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Project RS4? Not very imaginative, is it?

It’s been almost three months since I picked up my Audi RS4 Avant, so I’m well overdue an SH Garage update. The truth is, I’ve not jumped straight in and made any major changes yet, and for a good reason.


I really don’t believe in modifying cars just for a sake of it, and when I narrowed my next car choice down to the B7 RS4 Avant I already knew that there probably wasn’t a huge amount that I’d want to do to improve it, initially at least.


The way I see it is that if you’ve bought a car that needs major changes making before you can really start to enjoy it, then you’ve bought the wrong car. Not that you have to justify it to anyone, but it’s just not how I go about things.


I viewed a fair few RS4s before settling on this one. There are pretty big variances in spec with this model, and I’ve fallen into the trap of buying an ‘almost right’ car before, only to spend lots of money and time getting to to a good starting point. When it came the RS4 it was only ever the Avant model; I knew I wanted one with the Recaro sports seats and flat-bottom steering wheel, black optics (black grille, window surrounds and exhaust tips), and the carbon dash trims.


The most common colours are black, silver and grey, so naturally I made life more difficult by only looking for Sprint Blue, Misano Red and Imola Yellow. The red wasn’t my first choice, but it’s pretty rare in the Avant body and I’m super happy with it.

Besides, red’s the fastest colour, everyone knows that.


I’ve been using the car far more frequently than I used my Honda S2000, mostly because of practicality. Photography is all about taking all of your kit with you, not using most of it, and then bringing it all home again with you. In this sense, the Avant is perfect; I can get everything in and out with ease, and the boot space makes it useful for shooting tracking shots from, too.


The Quattro AWD system means that there’s no shying away from inclement weather and, to be frank, it’s just damn good fun to drive. The car couldn’t be more different to the S2000. From a 2.0-litre four pot to a 4.2-litre V8; from a lightweight rear-wheel drive sports car to a heavy all-wheel drive estate. Adjusting to the Audi has definitely made me change my driving style to suit, but I’m finding an increased confidence in its road holding, and often find myself taking endless detours to drive it more.


The thing that I’m enjoying the most so far is there it’s a car that doesn’t really compromise in any areas of performance. I can take it to IKEA, load it up with flat-packs, drive it across a muddy field (if the desire takes me), and still get from 0-60mph in around 4.5-seconds on the way home. It’s really quite silly.


But now having put some miles on it, I’m getting a feel for what I want to improve on in due course.

Room To Improve

After picking up the car, my first job was to replace one of the rear parking sensors. I’m quite paranoid about parking the car out on the street because RS models are a pretty big beacon for thieves; there are waves of RS thefts that sweep through periodically, and if it’s not the cars going missing it’s the seats. A replacement pair of seats are reportedly £15k+ new from Audi, and you have to build them from a box of parts for that price. Therefore, garage essential, and sensors essential when you take into account just how little room I have when parking the car. It’s a bit tight.

I also had to replace the rear wiper motor which failed on the drive home. The stupid thing still does a terrible job of clearing the screen so I might remove it altogether. Still, small niggles that you expect with a used car.


The other changes I’ve made have mostly comprised of, well, un-modifying the car actually. It came into my possession wearing more badges than Audi released it from the factory with. A large ‘Quattro’ grille badge quick went into the bin, as did the two ‘V8’ badges from the front wings that someone saw the sense to add, along with a large Audi dealer rear plate surround. The result was something instantly cleaner and less cluttered. I’ve also ordered OEM silver badges for the front and rear to replace the carbon ones currently on the car. The private plate came with the car and I’m undecided as to whether it’s staying or not.


The black wheels are a sticking point at the minute; in photos I hate them but in person they’ve grown on me. They’ll stay put for the winter months while I decide whether to have them painted silver, or whether to swap them for something aftermarket. Whatever I choose it’ll be hard to match how well the OEM wheels suit the shape of the car.


The B7 RS4 is considered by many to be Audi’s best-handling RS model. My car is still running the original DRC (Dynamic Ride Control) suspension, a clever mechanical system which hydraulically links diagonally-opposed shock absorbers via central valves, regulating and controlling oil flow to the shocks which need the most support in corners. Sadly, it’s a system that’s notorious for failure. This car has had two shocks replaced already during its lifetime, so I’m well aware that at some point I’ll need to make the change to coilovers.


The big question is whether I do this preemptively and enjoy the car’s excellent handling as it was designed, or wait for a shock to fail and risk being car-less until the replacement is sourced. Either way, my aim will be to choose suspension that doesn’t compromise the car’s handling ability too much. At the same time I’ll probably do a full suspension arm/bushing check over and see what needs replacing. This isn’t a track car, but maintaining a tight feel for fast road driving is essential.


In terms of engine performance, there’s no major leaps in performance available without dropping some serious wedge. The naturally aspirated V8 puts out around 420hp if you believe Audi’s book figures, or roughly 380hp by most real-world measurements. The reason for the drop is that the engine features FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection), adding fuel directly to the combustion chamber, rather than into the intake or ports. It’s better for efficiency and emissions, but comes with a downside – carbon build up.


Without the fuel to ‘cleanse’ the intake and valves, carbon deposits build up over time, making the intake system less efficient and sapping power. My car was dyno measured at 395hp last year so there’s definitely some build up present, although I’ve heard of RS4s dropping into the low 300s, so it’s not the worst. There’s some debate as to whether it’s worth doing a full carbon clean, as the deposits often return within a few thousand miles, however, a spot of frequent ‘Italian tuning’ (running the car up to redline at full load) can help keep it at bay.


I’m currently investigating options to get this work done along with some modifications to the inlet manifold and a ECU remap. Final results for all of the above are typically in the region of 440hp, with greatly increased throttle response.


After that the only option for more power is supercharging, which brings things up to 600-700hp, but leaves an approximate £14,000-sized hole in the wallet. No thanks.


At some point along the way I’d like to get a bit more of a growl out of the V8 with a full exhaust, and possibly an intake system too. That’ll do.


Otherwise, the car’s bodywork is in pretty good shape. There’s a bit of bubbling on the edges of the front arches which is a common issue on most VAG models, and one that I’ll get sorted next year when I get the wheels painted.


The interior is in good shape too, although a touch of leather care wouldn’t go amiss.

I’m also currently living with the outdated OEM Audi sat nav and media system with a third-party Bluetooth hands-free receiver. I’m no audiophile, but the OEM Bose speaker system does the job for me. Swapping in a modern sat-nav CarPlay system would make a big difference in terms of user interface, however..


So now we’re up to speed on the car and it has the proper intro that it deserves. The changes I’m planning all focus on improving the driving experience, without deviating too far from what I believe is an amazing car as standard.

The project really could do with a better name though…

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters
Facebook: Jordan Butters Photography



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Paint the wheels white!


I think the only time it's acceptable to have white wheels on a red car is when they're OZ Rally wheels or TE37s.


Decision made then, white TE37s.


Or Porsche BBS Turbofans. Those are art.


Project Redsled FTW.


Radio Flyer?


Rotiform have a good selection of rims that I personally think would set the car off, or how about a set of Sender Turbo 2s for an Old Skool look?


*Zender not Sender (unless they are coming by Mail Order?)


I think Zender Turbo II wheels only came in 15 or 16-inch, might make for an interesting look!

10 have a 18x8 called R50 which uses the same style as the older Turbo rims as I'd be extremely wary about going down to 16" as it'd probably involve downsizing the Brake Discs which with such a big heavy vehicle wouldn't be advisable? Sorry if that makes your choice of rims wider than you already had. lol


The stock wheels are 19x9 with a 255 all around so I'd be reluctant to go below that.


Haha! Might be a bit tight on the front brakes?


I say keep the stock suspension and enjoy it until it craps out on itself, then spend a day or two converting to coilovers. And i'd also keep the private plate and hang it in my garage or something, and maybe get your own private plate if you want. And I wonder how this car will look with Fifteen52 tarmacs. Probably pretty sweet.


with all due respect, I think the current wheels already look fantastic/better.


A set of RPF1’s with meaty tyres and a new name: Project ButteRS


*ding ding* We have a new project name!




Too late, already updated the tags.


Happy to help, i love brainstorming for (great in my opinion) puns!

*BUTTERS* personalised plates could also work however after running them on a previous car i now prefer to be unrecognized.

I think wheels in a bright silver/bronze CE28 would look insane as well, black wheels get lost with the red


Great car, but I nominate this as speedhunters most boring "project car." Well, this car or Dino's bimmer.


It's a naturally aspirated V8 wagon with 400+bhp. Jordan's literally just got out of the blocks with it, give the man a chance!


Please do elaborate, I’m interested to hear why you feel this way…


Yeah, do elaborate. This is one of my favorites. But fast wagons just do it for me.


I hope this is a nudge for more project drop top coverage because that bimmer is menacing.


wagonhunters.... it's happening -_-


Serious advice: do not get rid of the rear windshield wiper. You will regret that, I promise you. A bad windshield wiper is like pizza. It sucks, but it's still pizza right?


Pizza never sucks.


a bad wiper is like **bad** pizza. End of the day it's still pizza which NEVER sucks.




You have a nice car.

If I was live in your country, probably I buy it one of those...

And So what is all about this article.

Is there a quota for submitting articles ???.


If you were expecting a finished project straight away then you’re missing the very point of a SH project and the difference between a project car and a feature car. Everything starts somewhere and hopefully future updates will be more tonyour taste.


Your car. You have. It is nice.


It won't be a Speedhunters project car until you get sent a set of RAYS wheels to put on it.


Someone says this on every SH project story (it might be you?) and I always reply with a list of links to all the project cars NOT running RAYS wheels. Not this time, however.

If you're going to be lazy with your comments then I'll start being lazy with my responses.


Maybe you shouldn't be so lazy with your editing.


"The way I see it is that if you’ve bought a car that needs major changes making[sic] before you can really start to enjoy it, then you’ve bought the wrong car."

Seems a bit holier than thou in its delivery. I bought a car that needed major changes before I "could really start enjoying it" and it's amazing and couldn't be further from "the wrong car". Time to recheck your ego there Butters.

This article ranks pretty low on the SH spectrum.


Being allowed to present my opinion, as you are allowed to present yours is OK with me. And I do commend you for searching for any grammatical errors – I'm only human and there will be a few in there I'm sure.

However, I'm on the fence on your example – although 'bought; implies past tense, the 'changes' are referred to in the future continuous tense. If you conjugate 'make' into the future continuous tense you get 'making' rather than 'made'.


No, I'm not the 'one' one who says this on every SH project story - I've never seen you post a list of links either. I did a search of the website for the word 'project', and listed every SH project car that came up that has aftermarket wheels. I'll admit, I only went through the first 10 pages of results so I may have missed some...

Project GTI - RAYS
Project Yankee - RAYS
Project Trailhunter - FUEL
Project GTR - RAYS
Project Drop Top - BBS
Project Eco-Boost - RAYS
Project ZN6 - RAYS
Project Z - FATLACE
Project 33 - RAYS
Project Nine - RAYS
Project X - RAYS
Project Fujispeed - RAYS
Project Volvo - RAYS
Project EVO - RAYS
Project 996 - HRE
Project 991 - RAYS
Project Leroy - RAYS
Project EVO (Suzy) - RAYS

So, out of 19 cars, only 5 aren't running a set of RAYS wheels, and no other manufacturer makes my list more than once. I think that works out at 76% of the list of Project Cars running RAYS.

Just please, think outside of the box.


I honestly didn't know half those projects existed.


Fair play, that is some serious science. I don't even like Jordan very much, but now I like him even less, because he has been out-scienced! A lot of the projects you've listed are no longer in the Speedhunters Garage. Speedhunters is lucky to have brands support the site and RAYS is one of those brands. Therefore, they often get approached when we Speedhunters are working on a project. A while ago, RAYS was the only Official Supplier Speedhunters worked with when it came to wheels, hence the high number of cars running their parts. We ran Rotiform wheels on the RWB POrsche we put together for SEMA last year. I have run Rotiform wheels on my F80 M3, although it is currently sat on a set of RAYS TE37s (the old style) that I purchased from my friend a couple of weeks ago. They're kind of bashed about, but I absolutely love them. The car will be back on 20-inch Rotiform KPS this week again, though. As Speedhunters, we do think outside the box, but sometimes, when you have Official Suppliers that sponsor the site, the answer is already within the box. I hear what you're saying, but I hope my response gives you some insight.


I don't even like Jordan at all



It's not SH's fault Rays has talented designers. If you build your car based purely on what everyone else ISN'T doing, you're bound to be disappointed in your own investment eventually.


You missed Larry's FJ on Enkeis, Ben's F80 on Rotiforms and Louis 'McRae' Yio's Rally car on OEM+. But hey, details.

Other than investing in high quality wheels being high on the list of priorities, RAYS are also a site sponsor, so they help support Speedhunters. It makes perfect sense that we show our support back.


Don't lose the Sat Nav.... whilst its outdated its OEM and looks classy. Replacing that with an aftermarket looks cheap! Just use your android and google maps ;) Also keep everything you replace, these are going to be appreciate at some point and I am certain whoever you sell it on to will pay more if you include the OEM parts.


I get what you're saying completely. I think there's a way to update the sat nav to one from a newer Audi from 2013 but event then that'd be out of date now. It's a shame as it's essentially a big waste of dashboard space currently!


There's got to be some kind of high end unit that could replace it.
I've had this thought in the back of my head for a while: as car technology improves (particularly in the interior and the driver experience) we're going to see beautiful well kept cars with, not only outdated, but obsolete components. The aftermarket is going to have to adapt and give us more "future proof" replacement parts. idk


I shared some very similar thoughts earlier this year –


How are you finding it running cost wise? Dont think I would ever own an Audi unless it was under warranty, there is to much to go wrong. But this does look the part, and i can appreciate the engineering aspects of the car. Glad your enjoying it!


It's not terrible so far to be honest. I'm averaging around 23mpg in total since I picked it up, highs of 26mpg on a steady run and lows of 16/17mpg around town and under load. I'm under no illusions that running costs aren't pretty high in terms of repair and replacements – a pair of front discs and pads is something daft like £1300, and tyres in these sizes aren't cheap. Servicing is pretty cheap if nothing needs fixing, however.


Yeah, that is the sort of thing that puts me off a car like that. Is it this engine that has the problem with the timing chain? £1300 for discs and pads is bonkers!


It's the S4 V8 that has the timing chain issues – same displacement, but completely different engine. The RS4 delivers (much more) power in a very different way and revs a lot more freely. I believe it's down to the chain guide and tensioner material. The S4 uses plastic components and the RS4 metal, IIRC, or something like that.


Personally, I think the car is screaming for a set of wheels that are bright silver, or maybe darker gray with some polished accent somewhere. With the black trim package it's very... modern -- but in the bad way. Something happened in the 90s or early 2000s and there was way too much chrome, then everyone decided that they never wanted chrome again and painted EVERYTHING black (wheels are the worst offenders by far).

Maybe something with some more meaty looking spokes as well. I know they'll probably be heavier than something like and RPF1 or whatever the large diameter equivalent is, but you've got 400hp so who really gives a rat's behind.

The original silver Audi badges will help this a lot as well.


I agree – you see a lot of modern OEM 'sporty' cars on black wheels and I don't really understand why. I think bright will work with the colour, however I can't get naughty thoughts of 19x10 TE37s in bronze out of my head.


no, steal dino's bbs from the bimmer


I really think Audi estates suit BBS wheels (most variants in honesty), I think a nice fresh silver would give a very clean look....OEM+.


A set of BBS Splitrims would be my second choice but unfortunately it's been overdone by 90% of the VAG community, the other 10% seems to have more disposable income & Rotiform seems to be another Go-to for VAG vehicles


Can't go wrong with TE37s. Bronze is, in my opinion, a little bit of a fad color -- but you're right, red is one of the right colors for bronze wheels.


Avant one, I really do. She's in meticulous condition Jordan!


I see what you did there and I commend your work.


Thank you. Keep up the great photos and reads.


Audi you come up with such great puns?


Haha Brilliant. R don't know?


I'm just going to leave this here Jordan...



That thing is truly crazy. I enjoy corners and an abundance of cylinders, however.


If only the commute to work was without corners.


There's an abrupt s-bend on the corridor between my bedroom and my office, but I know the right line to take now. Providing my slippers have good enough grip, I'm pretty quick through there.


Haha. You've put a lot of thought into such a short commute.


I get this article, and a worthwhile submission for a project.

It's the steps everyone goes through when picking up a used car. Sort out the niggles and issues for a good base, and then improve.
Looks like a good start, I'd love a fast wagon, (Do a lot of sports such as surfing, WW kayaking etc) but roofbars on my R53 Mini suffice for now and tick the track car box!


Thanks for reading. I've always approached my cars like this – get to know how it drives, handles and feels before jumping in an making changes. I've never understood when people start changing parts before they've lived with a car – you don't know if you're making improvements or making it worse.


Subtle drop in suspension through some springs or coilovers and have the wheels resprayed in a titanium/silver look with red centre caps and it would be lovely. Other than that, the B7 RS4 is a car I'd like to own so I look forward to seeing more and more posts of how you get on.


Project Vorsprung!!!


Also whats with all the negative comments in this thread? If someone doesnt like the post they should move on to the next one...knocking someones car down doesnt build you up in any way, you just come across as a douche....


I mean.. it's kinda just about taking the bad with the good. This is the internet, and that means a lot of people are saying things that they wouldn't necessarily utter out of their mouths. For instance, in reality I wouldn't lecture some random person on the understanding of negative commentary, but here I am.
You're allowed to give negative opinions. From your own logic, shouldn't the positive commentors simply ignore the negatives and move on?


I quite like this.


My project name suggestion or the mini rant on the negativity?




Vorsprung means progress too. i think we have a winner.


Woohoo!!! Life goal achieved....yes I set low life goals for myself :) Make sure to tag me in all posts going forward so I can brag to my friends @yusuf_adams786 on instagram


Nice try but no sale. Everyone knows that black has always been the fastest color. Red is for those who want to APPEAR to be fastest...




Buy me a superchager Ryan.


Is a superchager like a supercharger, but more chager?


I just assumed Ryan was from Boston...


There are way too many ah's for this guy to be from boston


I think the one without the R is the non-race version?


Charger diet




Water/meth injection can keep that carbon at bay, and provide a little more power.


you're right, this can help - not from a power addition perspective but it can help keep things clean in the inlet tract. I haven't seen anything, but I bet a revised breather system (that doesn't care for emissions) would help too. There's lots of options for the TFSi but not much for the RS4, which for all intents and purposes is really 2x 2.0 TFSi



orders a bumper from japan> Notices A SH Project Article.

(. ゚ー゚)


d(>_・ )


replace the (stuff in the things with the required stuff)


Please don't post modified links to try and get around the automatic spam filters, we have to check them manually every time and it's a major PITA.


I've always had a soft spot for B7 RS4, would look awesome with British racing green and a set of copper anodized wheels
if this isn’t a track car then go for air suspension
and why not keeping those carbon badges, they match vary well with carbon intake , carbon dash trims and black optics.


Project Big Red could be an option.

Also f**k all these eejits (ask Paddy about that one). Its your car and they are your thoughts its great to be able to look into another car enthusiasts head and see what makes them tick and thats what speedhunters is all about to me, The day you listen to other people is the day your project is no longer yours.


395hp measured on a chassis dyno or engine dyno?



It would be quite expensive to remove the engine for a dyno run...


I suppose expensive is relative to the individual. Reason I ask is because of these statements:

The naturally aspirated V8 puts out around 420hp if you believe Audi’s book figures, or roughly 380hp by most real-world measurements… My car was dyno measured at 395hp last year so there’s definitely some build up present, although I’ve heard of RS4s dropping into the low 300s, so it’s not the worst.

So far as I'm aware, Audi, or NO manufacturer makes rwd claims, so is Audi claiming that this car makes 420 horsepower to the wheels? If his car is measuring 395 at the crank, then that's way more than 420 flywheel. More like 460-465 flywheel. The numbers aren't adding up if this is a chassis dyno reading.


Audi, like every manufacturer on earth quote flywheel BHP as a power figure. This is a verified engine dyno tested figure that they to to market with. They do not dyno every engine, nor would they dyno every car.


Nearly all German manufacturers measure in estimated flywheel horsepower, crank / flywheel horsepower are the same measurement.


So what power is he losing if he's measuring 395 to the wheels and Audi is claiming 420 at the flywheel LOL WTF?


It's because of the carbon buildup in the inlet tract. It really suffocates these engines and once clean I've seen cars go from 330bhp (flywheel of course) to the correct 420bhp in an afternoon. Check the picture of the inlet valves on this car I've attached, it's part of an article by Regal Autosport that explains this issue a little further. They are almost all like this and it saps power. Imagine if your car had 50% of the inlet valves blocked! Check the explanation here:


That's a dirty, dirty port.


If you bothered to read the story (LOL WTF?) Jordan has explained this. It’s 420 stock and making a claimed 395hp, because of carbon build up.


LOL thanks, I read the article Ben. How does he know it's making a claimed 395 horsepower AT THE FLYWHEEL!?

Any reasonable person in this field understands that most people are using chassis dynos for measurements. So when someone says, my car makes XXX power, it's at the wheels from a chassis dyno. HE DIDN'T SPECIFY he was guessing. He gave no specifics as to how his car was measured(chassis or engine dyno). So reasonably, I figured it was 395 AT THE WHEELS since it's highly unlikely he would remove the engine to measure at the crank.

What are you getting?


In the UK we always quote ATFW, it's almost never WHP. It's a culture thing, in the US everyone uses WHP to compete or compete with each other, we just don't do that. We rarely compare dyno figures in a competitive sense, more in a diagnostic manner. Jordan's car was (chassis) dynod before he got his hands on it and it made 395bhp (at the flywheel.) Almost all reputable tuners in the UK will have a calculated Flywheel output based on actual drivetrain losses. These are not made up but rather calculated on the run down, with the car in neutral. It's a very accurate way of measuring drivetrain losses and is the norm in the UK and indeed the majority of Europe.


He's estimating 395 at the flywheel.


As above - the dyno figure is measured at the wheels and then converted to an estimated flywheel figure. As is the regular practice when it comes to RR tuning. Of course dyno figures don’t matter in real world terms, and it’s not scientific, but gives you an idea of how close to the book the engine is.


So what was your chassis dyno measurement? The article just says

My car was dyno measured at 395hp last year so there’s definitely some build up present


What person would think that this was 395 at the crank if you measured this on a chassis?


An N/A RS4 would NEVER make 395WHP. It's simply not possible when you consider that Audi themselves quote a just run in, perfect operating condition RS4 to make 420 at the flywheel. That would mean Jordans car is an astonishing 450-470bhp (at the flywheel) stock machine. But hey, who knows... maybe it's got a Rotex hiding in there somewhere?


Literally everyone whom has had a car dynoed in Europe. It's very rare to be supplied with wheel horsepower figures here.


It's rare to be supplied with wheel horsepower!? What the hell are they using to measure the power? A chassis dyno can ONLY MEASURE WHEEL POWER. Please explain how the chassis dynos in Europe are being hooked up to a flywheel to measure flywheel power of an engine LOL.


I think it was said twice that chassis dyno readings are converted, and that it's an inexact science.


As explained above, in Europe we quote engine power at he flywheel, measured at the wheels and calculating drivetrain loss. The car has around 21% drivetrain loss so that’s 312ish whp. Now to compare that figure to Audi’s book you also need to convert their flywheel figure to whp (332). It’s the same thing, just said in a different way.

Isn't pedanticism fun?


I feel like you're burrowing into a hole with no treasure at the end here now. No one quotes wheel power in the UK or Europe. I think everyones repeating themselves on that. Jordan will have a WHP figure for this car, probably around the 330-340bhp ballpark without getting a calculator out. It's simply that in Europe we do not talk WHP, it's engine power at the flywheel that we are interested in. You say tomato we say tomato.


We've had this conversation before.

They're calculating the flywheel power on the rundown. When you do a power run, the run up is under engine power to the redline. From the redline back down is coasting, engine goes to idle and drivetrain runs down by the rollers. The drag on the rollers is caused by drivetrain, which gives an accurate drivetrain loss.


I have Volk ZE40s on mine, get compliments constantly, though the OEM wheels are classics.


Nice! Got any pictures?


Here you go. Not great, but all I have for now.


Damn, they suit it pretty well. What size are you running?


275/30/19 MPSS


that's a hell of a look!


Thanks. The Bilstein PSS9s give it the perfect stance imho.


I had the exact same Suspension Set up on my Silver Avant but with the standard 19" wheels, and it did look cool! I also felt it didn't compromise the ride at all


Did you uprate the ARBs too? I don't mind a marginally firmer ride, it's just grip/cornering ability I don't want to upset.


I didn't do the ARBs but never felt it had a problem in the bends on the standard set up.


The car looks sooo good! The engine the carbon omg...I want one. Wheels, I actually think(i might be crazy) some SSRs would looks sick, chrome outline and black or some Rotiforms.


Probably wouldn't post that info, mate.


The only other color those rims should be is that carbon green-grey color like the manifold cover. That would make them pop without taking away from the red.


Project Postman Pat?


What has the maintenance costs been roughly?


As of this point just the small points mentioned that I had to fix and gallons upon gallons of 99RON.


Keen to see how this one comes along. Just out of interest, where abouts did you do the shoot? Looks mighty flat out there. Fens?


I'm from deep Fenland originally, but more central now – my ears pop on speedbumps.
I guess you could say that these were shot on the edge of the Fens though.


Thought it looked familiar. I had to do a hill start on a local bridge for my driving test years ago! Id keep the plate personally. Doesn't scream private but for people who know the car model i think its a nice discrete touch.


Haha I remember being taught a hill start and thinking 'when the hell am I ever going to use this skill?!'


I love this car. This may not be the most involved build on Speedhunters but cant argue with a 400+ HP wagon (with ECU tune) being a damn worthy car to rock. Does it have speed yes did you hunt for it yes. :) I agree that when it comes to a daily driver, if you don't buy the closest thing to what you actually want then you're going to waste a ton of cash getting it there. I feel the same way about my MKVII GTI which, by the way, could use a set of Ray's Wheels.


I love this car. It kills me that they don't sell the Avant in the states. I think the black wheels fit this car and I'm not always a huge fan of black wheels. These OEM wheels happen to look great in black.


Project RS know, because it's a RS Estate.


Nice car but it sounds like you cant afford it. Kind of sounds like a lot of newer Mustang owners when they spend the big bucks for a 40K+ GT and wonder why tires are $400+ a pop. Anyway you picked up one heck of a car and because its really nice packaged car, its going to cost a lot to even try to raise the bar of it even higher. Carbon buildup on the intake valves are your least concern.


Thanks for reading, and your opinion. I’m not sure what else to say to this.


my mates got one of these hes been rallying the arse off for the past few months i got to say its such a good car had the manifold replaced by audi just before he got it and see redline more or less everytime the gear is changed , was out last night doing donuts in her.
hes also doing his rallying the interior its coming on very well
[Rs4 rally car](


Does ‘rallying’ just mean ‘throwing rubbish in the footwells’ ?


I’ve got a red RS4 saloon myself, fantastic car that just does everything so well, isn’t as raw as the evo 5 it replaced but it’s a different driving pleasure.

I’d love to see somebody home brew rear mount turbo one of these, there’s a lad in the states that has a single turbo mounted behind the rear bumper on his B7 S4 and he makes 600BHP comfortably on standard internals, RS4 is apparantly safe to 850BHP so could be done quite cheaply and would make it a missile


Project Red Rocket.


There can't be many photographers with red RS4's can there? I'm sure I saw you loading gear into this beast yesterday at Bicester Heritage.