This ’90s-Inspired Skyline Hits The Spot
A Little Slice Of Tokyo In Britain

Think ‘Nissan Skyline’ and where does your mind take you?

Is the first image that comes into your head that of a big-power BNR34 GT-R spooling up as it exits Tokyo’s Tatsumi PA? Or perhaps it’s an immaculate KPGC10 Hakosuka sat low and wide over a set of RS Watanabe wheels?

For me it’s a simple one: a pristine R32 on a nice set of wheels with some tasteful and appropriate modifications in just the right places. A car that I could pull out of the garage on a nice weekend and enjoy some twisting B-roads with. It seems like I share the same vision as Rich Tapp, whose vibrant red R32 GTS-t most definitely caught my eye, and deserved admiration, at Players Show 10 the other weekend.


For many, the early-to-mid-’90s represents the golden age of the Japanese car scene. The likes of Nissan, Toyota and Mazda offered exciting and powerful rear- and four-wheel drive sports coupes that became the foundation for an entire aftermarket industry. In my eyes, cars from this era are not only fantastic driving machines, but they’re also far better looking than any of their modern counterparts.


It wasn’t always this way for Rich’s R32 though. While it was a Skyline, it started out life as a gunmetal grey GTS, packing an automatic gearbox and non-turbo, rather lifeless, RB20DE engine, and he drove it every day. But after 18 months or so of ownership, an RB20DET and manual conversion was swapped into place, in the name of driving thrills of course.


The Skyline’s exterior has been tastefully overhauled with a smattering of choice parts. An R32 GT-R bonnet, front bumper, splitter, grill and rear spoiler were sourced and swapped on alongside a set of GTS-t Type M side skirts. The whole lot has been finished off in a brilliant shade of Mazda True Red.


With what is possibly my favourite name for an aero part ever, the GT-R rear spoiler has been further improved with the addition of a Fujimara Auto Rocket Dancer Carbon Rocket Flap. Brilliant.


The front wings were flared and reshaped by hand while the rear arches were also flared and stretched to accommodate the 17×10-inch +12 OZ Futura three-piece wheels.

Rich tells me that the wheels themselves were custom made from a set of genuine Nissan-fitment 17×9-inch Futuras that were offered on a limited edition R32 GT-R – can anyone shed any light on this?


The modifications carry over to the interior where Rich has blended a collection of period-correct JDM parts with some motorsport-inspired additions.


A pair of red Motordrive seats with Sabelt harnesses take pride of place, while a Momo steering wheel and Nismo gearknob keep Rich in control. An Alpine headunit and Carrozzeria illuminated rear shelf speakers provide the entertainment.

I also appreciated the odd JDM trinket that Rich had adorned the interior with at Players Show. It was like a small slice of Tokyo, in Essex.


The Skyline has been brought closer to the ground by a set of Tein coilovers, Rich opting for GT-R units in the front as they offer a greater scope for lowering. The car is also poly-bushed all around to keep it feeling tight on the twisties, while an R32 GT-R brake setup has been swapped in to make sure the R32 stops promptly when it needs to.


This is the second RB20DET that’s found its way under the bonnet, after the first recently decided it had had enough of life. For the time being, things remains relatively standard, with just the addition of a full stainless exhaust system, A’PEXi intake, front-mounted intercooler and hybrid turbo. However, Rich has plans for a bit more power, and to tidy up and smooth the engine bay.


Less is definitely more when it comes to fun weekend toys like this. I can’t think of a single thing I’d change.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: driftagram / jordanbutters
Jordan Butters Photography

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Love this car


One of the South West's best no question :)


Nice looking car, the r32's have always appealed more to me, and  in some ways it reminds me of one that was in fast car a long time ago. That one was also a gt-s and the only mods were wheels, suspension and paint


(it's actually from the 90s tho)


bien Rich Tapp and nice name


This sits very nicely, exactly how I like it - a balance between looks and function, and although this car will definitely stand out, it's reasonably subtle


Sweet ride. They definitely look much better than their modern counterparts, I agree. Cars nowadays need to go on a diet lol.


The wheels are more or less perfect for the car, great choice!


No overfenders, no air suspension, no stupid camber adjustments, just a quality car that looks like it`s been built on a budget and looks top class!!!
Jordan knocking the features out of the park lately! keep `em coming dude


Killer R32, the lighting for these shots is soo well captured. Excellent work.


What is a "front wing"?


Floodo1 Front wing is front fender in US, fender always sounds strange over this side of the pond


Tinj the photos are amazing, usually lighting inside has strange shadows and/or reflections but there are so many here I`m saving for new wallpapers


Love a good R32, and man, this is beautiful. Just gonna say, not jealous in the slightest..... nope, not at all....

Totally winning at the 90's looks, great pics Jordan


Rims are possibly modeled off of the N1 R32, someone made a post about one a while back, search for it.


I think it's a bit too conservative looking..


Too low for my taste.. aside from that.. perfection!


@mememe Floodo1 Do people from the US call them wing mirrors or fender mirrors? Often wondered that.


@mememe Tinj There are some odd reflections here but it was shot in one position at Players Show so I couldn't do much about that. A circular polarising filter and double-polarising some of the shots helps though.


Very nice and subtle, just my kind of an R32. I've also started to develope a taste for the color red in cars, in recent years. Maybe it's because you don't see this kind of color on cars that often anymore? On this Skyline, the red looks especially good!


Ok, now take a picture of this same car using a film camera. Process the film and voila! It looks like a true 90's-era machine. I got a film camera, who got films and skills to process them?


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@Nick lemme guess, it needs to have a large obnoxious spoiler and a rocket bunny kit and over fenders the whole 9 right? gotta look fresh right? stance nation right? fuck the new age of tuning, this is how it is supposed to be. old school, dbag


I love this car. There was onenear my house before I moved. I It was so clean and low.  It was dark metallic blue with very low suspension (so slow to get over the bump from the street to the driveway lol) it even had a katakana speedhunters sticker on the back of the GT-R spoiler.  And the exaust sounded awesome.  probably my favorite car


Jordan_Butters Floodo1 Fender mirrors, in my circle anyway. We didn't really get them here though, so you only hear them talked about as aftermarket parts.


@Roy Boy did you ever take that one over the top. And ended it calling him a dbag...buddy I think you may wanna look in the mirror for that comment.


This is perfection. The world needs more cars like this.


YES! Clean, simple, yet effective modifications. A beautiful car that you would want to drive every moment pissible. Love it! More features like this please!


thatdudethatdrives LOL nope, N1s came with standard 5 spoke or V-Spec mesh style wheels depending on manufactured year. The special edition mentioned in the article is probably these:
I've seen quite a few of the OZ wheels for sale in 17x9+20 so I guess they were 90's GT-R wheels to have back then *shrugs*.


When I think of  skylines I think a 25de+t r33 sedans ripping up industrial areas


Period correct styling and modifications up until we get to them stretch tites and near slam


niZmO_Man thatdudethatdrives I'm not sure, they don't look like Futuras.


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@mememe I wish I had cash in my budget build for custom OZ Futuras :P
Definitely one of the few features on here lately where I've thought to myself, "I would totally drive that."


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D1RGE :3 muah are you overly sensitive too? should I send you a tissue and a card for your sensitive heart?


Maybe for those who live outside of Japan, but the Japanese have been sliggity slamming their cars and running aggressive wheel and tire fitments for decades. But you're right, for people like this, it's just a trend they'd only latched on to in the past few years, if even that long.


JeremieSunico Thank goodness is doesn't have 'period correct' wheel gap lol. We now have incredible variety of economical wheel & tire sizes. Same goes for suspension. Easy to take it for granted.


@Roy Dude?!? The guy says that in his opinion, the car is a bit too "conservative"... and you call him names and talk shit? Just go back to reddit or facebook with that nonsense man. Us readers here at SpeedHunters value each others opinions and appreciate being privy to information and pictures of things that may be outside of what we would come across in our day to day existence. We sure as hell don't start talking trash because someones opinion of a car differs from our own.


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It's clear to me that the writer of this article does not know what 90's period correct actually looks like. This is what 90's correct looks like. Please, go back in time and relearn Japanese automotive culture.


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bluestreaksti haha aye man the largest at the time was 16"-17" for commercially available and affordable wheels. We can't blame them LOL!


cynicalyricist I can only recall tire stretch associating with Kaido racer vehicles during that time.




Nothing as funny as someone outside of Japan trying to make their car look 'Japanese'! Ramune? Seriously? Like a kindergarten bus? Someone buy this kiddie a can of Boss black!!!!
At least there's no fake Nihon plates...


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I have to agree with this post 100% , 80s~90s are the greatest eras in Automative history!!!


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niZmO_Man thatdudethatdrives No, he's right. N1 as in Group N racing. The NISMO LM-GT1 wheels you could buy for your GT-R were modeled off the center lock wheels as seen on the Calsonic R32. These Futuras are pretty close to that look, but way easier to find than real LM-GT1s. (I know, I've been looking)


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TBAL 90's inspired - not 'period correct'


@Kuroneko only a bit of fun - not to be taken too seriously, cans of Boss are hard to come by in the UK


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