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It’s All About Those Dino Nuggets

There are days that I find myself cracking open the freezer to grab the bag of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, which somehow mysteriously always feels lighter each time I pick it up. A feeling of nostalgia always wafts over me whenever the dinos come fresh out of the oven all crispy and delicious. I bought myself a 1992 Mazda Miata back in 2005, fell in love with cars, fell in love with photography, wrote an article about it, and somehow I ended up where I am today.


I am fortunate enough to call photography my profession and for cars the center point of it. Whenever I look back at the beginning of my photographic journey, Speedhunters was a big part of it, and I’m happy to announce that I’m officially back!


Though I’ve been absent from the site, I’ve still kept in touch with many past and present Speedhunters. I had the honor of attending Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s wedding in the Dominican Republic and also had the pleasure in snapping this photo of him and his wife, Abby, going into the tropical drink.

For those are were wondering, I was on a kayak with a ziplock bag around my DSLR when I shot this.


I’ve also kept in touch with boy wonder, Matt Powers. This was taken at 2013’s Nitto Tire Auto-Enthusiast day at a very wet and rainy California Speedway. A lot of rain never stopped the fun!


Over the past two years I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of some amazing projects. Here’s an interior shot of the at-the-time new 2012 Nissan Altima.


Mercedes-Benz was in need of some new key images for the 2012 Miami Swim Fashion Week and contacted me to do so. A luxury car, the California beach, and a tall fashion model? You can count me in any time!


Another project, this time with Mitsubishi for their Outlander GT, took me to four different areas around the United States in two weeks. The trip started with an all-night shoot in the middle of New York City.


And to Florida to shoot the famous bridges of the Florida Keys.


The to Colorado and the Rockies for an epic backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Mind you, it was the beginning of summer when this was photographed.


The trip came to an end at one of the country’s most iconic locations: Monument Valley, Utah. This was the same place that director John Ford filmed the classic movie The Searchers with John Wayne. I walked away from that project with two things. First, the trip showed me just how vast the United States really is, and thus how absolutely expansive the planet is. Second, it taught me how to see light in various times of day, weather conditions, and diffusion.

Cars From The Future

One of my favorite projects I’ve had the honor of working on has been to produce a series of images for what I believe is the hottest car brand on the market right now: Tesla Motors.


The car is far from perfect, but it’s a fantastic piece of kit. I absolutely love the giant touch screen that dominates the interior of the car.


And here is one of my images as seen inside a Tesla retail store. I cannot begin to describe how it feels to see my work blown up so big.


Though my photography hasn’t been all make-cars-as-pretty-as-you-can. I’m a car guy through and through and racing still flows through these veins. The Long Beach Grand Prix is a must-attend every year.


Then of course, there’s always the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. I’ve been to every single event since I first attended for Speedhunters in 2009. That makes this year my sixth consecutive year on America’s mountain, and I plan to keep going as long as the two legs I was born with will allow me to.


One important fact that we all tend to forget about motorsports is that it is inherently a dangerous, and sometimes deadly, sport. But that in itself is part of its draw. Like football, soccer, or MMA fights, motorsports is the modern day equivalent to Greek and Roman gladiatorial combat. I, for one, find myself coming back to photograph motorsports for that reason alone. Call me an adrenaline junkie all you want, but there are not many things in this world that give me the rush that motorsport photography does. The feeling of cars barreling towards you are unthinkable speeds, while somehow getting ‘the shot’ registers on my feel-o-meter at 11.


In the above screenshot from Sébastien Loeb’s record-breaking Pikes Peak run in 2013, you can see me (circled in red), being absolutely stupid to get the shot. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. That split ‘what if’ second when Loeb’s Peugeot 208 T16 was pointed directly at me and a thousand thoughts circled through my head. What if his brakes fail? What if his steering fails? What if he understeers straight into me? The moment passes, he passes you like a gust of wind, and before you know it, a new king of the mountain was crowned. Eight minutes and thirteen seconds.


The allure of Pikes Peak is one that isn’t easily forgettable or missable. I can’t wait to go in 10 years time for the 100th race.


These past few years have also somehow landed me in front of some rather amazing new cars. Take for example, the new C7 Corvette.


Or the super-rare Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo.


And the majestic new Range Rover.


I’ve also spent a bit of time in a studio. Many of you guys know that I much rather favor the use of natural light over the use of artificial lights. Shooting inside with artificial lights was a bit strange, but always a great experience.

A Zwart & Beyond

Thanks to Speedhunters and Pikes Peak, I was able to meet, befriend, and work with the legendary racer/photographer/director, Jeff Zwart, on various projects involving his love affair with Porsches.


Like his 1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupe. Twenty three horsespower of German fury.


Or chasing his famous African rally car down the motorway…


Zwart Porsche-ception.


This year, I experienced the ultimate of horsepower idolization known as TX2k14. What once used to be the biggest Toyota Supra meet in America has turned into a weekend of showing off horsepower. The Supra has since been surpassed by R35 GT-Rs and Lamborghini Gallardos. But blasting down the beltways in the middle of the night hunting for other fire-breathing combustion engines, with the sound, smell, and feel of horsepower thick in the air, was one of the best motoring experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Like SEMA, TX2k is worth every single hour of sleep you’re not going to experience.

Also note that I am sitting shotgun in the red FD that is featured in the first photo of this blog. It has a 2JZ swapped in.


I’ve also played the role of Formula Drift’s official photographer for one round in Seattle. Normally that’s Larry Chen’s job, but he was out producing a half clone of himself.


I’ve also made the switch to Sony. I still use my Canon DSLRs for motorsports, but the new Sony system coupled with Zeiss lenses is, quite literally, a match made in photography heaven. Almost all my Speedhunters features in the future will be shot using this little camera. And no, photo nerds, I did not get the a7R. I have zero need for 36 megapixels on a daily basis.


Over the past few years, my subjects have strayed from my super-slammed-with-wheels-that-barely-fit-and-sparking-down-the-street roots, but my love affair with photography has not changed. It has actually deepened. I get an absolute thrill from shooting. Especially if happens to involve with me hanging out the back of a pickup truck without any sort of straps or safety devices to hold me in.


It feels good to be back. And if the past few years have shown me anything, it’s that I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

But just wait to see what the Speedhunters have lined up for me!

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Welcome back Linhbergh!!


So happy to see this!


Welcome back! Any chance there is a feature of that red RX7 coming up?


Welcome back!
Not even the best photographer can make that LADA Outlander GT look good. :)


a new Tesla shop open right next to my dad's work he says he sees them come in and out all the time


Hell ya that snow picture is across the street from Arapahoe Basin, CO.


Welcome back, sir :D


Last picture, chapter 3. Just WOW!!




great to have you back ,looking forward to seeing your work


YES, welcome back!


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Glad to have you back!


py4age that red FD is so beautiful.


good to see you back


welcome back Linhbergh! Good to hear you're with Speedhunters again. Can't really wait to see what you can write up next. Besides your photography, I also always liked how you write your articles too. =)


It's good to have you back Linhbergh! You light-eating genius!


Welcome back! We're going to need pictures of these "dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets"


Linbergh!!!  You'll bring back some great character to Speedhunters, and I hope you continue to take some more rolling shots!


Linhbergh photos in the SH store?!?! Your feature of Yuta's S30 has made me an almost daily reader. So glad you're back!

Pete the perfect pilot

nugundam93 py4age ... true, bit its ruined for us purists as it dosn`t have the rotary in it!


Lihn. TBE. The Best (asset of SH) Ever. Like my homeboy AM81 Yuta's 240z changed my perception of automotive media, whilst the Matt Powers' turbo-charged KA24DE 240SX introduced me to Formula Drift. Due to these posts, I bookmarked SH (2009) although I was sporadically visiting the blog since 2008.
I have seen many members come and go, but you and Sean made me feel that you are irreplaceable. After a plethora of poor decisions and an array of disappointing posts, I was going to erase SH for good. You comeback revamped my interest and I genuinely wish you are here to stay. I hope those in management are reading this time. 

Welcome back and thanks for coming back to share your work.


The Master has returned.


py4age The red RX-7s are from Mayday Garage here in Houston.  It shouldn't be too hard to find more on them.


Pete the perfect pilot nugundam93 py4age Or you can be a different sort of purist and be a purist of automotive culture and respect what's been done to it. The fun factor hasn't been diminished, it's actually been improved from stock! :) 
But yes, #longlivespinningdoritos


Looking at the pictures I gotta say that you've made it!


py4age I'll pressure the owner to get it all button up the next time I'm in Houston!


Hak Definitely going to miss the dirt. Long live the dirt! :'(


ohhhh he's good.  he's really good.


@TROLLS ROYCE AM81 I am absolutely speechless by your comment. Thank you --a thousand times thank you!
P.S. Your name is absolutely amazing, i actually lolled IRL.


Welcome back, KINOD boy!




Sony is indeed killing it. Great choice! Would you consider the A7s at all or is 12MP on the low side for your work?

I really think the quality of your photography has grown since last seen on SH! Good job


Welcome back! Can't wait to admire your surely amazing work!


Sir, Please. Bring it.


Chris Nuggets a7s is more of a video camera than anything else. A7 is perfect for what I need currently. And thank you!!


Good to see you back!


yay! glad to see someone else using a sony camera!! 

i wanna see a larry X Linhbergh X Sean feature!! That would be......awesome!


Amaze. SH finally bring the prodigal son back to the fold! Awesome to have you back Lin, your photography set the bar long ago for this site and has mature by leaps and bounds while you've been away. No insult to the other photogs on SH, but its great to have someone that will make Larry Chen step up even further!


I honestly struggle to believe that some of these photos don't have the background shopped in. They're amazing


What a small world.  I remember you from the SoCal Miata / KINOD  scene.  I worked with Dicker at BMW, before he was even into Miata's.  I would see hear your name & see your posts in various threads on ClubRoadster.

I have since moved to Hawaii, so pretty much lost touch w/ the SoCal Miata scene.

However, what prompted me to comment today was seeing that you shot those Tesla pictures.  I work for Tesla, and yes - your work is blown up & plastered on the walls in every Tesla facility.  What an accomplishment that is...congrats!  So, just wanted to give props where it's due.

Keep up the awesome work!

Aloha...from TESLA (in China)


I can just say - F*ck yeah!!!!
Glad to hear you're back Linhbergh,


Really well done, love the bonus pics as well!


cool that you were always behind the scenes n never really out of the loop. welcome back!


linhbergh Chris Nuggets agree on the a7s for sure! What lenses are you using on the Sony a7 for your shots?


Welcome back Linhbergh! Can't wait to see more images from you on the site.


Nikhil_P ^^ this would be f*cking epic. Come on guys, the gauntlet has been thrown down.


As someone who always wanted to go to TX2K, but wasn't sure if it was worth many hours of driving from Florida, would you recommend it?


bkishaan Honestly a lot of it depends on who you know.  Much of the fun of the event doesn't take place at the actual sanctioned events, but more of the illegal things.  Since the event is a lot more popular than it was in the past, police crack down on everything pretty hard, so a lot of meetups are semi-secret.  90% of the information isn't too hard to dig up though if you put in a little effort.


linhbergh 's return is the best internet news I've heard in a while.


I would LOVE (and buy) some prints of these shots. Welcome back!


Feels good to have a gentleman working at Speedhunters again.


RyanB You are too kind!


@Roadstah808 Small world for sure!! Crazy how that works doesn't it? Thanks for taking the time to comment.


aussieANON I have a philosophy of photographer where I try to get it right as much as possible the first time and only relying on post-processing to enhance what is already there. :)


Stitch Jones linhbergh Chris Nuggets I have the exact same setup as my canons: 35, 50, and 135 :)


linhbergh Stitch Jones Chris Nuggets very nice setup of lenses! Thanks!


Always love your work, Larry. A nice read and the usual quality images, superb.


Are you back or are you back back?


I really wish I could download that picture of the FD and use it as a desktop background.


The next photo after that Loeb's screenshot should have been the photo you took at that moment/position. That would 'boom' the post. Anyway, very nice car pictures. Welcome back!


Is that Loveland Pass for the CO photo?


Hey can i get more info or photos on that red FD that's on the cover? Looks like my perfect RX7 from what i can see :D