Inside Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Factory
First You Gotta Fix What Breaks

Since my first post on Project 33 I haven’t really been doing much driving. I guess it comes with the territory of having a modified car – every once in a while you have to sacrifice some time with it in order to fix issues that pop up. That’s pretty much where I’ve been for the past month or so.

As previously mentioned, ever since I bought my R33 GT-R more than 10 years ago, I’ve been going to Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Factory (first located at Nissan’s dealership in Shinagawa, and now recently relocated to Sakura-Shinmachi), not only to get both maintenance and tuning work done, but also just to hang out. These guys are all gearheads and it’s always fun to just drop in for a chat. I always walk away having learned something obscure about Nissan or the GT-R.

This trip, however, wasn’t a drop in for a nerd-out session. I needed to go pick up my car as they had found a solution for what should have been a minor warranty claim. Being mid-week, I invited Dino along on the pretence that NPTMF was now the closest Nissan service center to him, so I would be more than happy to reintroduce him to the staff there. In actuality, being a hot day I just wanted a free air-conditioned ride out there…


So I left work early and took the train to Denenchofu station, where I found Mr. White Eyeglasses already waiting for me. I was hoping for one of his exotic press cars, but this blue Datsun thing would have to do. Oh well, so much for my Ferrari dreams…


As we drove towards the dealership, I had some fun trying to mess up his late ’90s tech Multi-Function Display (found only on the BNR34 and not on the earlier R32 and R33 GT-Rs), by randomly pressing the buttons while twirling the joystick around. I can see the appeal to the PlayStation generation. It’s a bit dated, but part of the 34’s charm I guess.


We ended up taking the side streets to avoid the perpetual traffic jam on Kanpachi Dori; even those vaunted Italian driving skills don’t help much on crowded Tokyo streets.


On arrival we parked next to this new ‘used’ 2016 Nismo R35. It still had the pre-delivery plastic on all the outside carbon bits, along with most of the interior. I wonder how they are going to sell this when the 2017s have just gone on sale…

While the signage says ‘Nismo Performance Center Tokyo’ this is actually where Nissan Prince Tokyo’s Motorsports Factory (herein referred to as NPTMF) operates out of. Although in Japanese, here is a link on its history – these same mechanics used to work on the N1 Taikyu GT-R race cars in the glory years, when each Nissan Prince dealership fielded their own race cars and support teams. Additionally, most Japanese GT-R owners tend to get their cars serviced at the dealer, so NPTMF’s mechanics work on these cars all the time. In other words, these guys are some of the world’s top GT-R mechanics, with skills honed both on the racetrack as well as on a daily basis.


Now, although Dino always tries to make me look like more of a geek/otaku nerd than him by taking photos like this, the reality is I didn’t really know how to use the calipers I’m holding. Plus, he insisted I bring my DSLR – honest! When I challenged him if he knew how to use the calipers, he gave one of those indignant Italian snorts. “Of course!”


I had actually taken my car in last week for a long overdue laser wheel alignment, and asked them to check into something that my local tuner had mentioned a few weeks back. By the time I arrived, my car was already on this lift, ready to be inspected.


Even though well worn, these service floors are clean enough to eat off of. I see at least 1600 horsepower in this photo.

Problem & Solution: Superlative Service

My major car related expense last year was the installation of Nismo’s Getrag transmission conversion kit for the BNR32/BCNR33. Expensive, but because I wanted brand new and Nismo (OEM) quality, I took a chance and handed over the credit card. Eleven months and 731 kilometers later – yes, while I’m still breaking in the 6-speed Getrag – my local tuner spotted oil leaking from the new transfer case…


Unfortunately for me, my understanding is that despite photographic and written evidence from NPTMF, Nismo refused to replace or repair the transfer case under warranty. So the first thing I did once I got under the car was to inspect the bottom of the transmission and transfer case to see if the NPTMF techs had been able come up with a solution.


This is how the transfer case looked prior. Only 731 gently driven kilometers, no track days, and brand new parts; this is unacceptable under any standard. NPTMF suspected that the seal had failed or was improperly applied at manufacture. How would you have reacted?


Luckily, NPTMF’s technicians solved the problem by taking matters into their own hands. Basically they opened the transfer and applied sealant along the entire seam. They bolted it back together and let the sealant dry, and then test ran the car to ensure no further leaks. On close inspection, the sealant looks to be the same as the material used elsewhere throughout the transmission. I was happy with the fix, and even happier when NPTMF refused to charge me, saying it was “their responsibility” to me as they had done the install and I was their customer.

Time To Nerd Out

While this had been going on, Dino was wandering about freely, first admiring this white R34 GT-R V-spec II. From engine bay to wheels, the car was a rolling Nismo parts catalog.

Nismo does have the reputation for OEM quality tuning parts, but it tends to be a pricey (and not necessarily the best, as I learned) way to do things.


Dino apparently thought this meant that the techs were getting ready to throw this Mine’s titanium tower bar away. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted him trying very hard to convince one of the techs to thus let him ‘borrow’ it.


This car also had a Worx Auto Alarm sticker on the side window, and when we peered in we saw evidence of Nakamura-san’s handiwork. Check out those pillar-mounted tweeters, all wrapped up in Alcantara.


After checking out the 34 for myself, I gravitated to this zenki R33 GT-R that was undergoing an engine transplant.


With OEM parts for the R32, R33 and R34 GT-Rs rapidly disappearing from inventory, and no apparent plans by Nissan to ask its suppliers to resupply such parts, lots of owners are now taking the plunge to get things completely replaced or overhauled.

Going into the white 33 was this brand new RB26DETT – one of the last of four in Nissan’s entire inventory. It’s pretty much stock, except for a pair of Tomei turbine outlet pipes.


Despite what it looks like, I am not working on this car. Rather, I was only trying to use those measuring calipers to gather some data – my car has the under tray which prevents easy access to this area. See how Kuwasaki-san, on the right, and Yamazaki-san, center, are watching me very carefully.


Seeing me fumble, Kuwasaki-san decided to hurry things along by removing the part I needed.


Here I am struggling to measure this bushing, verifying data for an upcoming Project 33 idea.


Dino literally got his camera in my face, breaking my concentration. Yamazaki-san’s expression says it all… ‘What are you doing?’

Cooling Off & Rolling Out

As we walked back toward NPTMF’s waiting room, it dawned on me how busy these guys are. On the left are the NPTMF-dedicated service bays for performance cars; on the right are service bays those for the dealership’s ‘normal’ customers.


But sometimes when there’s an overflow, NPTMF’s technicians service cars like this beautiful Nismo 380RS on the normal side.


The air-conditioned waiting room, with its free cold drinks, was a welcome relief from the hot and humid garage environment. There are lots of books, magazines, catalogs and Nissan nostalgia to keep you occupied as your car is worked on.


In addition to the Reimax shift knobs and several Nismo bits, such as the red anodized rear tow hook from Nismo’s BNR34 CRS car, this display case contains scale models of the N1 race cars the NPTMF mechanics supported back in the 1990s.


Which would you choose for your RB26 GT-R? Nismo’s F50 Brembo brake kit (expensive) or its R35 Brembo brake kit (even more expensive)?


The ultimate nerd/otaku emblem/sticker collection. I heard Dino muttering something about the various V-spec stickers…


We finally said our thanks and goodbyes and headed out. I was happy to be back in my car, enjoying not only its now super accurate steering, but also relieved that one potentially troublesome problem had been solved. Now, I can finally get back to the upgrades I have in mind for Project 33.


My thanks not only to Nissan Prince Tokyo for letting us visit, take photos and examine stuff, but also of course to fellow GT-R nerd/otaku Dino for driving and taking some great photos. In the next post I hope to be able to show everyone one of the several projects I am working on… Meanwhile I hope you all enjoyed seeing what a visit to a GT-R dealership in Japan is like!

Aki Itoh
Instagram: aki_itoh

Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Never really been much of an R34 fan but my God that white R34 looks absolutely gorgeous. Your R33 looks as awesome as ever Aki


This is great!


"Normal side" *Shows Nismo 380RS.


How can you not know how to use vernier calipers?!  You guys are just pretending.  I know you must have measured something before lol.


"I needed to go pick up my car as they had found a solution for what should have been a minor warranty claim."
Well damn, didn't know Nissan had a warranty that lasts for decades. What is that, a 20 year, 420,000 kilometer power train warranty!?


If you read the article he had fitted a brand new aftermarket gearbox which he was still running in.


Nice article.

I would love to have seen what would have happened if you had tried taking some steel verniers to a customer car. :-P


Thanks again for sharing with us your experiences! I find it interesting how many manufacturers take pride in their rich heritage but do not replenish many of the older parts in order for enthusiasts to keep vintage automobiles on the road.


@Kenny Thanks, I posted before completely finishing the article.


Awesome! Wish I can visit someday.


I'm pretty sure those Nismo brakes cost more than my car


jungle168 I was going to comment on that as well. Some manufacturers do actually allow you to continue purchasing new parts for older cars. For example, you can completely restore an F40 with original parts new from Ferrari. So basically, those cars can stay new for decades. I think Porsche and Lamborghini have similar programs. But those are boutique manufacturers, companies like Nissan, just can't find it in their budget to continue that type of thing like most other mainstream manufacturers I believe.

turbo BEAMS ae86

no honour warranty = i bomb


I would love to own one of those r34's, this has nothing to do with this post, but does anyone know what car this is, it's driving me insane...


LukeEVOVIII My. Heart. Is. Broken....


Slappy_Pistons We all know he measured something...


370 Hemi More like refusing to support a barely used, brand new transmission


EvolveWRC They aren't Nismo, they are what Nissan makes under license from Brembo and fits to the R35 GT-R. The other ones on the right are the Ferrari F50 calipers, something that's always been a popular kit for R32/33/34 front brakes replacements


speedhunters_dino Well, I'm glad Nissan Prince fixed your car and did so without charging you. That's some fantastic customer retention practice for you.


Thank you very much!


what can I say Dino, the man has impeccable taste


Does the 300ZX get no love in Japan?

Id love to build a beastly 300ZX. 600+ hp, no bling crap. VR38DETT swap perhaps. Dream car status.


Great article Itoh-san, very interesting hearing about the dwindling parts supplies.


Can someone stop and think about how valuable those REINIK stickers are?


Smiggins Actually, there was one in a bay on the "normal" side....Dino did you happen to take a photo of that blue one?


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Well I have to admit I was pretty angry, but the Nissan Prince guys took care of me. And in the long run, it's the service that keeps me going back, not necessarily the parts...


@Matt Come! It's only a 10 minute walk from the nearest metro station, actually...


willis85 Thanks very much sir!


AprilexHK Well they certainly are expensive. But still available from the parent company, Reimax.
Check here:


jungle168 Well, all we can hope for is for NISMO and other OEM type suppliers (Like Reimax) start supporting these cars more. Without a huge markup. And not just "tuning parts" but pedestrian stuff like the rubber window moldings, etc.


@Kenny I probably wouldn't be here writing back to you.


this post makes me want to live in japan and drive!


AprilexHK I'll see how much they are next time I go there.


Aki_Itoh Smiggins yeah and it was so cool I've decided to do a post about it haha


Aki_Itoh jungle168 Too late, Nismo caught on on the whole mark-up thing a very long time ago


370 Hemi speedhunters_dino Yeah it's pretty amazing how they handled the situation.


icobird Thanks for the comment! C'mon over, rent a car and go crazy (within legal limits, of course...)


Aki_Itoh Go away


Aki_Itoh icobird Thanks! I usually go every year especially during TAS weekend although I can't seem to rent a car in the airport they won't allow my local driver's license to be used.


speedhunters_dino Its actually for sale? I thought stuff inside glass display cases are labeled not for sale.


Good god, I hope there are some 33's/34's left that I won't have to sell a kidney for when the 25 years of purgatory are over in the U.S. I've never wanted to throw a "its not fair" fit like a 2 year old more. 

I think like @icobird, Im gonna save up the airline miles.


jbfromsiliconvalley Prices are on a constant rise for R34s, R33s too


icobird Aki_Itoh You need an international driver's license


AprilexHK speedhunters_dino Yeah it's for sale. Maybe Aki can confirm, he practically lives in that place


Very interesting article! Thank you!


speedhunters_dino AprilexHK What are you talking about, I've only been there 3 times - at the new location. If you check the Reimax link above, you can see pricing. So even if you can't buy the stuff in the cabinet they can order for you.


hcram39 Most welcome! Glad that you enjoyed it!

Gianluca FairladyZ

So for somebody outside japan, that imports an older Gen. GTR it will be hard to collect spare parts in the future?

Gianluca FairladyZ

Aki_Itoh  do you feel a big diffrence compared to the stock R33 GTR tranny? well obviously apart from having 6th gear now.
by the way very interesting article, thanks


Gianluca FairladyZ Yes I think so. Perhaps if there is enough demand, others will step up and produce the more mundane items - everyone produces all that is needed for the engines, for example, but what about various seals, carpets, taillamps, etc.?


Gianluca FairladyZ Definitely. You can read (at bottom of this link) what I thought:

Basically your engine is spinning faster than when you are in the 5-speed. And no, 6th does not reall act like an overdrive, so the highway can be a bit noisy...

Thanks for reading the article!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Aki_Itoh Gianluca FairladyZ  I understand. This car anyway is an exotic here!  It will not be that easy to maintain it -.-' We'll see what future brings! Thanks for the response


Awesome article...R32 driver here in Nagasaki...I actually saw Dino's car when I was riding the Mario Kart around town sometime in June lol.


Aki_Itoh Gianluca FairladyZ 6 speed r34tranny is meant to (in the r34) run with a longer set of final drives (diff gears) aren't they?

Just a Southern Sergal

Damn it, I've been waiting for this since one of the pictures is labeled as "Coming Soon" on the featured images section.

I really dreamed to be the owner of any Skyline GT-R since I was a teenager. Maybe owning R32 would be possible for me someday...


OysteinTeigland Gianluca FairladyZ Correct. So if you don't change the diff gears in the 32 or 33 - final drive is 4.11 compared to the BNR34's 3.54 - you get the engine running a few hundred rpm more than usual.


McLevin lol thanks! Sure it was Dino? He rarely drives it!


Just a Southern Sergal Hmm not sure about this "coming soon" thing... I wasn't aware of such a preview feature. Anyway, I think all the cars can one day be yours. Just depends on how creative you can get...Good luck!


Wow, there's more pre-R35 GT-Rs in there than I've ever seen in person! Very interesting stuff


Dill Pickle Thanks! But this was a relatively slow day, I saw this once - can you identify all the cars?


lovely article, stuff like this makes SH worth coming to!


Really enjoyed this! Excellent story and well written Aki Itoh


Aki_Itoh Dill Pickle 

That's like 4 generations and a Stagea :O
Skyline heaven!


RichlyOrange Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it!


earmenau Thank you! Will keep trying to make you guys happy!


Always pleasant to read you :).
Speaking of bushing (and other chassis stuff) I think that will be the next step on my R33  (Yeah, I've decided to keep it and restore/modernize it step by step).
But before that, the rust in front shock turret problem should be solved (seems that new turrets are one of the "no more produced" items :( ).
That's those type of problem that made me envy those who live in Japan. It's really difficult to find someone trusty and with enough knowledge to take care of our skyline in continental europe :(


Gianluca FairladyZ : It's already the case. Even if you use te right references (thanks to nissan4u , forums and blog as Aki's one), those arre not always recognise outside Japan. You could partially solve that thanks the internet and japanese based shops but not always unfortunatly.


I really cannot believe Nissan wouldn't warranty that fix, and the fact that they did it for free would make me a lifetime customer right there on the spot great article


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speedhunters_dino jbfromsiliconvalley

Yessir, R32-34's are almost prohibitively expensive everywhere and I forsee the prices spiking even higher when they are finally legal over here. Simple supply and demand my friends.


Aki_Itoh McLevin It might have been me as I remember some foreigners in the karts when I was out with the GeeeeeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeeeeeAhhhhhh


Aki_Itoh speedhunters_dino AprilexHK Yeah three times since they moved, how about before?


Aki_Itoh Dill Pickle Very nice R31


DennisMonelloJr Thanks! Yeah well me neither (and it was Nismo, not Nissan - closely related but separate companies). And right, the article was kind of a "thank you" to the Nissan Prince guys for taking care of me.


Jocky Glad to hear you will keep it! I think most of us are now in a position of having to restore/modernize these cars, as you say. Certainly that is the theme both Dino and I have adopted.


speedhunters_dino Aki_Itoh AprilexHK Probably 3-4 times a year, at minimum. But as you know I frequent other, more luxurious places more often.


EvolveWRC Agree they are super expensive. And not worth it unless you actually drive your car alot on the track, I think.


what a pretty nice article and I'm planning to visit japan before this year ends.......and soon enough I might see your cars by surprise XD


EythanAldrich You may, if our cars are actually 1) being driven (lol) and 2) at the same event! Hmm, that gives me some ideas...


Aki_Itoh EythanAldrich  Nismo Festival?


Aki_Itoh EythanAldrich lmao well that's great......anyway mabuhay(greetings from the philippines)and a nice article to both of you :D


Aki_Itoh DennisMonelloJr How did Nismo actually respond to it Aki?


Aki_Itoh Jocky Best approach!


Aki_Itoh earmenau Might have to show people you actually drive this car Aki! I propose we go for a drive in late September after my car is back from it's first transformation. We can invite our buddy with the R32 and make the "Holy trilogy" drive haha


speedhunters_dino Aki_Itoh McLevin haha yeah it was def. the GTR...i saw a few nice cars out that day.  I have been following SH for a loooooooooooong time now so when I saw SH banner I was like oh snap! haha.  This is actually my first time commenting in all the years.  i always look forward to new material!  you guys actually featured my 86 for #carbsonlyfeature lol


speedhunters_dino earmenau Sounds good, except I have one important mod to do first...


speedhunters_dino Well what does an ostrich do when confronted with danger?


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EythanAldrich Aki_Itoh Many GTRs out your way?


Aki_Itoh speedhunters_dino I mean if it was something cheap, but that's one expensive and complex kit they are selling to customers. Makes you wonder what they'll do if you fork out big money on those chassis refresh packages or anything else they offer. Up until now Nismo for me was always synonymous with quality and even if you paid big money you knew you were getting piece of mind...


Aki_Itoh speedhunters_dino earmenau That's what you've been saying for 15 years


speedhunters_dino earmenau 11, actually...:)


niZmO_Man Dill Pickle Yes it was! Had this very cool GT Auto Spoiler on it, I remember seeing the commercials back in the day...and the interior - wow talk about 80s squareness design!


"this blue Datsun thing"



rally2727 lol just some friendly teasing of course...


That GTI-R sticker though, now if only I had one of those Babyzillas to slap it on, haha.

The 380RS I'm assuming is a stroked VQ35?


Japanese work ethics and professionalism really impresses me all times.
Anyway, I have a question: those F50 brakes are actual Ferrari F50 items, or just built to F50 spec?


jay8393 Yes indeed.

Not actual Ferrari items, I believe they are the same design though as was fitted to the F50, hence the nomenclature.


Aki_Itoh this is one great-my type of articles. As a owner of an r34 gtr I love to see what happens in the other side of the globe about them. BTW I'm almost crazy about those nismo goodies inside that cabin, specifically those nismo S1 and R1 plaques. are these display parts only or they are for sale ?


speedhunters_dino Those are the stories, why I always loved Speedhunters so much! Thank you for this great article. It always feels so "deep inside Japan" even for a reader like me (living in Germany), when I´m reading one of your stories like this, or Grassroots drifting, some stuff like that! Thank you!
My S15 used to come from Nissan Prince Fukuoka (this is the badge on the floor mats), so it was double cool for me to read something about the Nissan Prince dealership and the awesome work of Japanese mechanics. And your both cars are just perfect!


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Aki_Itoh IRONWOLF RD I'll take two!


UAE_GODZILLA Thanks! Hope to bring you more like this. 

Nismo parts... well if the part is in the catalog, then you can buy it. As for the plaques... well I could be wrong, but I doubt you could walk in and buy them. 

First, Nismo is a very brand conscious company, and of course profit driven - why would they sell the plaque only when plenty of people are actually willing to spend $20K plus to get the actual S1/R1 engine? Flip side, they would be doing a disservice to those who spent the money, only to have a guy with a "normal" engine slap on the plaque. The Nismo catalog doesn't list these as being separately available, as well.

Second, I don't think I've ever seen a car in Japan, where the owner put on a plaque that wasn't "earned." Like everywhere else, there is a lot of smack talk, but once the bonnet is popped open...

Third, Nismo is now making the S2/R2 engine. Meaning these are collectibles, perhaps. If you want one they'd probably ask for proof you actually had an S1/R1 engine. 

On the other hand, if you walked in, promised to not use on an engine in Japan, and then paid the appropriate bribe, maybe, just maybe.....:)


ANKRacing speedhunters_dino Thanks for the kind words. Had you fooled, maybe? I wrote the article, and Mr. Dalle Carbonare did the photos. I'm no photographer although I'm learning what I can...  In any case, happy you enjoyed the article, I think you will see most if not all of my future posts will all be "deep inside Japan"! 

FYI, Nissan Prince is the sales (dealership) arm of Nissan. Each region in Japan has their Nissan Prince network. The better known ones are Nissan Prince Tokyo, Nissan Prince Chiba, Nissan Prince Kanagawa... and yes Nissan Prince Fukuoka!


More articles like these please, less random snaps/flashes instagram on steroids posts thanks guys you da best


John Key NZ Well, I'll certainly be doing articles only!


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Aki_Itoh Oh. I´m sorry! Of course, you wrote the article, I forgot to mention that. :( Indeed a very good article, yes, I enjoyed it very much! For me, this is, what Speedhunters is about and I´m looking forward to your upcoming posts!
Ahh, thank you very much for the information. This is very useful for me, because I don´t know anything about the history of my car in Japan...just that it has Prince Fukuoka floor mats (so maybe they sold the car) and the last licence plate, which makes no geographical sense, because it´s not even near Fukuoka at all.


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ANKRacing No worries! And you are most welcome on the information. So where was the last license plate at? Perhaps the car got sold to another owner in Japan before you got it?


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Articles from Japan are THE BEST!


Aki_Itoh niZmO_Man Dill Pickle So it retracts at certain speed?


niZmO_Man Dill Pickle Yes it folds down at elevated speed, I believe beginning at 80 kph.


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Is there a technical name for the front splitter which covers the entire bottom of the engine bay?


Aki This is a great article. I am looking forward to more updates on Project 33.