The Yachiyo Racing Celica XX

I spent so much time walking up and down the various parking lots when I attended a big Kyusha meeting recently, that I was only really able to spotlight feature a couple of cars, as well as grab some images for a wheel-related post that I’ll be putting together a bit later on. The ‘Pig’s Butt C130 Laurel’ was a stand-out feature at the gathering, and now I’ve got something else very cool to share with you – this time from the ’80s.


The awesomeness of this Celica XX (or Supra Celica in Japan) was too hard to resist. In standard form, the Toyota defined a decade where Japanese auto style was all about sharp angles and pop-up lights were in vogue.


Here, the lines of what is an undeniably-cool base has been taken to the next level with some legit shakotan touches.


This car belongs to the Yachiyo Racing club – a Chiba based group of kyusha enthusiasts who like to do things as period-correct as possible.


I love the over-the-top Works flares, which to me almost look like they belong over the rear wheels! And being roughly screwed on and misaligned with the bumper and side skirts only gives them a more in-your-face appearance.


Speed Star Racing MKIs are one of the most recognisable Japanese vintage rims you can find, and the deeper the dish the better!


There are certain old Japanese cars which Vitaloni mirrors really work well on, and after seeing them fitted to this MA61 the Celica is one of them. Plus, it doesn’t seem to matter how well or how cleanly you fit them – as long as they’re attached!


The fastback-inspired rear end is something that visually defines this generation of Supra, and here the lift-up hatch has been enhanced with the addition of a Silhouette Formula style wing.


However, it wasn’t until I went around the back that I realised that the rear hatch had been modified in a way that’s actually common in this scene. The original back window has been removed and sealed off with a horizontal trunk-like section that leads up to a tiny ’80s supercar-style rear window.


To top it all off, the choice of color definitely adds to the overall presence of this kyusha car. The question is though, do you love it or hate it?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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the only thing that works on this car is the wheels, everything else is terrible, flares dont suit or fit, mirrors look to have been mounted by a blind person, that wing eugh.......


Awesome 80´s feeling! Front kit, color and rear trunk is perfect.
Wish the overfenders was a bit square-ish though. Lovely car from a lovely time!


hypodermic The wing is a Silhouette type job, it's part of the look. It's not for everyone...


Hmm, I don't get it. Usually the Japanese somehow do it right and it looks cool, even if it isn't perfect. But this one? Nope.
This vehicle looks like the owner forgot to bolt on the parts he bought, slept in on the day of the event and then bolted everything on hastily before heading to that otherwise most amazing event. Even the rear window is off-center...
Period correct style or not - this vehicle is ruined. While I can see the intention the owner had, it really makes me sad to see such a shoddily built vehicle featured here. Come on Dino, there must have been plenty of cars more worthy of a feature, no?


I would like to see more examples of the 2nd gen supras. There has got to be more than one out there in japan!


DriverSeb I agree with you. But ruined would suggest that it is irreparable. If the overfenders were replaced with smaller ones, and lined up with the car's bumpers, the mirrors were fixed, and the rear window was made bigger and aligned properly, the car would be epic.


Love it. someone clearly loves the car and is doing their thing with it. to be fair the mis-fitted, big winged, OTT-ness of it is definitely how I remember modified cars from the 80's/early 90's (anyone else remember max power? *shudder*) so he has definitely nailed the look. plus it gets driven (and hard by the looks of some of the coverage I've seen of it). not for everyone but then, I'm not everyone (unless I'm the second coming,which is somewhat unlikely).


Love it. It's always cool seeing how someone interprets a car and what they want out of it. Would I do it differently? Sure but that's not the point. I love the uniqueness of it and the owner has my respect for building it how they want it. Awesome.


Great feature but one correction: "pop-up lights were in vogue" is in the wrong tense. Pop-up headlights will always be en vogue. Just because Mother Hen Traffic Safety Association makes them illegal with insane pedestrian impact requirements doesn't mean they're still not the sexiest way to keep the body lines clean.

This car is a great alternative to the fatlace lexus and E46 you guys inflicted on us in March.


Pop-up headlights FTW! Love this car. It gives a big F you to the purist and to cookie cutter builds. It has that Lotus Esprit vibe going. A definite head turner that makes you say "what was that!?!"


I don't see what's to hate about it.


REALLY not feeling this car at all. At first glance I thought it looked nice, but I cant get over the fact that the fenders dont really line up with the body all too well, and the mirrors look crooked :(


It does highlight the fact that it's not all about the guys that can spend tens of thousands on their cars. Sometimes the kid with guts and passion needs a moment to shine. Well done in that regard.

oskarello preotini

This thing is great!! Not every build is supposed to be perfect. I love how some Japanese perfectly balance the over all look with just enough grittiness to give it so much soul n style. The over fender fitment, the mirror placement, the wing everything. The only thing I might of changed was maybe going with matte gold wheels. CR01's or TE37v's.


MORE on that RA64/65 Celica next to it PLEASE!!! Love this post Dino!!

JMax Paint Garage LLC

Besides the minor issue with the mirrors (I laughed very hard when I noticed), everything else is oh so amazing. I really love coverage about random awesome japanese hashiriya cars. Dang, this car is hot!


Needs to polish those turn signals, they're looking kinda gross. Nice car, love the aftermarket air dam... wish their was an engine bay shot though. I don't love or hate it, I feel kinda meh. Like it's a work in progress (hopefully)


I know it's the style, and I try not to apply too much of my foreign opinion when I judge it, but I really feel like some SSR Mk 3's with 1" staggered larger wheels in back would just be that little bit better :) Love it though!


oskarello preotini Those newer wheels would be from the wrong era and stick out like a sore thumb IMO.


I want it!!!


ok, the question was : love it or hate it. honestly: I hate it. those who want to read a polite criticism should not read those lines...!!!!
What's this for a dump please? limp and involuntarily set together special-offer-jdm-sale-parts thrown onto? Check.  instead of those nutty fender flares there rather could be basins mounted upside-down. why not put any effort into building a car? Is every single plastic part treated with a heat gun to achieve this bad mismatched look with gaps you could throw a 13" wheel through? the tailgate at every battered tank is in better condition. I really don't want to know how this piece of scrap rides when it's technically only half as bad as it looks. Neither stylish nor functional. Poor car - completely ruined. next station scrap yard please. sorry. I appreciate private street car features but this one? no.


those look very much like s30 flares to me


I love it, it's unique and you can tell its
owner built on a lower budget. It radiates personality and it's refreshing to
see something different and what I consider rare. Part of the beauty of this
car is that it isn't built to please others, which is how individuals should
build their own cars. I'm a huge fan of the old school kyusha styleand this Celica is a great
example. The exterior modifications aren't actually that bad, being misaligned just adds to the personality and red is a very hard colour to get right and this Celica pulls it off well!


I love it, it's unique and you can tell it's
owner built on a lower budget. It radiates personality and it's
refreshing to
see something different and what I consider rare. Part of the beauty of
car is that it isn't built to please others, which is how individuals
build their own cars. I'm a huge fan of the old school kyusha style and
this Celica is a great
example. The exterior modifications aren't actually that bad, being
misaligned just adds to the personality and red is a very hard colour to
get right and this Celica pulls it off well!


@crisher i have a feeling you said that purely to evoke a response. nice


thank you. worked quite well. nice


Nobody noticed that the wing on this car is mounted backwards?  Otherwise a cool and unique car!


John Evans false


@Max John Evans True:  The leading edge of a wing is the more rounded end.  The trailing edge is quite sharp.  Here is a database with hundreds of wing profiles:    You will not find a single one with the opposite geometry.  If you study airfoil design, you will understand why.  A good book on the  subject is "Theory of Wing Sections" by Abbott and Doenhoff  You can get it on Amazon for less than $20.


John Evans


certifiablysnuggly John Evans Yes wings on race cars are for downforce.  Spoilers are also used for downforce, but are not as efficient as a wing.  The photo shows results of an on-track oil drop test on our Carma Wolf wing.  See our website -  In one attached photo, you can see evidence of flow separation about an inch from the trailing edge of the rear wing from an oil drop test.  I study aerodynamics quite a bit, and while I an not an expert, I an not confused about wings, spoilers and common practice with respect to their use on cars.  
A good book you might enjoy that covers some basics:

The wing on this featured car is mounted backwards.


That FRP hatch/notchback/whetever is called アイローネゲート (I think it's "air negator" or "Air gate"). There's very little info about this, just like the slit spoilers you see installed below the rear bumpers on shakotan style cars.


KilluaR32 It is clearly a highly cambered airfoil, in other words a wing (just like the article stated), and it is just as clearly, mounted backwards.


speedhunters_dino hypodermic It's also on backwards.


John Evans certifiablysnuggly  John is right. It's unquestionably on backwards.
<--Aerospace engineer.


John Evans KilluaR32 I was referring specifically to the custom-made part that replaced the OEM hatch; that panel with a little window that mimics the look of a mid-engined car.
I thought it would be helpful to post its name somewhere since I have never seen the term being used anywhere else, except on Yahoo Auctions Japan or some unknown japanese blog.
Years ago most people wouldn't know about the name of the train rings (tsurikawa) hanging behind bosozoku style cars.


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Love this shit sick narnar


Love this shit sick narnar


Love this shit sick narnar


Love this shit sick narnar


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