#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: <br/>The Natural Theme

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: the last #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER of the year twenty thirteen. This has been the first full year of the program and whilst it’s grown from strength to strength, we’re not complacent. Next year will see some big changes to the program, but you’ll have to wait for Bryn’s editorial at the start of next month to find out what exactly these are. Trust me, it’s bigger than you ever imagined…

(Above) Andrew Thompson kicks us off the last post of the year, with a rather simple but special shot of an S14A.  The colours are perfect, with the warm autumnal shades in the sunlight and the complimenting cooler tones in the shadows. The depth of field is shallow but retains enough depth to keep the car sharp whilst turning the background and foreground into a blur of beautiful colour.


Whilst the other entries embraced capturing the most amount of light available, Brent decided that would be far too easy. Instead, the only ambient light Brent captured was the glowing brake discs and a flaming exhaust.


Shooting into the sun has its challenges, none of which seem to deter Jeremy. Another image that plays up the blue/orange contrast with stellar results.


Taking advantage of the soft lighting after a recent downpour, Jet capitalised on everything that surrounded him. By getting low (we hope he didn’t get too wet), he was able to capture the reflection on the rain-soaked ground. Again, it’s a simple idea but brilliant in its execution.


I’m not sure if I’m in love more with the car or this sublime capture. It’s not just about those gorgeous reflections, showing off every line along the side of the car, but also controlled use of a circular polariser to give us a look inside the car and behind the wheel.


There’s quite a nice juxtaposition between the pitting car and the Mustang still attacking out on track. Paul Ricard is a beautiful race circuit and it’s captured exquisitely here. The low sun provides long shadows, with the pit building acting as one enormous reflector to ensure the near side of the cars stay illuminated.


It’s quite fitting that we get a rather orange submission from one of our readers in the Netherlands, but the picture was actually taken at the recent Thunderhill endurance race. Mathieu assures me that there is zero processing on this. He simply recognised what was happening as the cars passed a certain point on the circuit and waited for the opportunity to capture his reward. Natural light at its purest?


You’ll have noticed by now that a lot of these images are taken during the so-called ‘golden hour’. It’s for good reason as it provides the most flattering light for the reflective panels of a car whilst also making everything that little bit prettier. Quan would have missed this incredible flare if he hadn’t dropped his lens hood. Divine intervention from the photography gods? We would like to think so.


This is one of the purest captures of #JoyofMachine that I can remember coming across. The couple had just finished posing and taking pictures with the 300SL when Tim captured them walking away and reviewing the results of their impromptu photography session. It’s a beautiful moment that reminds us of the power that a beautiful car can have on us.


With the sun rapidly setting behind the tree line, Tomas just about got pulled over in time to capture the last of the golden light as it reflected off the side of the car. That little speck of flare on the front wing makes it for me.


I’m glad we seem to be enjoying a period of beautiful cars again and I’m even happier that there are capable photographers around to capture scenes like this. You can almost feel the sun’s heat on your skin and hear the V8 roar with the wind buffeting over the top of your head. It’s moments like this that we live for.


Exquisite capture of a moment most of us can only dream of. The sun setting with the open road before you. One of those rare times you just have to aim, click and let the world do the hard work for you.


This almost high key panning shot is an example of how to shoot into the sun whilst retaining the important details. The little pieces of rainbow coloured flare are a happy by-product


Finally, we’ve reached the end. It almost seems a fitting tribute to #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER for 2013. The sun is setting but our ride awaits. There’s plenty more to be done…

As my last story of the year too, I just want to say a massive thank you to each and every contributor, reader, commenter and friend. You’re the reason I get out of bed every morning and I’m forever indebted for your support and love.

Safe shooting and have a happy holidays and New Year.

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
Instagram: speedhunters_paddy



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An excellent year Paddy, everything you've shot or presented has been top class and fully deserving of the kudos it gets.
The submission from Trevor Yale Ryan is beautiful. Instantly my new desktop.


So many amazing shots, I'm not even going to bother submitting to #IATS anymore, these guys blow me out of the water


I seem to always miss the announcements for what the themes are going to be. Didn't even know there was going to be a natural theme. I thought the last one was the flash theme. When are they usually announced?


JoshuaWhitcombe keep trying and shooting for more, I know I will.


Stevenson's shot is just perfect, especially as you said the polariser allowing you to see in the cabin, instead of it's usual job of removing the 'distracting' reflections.




my gawd! each  theme's submissions always outdo the previous ones. what a way to finish off the year


This was announced before the flash theme, so that should be the next one


There are some absolutely gorgeous shots in this set, and I feel honored to be among them. Thank you Paddy for sharing my work.


Thanks for the share man, that 240 was straight up bad-ass, and it was a joy to shoot it over Jeff Creech's shoulder.


This is the coolest iamthespeedhunter so far. Amazing work all of you


Thank you once again! :)


Skyline as a wallpaper please :)


The Picture from Jet Rabe. I think those are Philippine plates. Yeah! :D


Thank you and congrats to everyone!


That '63 split-window Vette is gorgeous. Great photo.


oneslyfox Actually, it's the other way around. The flash theme results have already been posted.


Nazzii wallpapers are available for every photo. hover over the photo and a "download wallpaper" icon appears at the bottom of the image.


midgeman Nazzii Yea, well..
I doesnt, atleast not on my laptop..
All the other photos do tho..


Lille BullermidgemanNazzii Yep thats the problem, it only shows share option ;/


Thanks again!


Nazzii  send me an email and Ill send it to ya.. contactjagimaging.com  Thanks


Awesome shots here, especially the 'vette


Will you be posting any Natural Light overflow post like you did in past http://www.speedhunters.com/tag/iamthespeedhunter/ submissions?


Thats a bugger. I think I have a cracker of a shot of my own car somewhere, but I'm far too late