The New NSX: Concept No More

It seems like it’s been years since Acura first showed the NSX Concept – and actually it has. It was way back at the 2012 North American International Show when the prototype was originally unveiled, and three years later Acura has finally shown the production version of its new halo car. But has it been worth the wait? Let’s take a look…


In terms of styling, the production version doesn’t differ a whole lot from the concept – and that’s a good thing. We’ve all seen the way an amazing concept can be diluted down to something a lot less special when it comes time for production, but that’s definitely not the case here. The ‘NSX Red’ color that Acura chose for the debut also does a great job of accentuating the car’s sweeping lines.


We’ve known for a while that the new NSX will employ a hybrid AWD system, and while this is a dramatic departure from original NSX’s formula, Acura says this car will every bit as special as that one. The twin turbocharged V6 will be mated to a 9-speed dual-clutch transaxle and there are three electric motors in total, including one for each of the front wheels.


The low and central placement of the engine and electric motors also help to give the NSX great weight distribution and a very low center of gravity. The car will even feature a ‘zero delay’ launch control setting where the engine and electric motors work together for neck-snapping acceleration.


NSX drivers will also be able to switch the car between four different modes that adjust everything from chassis response to engine sound. You can set it one way and have an ultra quiet hybrid commuter, and then dial it all the way up for race track shenanigans.


NSX orders will begin this summer, with production to begin in Ohio sometime around then. Deliveries will then begin in the later part of the year. Acura has yet to release any power or performance specs for the new NSX, but word is the car will be aimed right at its Italian and German rivals. And now that the Ford GT has rejoined the fight, thing are guaranteed to get even more exciting.

I really can’t wait to hear more about this thing! But what do you think? Is the new NSX looking like a worthy successor to the original icon? Check out Acura’s new Engineering A Dream teaser clip above and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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It's about time. Really wish it wasn't AWD with hybrid drivetrain though. This will probably mean that the Toyota FT-1 concept, as well as, the next generation Nissan GT-R will follow suit in order to compete in this segment. Love the technological advances, miss the simplicity of days gone by.


9 speed transmission, you say? It's almost as if this car was made to be in a Fast and Furious movie!


I think the front looks cheap and a bit too 'elderly' - like a sportier Honda Insight...

Gianluca FairladyZ

Finally!! It was time!


S30_N Indeed Japanese car designers (or at least their directors/managers) are elderly. Although I think Insight doesn't look so bad.


@ODB S30_N The new Acura NSX was designed by a 34 yr old White American woman.


The standard by with which all other cars will be judged! All hail the KING!!!


Love the rear petrol engine and front electric concept. Not a fan of the looks.


looks like a mclaren? umm...


Its OK. I wish there was a stick and not a 9 speed but whatever. This car has too many bells and whistles. I'm glad they brought it back though, I just wish it was a little more simple.


Too much going on in the front. Too little going on in the back. Interior is spot-on.


LouisYio HA good one.


Wish Senna was alive to rip this Honda proper.


LouisYio You're very wrong, Sir, as it is missing about 33 more gears.


It's really weird to see this badge engineering. I mean when will everyone see that it's not enough to just change the badge or the model name in order to sell it like a premium (I hate this term) or whatever. Is it Honda or Acura. Personally I like a Honda name more but that's me. I like this car but I think that it's a bit to late for this design. R8 is way to similar.


I'm glad to see this and the GT. I will admit, the side profile really does remind me of the 12C and R8 but I'm sure it will still be a head turner in the streets.


Fugly Mashup of R8, 12C and Accord/riced out civic....


I really like the car. 
I don't know if it's has that "soul" that the old NSX had, but sure it looks amazing!


CollRaceovski This is a true Acura, if that makes any sense. And so do the rest of Acuras in the current line-up, except for maybe the RLX which is made in Japan and is sold there as a Honda Legend.


The new NSX is already sold out in UK.


I don't know why, but front end remind me a Mazda instead of an Acura !
I think this is completely new car, not NSX Successor.


This car just looks underwhelming after all that anticipation. Also looks a little cheap looking, especially the interior for a "supercar"


That´s exactly what I´m thinking.
And the back is too short for an NSX!


Daniils not even close to r8. honestly everyone followed the first person to say that even though the only resemblance is the "door" scoop, which isnt nearly as large as the r8, and barely resembles it


@Mike its because the front end is very similar to a mazda 3speed


@Cire S30_N it was designed by a woman... no wonder it doesnt look agressive


on the side of marketing it's a worst, it missed. it's been too long that we see this design and the car is not on the road again. the design was cool at the time, but for a 2016 & more, i'm not sure, especially with the competitor design in 2016, 2017 2018. For Honda, in 2016 we have to be surprised with something special !!!.


*Flips the fuck outta a table* This is some bull shit.....Take those letters off of this car!! 1st train...hybrid?!!! A flipping hybrid!!!!??? *table flip* 4WD?!!! *table flip* Modern day Senna didn't help develop it?!! *table flip* loos nothing like a NSX?!!! *table flip* Sigh...ok done. *Table flip* on the flip side it doesn't look too bad/might be fast/might handle like a champ. But a NSX this isn't stop trolling Honda! Love you guys but stop trolling the people!


toyota did a much better job with the FT-1, however that is still steps behind this production version and hopefully that doesn't get diluted down in design, I heard it too is hybrid powered


I am certain it will be stonking fast and capable...but it just feels like "McLaren-me-to" or something.  Remove the badges and you won't know what it is.  This is about as far of a departure from the original NSX mentality as possible...Automatic transmission? Turbos?? AWD??? Hybrid drive/power train????  *flips multiple tables*...Le Sigh...


i like it but not for a NSX badge. It looks like a new car, not a "remake" of the original nsx... it's like the new Mustang, its a beautiful car but it doesnt looks like a propper Mustang... do you know what i mean?


@Cire S30_N No it was not.  Michelle Christensen was the exterior project leader, so her job was to refine the Honda of Japan penned design into something production ready.  So all of the functional aero changes and styling details that are different from the original concept are the result of her and her team.


Tell you what Honda. Release a type r version without all the hydrid crap, it will save a lot of weight and money. Then tune it for e85 with more boost and put a cleaner and more aggressive front end on it and then, maybe I'll think about it.


Boo Honda, Boooooo!




The design isn't amazing, it works but thats it.. As for the hybrid system I think thats great as for technological advancements. Most people don't understand that the 3 electric motors will act as a differential able to turn the wheels at which ever speed it needs during cornering... Lets just wait until it hits the tracks before we say too much about the car. If you wanna hate, hate cars like the Ford GT where they throw an aggressive design at you and throw in an engine out of a truck with added boost.. Simplicity perhaps? or not capable?


finally its time. love it since i see first time on SuperGT series. the type R will come very soon then :D


After seeing this car in person It looks stunning and it will be a hell of a performer... I understand what people are trying to get at that's its different from the original but after 10 year since the original was discontinued, you cant expect the car to look the same... It does still knod to the original with its overall profile especially at the rear. To say it rips off a R8 is kind of stupid too. That's like saying the Lotus Espirit, Lambo Diablo, and Ferrari F40 ripped each other off because they all have flip up lights... Perhaps the type R will offer a manual but it doesn't surprise me just like the new GT40 that it doesn't have a manual option on launch... Sadly most supercar buyers don't buy manuals. 99% of the people complaining cant even afford a first gen NSX let alone this one... As for the hybrid aspect. Honda are keeping relevant to current engineering challenges. A lot of people thought the original NSX's aluminum body was blasphemy back in the day. Would they save weight without a hybrid? Sure but I would imagine the system more than makes up for it. Just as the 918 and LaFerrari.I wonder what a GT3 racecar of this would be like? Keep an eye out for a supposed (baby NSX) in the works for a non hybrid solution. As for the 4WD aspect. Sure the original was 2WD but does that really mean it cant be called an NSX? The first Skyline was 2WD... The R34 had AWD... I think a stripped out hardcore manual mode would be cool as much as the next guy but overall I like this new NSX. Concidering its been over 20 years since the original came out, the supercar market is way more different today. It's still a mid engine V6 supercar at heart with changes that are relevant to the times and market. I just cant wait to see one on track next year.


A 9-speed transaxle? What do you need 9 gears for? Going plaid?


The new nsx is sick and with that video its just makes me want one!!!


When I saw the new Ford GT and how much it resembled a 'Ford GT', I was sad about the NSX :(
Oh well. FT-1 for me anyway haha :D


LavarBowers Not all cars follow the same layout for every generation. Take a look at the Celica. It's like the exact opposite of what it used to be. You can't get mad just because a company wants to progress with technological advancements. Also, the McLaren P1 is a hybrid and it's the successor to the F1, which wasn't. That doesn't make the P1 shittier in any way. Hybrid technology is the future and whether you choose to accept that or not is not the company's problem.


9 speed transmission, 3 electric motors + all relevant safety equipment and interior much does this god-forsaken Honda weigh?


The front motors will doubtless be used for regenerative braking. It does seem over-complex though, especially 9 gears - just technological one-upmanship. The rear lights are a bit Aston Martin, and the front lights reminds me of an Evo. I like the overall proportions but the front's a bit fussy and perhaps could use smaller / slimmer headlights. Interior's a bit fussy too.


It`s an amazing looking car and sounds like it will be incredible to drive, but for me it`s just not an NSX, 4wd, turbo, and hybrid. It should have been called something else and let the NSX legend die


I will wait for the nsx type-r version...


I like this because it leaves a lot of room for design improvement on the next model to come. This is almost tame compared to the og nsx styling. imho of course ;]

I love this though, and am very excited to see some ont he roads!


I'm curious as to how much the new NSX has in common with the upcoming McLaren-Honda Formula 1 car. Going V6 Turbo Hybrid is at least a nod in that direction. Props to Honda on this one...stick your neck out and get ahead.


xracer6 There already is a SuperGT version of this NSX:

Also - this new NSX barely gives a nod to the original, the back is nothing like the previous generations (the tiny strip across the top is a sorry excuse, it should be along the bottom anyway). Like many have said, this could've been badged as another model.. Just a shame with how much potential the previous NSX designs had!

The evolution of the Skyline going from 2wd to 4wd isn't relevant as the 4wd skylines are predominantly rear-wheel drive, converting power to the front when fit.

I think the general consensus of the technology in the new NSX has been well-received as it sounds to be geared towards driving experience much like the originals, however the negativity is generally with the looks. You may say that the NSX didn't receive praise originally but that was a new car. The NSX has since gained massive popularity with enthusiasts so it's no wonder this would happen - it looks nothing like an NSX!!!!


LouisYio LavarBowers At least the P1 wasn't named the same as the F1 and didn't look cheaper than the original. This new NSX has the looks of a budget sports car, nasty plastics, old looking lights - doesn't look like a supercar no matter how much hype people try to bring to the table *flips that table* grrrrrrrrrr


I'm sure that in the technical department it would be an work of art, with those 2 electric engines in each front wheel and that 9-speed dual-clutch trasaxle gearbox. But in design department, well, that's another story. Why anybody would like an Japanese Audi R8?


CharlesChris15 Daniils It's the overall shape that people are drawing similarities from - take a look at the below:


S30_N LouisYio LavarBowers The F1 had gold foil lining the engine bay and was the only car to this day that had a centrally-located driver.  Not only that, but the F1 was about 600 lbs lighter than the P1.  In a lot of ways you can say the P1 was a huge departure from the F1 and as LouisYio said, it doesn't make it shittier.
To each his own but I don't think anyone would mistake the NSX for a 'budget' sports car.


Not so much one upmanship as it is torque multiplying. Moore gears - more linear delivery, and better net economy to satisfy cafe rules


Somewhat agree but such styling and proportions are where modern super car design is nowadays.
Let's not forget Honda milked the original nsx design for way longer than most sports car manufacturers...,and then bowed out of the market for a long time altogether. Iit certainly worked well (still does, the last version is a beautiful car to this day). This is a clean sheet, but would be interesting to see a side by side comparison between previous gen and this gen.


So they have a race with Audi for who has the most grille on the front...


Where's the liberty walk kit =D


i23sonny uh yeah ok. The Ford GT, while it does stand out, looks like a mish mash of Lambo, Lotus, and Ferrari. Original, sure... timeless as the original Ford GT? We'll see. It's also a TT V6 as well which many feels it should get a V8.


I count two turbochargers, that means all the exhaust goes through, at most,  one of two pipes. Stop putting extra ones on, 4 is silly. Arguably not as silly as Subaru and their 1 down-pipe into tail-pipes 4 configuration. How long until someone decides 6 tail-pipes is the way to go for their 4-cylinder car?


All_Kn0wing i23sonny I mean just aesthetics. New NSX resembles nothing of the old one visually, and thats disappointing to me and many others, but not all of course, some people want it different. The new Ford GT I could instantly tell what it was.


Two turbos doesn't necessarily mean 2 exhaust pipes - particularly if waste gate gasses are routed separately from turbine gasses (ala the old 930's). Even with that, Exhaust tips are as much a styling mod as any other exterior portion of a car, so keeping it attractive arguably exceeds the need to keep it purely functional. Cars at this price point need to satisfy both parts.


True, but the lineage of the GT40 is far more important to Ford as the NSX is to Honda. The GT40 is a legendary race car. The NSX, while certainly was raced, not even in the same league.


It looks beautiful, definitely, but its missing the odd energy that the orinigal NSX had. Its a perfectly balanced car with smooth design elements, but all of it together means the shape is to simple. It lacks that edge that would usher it into the special car category. As others have said, it looks like a diluted japenese R8


ooohhhhhh yesssss!!!


I think they should have named this car something else. I have an original NSX and this thing, while certainly amazing, is nothing like the original NSX. This car was designed by Acura in America and the original Honda NSX was designed by...well, Honda. It just had an Acura badge on it in the states. The only similarity will be the Acura badge, location of the seats, and the location of the engine.


New Sports eXperimental. That's what NSX has always stood for. The car is New, it's a Sports car and it's eXperimental. People saying that "it's not an NSX" couldn't be more wrong.


If you guys are already bored of this. Here's my redo of X-Tomi's NSX-R render.


greenroadster The same reason why people liked a Japanese Ferrari F40


@Revtil9k What he said ^^. plus with three electric motors on board they'll be able to torque-fill the gaps between gears so you'll have a more constant stream of power. Great for a road car. My only concern would be how practical it is on a track with the driver wanting to control gears.


Some people are stuck in a rut in the past. This thing is awesome, all the latest tech just performs better. AWD, hybrid and TT are IMPROVEMENTS. Is the shape similar to an R8? Well when you consider both are mid engine then you optimize aero, this is what you end up with, besides it's got a lot of trim that is different. The only thing I would do different is color match the grills, a little less black might be an improvement.


Chri5 Duncan I don't have a problem w/ the car I just feel weird that it's designed by Acura and not Honda like the original NSX. The original NSX was a Honda made in Japan wearing Acura badges. This new NSX is an American car.


The exterior design was done in Japan, Americans just finished the details and aero to get it ready for production. The drivetrain was also developed in Japan while the chassis and integration were done in the United States.
Nonetheless, this would've been a very difficult project to do 100% in Japan because exchange rates would've blown the cost out of the water. Exchange rates with the yen are better now, but there's no way Honda could've predicted that when they greenlit the project about 3 years ago. By making the car where the majority of units will be sold, they drastically reduced their exposure to exchange rate risk over time.
Now the question will be whether the new performance manufacturing center Honda built in Ohio for this car can crank out the quality.


The exterior design and powertrain were still designed in Japan. The fact it will be produced in the US means they can offer more performance, technology and customization for a better price.


I'm painting this in Spoon Sports yellow and slap some Spoon decals all over it. haha


Absolutely sure:


GVIrish Good to know. I guess they are marketing all the American involvement to try and appeal to a larger audience in America (lots of articles about her came up after the DAS). I will definitely want to check one out when they are released.


Everything on the car is awesome except for that front bumper. I like the idea of a hybrid sports car.


Why do they have to put vents everywhere, it's not even like cars need all this cooling and it just doesn't look clean! How are you gonna lower this thing, flare the wheel arches and put nice black rims on and paint it, say, white?! It would look ridiculius. So from the looks its not a worthy successor of the NSX. But I do find the technology interesting.


Cup holders.
That's my only request with this NSX.
At least make them hidden to give the appearance the car does not come with them.


I'm seeing a lot of R8 in there...


I`m seeing every other sportscar ever made in this one.. because they are mostly the same shape and same idea.. so quit bugging everyone with this "'it reminds me of....." and "it looks like.." stuff..
For the NSX - eveything`s changing and everyone should accept that, let the old one gracefully become legend and retro car, as we enjoy new and crazy stuff from 21`st century..
I think visually it`s not that stunning as you would find LFA or P1 .. but it`s still a beautiful thing..