A New Way Of Speedhunting
Goodbye Comfort Zone

When we lock down the events we’ll be attending throughout the year, there’s always many familiar places and gatherings. Goodwood. The SEMA Show. Tokyo Auto Salon. Cars & Coffee. They’re all guaranteed to be worth a visit each time they come around. But aside from our annual favorites, it’s also fun to step out of our comfort zones and check out new events and areas of car culture that we might not be so familiar with. This was most certainly the case for me over the weekend.

NHRDA-Famoso-80 copy

But before I get to covering Saturday’s event, let me explain how I wound up there…

Last month I was checking around on Auto Club Famoso Raceway’s website for some information on the annual March Meet, and as I glanced at the schedule I noticed the track was going to be hosting another event this month called the NHRDA Spring Nationals.

NHRDA-Famoso-39 copy

Nope, not the NHRA, the NHRDA – the National Hot Rod Diesel Association. A drag event solely dedicated to diesel-powered vehicles? This sounded interesting… While I’ve heard and seen heavily-modified diesel trucks on a few occasions, up until the weekend this was a scene I was still largely unfamiliar with.

NHRDA-Famoso-67 copy

That said, I thought the Spring Nationals would be the perfect opportunity to experience a new side of automotive culture. So I got in touch with Stacy Cole from the NHRDA, and told her I’d like to come down to Famoso and see what it was all about.

NHRDA-Famoso-29 copy

The NHRDA was founded in 2004 and they hold race events everywhere from Southern California to Alberta, Canada. The Famoso event would kick off the 2015 tour and feature not just local competitors, but big names in the nationwide diesel drag race scene.

NHRDA-Famoso-44 copy

While lifted, smoke-billowing trucks might be called ‘brodozers’ and catch flak from some car enthusiasts – the truth is there’s a whole lot more to this scene than just rolling coal and trying to show off. There’s actually some serious performance engineering going on here, and I find it all quite interesting.

NHRDA-Famoso-69 copy

We’re talking giant turbo setups, fully built motors, ridiculous horsepower and torque numbers, and drag slicks mounted on all four wheels. Real gearhead stuff.

Big Turbos, Black Smoke
NHRDA-Famoso-18 copy

While the drag racing competition was easily the biggest part of the Spring Nationals, it wasn’t the only action happening at Famoso over the weekend.

NHRDA-Famoso-72 copy

There was also a show and shine area, as well as a vendor display with many of the big names in the performance diesel world showing off their wares and answering questions from enthusiasts.

NHRDA-Famoso-17 copy

Although I sadly missed it, Friday night even had a tractor pull competition. There’s something about this kind of stuff that makes 5-year-old Mike very happy.

15-NHRDA-Famoso-79 copy

As for the drag racing itself, it featured quite a variety of machines – very few of which that could be considered traditional drag vehicles. That’s the cool thing about all this.

NHRDA-Famoso-27 copy

The vast majority of the vehicles taking to the dragstrip were of course late-model pickup trucks – Cummins-powered Dodges, Duramax Chevys and Powerstroke Fords.

NHRDA-Famoso-40 copy

But among the dozens of modified diesel trucks that came out to race, there was everything from near-stock daily drivers and work trucks, to stripped-out rigs built specifically for quarter mile action.

NHRDA-Famoso-31 copy

This Ford representing Devil Mountain Diesel out of the San Francisco Bay Area is a good example of the street-going vehicles that were running. With custom tunes, turbo upgrades, and intake and exhaust modifications, many of these giant trucks were putting down ETs lower than your typical 5.0 Mustang or Corvette.

NHRDA-Famoso-20 copy

Other trucks were even more serious in nature – like this fully built Duramax Chevy from Underground Diesel out of Vegas. It’s capable of running deep into the 10-second zone.

NHRDA-Famoso-49 copy

Salt Lake City, Utah, is where you’ll find Industrial Injection, and they brought out their big turbo Duramax to play. If the huge air intake on the left side isn’t enough to hint at this Chevy’s capabilities, then the big drag slicks on all four corners certainly will.

NHRDA-Famoso-52 copy

The fact that most of these heavily modified diesel pickups are 4x4s only makes this whole scene more interesting to me. What these trucks lack in wheel-stands and smokey burnouts, they more than make up for with brutal off-the-line acceleration.

NHRDA-Famoso-33 copy

It can actually be a little scary watching some of these trucks come out of the hole with all four tires grabbing and the front end bouncing all over the place with from wheel hop.

NHRDA-Famoso-26 copy

While the late-model pickups were certainly interesting, I’m always a sucker for the old school stuff, and that’s why I dug this square body crew cab Chevy. The world needs more brown-over-tan trucks.

Not Just Trucks
NHRDA-Famoso-32 copy

NHRDA events aren’t just open to American pickup trucks, but any vehicle with a diesel engine. One guy, for example, was out on the track having some fun in his Audi Q7 TDI.

NHRDA-Famoso-28 copy

Another fellow was out there in a Mercedes-Benz E320 Blutec, and the German luxury sedan certainly looked unusual in the staging lanes with all the big trucks towering above it.

NHRDA-Famoso-7 copy

A ’67 Camaro is a car that’s a dime a dozen at your typical drag event. But this isn’t your typical drag event and this definitely isn’t your typical ’67 Camaro.

NHRDA-Famoso-71 copy

There’s no small block or big block Chevy under the hood – this traditional-looking pro street build is hiding a not-so-traditional ’06 Duramax powerplant beneath its hood.

NHRDA-Famoso-5 copy

When I first saw this Ford Coupe rolling through the pits I didn’t think much of it. But then I remembered I was at an all-diesel event and realized this thing was probably a little different from your usual drag strip hot rod too.

NHRDA-Famoso-76 copy

A closer look confirmed my suspicions – there was Cummins power sitting between its front frame rails.

NHRDA-Famoso-45 copy

Other vehicles that appealed to the 5-year-old me were the drag big rigs. If normal burnouts are cool, then burnouts with double the rear tires are even better, right?

NHRDA-Famoso-48 copy

And nothing did burnouts better than the Lucas Oil race rig powered by a radical Detroit Diesel setup. I feel patriotic just looking at it!

15-NHRDA-Famoso-79 copy-01

Mix in the smell and sight of the diesel smoke being thrown into the air all day long and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable outing at the drag strip. Just don’t tell your environmentalist buddies.

NHRDA-Famoso-81 copy

Gigantic, heavy pickup trucks might be some the last vehicles you’d associate with motorsports, but that’s exactly what makes the diesel drag racing scene so fascinating.

NHRDA-Famoso-34 copy

Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of big, smoke-belching pickups, the tricks that these guys use to get their machines down the track is Speedhunting at its core.

NHRDA-Famoso-70 copy

For me, it was a day of discovering new things, meeting new people and getting to experience a side of car culture that I knew very little about. It’s hard to ask for any more than that.

Stay tuned for more from the NHRDA Spring Nationals, including a couple of Spotlights on my favorite vehicles of the day.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Cutting Room Floor
NHRDA-Famoso-83 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-82 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-47 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-74 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-43 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-42 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-78 copy
15-NHRDA-Famoso-79 copy-02
NHRDA-Famoso-22 copy
NHRDA-Famoso-23 copy


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Racing a diesel is like winning the paralympics..


Diesel Drag Racing tells you exactly how much the yanks care about the environment lol. I'm all for Drag racing. but this is just a joke. IMO! Interesting article though


Environment, not even once




I wanna know how that Mercedes did. Diesel power for life.


Diesel drag racing is phenomenal. The amount of pure torque these beasts put down is amazing. The idea of being able to your average work truck on the low-buck and make it do a 14 or 12 second quarter mile is something to write about. i read speed-hunters every day , I wish there was more diesel power on here.It would definitely give you a new window of automotive enthusiasts to write about.


@dave AdamBezzegh Yeah indeed. Btw do you see black smoke coming out of that Audi?


lol @ the tree huggers... How much oil do you think is involved in the creation of 1 JUST 1 Prius? and what happens to those batteries when they die...? also all that black stucff you see falls back down and doesn't stay in the air...L2Research idiots...


AdamBezzegh no but what does that have to do with anything? Also, according to your previous comment the audi r18...in your world....won the paralympics? I could have sworn the diesel powered vehicle won the 24h of le mans..... just a thought......


Love the expansion of speedhunting, thanks mike for this diesel article. I ve been waiting a long time for this along with motocycles and electric vehicles and more off roading. but please, KEEP SPEEDHUNTING!


86_4_life AdamBezzegh black smoke sucks. diesel sound sucks. having 2000rpm available sucks.
dont want to fight the diesel-loving army, i'm out


LavarBowers have fun getting cancer because of some rednecks having fun


AdamBezzegh ''diesel-loving army'' ?'That`s some arrogant stuff..
People are just beeing open minded to other types of engines.. and here comes narrow minded dude who starts screaming stuff about diesel (wtf, sound sucks ? having 2k rpm ? seriously dude?) more like diesel-hating nonsense

I personally love petrol powered cars more, but hey, why such hate ? It`s not like this would be the most unhealthy thing or the most polluting.. so i guess this is just some concantrated hating for no appereant reason..


As i`m out of US living, i don`t really have a chance to see stuff like this live. But looks great and powerfull. Most of all, awesome stuff


Speaking of diesel engines, I hope you guys can someday visit Thailand's mini truck scene over there. While their diesel engine are only running from 2.5 to 3.0L inline 4s, they actually can easily do low 9s or 10s with standard bodies and low 8s with tube frames on quarter mile. Just search "drag diesel Thailand" on google, facebook or youtube. You'll be amazed!


I'm really happy to see a post on this interesting side of motorsports! Personally I prefer petrol trucks but the numbers these things put out is astonishing. Loving that K5 in the bonus images!


Here's a little teaser from the Thailand diesel drag scene in 2012 :)



@Daniel and the Audi too.


ChrisKutcher AdamBezzegh guess he had a really old diesel?  the new diesels are leaps and leaps away from their predecessors, it's so amazing.


A bro truck hick lovers' wet dream.

No hate! Just can't stand the people where I live thinking their truck with a 5 inch diesel tip on it has 1000 horsepower. The ricers of the truck community...


Lol your probably bitter because whatever little PoS you drive got walked by a pick-up truck haha.
I doubt you've ever driven a modern vehicle with a built motor. There's no way a true gear head would be unappreciative of the raw power that can be generated, and the engineering that goes into it.
And personally, I love the sound of a big diesel at full pull with the Turbo just screaming :)


Oops, meant to say, "modern DIESEL powered vehicle with a built motor."


Please tell me that I'm not the only one who's nuts enough to think a Time Attack Kenworth T600 or Formula Drift Volvo 780 would be a project of Biblical levels of awesome.


The Diesel Consumption in Real.


I've been messed with so many times by the coal-rolling, drop-in HID crowd, that I really cannot bring myself to feel anything but disdain for the lot of them. 

The trucks are cool, though.


LavarBowers Just because the smoke dissipates does not mean the pollution goes away. My God. 

Oh, and the whole "Prius is dirtier than a diesel truck" argument has been disproven countless times. Yes, sitting on the lot, brand new, the Prius is responsible for slightly more C02 emissions. However, over the lifetime of the vehicle, the Prius will far offset the emissions created in its construction. The diesel, however, will continue to pollute. Not excessively, of course, but it will be responsible for considerably more emissions over a lifetime. 

Now, the battery argument is equally as ridiculous. People seem to think the Prius "battery" is this gigantic thing. Really, it's a series of individual cells about the size of a cable box. When the battery in a Prius dies, typically, it's just one cell. It can be replaced easily, and what's more, it can also be recycled. I would say you are the one who needs to learn how to research.


@Sam Asthma, not even once.


86_4_life AdamBezzegh I could have sworn that there was clever people on this website... Well, yes diesel won, but do you actually watch or know anything about it? I doubt...
Diesel won many years, sure... Regulation alowed diesels to have 5.5liter twin turbo engines... if you ran petrol, you had to do with 2.0 liter turbo, or 3.4 NA
It's like having a cow to race horses... if you tie the horses legs, the cow might win... But if the regulation were the same for petrol and diesel, diesel would be laped 10 or 15 times...  A Steam powered car could win 24h of lemans if regulations were made for it.
*flies away*


AdamBezzegh  I doubt you'd win anything at the paralympics.


Nice change of pace, Thanks!

Will SpeedHunters cover any of the IMSA (Tudor United Sports Car, Patron, Continental Challenge, etc.) events this year? Laguna Seca next month!


On Friday I was talking to a buddy who's building a shorty shorty Duramax 2500 about car building in general and made mention of how diverse the articles on SH in terms of what you cover. This is awesome because I now have something to share with him that will hopefully get him on board! 

Thanks for always switching it up and keeping things interesting!


w3rrd Can't generalize man, I know EXACTLY the folk you speak of, I'm in southern Ontario so trust me we see a lot of it. I also know a ton of diesel heads who aren't like that, unfortunately it seems the former make themselves more known than the latter.


Why all the hate. both technology's have their place and technological challenges, Try running 80 psi or more in a petrol production block! Cheers for the great story
And environmentally is drifting any better?


@Daniel I took my stipped out, caged, road-race worthy, 1979 300SD to the strip one night. I ran a 20.5 at 67mph.
That e320 BlueTec is spec'd to do 0-62 in 6.8 seconds. I'd not be surprised to see that guy running in the 14s at the strip.


Bored audience or broad audience? Variety is key and Speedhunters ticks all the right boxes in appealing
to the broadest audience possible. No matter which week one chooses to see what's new here... there is always a great mix of topics. Car culture at large says it all :-)

Great post about a topic mostly unknown to us Europeans! Reminds me of the diesel-powered drifters we encountered at Gatebil Rudskogen...


DriverSeb It's funny that the US and American diesel scenes couldn't be further apart. Gotta love the variety!


@runfrcover Thanks. An no I can't imagine drifting is any more friendly to the environment than this.


matthewyaa Nice. Hopefully he'll dig this.


therealnecroscope I can't speak for the whole team, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see more of that stuff pop up on here. :)


@Jake Laird Agreed there's a lot of d-bags driving those things out there, but then again d-bags drive everything.


w3rrd Agreed, but then again some of the trucks at this event actually had 1,000 horsepower haha.


@MyLifeAsLouis Love it!


Dilly Pickles Yeah that K5 was cool. Also one of the few 2WD trucks running.


@MyLifeAsLouis I've seen some of that stuff. Totally rad.


ChrisKutcher Glad I could send some 'Murica your way.


86_4_life You got it man.


6A13TTFelipe I don't think it's much worse than any other form of motorsport haha.


Mike Garrett 
Indeed, Mike. Concerning variety, my taste is very cosmopolitan. There is something great to be found in every genre of modified vehicles. No need to be afraid of diesel engines. Check out the variety in the 200+ photoshop chops over at virtualmodels.org ;-)

Nicholas J OGara

Ah! I was hoping there was a speedhunter's "photog" at sebring with us. Don't forget, there is the long beach street circut before Laguna seca.
That corvette DP though...


I wanna see some brodozers run 1/2 mile events. It'd be interesting to see what changes and innovations would need to be made to aim for top speed runs. The power and torque is there for sure, but since necessity is the mother of invention, it'd cool to see what some of the truck bros could create and invent.


Love it,malta does drag racing with diesels too@ tha hal far drag strip.
All that black smoke reminds me when truck racing first came to the uk in the earlys 80"s small legnth of exhaust pump screwed wide open.
Love the sound of a scania V8 through stainless pipes and on the exhaust brake.


Love it! It was a nice change to see a Duramax powered S10 running over here in the UK last summer


It would be nice to have some electric cars features to compensate for all that CO2.


Serge914 ''Greenhunters''


We do this every day in Europe, but with 1.9 TDI's lol

Actually with a good exhaust we have some diesels that sound quite decent, like VAG's 3.0 TDI



Ice Age How about a HILLCLIMB big rig? Pikes Peak IN DA CABIN!


I was hoping the same thing. Need more IMSA love.


Urrgh go away


Glad to see this..Im building my 78 Ford wheeling rig with a 12 valve...It WILL see the track before I start wheeling it in the woods...just because..Started out with a running driving F150...sold everything but the cab..Fabbing a new frame, designed my centers and rock rings for my beadlock wheels, fuel cell, front suspension, full roll cage, spool out back, 5.38 gears, air locker in front, 44 inch boggers...List goes on and on...Look up Chris Chabre on Instagram for more photos


btw, my goals are roughly 600 horsepower and 1500 ft lbs of torque,Im hoping to keep weight to less than 5500 lbs. truck will have Compound turbos..It will be street registered, as mentioned drag raced once dynoed to see what I can post for numbers, Then I will use it as a rock crawler/bouncer, mud truck, trail rig, plan to do truck pulls and tug o war as well. should be a fun truck that is being built on a budget..Nearly all the parts are either second hand new, used or fabbed by myself...


Sorry but ugggggh.  I get it but some of it is just plain showy and ugly.


the Coal Rollin' thing that took off recently is so trashy that I have a hard time seeing any thing cool about this.  Performance engineering is cool, but clouds of black sooty smoke aren't.


I wish one of the asian writers on staff got to cover this event.. would be interesting to see their take on how out of place they felt there, too...


ToyotaSupraMan Ice Age Or that...


@Diego Serge914 Greenspeeders maybe

Nicholas J OGara

I saw someone representing SH with their speedhunters t-shirt near the start/finish line close to the C7R pit but no speedhunter photo-journalist. They came to PBIR for Formula drift and thats only 80 miles away.
Oh well, atleast we got to enjoy a good endurance race. I hope to make it to VIR or road atlanta near the end of the IMSA series.


With this being only the 6th diesel article on Speedhunters.com, I'm looking forward to more :)
I'm putting together a drift car that may be diesel-powered, and I would love another feature on BSR's new diesel Merc drifter too ;)


Thanks for this post! I came to SH as a truck fan... specifically lifted toyotas/off road etc that is popular in the Northwest/Alaska. I hated the 90's import fad, and had a lot of prejudice about things I didn't understand.That was several years ago. I've owned and driven a bunch of vehicles since, and I appreciate a wide variety of scenes - after coming to terms with how many different kinds of gear heads there are. 

Yes, there are douchebags in the lifted truck scene. And in the modded diesel scene. But in what scene aren't their jerks? There are jerks at a pick-up game of soccer. You'll always have people flaunting money or going for that show-off performance. Dig deeper though there are great people in every scene. 

Diesel's and the environment aren't at odds necessarily... even those throwing fuel out the back in the form of the sooty black smoke. I'd definitely agree its not good to breath or be near - and people that do that in traffic or really in any public space - I strongly dislike. Ever breath what an engine on alcohol or meth puts out?

I drive a Cummins. I've never seen smoke come out the back. Factory numbers say 350hp with 650 torques. It's fast, luxurious and I get 18-23 mpg, sometimes more on summer diesel. I firmly believe in good stewardship of the environment. IMHO the environment would be much better off if the TDI had gotten the attention the prius did... but thats from a diesel fan.


Audi's LMP1 race cars... they're turbodiesels, right? I mean, just rip the flywheel KERS setup and turn the rest up.


Now this, is my kind of article. More please.


Nicholas J OGara JoshHall3 therealnecroscope You guys are the minority, because it seems like everytime I go shoot Sebring or a sports car race, no one reads it!


This was the last sports car race that I shot for Speedhunters:


FinianSmall just because the exhaust is visible doesn't change anything. Petrol engines still put out copious amounts of fumes...


Serge914 It's not C02. It's just C. The black stuff is just pure carbon, like on burnt toast. Petrol drag cars put out just as much carbon dioxide.


JoaoOliveira well this is true but the different fuels and induction strategies have to have different regulations to equalize, now you say theres a 5.5L TT diesel correct? as opposed to a 2L T or 3.4 L N/A, the diesel has more mass, more mass = slower, but produces more torque its a balance. (and yes i know plenty about it). BTW yes they have to blow diesels (i assume you mean turbo) because N/A diesel are powerless haha, well some.... (dont kill me internet) with diesels, more air, more fuel, more power (add higher voltage spark for gas or petrol vehicles, which is also the limiting factor for HP in these vehicles). The way I see it, theres no argument......audi won within regulation. period.....


or someone from Europe where diesels thier are seen as good economy motors.


Larry Chen Nicholas J OGara JoshHall3 therealnecroscope Larry those were amazing articles! sucks to be the minority.....


@Jake Laird yeah no matter what type of car scene thier is there is always gonna be some sort of jerks and d-bags in that scene. no matter if its the drift scene, diesel scene or tuner scene. thier will always be good people in those scenes also


buzzboy You can simply retune the bluetec's to deliver disturbing improvements in performance. Those things get quick.


Dude, no numbers? Hp/tq? 1/4 mile time?


Serge914 Look for the Drayson Racing EV article (here on SH).  LMP car converted to all-electric for high-speed runs.


Larry Chen Nicholas J OGara JoshHall3 therealnecroscope

I definitely read them! I loved the piece you did with film at an IMSA event last year.  I suppose I should comment more.  Mostly I just read.


Something else I never really get is the exhaust coming up through the bed of the truck.  Big rigs do it for a real reason.  Here they just take up space in the bed of the truck.


I'm an Environmental Scientist and I approve this post !!!


FinianSmall Why, cause it's black?


FunctionFirst Banks power built a Dakota for the Bonneville salt flats... 222 mph but not sure how long it took to get there lol



Larry Chen Nicholas J OGara JoshHall3 therealnecroscope I guess it's harder to relate to fully built track cars.  I appreciate the stories behind the machinery.


@Jake Laird Roll your window up if they have side exit exhaust. Some like to fill lowered car's interiors with smoke :(  Still love em


Mike Garrett, you should definitely do a bit on the Lucas Oil truck. Its two-stroke 8v-71 Detroit is worth it to show and tell.


86_4_life JoaoOliveira The problem is that is impossible to exist a "balance", it will always favour someone, because racing is decided by tenths of a second... Every racing category that mixes tecnologies and has different "rules" for different cars, kind of sucks, there's always someone that has advantage over another...
The diesel doesn't have more mass because there's something called "minimum weight"... That's why hybrids and diesels can win races, because they don't have the penalty of having to carry extra weight, in the end they all will weigh the same. If you made a very light car, you will have to add weight to reach minimum weight.
Once audi feels that regulation don't favour diesel, they will go back to the tecnology that they feel it's the most "helped" by the regulations... 
If there was no weight limit, nobody would be racing hybrids, the extra weight power wouldn't make up for the extra weight and complexity...


I've never seen such accelerated climate change. Pun intended.


w3rrd  I completely agree with you about the Bro Truck thing. But, there are some that do have the balls to back it up. I push 527 to the wheels and got pulled on the highway by an F-250 PowerStroke. Caught up with the guy and he said he is pushing 1300 hp and 2200 ft-lbs of torque.


matthewyaa w3rrd I Agree, I mean I guess there is a holes in every community but the bro truck ones seem to be the most prominent and loudest. I actually think the drag trucks are pretty awesome. I have met one really cool dude who put an f150 on a crown vic frame to shorten it and he has a real drag truck...most others are only interested in trying to race me any chance they get and blowing black smoke thinking they're cool, it gets very annoying. Quite funny when a corner appears and they slow down to .05 MPH!


The rest of today will probably spent hunting down videos!


Thanks a ton mike for this! I have always liked this stuff (the inner 5 year old did anyway).


donkyyyyyy Showy and ugly? C'mon b'real have you ever been to an import show, drift or normal drag day? You'll see tons of showy and ugly shit. It might not be your particular taste, but don't be so narrow.


One time this friend of mine told me that people do this to upset Obama.  I said I don't think he attends this kind of event.


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in a world where mopar's muscle cars are built on Mercedes platforms, where Mustangs and Camaro's hold their bragging rights in Germany on the 'Ring, there's something to be said about taking something that isn't supposed to be fast and blowing the doors off -fast counter parts. They don't turn, they don't brake, but do they ever make noise and go like snot! In my opinion these trucks are THE modern day muscle cars.

PS you should really find the time and budget to dip overseas to the European diesel scene. What they do to Mercedes, BMW's, and VAG diesels are insane. Not to mention that Alpina's D3 lays down a faster lap time than BMW's recent M3 (for less purchase price, a much better interior, and much much much better MPG's)