2.0 version, not 2.4. Our road tax totally kills any car with capacity more than 2.0.
A new entry level C-Class or 3 Series cost about RM 250,000~ish, about 60,000 USD.
Taxes here really are no joke.

FYI, we do have Ford Mustang here but 5.0 ones comes in at just shy of RM 600,000 or 141,000 USD, totally insane...


LOL , you guys are still pretty lucky considering Ford still selling cars over there . In Indonesiaa , they gone bankrupt and the only Mustang they officialy ever sold is the Ecoboost at 120.000 USD .


I absolutely love the look of this car! Always great to see these "little car's that could" especially when built by someone as renowned as Liberty Walk. I'm curious though, can we buy these car's stated side?


Haha the little car that could! And currently no.. It is not offered anywhere else but Japan


Cool and beautiful indeed!


Cuteness overload!


I want this car so badly to be sold in the rest of the world, why are japanese so mean :(


I have no idea :( I feel worse knowing it's right here and yet.. nope lol


Love it. K swap with 300whp please :)


LOL omg that would be an absolute monster. Plus I wonder how much hacking would be needed to get it to fit.. that engine bay is TINY


Didn't realize how small until I googled it and saw a picture of someone standing next to one. Looks like something from a theme park. They are around 1800lbs. Imagine gutting one with that whp. Would definitely scoot!


Haha yeah, they are incredibly tiny. I should of took a picture so people could get a better frame of reference but that's basically why I barely fit :( I've heard (haven't seen one roaming around yet) but the ones with an HKS turbocharger really move. It would be crazy to see one with more than 200 whp.


So the engine bay is small. What about 2 rotor n/a rotary engine? It should easily get 200hp++ power. The only downside is bad fuel consumption. But the lightweight should help a bit with fuel saving.


The highest power to weight ratio car I've driven was 350whp and 1100lbs. This thing would be absolutely at home with up to 400 or 500hp if the suspension geometry and equivalent components were tuned right. I love stuff like this and it's funny how everyone on here is just eating this feature up.

I think in the modern era we live in where cars are just getting heavier and heavier and performance is being diluted with every passing day you have just hit the nail on the head with this article. You can have a 1,000hp GTR but its a fat fucker at 3800lbs no matter what body kit you slap on. Low weight moderate horsepower will always give a buzz over a high horsepower fat cow any day.

SH should focus less on the rice and more on the beef and potatoes that were offered in this article. You have my nod as a fellow journalist...


I appreciate the compliment John ^^. I agree - the high horse power monsters are cool and all on paper, but you really can't enjoy it to it's full potential besides on a track.. what's more fun than pushing a car to it's limits, revving through the gears and yet still not going a million miles per hr on a back road. Kinda makes we wanna TRY and get one situated for me to be able to properly drive one ...


Go for it man. Too bad these aren't sold in the US. If they were I doubt anyone would really buy them which is probably why.


Needs 15" wheels for that sexy meaty tire look, but also mainly because there are much better tire options in 15" I really wish they were available in the US, i would totally buy one.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

It's Liberty Walk. The term "meaty sidewalls" does not exist in their book.


MORE OF THIS SORT OF THING! Seriously, I love SH and all the different stuff that shows up here but my absolute favourite thing is small, lightweight cars. If it's tiny and quick, it's my bag baby.


Glad to be of service ^__^

Chris Nicholson

I like most of the kit, especially the ducktail (I'm an old recovering Porsche guy). Would've painted the front end differently though. More of that lovely dark blue (is it a custom mix?) instead of the not-quite-flat black. The wheels would look better with a chrome lip too.

By the way, I have an S660 in the U.S. Well, by "I", I mean the car museum I work for. It's a stock A package in red with the 6-speed and no GPS/DVD pod. Absolutely brilliant car in the curves. But earlier this year, I did a road trip from Nashville to Atlanta in the little car, and it was a bit much. I'm 180cm tall, so the fit is actually pretty good for me. It's just not designed for road trips. Definitely prefer the N-ONE I bought in Shizuoka for anything outside of a twisty back road. (Yes, that car is in the U.S. now too.)


Hey Chris! I spoke with you at Import Alliance when you brought the S660 over and I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about it and show me the engine bay. That car was beautiful and its a shame we cant get them over here.

Chris Nicholson

Carlos! Great to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for the kind words. It was my pleasure to share the car with you and the other folks at IA. Hope to see you at a future event.

I've got Aaron taking the Lancia Delta Intergrale to the Bowling Green meet, so if you make that one, be sure to stop by and say hi to him.


It is defiantly not the road trip car in the least bit.. That extra 5cm apparently makes a big difference (or at least my legs might just be a lot longer) because my feet well extended past the pedals and the steering wheel would have become best friends with my lower region >.>

Chris Nicholson

I suspect that if I were the least bit taller, the car just wouldn't be comfortable. One of the guys at work is 193cm, and he hates the S660. HATES it.

Something I just realized... where does the front plate mount?

Are you going to attend TMS this year? I messed up my flight planning and will miss the first media day. Will be there Thursday morning though.


But why not 1.0L I4 instead of 660cc I3?


To pass Kei car regulations, the maximum displacement can only be 660cc.


Wonder how hard it would be to swap with a GSX-R 600 motor or something?


Or a triumph 675 triple? 128hp of 12,000 rpm NA goodness


Yeaaah that works too! I like this little Kei car!


Nothing classes up an interior like a bike water bottle holder???? Wtf


I usually dislike LB Works' kit... but this one is simply amazing.


There are a few of these for sale in Australia as personal imports, but at around $30,000Au it's a bit much for such a tiny car, that said, I would but one in a second if I was allowed to haha. Honda Australia really needs to wake up and realise we want more than people movers and fake SUV's (yes we are getting the new Type R Civic, but that's all)


Yahh that's way too much for a kei car...


Ron, on the topic of fit - at 187cm I'm assuming I'd be well too tall for one of these (even though we can bring them into NZ!). Do you think with an aftermarket steering wheel and a seat such as a Bride Low Max you could fit?


That.. is a good question that Dino and I were discussing. Perhaps with an aftermarket steering wheel, different seat rails and seats I could fit. The biggest problem really was the steering wheel was all up in my nether regions. My legs did go a lil past the pedals but not by that much


Out of all the cars featured here this year, THIS is the one i'd love to have the most, seriously.
A great joke, looks nice, and must be a thrill to drive.
You dont need gazillions of horsepower to have fun.


^__^ Glad to hit the top of your favorites list! Also, I totally agree. Power is intoxicating and awesome, but it's not the end all of all things.


Colin Chapman's philosophy. Good handling and low weight makes a good drive, not just brütal power. The limits of the new sportcars are simply too high to be really enjoyed on public roads.


Agreed. It all sounds awesome on paper but if you really try to explore the full potential on the public roads, that can ended up quite nasty v.v. So of course you can take it to the tracks (as you should!) But the joys of attacking your favorite back roads tend to be lost

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I laughed at the McLaren P1 scale model on the dashboard.


I adore S660's! This kit has just made it even more adorable. I think these would sell pretty well in the UK. Something to go up against the MX5. I'd be interested to know how much they would be priced at.

Also, I'd be interested to know how much the kit would go for. If my assumptions are right, this is a "budget" car. I am assuming the kit would cost an awful lot.


I don't mean to be party pooper, but why Honda put fake bumper vents at their (sport) cars these days?
As if these cars aint ricer enough......


Nice to modify cars but in Japan.........660cc Kei Cars have strict rules. People buy them to pay lower taxes. Buy modifying the rules such as engine displacement and length and width you lose your yellow plate status and pay more taxes


Are there power restrictions or minimum weights?


Power, weight and length.


I usually, very strongly, dislike LB body work. What they have done with this car is, in my opinion, extremely beautiful! I'd definitely rock this car!



A Lotus Europa in 1972 had a 1 inch longer wheelbase, 2-1/2 time the displacement and horsepower, and weighed 200 lb less. I had one and could drive it easily. I am 6'2". I'm sure the Honda is better built, but they can't do better than this with 45 years of learning?


I think that wasn't really the point of the S660. It was purposely made to be a kei car, so because of the rules to become a kei car, it couldn't hope to dream to beat a Europa.. also I tried to drive one and I didn't fit in a Europa either v.v.. you must have been right at the limit (or my legs are just freakishly long...)


Good point! The Lotus was not a cheap car, - kind of a low end exotic. Extensive composites (even fiberglass) have never been cheap. I fit, but I had to remove my driver side shoe to avoid brake and throttle together - ha ha! BTW, the Liberty Walk kit for this car is very well done IMO!


Someone really needs to Busa swap one of these. In the U.S.

The End


Such a cool car. 100% would have one to go with my Honda grom for the tiny Honda garage. The LB kit looks great. too cool thanks SH more of this please!


Would take one of these over the NSX any day. Come to think on it, over any of the super cars they work on too.

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Yeah, that looks like a lot of cheap (besides the kit) fun!


When transformers turn into a POS

J. Dimassetyo Rahardjo