Modern Performance Meets Retro NASCAR

To me, there are few things better than the stock cars of the 1960s. This was a time when the term ‘stock car’ actually meant what it says, and these production-based racers not only looked and sounded amazing, they delivered some fantastic racing too.

The team from Derale Performance obviously feels the same way, as their SEMA project for this year is a 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT with a heavy dose of old school NASCAR inspiration.


The Cyclone was another one of my favorites at the show, and the uniqueness of the base car is just the beginning. This build is everything cool about ’60s stock cars with some really neat modern twists.


The chassis and suspension have been fully upgraded, but rather than dropping in something like a new Coyote 5.0-liter V8, the Mercury is powered by a stroked 427ci small block built by JMS Racing Engines. Of course, it’s fully loaded up with a number of cooling components from the Derale catalog.


While so many SEMA builds are running large-diameter wheels with low profile tires, this one stays true to its NASCAR vision with 15-inch slots, Hoosier slicks and a stealthy set of Wilwood brakes.


The interior is a perfect blend of the new and old, with a full cage and analog instruments, but also a few modern amenities like cupholders in the center console.


The attention to detail is outstanding. One of my favorite touches is the diamond pattern upholstery on the low-back bucket seats.


And then there’s the vintage-style race car livery which looks like it came straight off the high banks of Daytona, circa 1966. It’s perfect.


It’s never easy to blend the classic and the modern into a single cohesive package, but this car manages to do just that. A big thumbs-up goes to the builders for capturing the spirit of 1960s NASCAR in a modern, totally streetable package.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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Perfect indeed!
Retro muscle with modern heart.


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Love this! Seriously. Livery especially.


This needs a "cutting room floor" piece


This is beautiful, it looks like a Galaxie, are they the same car with different names?


EvolveWRC Same chassis as the Fairlane of that period. Beautifully done, love the fat sidewalls and that engine.


Be still my heart...


I bet that car is a hoot to drive


Holy shit a racing homage with realistic sidewalls. 
Gorgeous. I'd ave fantasies of rolling it out on Riverside Raceway if only Riverside still existed.

I'll never talk down modern EFI swaps of any make...but there's something spesh'l about the sounds of classic Ford V8's on racing circuts. They just belong there.


I'm not a stock car guy, or even an american muscle guy.  But this is really well done.


Do you know if they have any intention of running it anywhere? I'd love to see this getting ripped around a track in person.


Now this is a sweet build


The livery reminds me of the 1976 Olympia Charger.


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isn’t about
having the outright fastest car in the field. For some it’s about building  and
finding the limits of a car they connect with.


The real
battle for people like Paul isn’t with the the rest of the field. It’s more
intrinsic; Magic happens when the desire to build and refine something unique is
stronger than the desire for outright victory in just another well-proven
chassis. I don’t
 their battle is the fight within themselves, and the machine they’ve
chosen to build as an extension of themselves.


know about you, but I’m glad for Paul’s philosophy and also the results
of his time and effort. This 1971 Datsun 240Z ranks right up there as
one most impressive cars I’ve ever encountered. Every angle is perfect and
every modification is This


is one of those builds that’s almost impossible to
break   eye contact with. It commands attention and every additional minute you
spend in its presence is rewarded by the car revealing more small and subtle
details that need to


be appreciated. Our shoot was on a
relatively tight schedule and I still ended up shootin   off over 100 extra
snaps of this car than I needed to. I was powerless.


I'll take those meaty Hoosiers and black slots any day of the week.


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Andy always comes up with some crazy shots, must be the beard! =P
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My favourite SEMA car so far.

I especially like the switch panel in the centre console. What do they all do? Hours of fun there...


Love this, what a nice ride.


That livery is a win. so are the wheels.


Beautiful looking car...and those slots are nice, but just not period correct for a '66.  Derale should have sourced four Holman-Moody 15x9 steel wheels for this Mercury, as that was what they were wearing back then.  IIRC, the slotted wheels didn't come into play until ~ '72'ish.  The wheels that Dr. John Craft has on his '65 "Lafayette Ford" Ford Galaxie (Fred Lorenzen) are perfect examples:

But hey, still a gorgeous car.