Gazoo Racing & The New Supra

History is repeating itself in many ways.

This is exactly how Toyota chose to show the Lexus LFA to the world; first, as a thinly veiled concept/race car, then as the final production car a short time after. And that’s exactly how the new generation Supra is being shown to us today, revealed only hours ago at the Geneva Motor Show.


This as exciting as it gets, but at the same time we are still left with a sense of wonder, trying to figure out by copious amounts of educated guessing what the final road car will look and feel like. As cool as a wide-body carbon fibre race car is, to people like you and me it will be the final production car that will really get our juices following.


While Toyota was a little short on actual facts and data about the race car itself, there is much that we can gauge from just looking at the series of PR images that have been released.

There’s no hiding the fact that Toyota has penned a very recognisable shape, a silhouette that in some areas even throws a few visual JZA80 cues into the mix. The long hood line to house the BMW-sourced straight-six turbo engine, merging into a well proportioned hatchback rear. It just looks modern, aggressive and well… right. There’s even an R35 GT-R-like roof and glasshouse design which combines to make it look like a junior supercar.


Squint a little and you can see some JZA80 in the front end, too.

The protruding F1-hinting nose, the Lexus-like LED projectors – the closer you look, the more you discover.


And just like me, you are probably wondering about a GR or TRD special version that will eventually have to be made. Can you feel it? That’s proper excitement brewing out of a Japanese car company. When was the last time that happened?


Looking at the stripped-out modern race car cabin, there’s very little that will link it to the finished production car. We can sort of get an idea of what the main dashboard will look like, a twin binnacle layout, one for the main dash instrumentation and the central one for the LCD infotainment/navigation screen. Judging by the edgy design of the door pulls we can expect the trim to carry a similar theme.


Much like the ZN6 (GT86/BRZ/FRS), the Supra will be a Godsend for the aftermarket, especially in the domestic market of Japan where tuners and parts manufacturers have been racking their brains trying to figure out what to modify next.


The race car runs Michelin slick-clad BBS center-lock race wheels, hiding the latest offering from Brembo’s motorsport line up. Maybe these are relationships that will span right down to the production car; BBS Japan did make the wheels for the Lexus LFA and Brembo is a popular choice for many manufacturers.


The race car sports massive fender flares and carbon fiber extractors, none of which will make the final production version.

We quite like the center-exit exhaust.


Consider this one of the best previews of an eagerly awaited car that you could possibly get. It’s also a great marketing move from the folks at Toyota and a wake up call for the rest of the Japanese manufacturers, who in comparison now seem like they’ve gone to sleep or have simply forgotten what the world wants to see from them.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
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i have a feeling its a z4 with a diffrent body and interrior
the body line realy looks like one and has a bmw engine from what i heard


Didn’t you read ? It’s been developed with bmw. The new z4 and the Supra share a platform and motor. Obv they will look similar.
And I can’t even imagine why they would use a 2jZ with modern engines and efficiency standards being what they are. What an insane comment to say, when they haven’t release a single spec.


what realy bothers me that they call it the supra they shoul call it somthing else like the cellica or somthing
i saved my money for the new supra and then they give me a z4 with a bodykit. im just going to buy th og one. i think a lot of ppl are yust going tol buy a older z4 and tune it than this


Doubt it.

The new 86 had a lot of Subaru influence, even the engine. And the Toyota version outsold it by a landslide. It's got the Supra name, pulls from the MK4 design. (Why in the world should this be Celica? lol)

It'll sell just fine.


In all fairness, the original Supra was named a Celica Supra. Not that I agree the new one should be called a Celica but it wouldn't be that outlandish if it did, given its history.


its a joint venture, what else did you expect. Both companys worked into this, and both had their hands in design and engineering.


I can't un-see the BMW Z4 lines. Bit of an insult to the Supra legacy.


I look at it as the Z4 having Supra lines which then made their way down to this. Let's face it, the Supra's lines are timeless, 20 plus years and they still look amazing. You can see the design influence in the Lexus LC500


look at a z4 the new one and then the new supra btw i love the supra but this is just a moneygrab
just make the supra with a 2jz all ppl want is that


They were never going to fit an engine designed nearly 30 years ago into a brand new car. I'd wait to see how it performs before criticising them.


i get what you are saying but unless they put bigger turbo's on it i think it will not live up to its hype and about the 30yr old engine desing they could do what lamborghini did and base it on the old one ande re engineer it


If they did that, the car would truly never be released. The development costs of something like that are insane, especially if the motor isn't shared with other cars.

It's got a turbo straight six as it should, so I'm happy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We don't even know what power it makes, or how it makes power, so hold off on that criticism, too.


Well, if the new engine at any time should seem like a dissapointment, why not try an engine swap? I would say: Why not with a 2JZ tuned out of all proportions??? :-)


Why do i have a feeling it'll be a B58 based engine?.......


Yepp, will it get some version of the S58 engine? The N54 is the new 2JZ. But the new concept looks good. Special GMRN version with the BBS mono bloc wheels, Sachs sports suspension and Brembo brakes.


Highly unlikely to be S58 as BMW wont risk it canabalizing M3/M4 sales IF the new Supra is to be priced well...Maybe a further tuned version of the M2?


The R35 has carried on the legacy of the Nissan GTR's but just like the new NSX, I don't think the new Supra will live up to its Predecessor. As for the new Type-R it's a 50/50 imo.


Doubtful that it could, considering what the current Supra's actual predecessor was...




Everyone hated the R35 GTR when the first protos were unveiled. People called it a face lifted G35, an insult to the Skyline family, an insult to Nissan and the whole tuner community - now look where we are today.
We have to see just how the car fairs and sells

Dino Dalle Carbonare

True. It's also made a lot of people go back to R32/32/34s lol


I was going to say they've taken their sweet ass time getting this together since they aren't using a new engine they've designed but it was the same with the GT-86, 4-5 years after the initial concept. I think maybe they should release the concept a bit later and keep the hype and development closer so people don't feel like it's old before its even released. I've seen the concept for what feels like forever in games and online, I'm not as excited as I was lets just say that.


maybe concept 1 year next year production ready, I'm not saying they genuinely develop it that fast, just keep it behind closed doors for longer.

Rafał Szulejko

FT-1 looked perfect, I can't get used to that hole in the nose. I'd rather make the whole front face/bumper surface flat and clean. Also, more Supra-like. Kind of like here:


I dont love the nose/beak thing whatsoever but maybe the hole is only for the race car? Probably unlikely but maybe...

Nicholas Dubé

Don't worry. The aftermarket will make your Aston Martin inspired front end a reality in no time.


We´ll see if this new Supra can live to the hype

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It won't. Expectations are just too unrealistic. At least we have a new Supra! Where is the new Silvia? The new RX7? The new S2000?


keep the steering wheel exactly like that.

and hopefully mazda will re-introduce a rotor... rx9?

Matthew Dockery

The rotary won't make a performance comeback... ever... I think...

Go take a look at Mazda's compression ignition gas motor, though -- the Skyactive-X. THAT'S exciting. Creating a usable torque band and high rev-range horsepower by combining compression ignition in early RPMs and then switching to spark ignition at higher RPMs to give it rev range and horsepower. And they're mating a 6 speed to it.

Yes f***ing please.


this make for an interesting read, wonder how come other manufacturers aren't jumping on this bandwagon.
it seems like a very viable evolution for all ICE's.
thanks for sharing :)

Matthew Dockery

It's still very new tech. I suspect it will have been heavily patented by Mazda and I doubt they'll want to share or license for at least the first few iterations of the motors. It's all abou the R&D dollars.

I think that most auto manufactures are panicking right now because they believe in the near future there will be no place in the market for ICE cars at all (UK and EU nations are already beginning to give cutoff dates for when it will no longer be legal to sell new ICE cars). They're pouring TONS of money into new electric platforms... which aren't profitable yet. Maybe they never will be.

Mazda's been rather unmotivated on the electric car front (from what I've seen in the US at least) and that's left them with more money than other manufacturers for projects like this and other small, hyper efficient but still fun to drive platforms (Miata, CX3, etc).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We can only hope on the rotor... seems pretty unlikely seeing how they just can't keep them from polluting 100 times more than a normal piston motor.


Seeing the spy shots of the new gen Z4 (also i'm a daily reader of the bmw forums) i can see some similarities here whicj is predictable since the GT86 and BRS are "copies". It's like they took the JZA80 and Z4 and merged the together with some personal and modern touches, the "final" product is good.

Anw, why does Toyota collaborates with others (they did it before and sure it's for expenses sharing) but both GT86 and Supra have no Toyota "heart", even if the Subaru and BMW engines are, let's say, well known and respectful. Feels like they're not good anymore in making good engines.

Matthew Dockery

Maybe not... but they make motors reliable it seems. I haven't heard the same issues of blown head gaskets or scored bearings coming out of the flat fours in the BRZ/86, unlike every other Subaru motor. If Toyota wants to give you other manufacturers' motors with more reliability and Toyota warranties, why stop them?


Both engines are well known in market and have a very good reputation but what i'm saying is that the manufacturer who made the 4A series and the JZ series must be able to make a historical engine for the 21st century.
Again i think the major problem is the expenses and whatever i do i can never stop them and will accept what's offered happily and satisfied, they are well known worldwide to never let the costumer down.


Why use the slant six from BMW? People are gonna be swapping 2JZs into these as soon as they comes out.

Matthew Dockery

When did people start calling them slant sixes again? It's not a Dodge Dart...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The only people doing 2J swaps will be drifters lol


I highly doubt that due to the fact that, as Paddy mentioned above, the 2jz is a 30 year old engine. Couple that with the strict emissions and referee requirements in many countries/states, on top of the presumably high MSRP. I could see in 5-6 years after the first production year that being done, but I think the BMW I6 will prove to be reliable, just like the N54


Can't say im excited about them running a BMW motor in the new Supra. It's like the Japanese manufacturers just can't get it right these days with their sports cars. Either the performance is there and the car's aesthetics aren't or the car looks good but the performance isn't really there.


BMW turbo 6 cylinder's are the new age 2jz's, if you cant beat them join them. In-fact every manufacturer should be considering asking BMW for a motor. Power, performance, fuel efficient, proven low emissions. We need to all accept where the future is going.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Mercedes has an all-new 3liter straight six turbo engine too, two variants of it, 362 Hp and 429Hp. Exciting times. Engine sharing and platform sharing has been done forever. Who cares as long as it spawns cool cars we want to be driving!


Unless the new supra is going to be base model corvette money I don't know how they expect to sell an ugly miata in this market.


It might surprise you to know that people in countries that aren't the US buy cars as well....

This thing will sell well in Australia if the pricing is right. Holden don't do a performance RWD car anymore, so there is a hole in the market that this will fill perfectly.

Matthew Dockery

Because "base model corvette money" means a LOT of money anywhere that isn't the US. This will sell better in every market other than the US because it probably meets more emissions standards and is small enough to be used in urban areas (the new Stingray is a freaking boat).


Only downside is that Toyota seemingly requires collaboration to bring us these sports cars. The z4 is strong with this one.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Toyota is a business. They make cars to make money. That's the simple truth. Passion factors into it and the reason you are seeing this car today is that there obviously is a lot of it within the company. They wouldn't have gone to the trouble of making a new car to give to a demanding customer base. Most companies like Nissan would have just ditched the idea, but Toyota made it work. And this is the second time they do it, back in 2012 they gave us the 86. We should be happy about this, BMW link and all, if it wasn't for Toyota all we'd have to look forward to from Japan are electric Nissans, $150k GTRs and $230k NSXs. Toyota you get a massive high five from me!


I nearly drop a tear


Lol people are on here writing editorials about how shitty it is, and I get greyed out with one hardly incendiary comment. Eh.

We do need more affordable enthusiast vehicles, that's for sure. Gotta hand it to 'em for that.


Moves like this are giving the regular limited budget enthusiasts a platform the enjoy playing with, these collaborations are the only thing holding/pushing the craze of up-scaled RC cars replacing the ICE cars. Hope it will last until i can't drive anymore better if i never have the chance to see it.

I have some friends in EU working on their PHDs or started work as R&D engineers and rumors are that the hydrogen powered turbines are a big thing now and they'r working on small scales for vehicles.


I won’t be fooled by a gt3 concept. Many gt3 concepts look badass with 200k plus on top of a street chassis. The street is boiled vegetables. Leaving you dreaming of only if you could make look like pepperoni pizza gt3 but don’t have the money. So then that kills the desire to buy another lame duck from japan.

Come on R36 I’m waiting


pepperoni doesnt belong on pizza


I see no Z4 in this car, and I honestly think people are imagining it. I don't mind the BMW influence, and I quite like the styling. The problem with bringing back old name plates is that folks will always, unfairly, compare the new car to the old car. The Mk.IV achieved it's legendary status over a long, long time. It wasn't an instant classic when it came out in '93. This car undoubtedly has huge shoes to fill, but in this day and age, having a sports car chassis and engine co-developed by BMW is not bad whatsoever. Not having a manual option is blasphemy though. That's what makes or breaks this car.


I couldn't agree more. I think the no manual transmision is the dumbest thing ever. Hopefully they will catch on and offer one later. Hell, put a BMW transmission in it.


I still see very little similarities. This and the old Z4 coupe are both low slung, short wheelbase, front-mid engine coupes. My point is that the new Supra and Z4 are both styled well enough to be unmistaken for the other. I think one aspect in which the cars are too similar is in their interiors. The on road prototypes both share the same cockpit layout, and this racing concept even has the same dash silhouette as the test mules. It'd be disappointing for the production Supra to have some form of iDrive and the same exact dash as the Z4.


Ignoring the lights/grille, you can't deny the similarities in the hip lines.


Its horrible, it doesnt look like the design at (all except the lights). Huge let down in my opinion.


Are you guys serious, Toyota is showing us what the new supra looks like and all i hear is complaining? This is sick. Showing it off in racecar form is awesome and standard for Japanese manufactures these days, and if the BMW joint venture is what it took to get a strait six turbo then so be it. Has anyone been in a 1M ? Its awesome and its a BMW strait six turbo. At least Toyota is creating new products for the younger crowd vs catering to people who want 140K GTR's. Yall need to chill out and wait for the test drives.


dude its a nice car but dont call it a supra they should have called it like the toyota scorpion
its a cheap cash grab in my opinion not the next supra it can be a great car if its cheaper than a z4 but its not and never will be supra, its a z4 with a bodykit


the base production gen 4 supra was very "humble" the after-market support,knowing that it was very easy to have different approaches because the base car has the arms wide open, made it legendary. Checking the time and laws this is the best thing we can get (taking in consideration the money value).


The new Z4 looks like shit next to this. I love nearly everything about the supra's looks... apart from the little beak thing :(

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The 2019 Z4?


Very Nice,about time ! :) ... Someone has put the fronts brake discs/rotors, around the wrong way, btw, note Grooves directions :)


The direction of the grooves on the outside of the disc doesn't matter at all. I put some Brembos on my old Accord that 'looked' like they were installed backwards, but that was per the instructions. It's the direction of the fins INSIDE the disc that matter.

Mark Joseph I. Argoso

Better hope you sort by new because this is required reading:

The new Toyota Supra has to live up to nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let’s not judge the new Supra using the old one because the A80, at its core, was way different from the image it has today.

EVERYBODY will expect EVERYTHING from this Supra, and they will scream at the top of their lungs and mash their keyboards, even if they’ve already read and understood that this is (1) not gonna have an evolved 2JZ, (2) an automatic, and (3) a thing BMW helped make. A million reviews and comments will be made that shall lament that “it’s not the same as the Mk4 wah Toyota is out of touch wah this car sucks”, forgetting the merits of the darn thing, and then acting surprised when it wins Performance Car of The Year, or gets close.

Point is, don’t set yourself up to be disappointed by the new Supra. Don’t work yourself into a shoot, and vice versa, because you are not hyping the product; you’re hyping up yourself.


Considering BMW has it's Z5 still in the works (Z4's predecessor) I'm 90% sure it will have the BMW B58. With that said, it should, hopefully, make a pretty good base engine for aftermarket parts... at least it's based off of the FT-1 concept from a couple years ago.


Oh my god...I have been waiting so long for this. Definitely looking forward to seeing the road car!


there was no way this car could live up to the hype built around it..but even taking that into account something was definitely lost from the FT-1 concept and this one, it lacks the exoticness, i can understand this looks more like a spiritual successor to the MKIV but, i can gurantee the production version is going to disappoint especially going by what happened to the GT86 going from concept to production stylistically.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

And the final production version is going to look even less exotic than this, think bare, minimal, no spoiler or pumped fenders. I think it will be even more successful than the 86 was. It's turbo people, tuners will modify it and drifters will swap 2JZs into it lol


I agree with the last statement a lot,its like the car manufacturers have become zombies and making updated versions of what they have, Toyota being the one person to wake up and step out of line and take the fresh path, un-carved, virgin to takers of the path, like a road you've never seen on a mountain pass, taking it slow for the first time, then the 2nd, flooring it through the corners and, being skilled enough, take the corners head on, hitting the apex's and never once crashing, that's the new route Toyota is taking, lets hope they don't crash it

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They won't


Glad you can agree with me on that Dino, I'll shoot you an email about that build in a bit

Benjamín Inostroza

DIno apparently you forgot to note one of the nicest touches of the concept, the big 90 on the sides. A90 anyone?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Indeed, JZA90 :D


Please change the back of the car and put little like the old rear lights with new design.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't think that's happening


I can't find any reason to complain about this car, really, maybe the automatic transmission, probably the hybrid, but the fact that this car is so close to a bmw z4 almost make me hope that the final price could be something way more cheap than the 100k $ I was expecting. I mean this could actually be a car that in 10/15 years normal people like me could buy. It doesn't sound so bad to me, even if it's not the 3jz 100% jdm car everyone's wet dreams was all about.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thank you for having an open mind on this. Hell, at least they are getting off their asses and doing it, making cars that we want.





The Mark VI is out!


This looks good, but I just can't get past the fact that it still looks like a z4 with a bodykit. The gt86/brz was it's own car, but this looks like toyota has just modified a z4.

Still looking forward to seeing what the tuning industry cooks up though.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I personally think they look remarkably different for sharing a chassis. You do know we are talking about the 2019 Z4 yes?


Yeah, I know it's the 2019 Z4. What I meant was that it's not it's own unique design, they do look different, but you can definitely still see the z4 influence.

It would have been nice to get a completely unique design. That being said, I do very much like the look of the car, and you can NEVER complain about getting a new supra.

I'm looking forward to seeing if RIDOX do anything with this vehicle.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ridox and everyone else. Next year's TAS will be absolutely nuts with parts provided the street car comes out in time...


Dino, who designed/engineered the chassis? Was it BMW as well?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It was a collaboration it seems, so the main modular structure is the same, the each manufacturer has done what it needs to differentiate it and cater it to its needs. It certainly looks like the two cars are way different than say the Roadster and the Fiat 124


"Just make a Supra with 2JZ" HAHAHA

Where are all the R35 haters? "V6 eww, no manual eww" I don't see the R35 being a failure on the roads nor the track.

You won't buy this new Supra, so your opinions are irrelevant.


Dead on arrival. Costly well over the 30K target. Niche market toy that's not what we need. O well Toyota pretty much dead in engineering and hell bent on cost saving...


This will be huge. There is no way Toyota releases a new car with a supra badge and it's a failure.

Guaranteed, if this is an international release it will be huge. Australia is sorely missing in good RWD cars these days, with Holden going FWD for their vehicles. I really hope we get this. I just hope the government/toyota australia doesn't apply any extra 'fees' that bump the price too high.....

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I couldn't disagree more


Wow! Toyota actually have some balls (unlike Nissan) and stuck with an inline 6 turbo... granted it is a BMW power plant. That shows even more credibility by Toyota; with BMW having taken the inline 6 further in terms of development than any other maker, shows they are not afraid to collaborate with the best (arguably) engine tech.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It seems like it's one of the most viable ways to create cars that won't bring in the bigger profits. Fiat and Mazda have done it with the 124/Roadster/Miata and like everyone out there is thinking, I know it would be cool to have a 2JZ powering the new Supra, but it's just not going to happen. Engineering and developing a whole new engine takes an enormous amount of money, so it makes perfect sense to collab on it. At least Toyota are doing it. At least we have a new Supra, a new 86 (done with Subaru) and a new Roadster and the 124. Nissan should have a think

Brooke Whiting

Should be Barra powered

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL everything should be Barra powered!


As much as i like the idea of a inline 6 supra in 2018 it's a let down because it is NOT a Toyota.

What's the point of calling it a supra when clearly it is not, they could have used a toyota v6 platform and use an existing gearbox design then it would be an actual toyota not some crappy bmw inspired supra crap.

Disappointing and definitely nothing to get excited about as it will be an overpriced toyota that only rich knobbys can afford!


Why is everyone bitching about the shared motor!? These companies aren't growing their own organic alloys lovingly by hand, they buy metal in bulk that will (hopefully) meet the requirements. "It's not a Toyota heart" etc. Boo hoo. You want the iconic layout, check. Developed chassis, check. Top quality engine, check. And to do it on budget (someone writing they hope a TT IL6 RWD will be under $30k lol) they need to make choices re development vs delivery. The BMW engine is one of the best production lumps around AND the aftermarket will be far more motivated if their products fit more vehicles.

Matthew Dockery

It's a BMW without the kidney grills (not a fan) and a Toyota warranty. It should sell like water bottles in the Sarah Desert.


*Sahara Desert

Matthew Dockery



I have a problem with that hole on the nose. Toyota wants to make money clearly, and that's their sole goal, and to my personal view at least, Toyota is one of those companies that has very little emtions for the enthusiast base, It's not Porsche, so that's kinda expected.
Collabration on it's own isn't a public crisis, but choosing the Z4/Z5 platform is deffinately is. What does a hairdresser little bimmer has in common with the Supra? absolutely nothing, they could have picked some other platform, with simmilar dimensions, driving manners to the Supra.

The other thing, I thing Toyota could have dropped their own forced induced V6 into this thing, and it would have worked just fine.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Lexus has a 3L V6 TT now, could have worked too.

John Krzeminski

*yawn* it's a Z4 (aside from the racing bits) with a Toyota badge and some other Toyota bits thrown at it so they can slap the Supra nameplate on it and make easy bucks. The FT 1 concept from a few years ago seemed a lot more unique than this and the proportions were better. That being said, unless someone has stated that this is definitely going to production in this form (minus the racing aero, of course), I wouldn't be surprised if this is just another concept teaser in typical Toyota fashion. And everyone who is saying there should be a 2JZ in it... come on, use your brains. I'm sure tuners are already lining up to try and be the first to do that swap, but no way is Toyota going to put that old engine in a brand new car, no matter how good it may have been.


Think of it another way. What if someone bet their payrise just to display the LT1, it gets tons of interest but the economics aren't there. Some superhero inside of Toyota uses efficiency of shared platforms to get a project approved and to deliver it at a decent price. Do you choose this or no Supra at all? We don't know how it all went down but using smart solutions to deliver all parties is a win to me.

Matthew Dockery

This is how companies afford building performance cars now. Nothing is made for the general market that can't be cross pollinated to other platforms in some way, and increasingly companies (especially ones like Toyota that are numbers and market driven) will rely on cross brand partnerships to produce these machines. The R&D costs are just too high.

Who cares if it shares underpinnings and a motor with the new Z4. Toyota development is in there somewhere (hopefully reliability testing), and if it comes without the BMW badge premium, why would you ever complain?


I don't understand all the negative comments. Is it overhyped? No. Did we overhype ourselves? Yes, definitely. The new Supra will never be the same as the MKIV Supra. In this modern time with so many restrictions, there is no way it can have a 2JZ equivalent. It has a turbo inline six, which people hate already because it's from BMW. Well, BMW engineering is perfectly fine. It's a good brand with good cars. Do people like the M4? Yes, they do. So have faith the Z4/Supra collaboration will be good as well. Engineering won't be the problem, it's the expectations everyone has. That's the only problem with this car. As soon as Toyota showed the FT1 the automotive world went nuts. We just need to calm down, wait for the reviews of both the Z4 and Supra and then talk trash. With solid arguments, facts we can back up. Or regret this negative attitude we have towards a sportscar in times where a lot of manufacturers decide to stop making fun cars for enthusiasts.


BMW engineering is not "perfectly fine."

It's fussy and fragile compared to Toyota.


Do you have specific examples to show the N54 is "fragile"?


While the basic engineering of the hard parts is sound, the German luxury brands are so hung up on being "cutting edge" that they pack their vehicles full of half-engineered parts - electronics mainly - that haven't been fully developed for mass distribution.

So BMW straight sixes use plastic water pump impellers that shed vanes with a harsh word, Mercedes have wiring harnesses that disintegrate because their insulation is biodegradable and Audis...well, just Google that picture of Richard Dean Anderson standing next to his A6 Allroad with the hood up, stranded by the side of the road.

I wouldn't want to be known for making cars that even MacGyver can't fix.

Put another way, there was this exchange from The Red Green Show:

Harold: "Oh yeah, but is it CUTTING EDGE?"

Red: "Oh yeah, you could cut yourself real bad on the one edge there..."

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I have expected a lot of salty and hate comments in here, but damn, so many people criticizing the car when not a single detail of its specs has been revealed.

It is really ridiculous that so many people still live in ignorance that the JZ engines no longer meet modern day emission regulations. But for all we know, Toyota might rename the BMW motor as a JZ, just like how they renamed the GT86's boxer as a U engine, the old family code for their boxer engines.

As Tetsuya Tada has confirmed, there will be no manual option for this new car. This is not really a surprise, given its rivals (NSX and R35) are also paddle shift only. It might be disappointing, but it seems this is the way forward for modern supercars.

My only biggest criticism is the design. It looks to be smaller than the FT-1 Concept.


"but it seems this is the way forward for modern supercars."

Only if we allow it.

"The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves."


Toyota got me hype! I refuse to compare this to the JZA80. It's not the same car! I'm ready for it, Toyota is doing things and that's reason to be excited. They get criticized for years of making cars reliable and "boring", though that's what the market seems to want (with the exception of all of us car obsessed enthusiasts). Now they come out with an amazing concept and we trash it because it won't be a new JZA80? That's ridiculous. Let's have a think! This is exciting, give it a chance for what it is and is supposed to be, not what it isn't and never will be.

Cheers Toyota.


You're exactly right. So many enthusiasts spend all their time whingeing that manufacturers haven't brought out new versions of their celebrated performance cars (whether it's a Skyline, Silvia, Supra, RX-7, S2000, Civic Type-R, Integra Type-R, Ford Escort, whatever), and then when they finally do, the very same people whinge that it's not an exact replica of the old one - even if, like the Supra, each generation was quite different from the last! When a company like Nissan recognises that there is a market for a simpler kind of performance car - the 370Z - they cop a whole lot of flak for not releasing a totally new one of those every few years. You want your old-school performance thrills, where it's just you, the engine rear-wheel drive, and a full manual gearbox if you need that? There it is! Stop bitching and go buy one.

The new Supra still has an inline-6 with the same capacity as the old one, tonnes of tuning potential like the old one, there are recognisable styling cues of the old one, they've named it the JZA90 as a continuation of the old one, and it's front-engine, rear-wheel-drive - just like the old one. To top it off, if Toyota did drop their 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 in, which would also have been great, people would be losing their shit over the fact that it's not a Toyota inline-6. This will in all likelihood be an excellent car and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the road. If it doesn't have enough power for you, modify it. If it doesn't have the right gearbox for you, modify it. If it's too heavy or the taillights look wrong or you don't like the central front vent, modify it. Isn't that what we're here for?


Seriously F%^$! Toyota. I was hoping they would get this right but NOPE..They tease us with the FT1 for a few years then basically throw its lines on a new BMW Z4 and call it a supra. This pile of crap doesnt deserve the name. What is wrong with them? They have have so much goddamn money and engineers and cant make their own clean sheet sports car like they have done before.


They just announced that the production version won’t be revealed until 2019


Just a reminder that this is what a Supra looks like and not the heavily modified equivalent that's in your head.


One of the pro-Euro rags - I think it was Road & Track - said this car looked "angry" back when it debuted.

Please - the Mark IV has the happiest-looking face of any car on the road.


Thank you Paddy. I'm surrounded by these things here in Japan. You've got beat up old garbage examples, pristine examples, purist examples, modified examples, and everything in between. They're pretty ubiquitous and about as exciting as seeing a Mustang in the US.


i see another nsx like failure approaching .for years these concepts were all over the place people lost their attention waiting because of that today some unknown sports ev cars sounds more intersting


The NSX was only a 'failure' because too many people wanted it to be sub $60kUS. It's a supercar, and has a supercar price tag.

This supra will be success. There is 0% chance that it won't be. Maybe not in the US, but to be honest, who cares what the US thinks? Hell, their manufacturers still use leaf springs in their 'performance' cars......

Brennan McKissick

I don't understand all the hate. It honestly sounds like people were expecting Toyota to release a carbon copy of the mark IV Supra. Stop being unrealistic and understand that manufacturers have to share platforms to bring fun stuff to the market. What's wrong with a BMW inline 6 anyways? Those new motors are insanely good.


Probably because BMW is known to do mindbendingly stupid - but oh-so-typically German - things that Toyota would never dream of, like using plastic water pump impellers, relays, switches, stepper motors, actuators and cam phasers than can't make it to a hundred thousand miles.


Ok, let's do a 2jz swap.


After thinking about it, very unlikely it will use the S55 derivative and more likely it will use the B58. BMW at one stage did mention they will 'prolly' not do another Z4M.


I'm all aboard on the hype train for this :D

Can't wait to see what doors are going to open with the release of this car. This looks a lot more like the previous Supra than the R35 did to the R34, I am thankful for that.

Very exciting times! Go Japanese Tuners, Go! Go!


It's nice too see a new sportscar coming from the land of the rising sun. But you can't call it proper japanese if the heart is bmw : / That's the only thing that bothers me. And no offense at all to BMW, i know the make the most powerful and advanced engines in the world. Maybe my point of view will be a bit extreme... But with all my politeness and diplomacy, I believe the purists want a proper Toyota TRD engineered car, with a Toyota engine. Am I right or am i wrong? Up to you


Speedhunters Comment Section: I can't believe they're using a BMW engine. Should've just used 2JZ like everyone wanted.

Also Speedhunters Comment Section: Oh wow, M4 widebody with 700hp! So clean, unff and soooo JDM guys!




The main reason I don’t like the new Supra is because all I see is a BMW with a Toyota shell and badge. I would’ve liked it if it was powered by a turbocharged V6 made by Toyota. At this point I don’t care about the performance of the car or the looks. I’m disappointed that it’s powered by a BMW I-6. I have nothing against the BMW I-6 but I don’t think it should be put in a car that Toyota made so famous. I get that co development in cars is cheaper now but to me it makes cars have less character. To me the new Supra is a disgrace to the Supra name. While it looks good and will probably have decent performance, I have lost interest because it’s mostly BMW underneath and the car isn’t worthy of the now legendary Supra name.


Looks cool, but that bmw engine worries me... modern BMW engines are terribly unreliable