An Automotive Expression Of Miyabi:</br> Spirit Rei’s S13

Are you a true believer of ‘clean’ style? I sure am; I don’t like fussy details, and that goes for the inside and outside of a car. Dressing up your ride with loud, and at times vulgar additions is something that anybody can do, but are you really creating something that has true presence?

In my eyes, presence is created by subtle detailing and styling – something that you have to stop and look at for a while to truly understand and single out. To some extent, this way of thinking and execution can be categorised under the Japanese miyabi aesthetic ideal, which calls for simplifying things and getting rid of the mess, the roughness and the superfluous to achieve the highest grace.


Of course, this mindset can be applied to cars too, which is why Spirit Rei has launched a line up of ‘Miyabi’ brand aero parts. The simple design of these parts helps cars that we all know and love achieve their most uncluttered aesthetic expression. It might sound like a load of marketing hype if you just read my words here, but take a glimpse at the Nissan Silvia S13 that Spirit Rei unveiled at Offset Kings Japan over the weekend, and you’ll understand what I’m getting at.


I’m a great fan of the S13 – mostly because it has the most basic shape of all the S-chassis machines. Spirit Rei have worked on this and come up with a front bumper that adds a touch of modernity and aggression without drastically altering the car’s original lines. That’s why there are no complex grilles or light conversions to clutter things up.


The only thing they have added is a carbon fiber front spoiler – one which gives the illusion that the car is sitting lower than it actually is.


The green strip of paint on the front spoiler is carried over to the edge of the chunkier and rounder carbon fiber side skirts created especially for the Miyabi kit.


Up front, Work Meister M1R wheels in an 18-inch fitment are barely contained by +40mm Spirit Rei vented fenders, but it’s actually the rear wheel arches that take the car up a notch in quality and innovation.


To match the wider front fenders, Spirit Rei fabricated one-off blistered arches that align perfectly with the 19-inch rear M1Rs.


I just can’t get over how beautifully profiled and executed the fenders are; the arched contour that begins where it meets the doors fading out around the corners of the S13’s rear end.


Throw in a Spirit Rei Miyabi rear bumper, a smooth trunk lid and fresh dark metallic silver paint, and you have what I’m going to say is the best-looking S13 Silvia I’ve ever seen.

Let me know what you think of this Nissan and its miyabi treatment in the comments section below – I’m curious to hear all your thoughts!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Offset Kings coverage on Speedhunters
Spirit Rei



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Absolutely love it! Makes me miss my 91 S13 K's I had many years ago. Still one of my favourite cars I've owned.


A little low for my task but, it's an awesome build regardless! <3 Nissan


That would maybe look good with proper camber.


It's just me or anyone notice that those wheel look little bit too big for the car?
Great article as always, Dino-san U0001f601


Speed hunters pro critiquing pretentious asshole commenters haha you guys will never own anything near as cool looking as this car lol why don't you assholes post a pic of your cars and let's see what you're rocking eh? Bet his rims cost more than what you pricks drive :)


I thought the rear fender work was really well done too.


ValdiImam I noticed, and I think it's kinda rad.


Beautiful! .. Crying out for a wing or lip spoiler at least though.


Yeah, for me they are bit too large. I like a wide, 16-17" wheel on the 240sx.


@Grayfoxxd1 Dude, Dino asked for opinions of the car and people here gave em. There's nothing overly negative from what I see, just a couple of personal preferences and one call for a more functional ride height. Chill and just enjoy the article and pretty pictures.




I'd prefer a higher ride height, smaller five or ten spoke rims, much subtler camber, and a simple diffuser with green accents to complete what the front and sides started. With that, it'd be perfect in my eyes. That said, it's still darn phenomenal.


I'd prefer a higher ride height, smaller five or ten spoke rims (maybe Advan GTs or Volk CE28Ns), much
subtler camber, and a simple diffuser with green accents to complete
what the front and sides started. With that, it'd be perfect in my eyes.
That said, it's still darn phenomenal.


You know what pisses me off about the rear fender? Its not perfect.
The gap between the door and rear fender. Makes the door look out of place.


Actually, no, I just remembered the Work Meister CR01s. Mmmmmmmmm...

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Show us your ride, but this isn't BicycleHunters so I'm not expecting much.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Refreshingly clean, nice wheels, not too much camber (only just). Overall a very neat S chassis.


For me clean style is original body lines with details removed rather than added. Ie :bodykits and fussy wheels. I'd say this car was finished well as opposed to cleanly styled.


Spirit Rei have worked their magic on this one


Love it!
I'd set it up a bit more practical though as I'd like to drive it often.


I love the front, but does anybody else think the car looks a bit bloated in the rear 3/4 shots?


Jagdroach I think that comes down to the wheel choice and ride height. Something a little more practical in both respects would help balance out what is a beautifully subtle widebody conversion.


Those rear quarters are amazing!
I wouldn't exactly call the front simple but this car looks awesome none the less.


Yeah you're right the size of the wheels definitely helps create that effect. I love way those wheels look, but would be curious to see another set on the car.


Smiggins What makes you think it doesn't have proper suspension?


ValdiImam Yeah 19-inch at the back is a bit big, but I know what they were trying to do. They did it well, for street 17 front 18 rear would be spot on


TheDaniel46 Really, I think it looks spot on as is


Matt Khoun You mean they should have continued the crease and faded it out half way through the door?


AEROHUNTER Yup after their Miyabi 180SX kit, this follows on rather well


i23sonny It was at Offset Kings, I guess they went for a more in your face stance as possible...hence the 19s at the back


Abezzegh87 You have seen the roads here yes? lol

Jeroen Willemsen

Such a beautiful car, so little pictures, would love to see this car from every angle conveivable.


Regardless of the negative comments- This car is just classic Japanese styling at its finest.
Its over excessively awesome in my opinion.
The Japanese do it right with little to no care for the roads and or law enforcement. 
I wish i saw more of this here in Brisbane (Australia) but unfortunately we are harassed by police and kids who refuse to pay for legit parts.


speedhunters_dino i23sonny Haha yeh I figured that. I'd do it too, even if just for event :)


Amazing car! Simply effective. Do you know if the rear blister is metal or fiberglass Dino?


Thats some great work! 
When i see this kind of widening i always check for the fuel cap cover ( that sadly shows in only one picture) , there are kits out there where the fuel cover retains it`s positioning, creating a break/recess/crater right in the middle of the rear quarter panel that breaks the lines created by the body specialist (though making it easier to produce, i know). In this case they made everything work togheter levelling everything, this OEM feel is something that "makes it miyabi"


The paint color absolutely brings all of the body modification and aero together. Wonderful what the correct paint scheme can do to finish off all the love and hard work that went into creating this master piece. Dino can you elaborate more on the color please???


Looks awesome! A little too low for my tastes, but I can respect the owner's focus on form.


Looks great


Amazing car that's now among my top schasis builds


@4dori It felt like metal to meet, after the knuckle test lol


mbretschneider It's all metal so it's all smooth and flows over the cap too


andredavids71 No info on that sorry, but yeah definitely had depth to it


The wheels seem too large to me, but other than that it is a very nice car that has been very well executed. And this is coming from someone who isn't into stance.


Woah! This is one of my favourite cars ever. So bad ass!!!


Beautiful, not practical enough for my liking but the colour, fitment on the kit, beautifully contoured rear guards and fat deep dish rims that make a statement all go towards making this a very unique and sweet s13.


I really love s13's! with these new kit I think I need to look for one. Such perfect curves on a perfect car. Amazing work and detail done.


Pure jaw dropping beauty.  Wow.


That silvia looks so good;);)


I see what you're saying, the less aggressive nature of the build does work extremely well. When I get my hands on an S13 coupe i wouldn't go with that front bumper and I would also change the grill. The front bumper looks a bit off to me, to me it doesn't seem to flow that well with the rest of the car.


@Grayfoxxd1 So true. 3/4 of the comments: Ooh this car desperatyl needs a lip/spoiler, colour is wrong, car too low, wheels too big. Dunno why everyone has a need to share their opinion about a car which is somebody else's vision about how a cool ride should look like. Especially when you know 80% of the people here drive rattle can Honda Civic's. It' just annoying really.

JMax Paint Garage LLC

OH BOY..... Where to start??!!
Once day I dream of owning something as beautifully put together as this car. That brick shape of S13 Silvias will be forever sexy in my eyes. This is just so beautiful, I love it.


"One off blistered arches"? They sell that widebody on their website. I'm guessing they modified its arch to line up with the 19" wheels?
Its got a nice attention to detail. I haven't seen anyone mention but they have have smoothed the lower body line. It looks like they used a door card where a lot of kits don't bother. I think it would look a lot smoother without the front lip, skirt add on and diffuser section in the rear bar. Makes it a little busy. But they are just following the current trends.


I think it's beautiful, but I'd have the ride height adjusted a bit higher so I can get over drive ways and not have to go over speed bumps (I hate speed bumps!) at 1 km/h.


speedhunters_dino mbretschneider Its indeed incredible workmanship, i say it stands true to its purpose! Again, amazing kit!