The Guy Who Restored A Civic
Dream Machine

The year was 2004. The place – Southern California. Mickey Andrade had recently relocated from Ohio to help Falken Tire run its new American drift program, which at the time included a number of cars and drivers from Japan. During a trip to a local parts importer to grab some components for one of these JDM drift machines, something caught Mickey’s eye…


It was a bare shell that had been completely stripped, but Mickey immediately recognized what it was. Before coming to California he was a Honda maniac, and the lines of the EG6 Civic were immediately recognizable – even with the rough condition the car was in. He went over for a closer look.


Mickey always wanted an EG Civic when he was younger, but never had the means to own one. When he got closer to the shell he realized that he’d stumbled across a very rare machine: a 1993 Japanese market SiR-S to be exact. Only a few thousand examples of the higher equipment level model EG6 were ever sold.


Like many JDM vehicles that wind up on US shores, the right-hand drive EG6 had been brought over as a parts donor and had already been stripped of anything of value – including most of its body panels. Still, Mickey couldn’t help but ask the owner of the shop what he was planning to do with the Civic. He’d long dreamed of owning a JDM machine, and being a Honda fan the EG6 SiR-S was something extra special.


With nothing left on it to sell, the bare chassis was destined for the scrap yard. An opportunity had presented itself, and although Mickey didn’t have a lot of money, he knew this could be the first step of making his JDM dreams a reality. As it turned out, the owner was actually looking for a new set of tires for his SUV, and knowing Mickey worked at Falken he proposed a trade: the EG6 shell for a fresh set of rubber.


Jumping at the bit with excitement, Mickey asked his boss if he could buy a set of tires with his employee discount and got the okay. A deal was made and he became the owner of a genuine JDM EG6 – albeit one that would need an incredible amount of work if it were ever to see the road again.


Mickey didn’t have the funds to start building the car immediately, and the Civic would end up sitting for several years before he was ready to tackle the project. Finally in 2010, he knew it was time to bring the old Honda back to life.


Initially Mickey considered using the Civic shell to build a dedicated track car, and given the amount of work needed that would have been the easiest choice. But he reconsidered and decided to accept the challenge of rebuilding the EG6 for street use.


But Mickey didn’t just want to get the car on the road again, he wanted to build an ultra-clean, fully-restored street machine that fully embraced the classic 1990s JDM look. Given that he was working with a bare shell, he knew he’d have his work cut out for him.


And thus began the long journey of gathering parts to bring the car back to life. For Mickey this was actually one of the most rewarding aspects about the build, as he hunted down rare parts both in the United States and across the Pacific in Japan – meeting many fellow enthusiasts along the way.


Given that he was working with a rare JDM car, Mickey wanted to skirt the boundaries between a full factory restoration and a custom build. He’d always had a thing for Mugen parts and especially loved the fact they could be dealer-ordered in Japan. During the build he ended up sourcing a number of rare Mugen bits, including a front lip spoiler, side skirts and twin-loop exhaust system.


What’s equally impressive is the attention to detail Mickey paid during the restoration. For starters, the car was stripped down to bare metal, fitted with new rubber moldings all around, as well as new OEM Honda hardware.


The difference is in the details, and Mickey’s build is full of them. He painstakingly tracked down all of the correct Japanese decals for the car and even went as far as restoring the infrared keyless entry system which was unique to the SiR-S model.


Although Mickey has primarily used period-correct parts for the project, the one area where he’s modernized the car is in the lighting department. Up front are retrofitted HID projectors in glass housings with LED corner lights, while LED tail lamps are used out back.


The body itself is set off by a few coats of Toyota Blizzard White Pearl that was applied by Chapparone Auto Body in San Diego. Just before the car went into the paint booth, Mickey actually saw a white Prius driving down Interstate 15 on the way to Vegas, and he liked the color so much he called the body shop and had them change the mix right then and there. Also of note are the hyper yellow accents, which are something seen on many of Mickey’s projects including his BMW wagon and the AE86 we recently featured.

Period Correct

Under the hood Mickey has stayed true the Civic’s SiR roots using a B16A DOHC VTEC motor and a 5-speed transmission with a retrofitted Carbonetic LSD inside.


The Mugen love continues in the engine bay with a rare Formula valve cover which he scored from a local guy in San Diego, a Mugen intake adapted from a DC2 Integra, along with a first generation Mugen strut tower bar and a hyper yellow Mugen oil cap.


The most unusual part of the car might be the wheels – NOS Hayashi Racing Venturas with a center locking system. Mickey actually found the complete set while he was working for HRE Wheels – the company which Hayashi Racing evolved into.


The wheels were originally made in 1984 and the center locking system uses a 4×114.3 bolt pattern. Of course, the EG6 comes with the more common 4×100 PCD, so to solve this Mickey retrofitted hubs and brakes from an early model DC2 Integra Type R, which used the 4×114.3 pattern. I don’t think he has to worry about going to a meet and seeing someone who has the same wheels as him.


There’s nothing quite like the attractive simplicity of a 1990s Honda interior, and rather than going wild with aftermarket parts Mickey has gone with a very OEM-themed look here. The steering wheel is an original Momo SiR-S piece and he’s used the checkered upholstery pattern from a 25th Anniversary Edition Civic.


Other rare JDM details in the cabin include a Gathers tape deck, a Honda H.O.P. center console, cargo cover and cargo net. Not surprisingly, the pedals and shift lever are from the Mugen catalog.


He might have originally acquired the EG6 in trade for a mere set of tires, but Mickey tells me he’s invested more on this project than he could ever hope to get back out of it. That’s no problem though, because he doesn’t ever plan on selling the car.


A traditional classic car collector might scoff at the idea of restoring a Honda Civic from the 1990s, but as time goes on I can only see this kind of build happening more often. I for one fully welcome more high-quality, detail-oriented JDM resto-mod projects like Mickey’s.

Long live the ’90s!

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Mickey Andrade’s EG6 Honda Civic SiR-S

Honda B16A VTEC, Mugen Formula valve cover, Mugen Gen 1.5 hyper yellow oil cap, Honda OEM high tension cords, Mugen Gen 1 DC2 intake, Mugen twin-loop exhaust

Y1 5-speed manual transmission with Carbonetic LSD, Feel’s stainless steel clutch line

Tein Type Flex coilovers w/pillow ball upper mounts, Mugen Gen 2 front strut bar, Mugen Gen 1 rear strut bar (not installed in images), Buddy Club RCAs, Buddy Club camber adjustable upper control arms, Buddy Club rear camber adjustable arms, ASR hyper yellow rear subframe brace, ASR 24mm sway bar & bushing kit, Beaks hyper yellow lower arm bar

Hayashi Racing Ventura CD with 2463 CenterLock System 1984 NOS 15×6.5-inch +25, 195/50R15 Falken Ziex tires

Stripped, paint removed, & repainted (Toyota Blizzard Pearl White 070) at Chapparone Auto Body, San Diego, CA, new rubber moldings, nuts/bolts & seals replaced with new OEM Honda parts, bronze tinted glass, roof & door moldings color matched, OEM SiR-S specific infrared keyless entry handle and key fob – working condition, retrofit glass headlights with DDM projectors and 5500k HID lighting, retrofit LED corner lamps, LED taillamps, Mugen front lip spoiler, Mugen side skirts, Seibon TP-style carbon fiber rear apron, Honda H.O.P. window visors, J’s Racing FRP rear wing with 3rd brakelight provision over 2-piece zenki wing, all exterior decals replaced after repaint with NOS Honda JDM decals

Momo/Honda H.O.P. SiR-S leather steering wheel & boss, 25th Anniversary checkered interior upgrade, Honda H.O.P. center console, Honda Gathers OEM tape deck, Spoon convex blue tint rear-view mirror, Alpine CDE-153B bluetooth headunit, Alpine speaker upgrade in OEM housings, Honda H.O.P. rear cargo net, Honda H.O.P. rear cargo area cover, Mugen pedal set, Mugen Gen 1 shift lever (black), JSPFab lengthened B&M short shifter

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The only thing... the ONE, SINGLE THING, that I don't like about this build... would be the side mirrors. I don't like that two-tone thing on them. Everything else is lovable!


this car is so damn hot, man!


Absolutely stunning machine, well done!


@Nobody thats kind of funny, because i was going to comment specifically to compliment them! this thing is awesome


Ohhh the memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


those wheels are growing on me, awesome feature!




What happened to the Fdori-Style sticker?

Project AT180R

i never interested in hondas really. i'm a toyota guy, i do like civics, but i stay loyal to toyota
This civic build is awsome indeed, built between custom and oem, build between classic and modern. Love LED corner & tail lamps
The owner save this car from the scrap yard, and work hard to earn money for bringing this car back to life. Max respect to you sir
Very inspirational story
Thank you for sharing


Wow - I love the EGs - had a handful of them before kids.  This is amazing - love the Mugen touches and those wheels... DAMN!


That is a beautiful thing indeed. I've got an ED and it will never look this good... Especially in the engine bay... Ah, VTEC envy.
Cargo nets are quickly becoming the in thing it seems :D


Mickey has superb taste.


Interesting, I have neve been a fan of the "finned disc" type of wheels, but they work amazingly well here.


So awesome. Id love to do something like this for a daily driver.


Very Nice. Looks very clean. I dig the wheels. They definitely fit the car. This has definitely renewed my interest in the EG6 civics. In a moment of inspiration, I decided to try to draw it.


Awesome little car but those wheels just don't do it for me


Aah. This makes me miss my EG, 527whp. I love how this car turned out, save for the wheels (I'd gone one size up). But other than that, it's perfect. Such great memories.


Do you upload any of your work in jpg format or is it all video?


First, what's wrong with a Civic? And second, why does it always have to be about money? Real hot rodders don't even want to think, let alone count, how much money they've dumped into a project, they simply do it because it makes them happy.


I wish people took care of more 90s cars. They are the best.


I think I saw this car at Cars & Coffee Oceanside a couple years back, glad to read about it on here! Fantastic build and story, this is how you restore a Japanese car!


Abezzegh87 I feel the same way about people who restore old american cars. But ultimately I dont really give a shit.


Nicely done. Anyone who has to ask why they need to put a certain amount of money into a car, won't ever understand what a passionate build is. 

Only thing I wish this feature had were before pictures of the shell itself.


I have only uploaded videos on youtube, but I do have jpg versions as well. I upload some of them on instagram on the channel oyvind.sabo. I might upload them to Google+ in the future though:) If you want me to send you some photos or have a suggestion for a drawing, just let me know:)


apex_DNA - It's currently stuck on the side of my beer fridge in the garage. But I do have a few more unused in my "Sticker Stash" as well. =)


Abezzegh87 Why put ANY money into a rat rod? Not my call.


Abezzegh87 - S2000 money, lol. Try zenki NSX money. But either way, the EG6 is a car I always wanted when I was 16 and this was my chance to build an authentic JDM chassis just the way I wanted. I never wanted an S2000. Check out my AE86 feature on SH and you will see the only parts I liked about the S2000.


D1RGE - Yup! I take it to Cbad C&C once in a awhile. =)


This has got to be the perfect EG! Well, except for the hyper yellow accents, they're a little too flashy for me. Other than that, looks great!


hi, this is so beautiful, its amazing.  would love to do something like this in the future.  hopefully.

just one question, are the seats original?  i had an eg, and the head rest was attached by one sided arm, not two. 
or are those seats sir-s specific?


@kaz - The seats in my car are transplanted from a Kouki JDM model EG6 SiR. The seats that belong in this car were grey tweed and had the single beam headrest support (like yours). Since only 3000 examples were made, finding a set of these original seats in even "ok" condition is very difficult. I chose the set I have on the sheer cleanliness and condition they are in. Someday if I find a set of the actual seats I may restore them and swap them out. But honestly, these seats are unique and great!

Omer (beercoozie)



Rad build! Thanks speedhunters!


Wow. This is such a beautifully restored car. I'm actually in the process of looking for a nice EG to build up before I get my license, although I doubt mine would be anywhere close to the same level as this car.


very nice job on small start! it can be very daunting starting with a shell, epic dedication and a killer outcome. you have both mad skills and mad dedication, Mickey. says a lot about a guy.


This is so damn cool. I love that these 90's gems are starting to get the love and dedicated owners they deserve. Nice one guys!


Why? Cuz Mickey a fu**in G. Thats why.


MickeyAndrade D1RGE I knew it :) You were parked up at the top of the lot all by yourself and I came in a black 5th gen Prelude. Wanted to park near you (as I was the only other Honda) but was a little intimidated heh heh :)  Next time I'll say hi.


I never really had a thing for Civics, but this car just sold me on it! Love the OEM decals and the green, the locations and overall vibe were top-notch too! Thanks Speedhunters! :D


Great work! I myself am in the process of a build, not on an EG but on an s30. This post and your progress inspired to keep at it. Soon enough. Keep up the great work! And I'll see you on the road...


D1RGE, this is your car?! That's awesome to see someone who is a frequent commenter of SH showing off their ride.


My Flickr account is "Øyvind Sæbø". I upload my work as pictures there;)


Unbelievable! Thumbs up!


Does the interior have a mix of grey and black parts? Can't really see in the pictures.


Great work! I always appreciate JDM restore projects, and this is the best work I've seen by far. It's recently reported by a local media here in china that an extremely rare (or maybe the only one) road-legal EG is restored in a similar way, of course not that precisely done, was catching the eyeballs of all JDM lovers across the nation. It's such a fortunate to own a real JDM and put a lot of work on it.


I'm not a Honda fan boy but I love this. The execution and quality are obvious. Great find Mike and awesome photos as always Lary.
Keep them coming!



MickeyAndrade I'm pretty sure I've seen you at C&C Carlsbad, I don't know much about Hondas but those wheels just drew me in. Really great to read more about the car and all the work you've put into it.


Absolutely brilliant. Finally the owner must be a guy like me. spending way too much time and money on finding rare JDM parts. but at the end it's the details that make it special because theyre way more hard to get it right. And the wheels are great. Top work!


A beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing.


Wow! He did a phenomenal job with this car! Please keep doing stories like this!


"while he was working for HRE Wheels – the company which Hayashi Racing evolved into."
sorry but I'm not good with english ,or I don't understand
Hayashi racing , japanese brand ,est. around 1970 ,evolved into american brand founded in 1978?


Great job on the build. Looks lovely in the pearl white. I've got one with the same Jdm 90s . I was very lucky to come across this as they are getting a rare sight on UK roads nowadays .


@Matiz Hayashi had a distribution center stateside- in 1978 it and it's inventory was bought out and HRE was founded (although it stood for Howland Racing Enterprises after the founder, NOT Hayashi Racing Enterprises)  

Hence a lot of the older wheels like the 501, 504, and 505 became HRE's in the 80's and current HRE wheel models going back to their roots with the 501 and 505.


DG240Z Had no idea

themoreyouknow.jpg goes here.


Awesome car with great story behind it.  mmmmm love me some speedhunters.


Inspirational build! So clean! I'd love to have the time and cash to save more rare 90's car (being born in '87, these are the cars I grew up coveting!). But for now I'll settle with keeping my '98 Mx5 'RS on the road (and track).


nierzad niiiiiice


ScottLancaster6 They used to be common as muck but you just never see them now. Huge tuning potential with those b-series Honda engines.


The EG Civic hatch is easily one of the most timeless designs out of Japan, ever. I rate it right up there with the FD RX7 in terms of effortless good looks.


What is the red thing in the footwell? ive always wondered what the clips in my civics have been for but have never actually seen anything in them?


BlairMurphy Road flare, gotta have em in Japan


Cheers, when i get myself another eg i gotta track down one of those. That attention to detail in this build is mindblowing and so refreshing to see a good build with a nice blend of original manufacturer style and personal customisation without too many purely trend following mods. The end result is beautiful.


Would be a really beautiful car if it wasn't for the horrid wheels


Yossarian This comment made me rage. 8/10. Excellent troll. A+++


I'm not Honda fans, but this one is exception. Simple and elegance. BTW, love your rims.


This thing is pure awesome! Sure, people might not like the idea of restoring a 90's Civic but I'd say he's done a damn fine job. I was lusting over all of the Mugen goodness scrolling through. I wasn't really digging the HID conversion in the beginning but the more I look at it, it seems to pop nicely with the wheels and adds a bit of an updated touch. Kudos to the owner, I'm sure that's a piece he will never let go of!


Super clean build; love these ground up-restos, and those wheels are FRESH!!!


very nice but how is a 1993 jdm chassis legal in the US?


matthewyaa Agree completely.


SnoozinRichy Yep, I'd say so as well. Shame it's getting so hard to find decent ones.


@meka - By obtaining the proper documentations and passing state mandated safety checks. But, depending on where the car resides the laws are different.


@meka - By obtaining the proper documentations and passing state mandated safety checks. But, depending on where the car resides the laws are different.


Is this the same white car from the Falken ads? The one taken at one of the meets, Honda Day or Blox. Cant remember but I do remember almost every one of those cars, and there is one, white with green tips and those wheels. It caught my eye then, and I wanted to see more of it.

Glad to see more of it here and elsewhere lately. Great EG.


@Whoshot - It sure is. =)


if only my 94 civic could look like this..... haha


Does anyone know where I can get retrofitted projector headlights like that? I have HIDs in the stock headlights, but just end up blinding people half the time. Stock headlights are too dull...not a huge fan of the "angel eyes" style headlight. Love that its just one beam!


92HatchChick - I made these by ordering a set of glass housing lights without scatter lens' and pulled them apart for the retrofit. I then ordered D2S projectors/Harness/HID kit from DDM Tuning in Vista, CA. Give them a call and they can get you all the parts needed for the project.


Wow are you kidding  me... he held on to the car for several years before even starting the project!!! OMG.... now that's dedication. Finding those Mugen parts is one thing...but being able to afford them when you find them  is another. Choosing the right color is very difficult too, unless your able to do an artist rendering in this color or that color. A lot of time and effort has truly paid off for this determined owner. Congrats Larry great photos fantastic story. Love to see more of those ol Hondas


Was the underbody given similar attention; undercoating, paint, panels, things of that nature?


Wow... What a stunning EG6. An SIR too! One of my favorite cars of all time! I like how the owner put some personality in it too. This isn't a trend mobile just a genuine build true to the character of the car. It's probably a rapid little thing to drive too! One of my favorite Speed hunters articles! Great job! (PS: These should be in the new NFS game ;)


Nick. - Yup. =)


mrrick - Thanks for your kind words. You are a man who truly understands what it took to create this car.


xracer6 - Thank you for the nice comment. I am glad you enjoy the car and what I've done to it.


MickeyAndrade Sir Pleased.


Baldy boy Thanks for the support!


@MickeyAndrade Care to sell one? Big fan of the man behind it.


Paddy McGrath - Thank you kind sir. =)


apex_DNA - I don't actually. Those came from a very monumental time in my life/career and I cherish them as well as a lot of other items from that time. You will be interested to know that the Tein coilovers on the car are the very set that Hatakeyama drove on with his EF during its stint in the US. I was fortunate to be able to buy them from Falken Tire when they were clearing out their warehouse. ;-) P.S. Do we know each other? How do you know of my affiliation with the FTC F-Dori movement?


koko san - Nope. All black.


The very first 'fun' car I ever got to drive upon getting my newly-minted license around the beginning of the 90s was a friend's Si.  He rarely ever let anyone drive his car, so I felt honored.  I babied the thing, but still had a blast.  As such, I have always had a soft spot for this generation of Civic.  This build here is absolutely perfect in every way.  Love seeing projects of passion that transcend silly concerns such as value or ability to re-sell down the road.  Props!


Excellent attention to detail. We need more builds like this! Real pride and quality really stands out and is unfortunately too rare these days. We are extremely critical on all of our builds and it is definitely rewarding in the end.


David Lindauer - Well said, and thanks for the great feedback. Glad you enjoy the car.


sixergixer - Wow. Thank you for telling your story and offering the kind words. They truly are sole grabbing vehicles. I am extremely pleased with the amount of people who understand and appreciate the thought behind build-up and the outpouring of positive comments such as yours. =)


Hi, thanks Larry for your comment. Keep up the fantastic work you and your team do on the brilliant site. If your ever in the UK,your more than welcome to do a write up my old Eg U0001f600. Thanks again


Gawd, Larry and Mike must be cheering everytime a new comment pops up on this article. It's great to see the enthusiasm a resto-modded Honda is getting. It restores some of my faith in the car community.


Love it! What an awesome build. Great to see it here on Speedhunters, and with proper Larry Chen photos to boot.


Love the wheels! Really make the build.


Nick. You have no idea. It's honestly so hard to find a build that will appeal to such a wide audience. If we show stance the hate is strong, if we show function over form, the hate is strong. Sometimes there is just no winning, however this car just had the right amount of both I think.


LOL. No, I'm know exactly how you feel. I've seen you express your frustrations plenty of times on SH. You're very passionate about what you do and it's a bummer to hear anything negative.
It's always easier to say something negative and find the flaws but, it's less common to see the good. That happens with everything and anything but, with the Honda in question, I think it's the man behind the machine that many people can relate to and that makes it so enjoyable


MickeyAndrade Saw it on another site with your girl behind the wheel. Reminded me of it, was hoping to finally see the details.....made my day, good work making a classic come back to life, the story behind the car only makes it that much sweeter.


This car is amazing, every aspect of it.


What a gorgeous gorgeous car. It is the sweetest egg hatch I have seen in years.


super clean.


Love it, Would be a fun little ride to throw around town.


Well, I typically find Hondas about as exciting as used chewing gum, however, even I must bow my hat in respect to the dedication and efforts this guy put into his car, not to mention the clean result of the final product.  Well done


@MickeyAndrade Sorry for the late reply. The sticker situation is perfectly understandable. I do appreciate you shedding the light on what eventually happened to Hatakeyama's car though. Do you perhaps have any other stories relating to the legend that you want to share?
P.S. If it wasn't for Joey Lee's photo of your car with that sticker on it, I seriously doubt we would be having this conversation. By the way, what does FTC stand for?


@MickeyAndrade Sorry for the late reply. The sticker situation is perfectly understandable. I do appreciate you shedding the light on what eventually happened to Hatakeyama's car though. Do you perhaps have any other stories relating to the legend that you want to share?
P.S. If it wasn't for Joey Lee's photo of your car with that sticker on it, I seriously doubt we would be having this conversation. By the way, what does FTC stand for?

Gianluca FairladyZ

I'm in love with the CoCo-Civic.....

Gianluca FairladyZ

I'm in love with the CoCo-Civic.....


I ABSOLUTELY love the dedication in this build, it pushes me to get my s12 back on the road. Bought it 3 months ago and I'll never in my life get rid of it. Everyone keeps telling me over and over to sell it, junk it, or part it out. why get rid of a classic that can potentially become living once more. I am in love too much. I will stay oem with my build besides wheels, I love my car too much to see someone else in it or see it just destroyed or torn apart. Madprops to this guy, he has truly inspired me. THANK YOU so much. If anyone would like to see my car follow me @vadejines on instagram


I'm not much into Hondas but this build is very nice.  The dedication/love involved in pulling off such a project is a rarity.


I'm not much into Hondas but this build is very nice.  The dedication/love involved in pulling off such a project is a rarity.


Oh my gawsh this Honda is literally dreams.


Oh my gawsh this Honda is literally dreams.


Oh my gawsh this Honda is literally dreams.


this is how a civic is done!


i think i've said it before, but this EG6 reminds me of the BrawnGP F1 - yep the same F1 team/car that was previously a Honda team.


the car was very good 
really really like to see the car that shiny new car fits like made ​​for walking trailsthe car was very good" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> and very fast" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> mix of colors" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> from which to" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> make want pobud see hatnya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> kecepatanya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> was very nice ," rel="dofollow" target="_blank">  suitable for a "" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> sharp bend or not sharp I guess motorists like this is" very skilled in the speed I hope I can membilinya someday will whether there are new cars are better I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> 'll wait for it , with a stylish car classic" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> style I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> also like" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> to see would be whether there is a" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> car that is as fast and forius like in the " movie , the car very good car designed a way apparently hopefully there will be new cars more good and the price is quite pantastis then chances are I can membilinya the same as you have at this time