Change Is Bad

Not even two weeks ago I showed you some digital concepts for the custom Rocket Bunny wide body kit that I’m running on my Formula Drift car this season. At the time, my new 2014 Papadakis Racing Hankook Tire Scion tC was in the workshop under the knife. But it didn’t take long for the whole build to come together and the final touches to added before a round of testing last week.


When we set about redesigning the Papadakis Racing tC and presented TRA Kyoto’s Miura-san with the challenge, I’ll be the first to admit that I was worried the car would visually sit too high. Knowing how Miura-san designs his Rocket Bunny kits, they’re really made to work with cars that are so low they crush oil pans on cats eyes and rub front tires on shock towers.


The thing is though, drift cars aren’t built to sit. They are built to be driven. And when they’re driven hard on a Formula Drift track – when the suspension is working overtime to transfer as much power and wheel speed to the ground as possible – that’s when a drift car is in its absolute element.


That’s what our tC was built for. She was built to perform. And that means she doesn’t always have to look good…


But she has to look good squatting. Now that it’s finished, what do you guys think?


My two partners in crime seem very happy with the outcome. Here’s Steph grabbing a quick pic on his phone…


And here’s Shawn expertly applying my Formula Drift windscreen banner.


Also happy are the two characters behind all of this: the grandfather of the Speedhunters project – Mr. Rod Chong, and Andy Blackmore. In fact, Rod initiated the redesign by asking for a brand new base livery to represent the Speedhunters family of race cars.


Andy designed the first Need For Speed scheme five years ago and is a world-class automotive livery stylist working with GT teams and manufacturers across the globe. It was time to refresh what had become – judging by the number of copies and homages to the original NFS asymmetric design we’ve seen all around the world – an iconic livery.


Included in the order from Rod was graphical logos highlighting the Speedhunters hash tags #MaximumAttack, #JoyOfMachine, and of course my little motivational piece: #HoldStumt.


‘Hold stumt’ has been with me since my friends first started shouting it to me as words of encouragement ten years ago. And while you keep certain things with you throughout your life, other things change. Either by chance, or by choice. Either way, if you let things remain exactly how they’ve been, you will miss out on some great experiences. The only way to avoid forever asking yourself ‘what if’ is to make that change. Whatever it is you are contemplating in life – make the move and make it happen!


My personal opinion is that Andy nailed our 2014 livery. And with that I’m not saying it’s the perfect car. What I’m saying is that seeing your ideas play out in real life gives a great feeling of accomplishment. That’s the only way you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. Andy, Rod, Complex Ink, and of course the Papadakis Racing family – thanks for allowing me to bring some of my own ideas into the mix.


The 2014 Formula Drift series is here. Let’s stir it up and make it the best one yet! Follow us during this weekends Long Beach season opener.

Fredric Aasbø
Instagram: fredricaasbo

Photos: Larry Chen, Matthew Jones and Fredric Aasbø

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Honestly, i dont think that RB kit fits it well. The concept looks really awesome, but as you've said - RB kits look good on a low cars. But this is not really critical. For example, Fredric's GT86 looks amazing with RB kit, and its not THAT low, and its really competitive. The main problem of this Scion is a nature of its design itself. Its proportions are far from ideal, and you can make it look really good only with really low ride height. So i think that majority of kits wont fit it really well until you'll make it low. So its not a problem of RB kit, its a problem of basic design of this car.
The livery is really great by the way, props to Andy and Rod!
and sorry for my bad English.

jonas maurstad

It turned out better than expected, but like everyone else says; the tc is ugly. To bad Fredric is stuck with the Scion FWD shopping trolley. He should have kept the supra forever:-). Not very likely Toyota would approve though... I think Papadakis have developed a fine engine and would love to see it power a more suitable car in 2015.


Toyota executive: Good news Fredrick, we've decided to give you a full boat sponsorship and a giant pile of money.
Fred: Awesome!
Toyota executive: You'll be representing the Scion brand.
Fred: That's great, the FR-S is the perfect platform! It'll give Scion the credibility it's been sorely lacking.

Toyota executive: Yeah, about that...


I've always thought it was silly that those renders rocketbunny makes should never be posted, they don't ever look attractive and this time around I saw a lot of negative comments stemming from it. Car manufacturers don't show low end renders or concept sketches to tease newly released cars and there's a reason why. They show full high quality renders or completed concept art. Always try to lead with the best foot forward and don't settle for less... 

Glad to see the car deviated from the render though that front splitter and ride height would've never lasted.The new livery looks great! Good luck this year!!!

Gianluca FairladyZ

I think the kit just does not match the silhouette of the car... Not so pretty.... Anyway good look at the drift event!


Wait, your telling me that you can't have competitive drift cars that are super low? Go tell Mad Mike that...

Project 350ZTT

I really like how the kit fits the car. Im normally not a tc person, but it looks really good and Miura-San did a great job as always! No complaints on the height either. All the cars this year are really looking badass!! Can't wait to be there today :):):):):):):):):):)
-I'm having trouble staying focused here at work...


The wheels do not suit the kit, which does not suit the car. The rear fenders are too much.


I will never argue with a race/ drift car with a race/ proper drift stance.  Looks good to me! Especially considering all the work that goes into one of the drift TCs.

Bekkengen Photo

Just admit it, its built to run over Gittin this year.


Car looks great! Best wishes to you this season!  
Now, how is it that a Scion TC is pouring smoke from it's rear wheels when its front wheel drive?  Toyota should be way more concerned that doing this insures my next vehicle won't be a Toyota.  Can't buy on Monday what winds on Sunday if it dosen't exist!


For me it's still a Scion. And nothing gonna change the fact, that base model is FF.


Looks awesome with the functional stance! I drive an FR-S so I'd rather see you drift one of those, but to be honest, I think this tC looks better than your Toyota 86 drift car (with its weird wide-track front...)


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wheatgod  stop drinking that hater-aid bro


milkplus  He actually loves the TC because of the fact that they have managed to make something so different competitive


loved the rendering!..the finished car not so much.
Personally I would have hit those RB flares and spoiler with that flourescent orange to
highlight the kit.


Im not a huge fan of this car. You almost seem to be making the excuse that because Muria sans rocket bunny style only looks good super low that your car doesnt have to look amazing. I feel like Muria san didnt meet the brief, a good designer takes into account all factors and a big one of those in this case is ride height. He should have designed from the ground up a kit that looks good at a functional height. I reckon either stubborness in not wanting to adapt to a different situation or a massive over sight is the culprit here.


Most WRC rally and Rallycross cars have no AWD production base. Does this invalidate them too?


Couldn't agree more. The kit should of been built ground up with this car in mind to follow its natural curves and practical height. Getting what is essentially the same kit as on the 86 and putting it on this car was never going to work. I don't hate the look of the car, but it could be so much more original and better looking without lacking that Muria San flare if just a little more thought was put into it. The scion is never going to be a good shape to begin with though, still can't imagine why with all the beautiful sports cars out their one would choose this... fredric is a awesome fellow though, he's a great role model, so I will still support him.


I like the wide front stance on his other car, kinda makes it look like a cartoonised bulldog with it's front legs planted ready to fight =P


The kit looks good, as does the ride height. It is just cool to hate on rocket bunny now.


It will always have that fwd look.. the front end ride hight and how its built has always looked a bit strange. I love it though.. when the looks of a car is an outcome of functional racing design I can always appriciate it


Bekkengen Photo  Hahahaha omg, that was perfect.


RodChong For me, the base is important. Yes, most of rally cars don't have AWD, but they have their equivalent in smaller classes- FWD rally models. Drifting a brand new car whants to feel you- ok, it's pro car, but I'd  like to buy this model and have drift fun on the track. And you haven't, because for automakers RWD cars are unnecessary, and sales promotion in this discipline is more important, than to have young generation driving on the tracks in their cars (the legend of AE86 won't be as big as it is if they have produce only ordinary FWD Corolla).


it's cool that you're open to the discussion on it.  imo, not much has really changed looks wise from this year to last's.  sure, fancy new rb kit that really got some of juiced about, but just the livery really took away from the new kit and brought it back to looking like another nfs sponsored drift car.


Livery looks awesome, very striking. Andy certainly nailed it.
Kit is a bit lame though, not sure why it wasn't deeper to disguise the ride height if it's a one off.
Is the 86 going to have the same look?


Not a fan of the kit, I actually prefer the square style fenders from last year. The proportionally look better, and flow better with the car. The livery... OTT for me.
I reckon the car looked better last year. Hell most cars in FD looked better last year than this year. Gushi's, Essa's & Wang's cars are the only nice ones out there this year!


Where is the missing lower front spoiler? Looks so much less aggressive without it. And the livery really masks the rest of the body kit. I was excited after seeing the render, but now the car just blends in with the rest. Doesn't make as much of a statement, IMO


The front and rear bumpers look good, the arches are bloody awful though. Same on the rear as he did on the BMW e36 render. Bozo arches don't work on everything, I preferred your GT86 tbh. Too many orange drift cars now, but s**t happens. Good luck with the season though Fred!


Jeff Sloane  I believe the Scion TC's chassis is modified to RWD which is doable but expensive which is about 30K or more which is more than the value of the TC itself!


bleh this is ugly as sin. and its a bit disappointing that miura would even accept this job, but hey i bet the money was right so why not -_____-


In my opinion, it looks like a bit of an eyesore.


Looks like an SUV