A Blown, Aired-Out Infiniti G37:</br> The Perfect Japanese Luxury GT Coupe?
That Brand New Car Smell

Have you ever seen a brand new car, whether it be those first official press shots to pop up online or the first time you actually saw one rolling down the road and said to yourself, ‘Man, that would look so good X low, on X wheels’, and then started compiling a list of what you would do to it in your head?

If you’re any kind of real car person, this is probably how you spent much of your free time as a teenager.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9444

For all the dreams, big ideas and bad Photoshop attempts, modifying a brand new car is an extremely rare thing that is out of reach for most people. There’s the obvious costs, the reluctance to mess with fresh metal, and of course the effect it might have on the warranty.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9254

Not everyone is scared of such a commitment, though. Miami’s Diego Alvarez has no problem messing with fresh metal, specifically of the Nissan variety. It all started back in his teenage years; the Z33 350Z had recently been released and Diego couldn’t get enough, plastering his walls the Z posters and dreaming of the day that he could have his own. In 2007, he did just that, picking up a brand new base-model 350Z. The problem was, after a year of ownership, Diego regretted getting the base without any options, and yearned for more luxury – something he found when the next generation Z’s sister car, the Infiniti G37, was released in 2009. The Z was quickly traded in for a brand new VQ37VHR-powered G37 in jet black.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9393

This G37 was on a lease, and Diego spent the next few years slowly modifying the automatic 3.7-litre V6-powered coupe, and in that same time both getting himself a job working for Vossen Wheels in Miami and becoming fairly well-known within in the G community. The problem was, eventually all leases must come to an end, and after many nights spent working on his car and many miles behind the wheel, Diego always knew he had to return the entire car to stock and give it back to the dealer at some point, meaning he could never take it to the level he wanted to. That return date came around late last year and it was a sad day. But at the same time, it opened up a world of possibilities as to what car he would choose to drive next.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9557

After some shopping around and plenty of soul searching, a decision was made. It was going to have to be a jet black Infiniti G37… Again. This time though, an updated 2013 model, running a six-speed manual instead of his previous car’s slushbox auto.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9469

With the wealth of experience Diego already had with this platform – not to mention all the parts that were removed from the previous car – it seemed like a no-brainer. This time the Infiniti was purchased outright, which gave him the ability to take it to the level he had always wanted, but not been able to do with the last car. Within a week of picking the G37 up from the dealer, Diego already had the Infiniti sitting on coilovers and his first of what would be many sets of Vossen wheels.

Smooth & Stylish
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9473

There’s no denying that the G37 is an extremely good looking car. The sharp, aggressive lines flow perfectly from the angular headlights back towards the rear of the car – it’s a true Japanese sports car for the more discerning gentleman (or gentlewoman). Though that’s not to say it can’t be improved upon. Diego has enhanced the menacing look using the factory option IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) aero kit, which uses deeper, more aggressive  bumpers and side skirts, now accompanied by a blacked-out Midnight front grill and Sport trunk spoiler.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9509

Though the Infiniti has run two sets of coilovers over the last year – firstly the Stance GRs from his original G37, and then a set of excellent KW V3s – the IPL bumpers and skirts now sit just above terra firma thanks to a full AccuAir air suspension set up, installed by Danny at Slammered-Inc. in Florida. Diego says the KW coilovers were amazing, but with the height at which he likes to drive his car, it was just becoming too impractical. Riding on air means he doesn’t need to stress about speed bumps or driveways, and when set to driving height, Diego says the car handles almost as well as when it’s on coils – especially with the addition of chunky adjustable sway bars from Stillen.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9377

Currently, the Infiniti’s (mostly) unmolested fenders tuck up a set of concave Vossen VFS-2s in satin bronze measuring 20×9.5-inch with a +25 offset up front.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9429

And 20×10.5-inches +45 in the rear. Though Diego has of course experimented with all kinds of widths, offsets and styles of Vossen wheels on his G37s – over 30 different sets between the two cars – at the moment he is feeling the higher offset look, which allows him to fit much wider Toyo T1 Sports under the fenders; 255/30R20 in front and 305/25R20 out back.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9486

While yes, the VQ37 sitting between the front struts is a fantastic motor, throwing 305s on the back is a little optimistic, isn’t it?

The Next Level
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9381

Thanks to Stillen, one of the leading aftermarket supporters of Nissan’s venerable VQ motor, it’s not optimistic in the least. To Diego, forced induction was the one big thing he had always wanted for his first Infiniti, but had never been able to do. This time around, he was finally given the green light to go wild and cram some boost through the 3700cc aluminium V6, which runs Nissan’s VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) system and a fairly high compression ratio of 11.0:1.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9519

Stillen provided Diego with its excellent supercharger kit based around a Vortech V-3 centrifugal charger, which includes everything you need to smash out an easy 500hp at the flywheel, up from the factory-quoted figure of 328hp. The kit was further upgraded with a 9psi pulley and the ability to run a custom tune on the UpRev flashed factory ECU.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9530

The Stillen product runs an interesting water-to-air intercooler setup, which has been integrated into the intake plenum itself. The factory Nissan setup runs a throttle body for each bank, in case you were wondering why there are two …

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9537

But this is where things turn a bit dark for Diego and his G37. Once the supercharger kit arrived, he took it, along with the car, down to a local tuning shop for installation and a custom tune on the dyno. The install took a week and it looked great, but upon driving the car home, Diego noticed that the car was blowing smoke. Calls were made and the tuner assured Diego it was fine – probably just burning off some coolant – and in all fairness the Stillen kit has been proven time and time again as perfectly safe on these motors. A few days later however, the engine wouldn’t rev past 4,500rpm and started blowing a lot of white smoke – the worst was feared and soon after confirmed. To cut a long and incredibly painful story short, it would appear that the tune wasn’t quite right and cylinder two leaned out, spelling the end for the nearly brand-new VQ37. Sadly, the shop wouldn’t take responsibility, blaming it on Diego’s driving, and the addition of a supercharger meant there was no factory warranty on the motor. Diego had two options: rebuild or replace. As far as rocks and hard places go, Diego was well and truly stuck between two big ones.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9409

There was no cheap way out, so after much soul searching and a month or so spent breathing deeply, Diego asked the dealer to drop in a brand new engine. This time around however, he was going to install the supercharger kit himself with help from a few friends and then go direct to the source for his tuning. By connecting to the ECU remotely, the guys at Stillen tuned the car from the other side of the country, eeking out a very impressive 443 horsepower at the rear wheels on a Mustang rolling road dyno using 93 pump gas.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9421

The resulting punch is impressive. The car launches from a standstill like a coiled spring, and pulls hard right from idle all the way to the increased redline of 7,900rpm. As for how it sounds, it can best be compared to the bark of an R35 GT-R, in part thanks to the very pretty GTHAUS Meisterschaft stainless exhaust system that runs from the stock cats back. Interestingly, Stillen recommended the factory catalytic converters over the high-flow items Diego had already installed, and sure enough, the car made more power that way.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9301

Diego says that although the stock engine is a great piece of equipment, the car is now an absolute blast and finally feels like it has the power to match the chassis, yet it still drives just as calmly as if it was factory standard. Considering this car does about 90 miles of driving every day, that’s a big bonus.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9480

Now that the G37 had the go, there was only one more big item to cross off on Diego’s dream G37 to-do list: huge stoppers. Though the factory brakes would probably still do a fine job of hauling the car up after a blast with all its new-found power, Stillen once again came to the party, providing its bolt-on Radi-CAL kit. The kit uses huge AP Racing six-piston forged calipers and 370mm two-piece rotors up front and four-piston 360mm two-piece rotors in the rear.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9384

Although the supercharged mill is no doubt amazing, Diego admits the stoppers are his favourite part of the build – how they look, how they sound and how they try to yank your eyeballs from their sockets every time you stand on the middle pedal.

Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9368

Despite all the ups and downs, Diego is now extremely happy with where the build currently sits. After being hamstrung by the lease agreement on his first G37, and then crushed by a melted piston, he has now finally got his new car to the level he always wanted. While the previous Infiniti simply looked good, this new G37 has the grunt, the stopping power and the handling to match – all whilst retaining that beautiful brand-new, leather-draped luxurious GT car feel. Could this the ultimate Japanese Luxury GT coupe?

Peter Kelly
Instagram: @pedey_kenmeri_creative

Photos by Rod Chong
Instagram: @speedhunters_rod

Story Produced by Elizabeth White
Instagram: @itswhitenoise

Cutting Room Floor
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9357
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9360
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9378
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9477
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9490
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9524
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9485
Diego Alvarez Vossen Wheels G37 Rod Chong Speedhunters 2014-9368-2


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this just another big shout out to vossen, and the 4th marketing related article this week? I understand you need to acknowledge your partners, but it feels over the top in my opinion.


I am shocked to see a Vossen-clad car on air bags being featured on Speedhunters. Shocked I tell you.


I stopped reading as soon as I read Vossen...


Whoa, its on Vossens! The owner works for Vossen! What a coincidence!


"If you’re any kind of real car person, this is probably how you spent much of your free time as a teenager."

So true


This week on VossenHunters, we have... Well... Another car on Vossen's.


Wow I wonder how he got this car featured? Surely it's not because he has Vossens on his car and works for Vossen. What a joke...


i think thier just trolling now surely?!
besides im sure this is making people hate Vossen even more....and possibly even Speedhunters?! :o


Nikhil_P Definitely trolling.


Nikhil_P that's exactly what I thought as well...




too much Vossen


When I started checking out this site a few months ago, it was a pretty cool photoblog regarding modern day car culture. Lately it's just been a marketing machine thinly veiled as an enthusiast photoblog.

I'll give them a week to shape up the articles, otherwise I'll be deleting this bookmark.


At first I thought he was a kid on a budget. Especially since he leased the first G37. Then after when he got rid of it and got the new one I realized this guy has money. I wished I could splurge for a big brake kit for my ride (dang wife and kids!). I realize he got the Vossens for free but a new engine? Stillen equip? Engine at least $13,000 for new one at the dealer. Love to have the cash!


Vossen and air kits again? Zzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzz


Im willing to bet, vossen is paying for alot of they're nicest cars to be featured.


It's amazing to see how this guy totally transformed the Infiniti. I kinda like the G37 but it's dated The subtle but definite changes make a big difference and make it look fresh and modern. Mad props


Diego has done a great job building his car and overcoming a big obstacle and going public with it. His enthusiasm for cars can be felt by everyone he comes into contact with and I swear he is at every meet/show he can find. Isn't that what this is about, the love for cars and the love for the automobile? #iamthespeedhunter 

Personally I am not a big fan of air bags but to each his own. To me it showed a lot of character on Diego's end to not just crawl up in a ball and go away when a disaster happened. He made the choice to make things better than before and rise above obstacles. For that I think we can all commend him, no matter if you like the vehicle/build or not :)


i love this car. the only thing i woulda done different is picked the drop top version. i know it would be a tight squeeze to fit an air tank in the trunk but a guy can dream right?


Wow, I'm surprised that this car doesn't have an Airlift suspension fitted. Honestly guys this is getting ridiculous. Give us some more cars that aren't just promoting site sponsors.


Mike_Vossen doesn't really take character to take your car to a tuner that ruins said car, or even to run mods that could blow a motor, doesn't take a lot of character to fix it either. All do require one thing though... money, I guess money buys character now?!?!


Oh look, Vossens and air bags. And the owner works for Vossen! It even has a Vossen badge on the centre console. I never would have guessed.
Pretty sure Speedhunters is knowingly trolling us now. Nobody can be THIS stupid, right? Right?


Oh vossens and bags? Haven't seen that on the site ever

Gianluca FairladyZ

That's a really nice buildt car. I can feel the pain that the owner had to endure.. Had a lot of problems too with my EX supercharged Z...


Airbags and Vossens ...........  over it.!! show us cars with real fitment. tucked wheels are so 2011, where are the flush fitments.


Lets put it this way, the cars of august will be a hard choice because all the cars are the same.


So this car is the same as the v10 Viper powered, turbo charged Volvo we showed? Or the Corvair Wagon lowrider?
Not following...


I was going to point out all the same shit as everyone else but I decided to look for a silver lining in this embedded advertisement: 

Unlike most VIP builds, I'm glad at least something was done with the engine and brakes - which surprised me. Also, despite the air bags and the heavy wheels I'm sure it would still be a blast to take to an HPDE should you ever decide to do something besides hard park it. 400+whp, 6 speeds & big-ass brakes = good times I'm sure.


veecee8 Dated already? This body style is barely 5 years old. I guess if you're wealthy enough and change cars as often Kim Kardashian takes shitty selfies, then sure... dated.


RodChong  I mean no disrespect, but it only takes a read through the comments here to see what people are saying.


2xthefun Mike_Vossen Money is part of this situation yes, but to be honest, if I were to have this happen to me I certainly wouldn't have gone and retried it myself after the engine blew up the first time. The character Mike is talking about is that the owner decided he was going to get his ride the way he wanted it no matter if he had to spend a ton more money and install a supercharger himself. 

I get the whole "hate on the speedhunters x vossen x airlift circlejerk" thing but you're just being inconsiderate


Dome it fo-showm it


Ah, another Vossen ad.


Should have took it to the nissan dealer I work for he could have just complained for like a week then they would have payed me like 2 hours to swap a short block in...


@PokedZ There's a delightful website called "StanceNation" that caters specifically to such nonsense. I suggest you go there.


Apparently Diego and I have a similar commute. Without this article I would have never known how fast this car supposedly is. Diego is no speedhunter. he doesn't even have the sticker on his car. Diego drives this car like an old lady. I'm not just saying that, I mean after reading how much money he's spent learning how not to break a car, I may drive in a similar fashion.But mad props to the kid, he loves to blow money.

I miss the old speedhunters articles, the ones where they would leave a speedhunters sticker on the car.

Vossen must be paying him handsomely. Good for you Diego. Go Diego GO!


Makes me miss my V36 Skyline.  Had one in red.  Sold it before modding anything; this car is just too expensive to own in Japan.


@Jake Laird And Fatlace, don't forget that lot.


@Dave P lol Diego drives the exact opposite of an old lady.


2xthefun Mike_Vossen I guess I don't follow since this isn't that situation in regards to $$. Diego toughed it out for awhile to get things together. He drove my car for a month. Many people would have disappeared, I've seen it happen all the time to a car guy. Something goes bad and the person just disappears. He sucked it up (heard a bunch of crap being talked) and overcame this obstacle.

To me, his story is inspirational as we are all car enthusiasts and many times we have been "there" in regards to a challenge with our car. Thank you otar for seeing that part of the story.


Vossen sponsored or not I still think that this is a great post! The car really is beautiful and the wheels look pretty good on it to. Must be a pretty fun car to drive around town in. GREAT POST GUYS!!!


Miata_Mike It'd certainly beat the old van I would usually drive to work every day! I've always found these cars pretty fun in stock form, but with heaps more power and big brakes - how could you go wrong?


I"m all for stories free of advertising and sponsors, but you've got to pay the bills somehow!  Sure beats pop-up adds or chinsy male enhancement side bars.  Shoot, go read hotrod, grassroots ms, or any other publication, same story.  Think a group of people would spend 40 plus hours a week for the "passion" of it while they've got families and bills?  Wake up whiners, reality is knocking.

Really like that clever stillen intake manifold.


Amen to that. People don't live in the real world. I pay £4 to read Evo magazine each month, and it still has advertisements for half of the issue. He we get adverts that actually have interesting cars as part of them and the site is FREE. If I don't like the look of an article I simply don't click on it.
Try finding somewhere that does stuff like this without adverts or product placement with the same quantity and quality, i'd say it's pretty much impossible.


When will Vossen wheels and airbag suspensions go the way of euro/Altezza taillights and neon underglow? Stay tuned to find out!


You might want to explain all of the cars running Vossens at the recent Wekfest San Jose event then :)


Sure but your comment makes zero sense.


Flush Fitment is something what has been going on for ages my friend. It pre-dates Speedhunters... Era 2008...
I'm just saying :)


Thanks for your feedback @PokedZ. If this isn't your thing, we've got a bunch of great stories coming up over the next week that might be better suited to your tastes. Coming up soon we've got full features on an 800hp AWD Scirocco drift car and a beautiful Pro-Touring '65 Corvette, coverage from the Wekfest San Jose show and some Swiss hill climb action, plus much more. Stay tuned.


Hi there Hotcakes, thanks for your feedback. We value our partnership with Vossen and we are proud to feature quality builds with their wheels. We're sorry if this sort of feature isn't for you, but here at Speedhunters we cover all aspects of automotive culture, so perhaps some of our upcoming stories might be better suited to your tastes.


Thanks for your feedback AceAndrew2!


With all the complaining going on here you would think all of you paid to visit and read this site. SpeedHunters put up tons of other amazing articles, if you aren't a fan of a particular type of style or content, then don't read it....it's not your money or time that was invested in this car, site, or article so stop whining.


RodChong Phenomenon explained via caveat that wheels are unpopular in commenter's location in Washington state (first paragraph, final sentence). :) Chong you wrote a really promising post in 2012 about the future of SH that has gone largely unfulfilled. It appears that the site's popularity has attracted not only legions of followers but also the attention of major sponsors. Now the independent, organic nature that attracted so many enthusiasts initially has all but vanished, and those who have stuck around are, at least based on recent feedback to this type of post, disenchanted. The


I love this car! Why all the hate? He obviously works hard for what he has and it obviously shows. Diego has the cleanest G in Florida. He attends every show and is truly passionate about the car scene. He was the inspiration to the build of my G and mine will never look like his! Keep up the awesome and hard work!!!


This IS the nicest G37s in south florida. It doesnt deserve this much hate. Ive had 2 sets of vossens and loved both. great car diego !


And great article SPEEDHUNTERS !


Iamthetrollhunter I would love to see Rodric's answer to that. #poordecisions


F10 Gotta love staged comments. You almost convinced me to buy Vossen wheels now.


i don't understand all the hate this article is receiving. Diego has worked hard to get his car to where it is today, where he wants it...which is what it is all about.  We as car people build our cars for us, not for everyone else; Everyone has different tastes, and this is no different.  The point to get across here is Diego overcame some bumps in the road of getting the car to where it is today, i've seen people spend way way more money on cars that don't warrant that much money to get the car to where they want it.  This isn't about money, nor is it about him working for vossen, its about a beautiful car and an owner who puts a lot of his time, effort and money into a car...HIS CAR, something we should all be able to relate to. Great article Speedhunters, Personally i think his car came out great and will definitely continue following his build


But will you buy two sets :D


@TROLLS ROYCE  F10 Mike_Vossen Not staged, just the truth.


Well Well....read the entire article I must said I known Diego for a very long time his passion for cars in beyond amazing. Diego is always willing to help out those that are true friends there is no doubt on that. In regards the whole hate about vossen wheels. What's there to hate? Maybe those complaining about vossens are mad since they see a company actually doing good idk just a thought. Diego's car is one if not the most clean G37 of all. Granted every single person won't agree with this that's why there are options to everything. Love it or hate it, Diego n Vossen change the whole car scene for the better. Why better, giving car owners options to wheels, appeal, great customer service that's something you don't find everyday. Diego and Vossen wheels disregard all the hate that's on today's car scene just keep providing us with great products.


Great article speedhunters. Diego sounds like a vary big car guy and in my opinion has one of the nicest g's I've seen.


Very well done diego, keep up the good work !


Mike_Vossen Definitely. I will get the whole warehouse if Elizabeth likes my comment.

I love your hairstyle Elizabeth. I am not a fashion expert, but I can confidently say that it is almost as stylish as Vossen wheels. And I am a man who choses style over comfort, if you catch my drift. So, you should definitely hook me up with some Vossen wheels for free. Not pimping. Just making a suggestion which will benefit both ends. #thisishowiroll #trolltillifall


these pics are wack wth


@VQDriven Do you want it to look the same? And then if it does ever look the same, would you want another to copy? then another? The repetition kills the style, the repetition on this site is what's causing the below comments. If this car was featured in a month where nothing but motorsports related content was posted it would be decently if not well received. They aren't hating his car, it's just when you see an air setup with vossen wheels it no longer becomes impressive. This is how our industry works. From the stance and racing crowd. When a record is broken on a track we don't praise the 2nd 3rd or 4th guy to match that time or speed. We praise the next guy to break the new record. This is no longer new, this will no longer receive praise. The bar got raised.

What happens when you see 2 cars at a show that look exactly the same, what happens is they don't both win first. Repetition doesn't impress, and although I'm a believer of do what you like, I can fully understand the comments this car is receiving. People have the mentality that when you show a showcar, it needs to be better then the last. You get featured you have to be "worthy", since this car isn't wild and it resembles the build of another car this month people are not deeming it feature worthy. 

In my honest opinion Speedhunters isn't posting more of this kind of content, only 2 cars this month are on air and vossens, the month is only halfway through. It's just they aren't posting enough interesting content like they used to in the past so it makes this content stand out more. They post news articles that are several days late as fillers. They even posted to pick what color harness to put in a car. This is not engaging content. Reminds me of when magazines started getting thinner and having more ads. We all see how that's working out.


@hungry718 this road goes 2 ways, if people say nothing and stop visiting one day then speedhunters closes down the site. This is one of the top automotive related sites visited, cut out the gearheads and leave the show/stance crowd and this site no longer has value to EA. If you notice speedhunters is fighting the negative comments, they are most certainly backing up the positive ones though because this is a vendors feature. Hopefully they are learning from the comments to provide more engaging content.


Huge thanks to SpeedHunters for this amazing article, I couldn't be happier. It was tough to finish what I started after the bad experience I had with my previous tuner but I just could not put this project to bed yet. I felt it very necessary to keep moving forward with my project at any cost, besides it was very fun to re-install the SC with a few friends doing what we love best and made it better than before with some additional upgrades like a 25 row oil cooler vs my previous 19 row oil cooler, 1000CC Injectors vs the standard Stillen 600CC, UPREV GT Mass Air FlowSensors, GTR spark plugs, we swapped out my previous High Flow Cats back to OEM cats per Stillen's recommendation, and a little of my own customization with a Candy Red charge pipe. 

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read the article, it was a rare opportunity to spend that day with the SpeedHunters and I'm glad I did. If I wasn't working at Vossen I would still be doing the same thing. My passion for cars will never die even with the struggles that come with any build and there is nothing that would stop me from achieving my goals.

To all the awesome car enthusiasts out there, always stay positive and keep moving forward and know there's a way through any situation.


Beautiful car sir!


NickSRT Thank you for the kind words Nick.


The work on the engine bay is very sweet, and the exterior is tasteful and nicely done. I like it a lot, kudos to the owner.
Having acknowledged that, I have to protest. MOAAAAAAAAAR Vossens and air suspensions? Did you not get the memo on the discussion about that Audi Wagon? Vossens and airbags, that's more than half of your articles nowadays! It's sickening! Oh, how original, low cars on fashion wheels...like I can't see that in any other website like MazdaFitment...


Having seen the Eau Rouge at The Quail I can say this build is the sweetest Infiniti production build yet. Everything in its place. Tasteful. Well thought out and executed. Sweet!!


Iamthetrollhunter RodChong you're so spoilt, three clicks of effort, waa, waaa.. http://www.livefyre.com/profile/59308281/ I'm happy you wake up excited to drive your car, stretch that left leg brother. Happy you got what you wanted.


Great article but could you please put the boost pressure in bars and psi ?
Would be much appriciated


Hi JakWhite - if these features don't appeal to you, perhaps it's best to focus on some of our other content right now. The variety is still there, you can't deny that! :)


I bet anyone talking trash has never met Diego in person. I got to spend some time with him and a few others fro the Vossen team at a car show, and they are all legit gearheads just like the rest of us.Congrats on the feature Diego!


what i liked most about this build is seeing those rims and the brakes behind 'em.  ^_^


JustinOdijk 14.7 psi = 1 bar so it's basically 15:1. Easy one to do in the head


Diego_Vossen Can I ask, did the first tuner and in your experience do tuners there have individual O2 sensors for each cylinder installed before tuning or run a single wideband?


2xthefun Astute observation


FunctionFirst Agreed, the engine work and trans choice turn this from tarted up to someones choice of car. 90 miles / day too, must ride well cos shitty setups get old so fast when used as a daily.


2xthefun Mike_Vossen 2xthefun you're sounding like a bit of a dick. Clearly never worked on a car and known the feeling of a setback. Blown brand new motor = pretty f'ing big setback! In the same position I'd likely have tried to flick the rolling chassis and done something else that didn't involve a brand new car! 
There is the impression that guys sinking money into cars have tons more in the bank when the majority will be super disciplined in all areas of their lives to afford parts etc. Either way you sound more jealous than anything. If someone has a good attitude (everyone that has come into contact with Diego seems to think he's a good guy) but you hate on them for what they can afford it speaks about yourself and your own mentality, no one elses.
Taking your car to the guy that popped it and (read between the lines) doesn't sound that keen to help. So someone that did a crap job while being paid should then be trusted again when they're making nothing and it's costing them big time and money? Diego sounds like he knows when to stop wasting his own life with that tuner and move on.


Alright thanks


I wouldn't drive with wheels like that if you paid me


I'm surprised he hasn't had any problem with the stock clutch/flywheel/master &slave cylinders. Mark my words.


Diego...have you found any other good upgrades, like headers, lightweight driveshaft? how did you choose your exhaust? there are so many options im trying to figure it out for my own g37


Diego...have you found any other good upgrades, like headers, lightweight driveshaft? how did you choose your exhaust? there are so many options im trying to figure it out for my own g37


Can you recommend me any good shops in the South Florida area?  I have a G37 IPL 6MT


Can you recommend me any good shops in the South Florida area?  I have a G37 IPL 6MT