This Should Have Been The New Supra
The Big ‘What If?’

It hasn’t been since the arrival of the new generation ’86 that Toyota has managed to generate so much buzz around a car. The once overly-conservative and at times boring Japanese manufacturer has worked hard at changing that image, injecting more fun and excitement into how its cars look and drive. The ’86 came and went, and still remains a favorite – even if it’s now desperately in need of a proper refresh and a hotter engine. But it’s the all-new Supra that we’re now eagerly awaiting.

After seeing the Gazoo Racing concept earlier this year, we have a good idea of what the actual road car will look like, and the engine/s that will be offered with it. The collaboration with BMW has spawned all sorts of reactions, both good and bad, and a lot of us are still holding judgement until we see the final production version. That said, one obvious thing that we all noticed is that building it around new BMW Z4 architecture, Toyota has created a car that is a little smaller than its predecessor, and with that some important Supra DNA has been lost.

But what if Toyota had never linked up with BMW to bring us this modern reinterpretation of the iconic ’90s performance car? What if design and engineering was totally handled in house and followed a more classic approach to creating a recognizable successor to JZA80? Well, thanks to Giulio Partisani, we can do just that. At least in the digital realm.


Giulio is an Italian car designer currently working at Honda’s Design Center in Japan. If you recall, he’s also the man behind the Ferrari F80 concept we checked out last month.


Giulio has had a love for the JZA80 ever since playing with it in the video game world, and after years of seeing renders and designs pop up online of what a successor might look like, he decided to have a go at it himself.

Initial Designs
b2 new 18 35

That was about two years ago, during a gloomy and rainy UK day in the West Midlands while he was working for Jaguar.


The idea sparked a few initial sketches which over time grew in detail to the point when he decided to create a 3D rendering of what it could all look like with more realistic proportions. He tried to integrate what Toyota had already created with the FT-1 concept and ended up basing it around what he refers to as a superb example of contemporary ‘homage design’, the Mazda RX Vision.

He used some images of the car and started to adapt details, giving it a longer hood, moving the roofline and cabin towards the tail, and adding some JZA80 Supra design traits. And thus, the ‘MK5 Æ’ project was born.

Fine Tuning & The Final Study

That initial concept took Giulio six hours to create, and he was happy with where he got with it.

But then it was time to get really serious.

Giulio’s process usually begins with minimalistic doodles to form recognizable drawings of what he’s trying to create. From then he moves into Adobe Photoshop to refine those lines, before he steps into the three dimensional realm and begins to model in Autodesk Alias. His first attempt resulted in a design that he felt was too held back by JZA80 styling cues, so he trashed that and started fresh, creating the car you see here.


Giulio believes the proportions to be more in tune with a real successor, where every detail is very much evolved. As for the name, Æ stands for Alter-Ego and S, Supra, obviously!

One thing Giulio observed that became painfully obvious was the understated similarity that his creation ended up having with a car that Toyota already makes, the Lexus LC. The futuristic luxury sports coupe has the right proportions, girth and overall footprint, but wears that Lexus corporate face and rear end. Strip that off the car, refine the windows and add some details here and there and the JZA90 Supra emerges. Add a straight six twin-turbo engine and 6-speed manual gearbox and all would be well with the world.

Playing With The Finished Idea

When it came to having some fun with his final design, Giulio definitely didn’t hold back.

03 gt500 sticker 3000
gt500 ok4-01

He first envisioned a wide body GT500 race car version, playing around with the details and celebrating the successes the car had back in the JGTC days.

step3 ok tuned FF 1-01

I’m sure all of you will instantly recognize the coloring and graphics treatment on this Hollywood version.

A modern-day tofu delivery car with a strong emphasis on speed.

mk5 le mans 03-01-01

And one of my favorites, a Le Mans LMP1 version, which somehow looks nothing like the initial car it’s based on, but at the same time you can recognize it a mile away. I suspect that’s a sign of a design that just simply works.

step 02 mod black NEW2 duSSSe

Giulio is such a strong believer of his vision for the MK5 Æ S that he’s looking to create a conversion package for the Lexus LC, one that would transform the exterior into what you see here. That wouldn’t be the easiest thing to undertake, and something that would require a talented partner able to take this idea out of the digital realm and into the real world.

step3 ok 15-01

Hey Kei Miura, we heard you aren’t too shabby at creating aero kits…

step3 ok 34

Wishful thinking? I don’t know about that, after all, the best ideas always come from a ‘what if’ scenario, right?

step3 ok 13-02

As ever, we are keen to hear your opinions and views on this stuff, so let’s continue talking about Giulio’s JZA90 in the comments section below.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Renders: Giulio Partisani
Instagram: oct8n



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I don't agree at all. Granted I'm nowhere near as deep in stance and "aesthetics" as many of the writers on this site seem to be, but I'd like a car that can steer / fit a single lane / has suspension movement / has any visibility at all. You did not even design the street car version with an open able trunk there.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well it's very much obviously still in concept car mode lol


front looks like an eclipse.


looks dreadful, making the original car flatter and wider with some pointy headlights doesn't make it a concept car. The new one is a proper built 6 cylinder turbo car that will perform well and be competitively priced against other rwd coupes.


Too chubby, and I kinda wish this is a combining salute of 70 series and 80/90 Supra.
Too much latter and not enough former by look.


Hate to say it, but it’s not chubby enough from a practical standpoint.
Toyota would anticipate high-volume sales from America with any new Supra...

How on Earth could you fit fat ‘Mericans in this thing??? Impossible.


“Just bought a new Supra guys!”


The photos at the end of Initial Design section really do it for me. I instantly noticed the profile that takes everything about that Mazda design concept that I actually like and make it look 1) like a supra and 2) not just an organic (read: boring) slab of shiny metal.

This at least seems like a Supra successor, not just a sports car Toyota is making and saving money on finding a new name for. They should hire this guy. Honda likes to make intergalactic spaceships lol, and I don't think the talent shown here is being used to its full potential at Honda.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Dunno maybe these guys at Honda are penning the rebirth of design for the company. God knows they need it!


Looks amazing, I'm a big fan. Would probably carry an LFA pricetag with this design though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It wouldn't be a Supra if it did. It should stay affordable, unlike the GT-R and the NSX


Sorry mate, when was the GT-R and NSX ever affordable? Adjusted for inflation the GT-R sits about where it did in the 90s. The Honda was the opposite of affordable even in it's cheapest ever trim in 1991.


I see Mazda RX-Vision.


I can see a bit of that. Those shots of a red car towards the end also put me in mind of the 2000 Viper GTS-R Concept

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I would actually rather see a toned down version of the FT-1'd design, instead of trying so hard to modernize the looks of the JZA80.


I see those SVX windows....


we all can agree that the new toyota z4 is not a supra just a z4 with a bodykit


i agree with you sir


Have they said yet which company is developing which parts of the car?


well the chassis and drivetrain , suspension are bmw z4 body and interior are toyota ''supra''


That's the thing. BMW engine are very unreliable and their drivetrain is extremely heavy and eats a lot of power.


B series have been fairly stout so far in the 4 years they have been on the market. LOL at the eats a lot of power... please stop.




Not feeling it, same as many of the new renderings these days.
Design has taken a few huge steps backwards over the decades with the Transformers/spaceship/fakey race car ethos (such as fake intercooler intakes on EVERYTHING) surrounding too many "designs" IMO, and that's why I have stayed firmly planted in the 90's with the cars I own and drive.


This dude's work doesn't align with my design sensibility at all. These are well crafted models, but they aren't to my taste (nothing about that Ferrari one said Ferrari to me). I am not a fan of the new Supra either, but using Delorean/Subaru SVX/Countach half-windows is not on-brand with the Supra, nor is the Viper-esque hood scoop. The side profile on this car is better than what we got from Toyota, but that's about where it stops for me. Wheels are cool though.


Also, just a point of presentation: a black car on a black background = "Nothing to see here..."


Looks fine here, turn up your brightness :)




I really like it. I mean viewing it as an early concept I could really see a nice road going car to come after this car with some features toned down a little. It is very wide, and very low! but Toyota needed to do something more like this in my opinion, I cant get excited about what IS the new Supra.


Personally, I don't understand the hate towards what Toyota themselves are giving us. It's a beautiful thing, to my eye, and BMW and Toyota have both proven to be capable of making a straight six capable of stupid power on stock internals (which is really all the A80 was known for to most people anyway). People need to stop being so butt-hurt that the A80 isn't being brought back.

The model at the end of chapter 2 isn't bad, but like someone else pointed out, this doesn't entirely scream "Toyota."


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. I don't think the new "supra" shares any design language of substance visually with the Supra line, and that BMW gets to make the engine - the element we all agree was what made the last one so great - seems like "what are we even doing here, y'all?" to me...


Max, what about how the A80 looked nothing like any previous Supra either, and yet it's by far become the most loved?

It's hard to find anything that isn't about the Supra's legend as seen in the nostalgic eyes of hindsight, but Google does produce a couple period articles from around the 1993's release, and the media's first impressions of the car's looks didn't seem entirely positive.


"looked nothing like any previous Supras" is a bit disingenuous. the 3rd gen supra has a very pronounced b-pillar that's a departure from the supra before it, and the A80 went back to that with it's slim, unobtrusive line there but preserved the targa top from the gen III. The nose on the mk-III is clearly an evolution from what came before, that continued into the fixed-headlight roundness of the A80 that was a hallmark of that era of 90s design. I think if you look at it, you'll find that the A80 borrows heavily from every previous generation and then filters it through what was then current. It's not like we're talking about the Nissan Z31 and Z32 differences; there is a clear throughline to Supras up until this new thing.


I'm not seeing any of the previous Supras in the A80. To me, that car looked like Toyota trying to move back to the curvy 2000GT, and the A90 looks like it's taking even more influence from that original GT car, especially with the roof line and C-pillar.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Couldn't have said it better myself. Way too many people are still living under rocks, still hoping Toyota would bring back the JZA80.

Time has changed. JZA80 does not meet any emission or safety standards of today.


what's that got to do with anything? stop pretending to be smart jay your stuner builds still suck ok

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

What I stated are facts. Come back when you have better things to talk about other than living in S-Tuner, because if you can't find much more worthy things to criticize me about, your comments are irrelevant. Lmao!


The design doesn't look like it would age particularly well tbh.


It look a bit too flat to exist in the real world but if the bodykit ever comes to fruition it would be amazing


Im going to take a hard pass here. As a concept car i think it looks cool but clearly this isn't what the new supra should be, If this was the new supra then it wouldn't fit on any roads (assuming for size sake that the green house has the driver sitting up and not lying down like in F1 cars).

My other comment is the black car on a black background hides the majority of the body lines.

It seems like the designer has a design he really likes in his head and adds a bit of flavor of the supra to it rather than trying to design his concept of the next supra. Take a look at the F80 and the similarities between this car and that, it seems a bit formulaic to me.


its too similar to the previous one which makes it look dated. they are trying to make something exciting and new, not a rehashed mkIV. its cool, don't get me wrong, but no where near the caliber needed for a big name company concept, let alone a production car. it would make a great GTA5 car though lol.


Personally, I love this. Just the right amount of the JZA80 in there and I feel like I see some other 90s influence; Ferrari 550 comes to mind for sure.


I don't like the concept. It's like a wider, flatter, and fatter LFA, with a large spoiler. Personally I like the FT-1 concept, because the lines reminds me of the 2000gt, which I feel should be the new supra's inspiration.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ever seen how small a 2000GT is?


Yes, it's small - I don't think I can even fit in one. However, there's a difference between copying and inspiration. I guess a good example would be the Ford GT40 and the Ford GT, something like that; especially something like the second generation GT.


It's surprisingly difficult to design a car that looks good from all directions, and you inevitably have to compromise a line or two in the profile to make the front or top look good.

In the case of this car, I think the designer took the idea of "new Supra" a bit too literally. There's too much of the Mk. IV in this design, but squashed flat.

I'd use the basic design philosophy as Toyota did when they designed the Mk. V.

Keep the general proportions of the old car but use a completely new set of body lines.


It looks nice, but it has that look if a 2000's dodge viper front end and a 1999's eclipse Mitsubishi front end had a chubby baby....


well, i like it. i certainly cannot stand the real deal. a big let down with yota choosing to use a BMW powerplant and driveline. its not a true supra anymore!!! also no manual is a no go for me. im not a purist by any means but the supra has a special place in my heart and the mk5 is the end of the line for me.


I hope you’re shorter than 5’5” or those wheels are at least 24” diam because the greenhouse only sits two and insanely cozy... artist dude should take his game up a notch and measure volumes and ergonomic geometries in his mass 3d model before committing to all that vray and mapping. Same goes for the F80 (also, impossible mass-production material creases/thicknesses in some areas), which at least in monoposto Motorsports function could work.


there is no creativity in here ...... i prefer the ft1 all the way !


I follow Giulio on Instagram and was pretty excited when he released the first pictures based on the RX-Vision (those three black ones, "initial design"). The crazy proportions are an easy way to grab attention online, but they also hide the nuances of the design (or lack of those).

After second look the final version is not as bad as I thought. It just feels unfinished, more like a 3D-rendered version of an early sketch (those often have crazy proportions, and rightfully so). After refinement, putting that design on LC500 bones could be actually a brilliant idea.


Nothing more than a Mk IV fan boy concept. Time to move on from the A80 people.


Its a good looking car but Im not that sure. If youre just aiming to sell to mk4 Supra fans then it might work but i think the actual design attracts a larger crowd. Also this looks like an oversized Mitsubishi Eclipse in the front.


Good looking car, but I'm not a fan of it (i know, sounds contradictory but yeah). I like what toyota did with the GR concept more tbh. It still felt like a Supra, but it still had a fresh design that looked different and not like it tried too hard to emulate an MK4. I mean the MK3 and MK4 looked nothing alike, I don't expect the MK5 to look any similar to the MK4.


love it and that LMP1 looks crazy i wish toyota had built something like this as the new thing they have done just looks so tame

James Oversteer

No doubt when the new supra flops Toyota will claim the sports car and GT car market is dead without actually realising that if we enthusiasts wanted a BMW... we would buy one. I honestly think they are making a mistake which will have a butterfly effect on the potential new RX9/7 and other sports cars from Japan.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't think it will flop, after all as much as we can and will criticizing them they are actually giving us a cool and hopefully not too expensive step up from the 86. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt...


Like the fd rx7, the jz80 is timeless. I will never think this new version is a supra, with a bmw engine at it's heart


It takes a while to see it, but eventually you start to understand the progression. It starts to make sense right around the A-pillar and up thru to the rear wheels. It's a great design that takes the Supra aesthetic from humble sports car to supercar with amazingly few lines. Quite the opposite to Honda's Civic Type-R that requires an insane amount of definition lines to get it's point across.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The Civic Type-R is an automotive abortion design wise. Honda really need to get their act together and start making nice more flowing designs!


Talk to your boy lol; didn't this come from a Honda designer?


I really think Toyota should use what they already have at their disposal..........LEXUS. Grab an RCF or LC500, quick "facelift" change to Toyota spec, strip out a bunch of the weight and luxuries. Add manual option and maybe some engine tweaks (Yamaha anyone?) and a cost effective, collaborated, 2 door sports flagship car is born :).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No straight six engine. A supra with an NA V8 or a TT V6 don't think would have worked


I see your point but everyone thought the same about the Nissan GTR. Straight six to V6 TT and that seems to have panned out pretty good for them? All of this is just pure fantasy now but I guess we must trust that they know what they are doing!


I'm a jza80 owner and I would seriously think about selling my car for a Supra like this. Looks just awesome.

The new BMW Supra on the other hand, is an abomination. I will rather drive my car another 20 years than give it up for a joke like this. I don't know what Toyota thought when doing this design or when deciding to do a Supra with notoriously unreliable BMW. It doesn't even have a targa roof.
That is no Supra. Period.


Bmw is notoriously unreliable???


Don't mean to hate, but it seems more like a modified JZA80, rather than a fresh take on it with cues from earlier models and current Lexus F models. The rear bumper is almost identical to that of the JZA80 and I think the rear lights should retain the circle/ring arrangement using modern SMD LEDs - Porsche seems to have already brought back the continuous light bar that channels the Tron vibe. All of that said, this guys has talent.


This is what the JZA90 shud look evolution of the Supra, much like what Porsche has done with the timeless 911. Personally for me, they took away the heritage by working with BMW on this project, pretty much as per the 86/BRZ collaboration.


Hell Yeah..! Giulio for president! That's a style i like!


Why designers hate tires so much?


Drawing tires is the automotive equivalent of drawing hands - ask any character artist what they don't like drawing, or what is hard to get "right," and they'll tell you it's hands and fingers. Getting the tire-to-ground interface perfect on a concept car drawing is similarly subtle, so most of them tend to shorthand it with negative space to avoid it looking so wrong that people get distracted by it


I'll take this over the new one.


The LFA was the new Supra, take it or leave it! Someone just put a Toyota badge on it and you'll see it!!!


looks cool but bunker windows and the overly wide fenders are a turnoff imo


it's better for Giulio to put more efforts into civic, not supra! 10th gen civic is ugly! I mean really ugly


Wow the 3D rendering so good. This design reminds me of the BMW Hommage concepts like the 328, 3.0 CSL, and the M1. Man I wish those were actual cars. And the one thing about the GTR50 is that I didn't know that Italdesign would actually make 50 of them and they look so unreal even as a protoype. Well, I can't wait for the new Supra and I think it is going to be a good car.

Giulio "OCTON" Partisani

Thanks a lot everybody and thanks Dino! I truly appreciate all your comments and I'm very grateful to those who are supporting the project! If you have any questions I'm more than happy to reply!

Michael Rinaldi

I love it, I've followed your work on IG for a long time and think it would be very interesting to see in the flesh... one can hope!


Giulio, just wanted to say that even though the concept isn't my cup of tea, I respect the crafstmanship.

Gavin Johnstone

I think it looks cool, I like how reminiscent it is of the JZA80. I think it is a bit squished looking to me though, like a half used bar of soap.


I wanna say, the first thing that came to mind was Ridge Racer. Specifically the older versions of the Kamata Fiera and the Rivelta Mercurio.

I like it, it really does pay homage to the gen a lot of people know the Supra for. And from a far it definitely does scream Supra when you see it at a first glance. But in all honesty,as much as people bash the upcoming Supra's looks, I like it as well. Heck, if it still handles and feels like a Supra when you drive it, then it's still a Supra at heart even if from the outside it may have been spliced in with a bit of German touches. Plus if people don't like it, there is always the aftermarket community ready to take up the challenge of making a retro styled body kit conversion for the upcoming Supra when it does come out.


A subaru engine in the 86 and now a bmw engine in the supra, no thankyou Toyota.


Would love to see a targa version of this with thick b-pillars a la mk3 and FC-rx7.
As for the the real one... seems like BMW doesn’t want any smoke for the new 8 series. Wouldn’t be the first time the big players heft their weight (buy Rover to build an x5).


Meh. It doesn't really do anything for me. It looks like something that would be made for Grand Theft Auto or a Pixar "Cars" movie to avoid having to pay to get rights to a JZA80. It doesn't look like a new car, it just looks like a rehashed old car.

While the new Supra isn't necessarily what I would have wanted, it is exciting to see another fun, RWD car come out that should be relatively affordable, which is what the Supra was always about. So in the way that really matters, the new Supra is absolutely a Supra.


No? It just looks like an angsty teenager with a couple years of CAD had their way with a 2G eclipse. Don't post articles drunk Dino.


All these prototypes look like a modern version of the old supra design. and as much as people like that design that is not what companies want to do. what if all ferrari's built in the next 20 years keep using an updated design of the f40 (also a car that people like very much) wouldn't we think that they start to become a bit bland?


wow that guys is awesome !!!I've just sold my jza80 and if that car came on i just buy one ....the version that toyota came in is good but they lost everything from the supra and bmw wow bmw into a icon car...its the second time toyota disappoint the fan. first with subaru and now with bmw ...god this guys have to be understand from toyota....

Martin Hejtmánek

Okay Dino, no offense, but from now on you should be officially banned from making any further commentary/suggestions about design of ANY car. Good lord, this is even more abhorrent than the Ferrari concept you wrote about earlier. The "actual" new Supra is a million times nicer design. This looks like an R32 Skyline with some UGLY ass bodykit.

Dieter Verscheure

Completely agree. Toyota got it wrong with the new "supra". At least this design has characteristic of the old and even has a bit of LFA inspired. All generations have some design cues from their predecessor. But the new "supra" is way off. Dont get me wrong the Concept is beautiful but we all know the production version will be screwed up as they usually are due to politics. I'm not getting my hopes up,


As a fellow car designer I think the work that's been done here is pretty damn nice. Beautiful designs, I can see SUPRA DNA and the widebody styling is great for the race car version as well as for the initial concept that ultimately the street car version would develop from. With that being said I think there needs to be some design language currently being used by Toyota injected into the design. What'd be really cool even would be to develop a Supra design that ushers in the next new design language/styling for the Toyota lineup. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do all this great work!


I my opinion Toyota already built the successor of the supra, it's just isn't called Supra but LC500. Funny enough this design actually has similarities with the LC500.