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A while back we posted about theparts that Nismo released for the new Z in Japan, but now there’s a complete Nismo edition of the 370Z that will be going on sale soon for the US market. Nissan chose to debut both this car and the new 370Z Roadster at this week’s New York Auto Show. As you’d expect, the new Nismo Z gets a healthy boost in power, plus chassis and exterior upgrades that set it apart from the normal Z.

Power figures for the Nismo Z are up to 350 horsepower and 276 ft lbs.of torque thanks to a more aggressive exhaust system and special ECU tuning. That’s an 18 horsepower jump from the stock Z, and it again proves the capability of the VQ engine with just minor NA tuning. The 370Z’s suspension has be retuned for the Nismo edition and the wheels are designed by Ray’s Engineering, measuring 19×9.5 front and 19×10.5 in the rear. The tires are high grip Yokohama Advans.

Outside, the Nismo Z gets a unique rear bumper, side skirts, and a functional front bumper that does away with the Z34’s trademark “fangs”. Nismo has done a fantastic job with the exterior, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of standard Z’s being retrofitted with the Nismo kit.

There are no big changes to the Nismo Z’s interior outside of some red stitching and a few Nismo logos.

The other new Z shown in New York is the 370Z Roadster. There’s nothing much to report on this one – it’s simply a 370Z with a power convertible top. The new Z does look great in topless form though…

One of the biggest problems with cars that weren’t designed as roadsters are the awkward looks when the top is raised. Fortunately,it’s been said that Nissan has done their best to address that issue with the new Z Roadster.

The standard 370Z is already a fine car, and Nissan has done a great job of expanding the Zed’s appeal with these two additions to the line-up.

-Mike Garrett



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I don't like this car... side windows just sucks ; /


Wow, that looks amazing.


Love the Nismo Z, the new from bumper is a little easier to digest than the stock one.


OK, they fixed the front bumper. Now what does it take to fix the headlights and tail lights, and the Legoland inspired door handles, side mirrors, dash, and center console?


i like the nismo 350z more.


why does the UK never get nismo cars?


The side window is the best part, that roof line is amazing in the way it harkens back to the first gen S30. And I'm not even a huge fan of the Z.


I happen to think the side window is the best part of the car, an obvious homage to the 240Z.


I love it! The Nismo design looks much cleaner than the normal 370, in these photos at least.

I agree with you Mike, I think we'll be seeing a lot of those bumpers start to pop up on regular Z34's.


Nissan can do no wrong with the new Gen of cars, they have coming out. everything is good, even the Kube!


not a fan of drop tops, but i adore the colour of the roadster

hey Nissan, a nismo edition in that roadster colour please :)

anybody agree?


I'm not sure if I like the wheels (c'mon Ray's!), but the Nismo bodywork looks great. Looks like such a fun car to drive.


370.. why.. why did they destroy the clean looks of the 350 with somethng so fussy? Dynamically this cr will be a hit.. styling leaves a lot to be desired, will never be mistaken for a 'pretty' car thats for sure.


Nismo has done it again. I loved the 350Z Nismo and I love this one.


I normally don't comment on to many posts, but the Nismo Edition is such a good looking car. Being critical on the side mirrors??? As my friend Jay (JDM Ego) would say "I LOVE HATERS"


Any idea how much weight, if any, the Nismo Z lost? The standard 370z already comes with aluminum doors, hood, and rear hatch.


I like this car. Another fine bodykit from Nismo.

Anyone else digging the stock wheels as well?

I think they look cool with the concave dish.


Return of the "G nose" !


Yes yes! I never thought that I would ever like the Z34. That Nismo bodykit is awesome.


I think the new 370Z is really great EXCEPT for the headlights. The headlights absolutely ruin what could otherwise be a spectacular looking car.

The convertible 350Z's always looked like utter crap, top up or top down. Looks like they're following suite with the 370Z.


Loving the rims on the Nismo Z. And this nismo Z is so much better looking than the Nismo S-Tune 370z (already available in jp). Looking awesome w/o the catfish jaw


Better than the original one, but still.....

Dont like the wing or the Ford look ...