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Hey fellow Speedhunters!

I’ve written a few guest posts here on Speedhunters in the past, and this month I’ve been invited back to share some of my latest car happenings. So without further ado, here’s the biggest news: my F132 concept has been added to Need for Speed! This is a crazy dream come true, and I’m truly honoured by the opportunity to share my design with the world in such a glorious and deliriously fun way as in the epic virtual world of Ventura Bay.

When I was contacted by Ghost Games to see if I was interested in having the F132 in the game, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. I’d dreamed of seeing my concept in a video game, as it would be a great way to see how it looked moving out in the world. It was a pleasure working with the team to develop my rough 3D model into the beautiful CAD model that appears in game. I think it turned out incredible!


I supplied as much information as I could to go along with my renders and 3D model. Figures such as power and torque curves, weight balance, gear ratios, curb weight etc… It was fun to figure out what these would be, based on the construction and hardware of my conceptual design.

When I started receiving the first test renders of the new model in the game engine I was overjoyed. It looks so badass in the garage and out in the rain with the light reflecting off the body. Once I saw it moving in video clips I was floored. The team at Ghost nailed it; it’s just like I imagined – low, wide, and crazy. And really fast!

I can’t wait to play the car in the game, but I’m maybe even more looking forward to playing with the wrap editor and seeing if I can recreate some favourite F1 liveries from the past. I’d love to see what other players come up with as well, and the awesome new Snapshot Pro feature should let people share some epic shots. This really is a dream come true for me. To see a concept brought to life in such high quality is a really amazing thing. And it does mean-as burnouts!

F132 Concepts

I’ve also been having some fun lately with a couple of variants of my original F132 concept. This one is called the F132 XX, and it’s inspired by a selection of Ferrari machines like the F40, ’90s-era F1 cars, and the recent XX program.


It’s got the mid-engine drivetrain from a 458 Speciale, the last of the hardcore naturally aspirated Ferrari V8s. A ventilated clear tail panel inspired by the legendary F40 (my dream car is an F40 LM) shows off the engine, transmission, and push rod suspension.


This is the F132 V-Max, a variant designed for salt lake racing. I love the different look the full fenders and nose cone give the car.


There’s skinny wheels and low drag wings to go with a new set of gears in the transaxle in pursuit of some high speeds.

The F132 has been a very fun and rewarding little side project, and is one of the most viral designs I’ve done. I see my images reposted everywhere and have had countless people get in touch to say they love it, to ask if they can build it, or for the plans so they can build scale RC replicas and the like. One kid in Arizona even built a homage out of a ‘30 Ford shell and the drivetrain from a Honda S2000. Not quite the carbon body, mid-mounted 850hp NASCAR motor and hardcore performance I designed in my concept, but good on him for doing the best he could with what he had. It certainly captured some of the look of my design: low, wide, and mean. I had half hoped that after posting my initial images on Speedhunters that a billionaire car fanatic would get in touch and say he had to have one for his garage, and I could tell him, ‘Come to Weta Workshop with a million bucks and we can make it a reality’. We really could make the F132 a fully-fledged high performance reality at Weta, so if anyone wants one please get in touch!

The Barracuda

In other news, my Plymouth Barracuda project is going well and has been amazing fun lately. Although, I spent half of last year overseas in Japan and the US so I haven’t quite had enough time to work on it as much as I’d like.


I love the raw look of the car and want to retain it as much as possible, while still making it liveable and legal. I added the extra set of mufflers you see poking out the back here, in an effort to quieten it down a bit. It’s still quite rowdy though!


The matte black just looks awesome in evening light. I was very lucky to have easy access to some epic backdrops just down the road from where I lived in Wellington, New Zealand. The beautiful road around the stunning South Coast was the car’s natural habitat.


The finished engine bay turned out wonderfully; all functional bare alloys and smooth matte black, race inspired and bare bones.


The interior is a mix of new factory components like the dash and passenger seat, set in a bare chassis coated with a durable and slick looking textured urethane coating, along with custom touches like the Sparco seat, fabricated brackets, and roll bar. The ‘all black everything’ look ties it together nicely.


The Pelican cases and fire extinguisher are held in place with fabricated brackets, the cases in the trunk housing the battery and tools, and the one behind the passenger seat filled with camera gear.


This shot shows the finished exhaust system and the clean underside coated with the same tough and durable urethane topcoat as the interior. It’s ready for some abuse!


For the paint, I decided to go with a different look for each side of the car. I was originally planning to go with the grey body and black nose as a homage to the badass factory Mopar drag cars of the late ’60s, which had primer grey bodies and black gel-coat fiberglass front panels – a look I really love. But you just can’t beat the all matte black look, so I chose to have both. It’s something I’ve been doing to my 1:18 scale cars for years. You can’t really see both sides at the same time, and for photography I love having the two looks in one car.


I have some quick release headlights for night driving, and slim-line LED indicators and park lights so I can keep the skull face look I fell in love with during the build.

As much as I love taking the car out on evening drives along Wellington’s beautiful South Coast, my work has seen me recently relocate to Los Angeles, so the car will be joining me there at some point in the near future. I love LA, it’s a car lover’s heaven, and the opportunities here are endless. I can’t wait to take the ‘Cuda out in the Malibu canyons and on photoshoots with new friends over here. I think it will fit in nicely.

Once again, thanks for reading, and huge thanks to EA, Ghost Games, and Speedhunters for helping dreams come true!

Aaron Beck
Instagram: _aaron_beck



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Great work Aaron – the Barracuda is incredible too!


mad props for all your work. I was super excited to see the f132 in the hotrod update trailer, as i've loved the design since i first laid eyes on it. And i really respect you for mentioning james and his s2k-powered '30. I really dig the two tone on the kuda as well.


Cool dude...


Not sure how I feel about that concept. However I LOVE the cover pic render. Definitely would like to see that thing built.




DaveT CharlesChris15 o.o oh..... well now I have to locate and steal this bad boy hahhahahahah thanks for sharing


CharlesChris15 DaveT I followed the build on instagram, it was sold, I can't remember the new owner but when I do I shall return!


Can' wait to see that Kuda carving up the canyons, definitely different than what we usually see here in LA!


Great work Mr. Beck and congratulations :)


Speedhunters I like the cars ...


Your 'Cuda always makes me so happy...


Congrats man!!! Cuda looks killer as well


Came here to see Aaron Beck get mad about the car that James Schwartz (@goomba_james) built. Still waiting...



thats a prettt "cool"-da......ok ill go die now


Ooh men ! This Crazy F132 is a devil ! It's my favorite drag car in the game with the GTR. You could distance the cops in a snap.
If this virtual concept was street legal I certainly want to buy one ! But it need never ending roads.


So, where is that battery/tool box from? I like it, and have been looking for something like that.


Speedhunters NeedforSpeed this is sick ;)


Speedhunters NeedforSpeed top!


Aaron, your vision and concepts are awesome! Keep up the good work and good luck with the move to LA and the progression of your Cuda.


baroman I have to agree, one of the best concepts I've seen on this website! So glad its becoming a reality! Just when you didn't think it could get any better, you come out with that salt flat design, I love it!!!


Love the fade to grey on the roof - primer half is my favourite side...


Wow dude both are amazing! Love the salt flat look too. Living the dream mate :D


Scrolling through the pics before reading the text and suddenly realised I recognised the landscape in those shots of the 'cuda. Didn't realise you were a fellow wellingtonian.  
Love the idea of the different looks on each side of the car.


I always loved the F1 Rod idea - congrats on Need for Speed!

I love the Barracuda too of course. What tires are you running on it? I have a 71 Satellite that occasionally sees the track (the kind with corners) and I'm struggling to find decent tires for the 15x8" Steelies I have (which I'd like to keep). Most the higher performance stuff are Drag Race orientated and so are not ideal for cornering etc.


@andy It looks like they're Mickey Thompson Sportsman SRs from the picture. I know your pain. I've agonized on 15" performance tires. The only thing I've found that would be "optimum" is the Hoosier TD vintage race tires but they're expensive and they're race tires (dry-rot, flat spotting, treadwear rating:LOL). There's also a company called "American Racer" but you still have the problem of it being a race tire, not a UHP. I ended up with the hankook ventus 265/50/15 tires, probably about as "performance" as the BFG Radial T/A. I may eventually run drag radials or Hoosier pro-streets on all 4 corners, flimsy sidewalls be damned.Life is not good for us "big sidewall" guys.


milkplus Thanks a lot for your input. I'll check out the MTs. I've got the added challenge of being based in Germany, so I've got their TUV to deal with too - and the car can only be run as a historical "H" plate car. I was looking at Goodyear Eagle GTIIs.

The track is still fun with the BFGs I have (255 fronts and 275/60r15 rears) but yeah, they squeal like hell and it doesn't take much to overcome their limit! At least they break away progressively :)


Totally awesome... the combination between old looks with modern technology at the same time. Superb


Kuda (with 'k') means horse in my native language, so that license plate kinda works well.


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the car was very good 
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Hi, I'm coming to New Zealand in November 2017 to pick up my fiancé, who is over there working. I will also be visiting a friend in Huntly, who has just opened a garage to customize vehicles. I am going to start up my own garage in Canada and would love to come and see the F-132.


hi have you got any free stickers that i can put on my car its a r32 gtr skyline would love to represent your brand cheers.