From Nonexistent To Booming: GT Show China 2024

As the sun fell towards the horizon, casting its warm glow over the bustling streets of Suzhou, a new chapter in Chinese car culture unfolded last weekend.

Since 2017, the GT Show has celebrated China’s growing interest in modified cars. Now, that interest is surging.


It’s as if a dormant volcano has suddenly erupted, spewing a molten stream of creativity and adrenaline-fueled fervor onto Chinese streets.


From supercars and sports machines to rugged off-roaders, the diversity displayed at the Suzhou International Expo Center during GT Show 2024 mirrors the kaleidoscope of dreams and aspirations held by local enthusiasts.


The explosion of automotive content on social media platforms has turbocharged enthusiasm for car culture over the past few years. A new generation of car-loving kids, weaned on games like Need for Speed, are now stepping into driver’s seats in the real world.


During this three-day event, the spotlight gleamed brightest when high-profile actor Daniel Wu unveiled his hotly anticipated Nissan 400Z. The assembled crowd held their phones aloft, eagerly awaiting this automotive revelation like pilgrims at the altar of horsepower.


Amidst the exhibition, Simon Garage’s booth stole my heart with a Mini and two Celicas meticulously crafted over three years. The attention to detail these cars possess left onlookers gobsmacked.


The 1087X booth was one of the liveliest spots at this year’s event. The RC drift playground drew constant crowds, but Chinese drift queen Echo and YouTuber Leoleogh’s sleek new Supra build stole the spotlight. That’s not all, though.


In the far corner of the booth sat a Chang’an Xingguang micro truck. This Chinese charmer – the base model having been inspired by Suzuki’s ST30 Carry from the ’80s – rocked a JDM custom car vibe. Standout features included a rear wing-turned-front lip and an exhaust shaped like a giant ‘6’ – a nod to gaming ‘campers’. This little beast even blows bubbles!


Six RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsches made a triumphant return to GT Show 2024. While the allure of RWB may no longer be novel, each Akira Nakai creation still commands attention.


With an increasing presence of Chinese car brands at the show, the NIO ET5T has become a darling of the modified car scene, especially among those with a penchant for high-performance wagons. This Shylock build ticked all the boxes.


Then there’s the Deepal SL03, this one modified by Leoleogh and equipped with an active ground effect system and what looked like four missile pods at the rear. It was as attention-grabbing as it is innovative.


In this collision of cultures, China’s burgeoning modified and custom car scene shines bright with innovation and nostalgia as it carves a unique path while embracing the JDM influence.


I also witnessed the torch-passing of automotive culture; parents passionately explained car modifications to their kids, some barely reaching the height of a bosozoku-style exhaust pipe.


At the GT Show 2024, Chinese car culture roared louder than ever. It is clear: passion fuels innovation, and the future of automotive artistry in China is very bright.

Bruno Han
Instagram: panin1x


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Why only 1 pic of the blue Ferrari?!! That thing looks wicked! Post more pics!!


This is a fun article to forget about all the atrocities this country commits against its citizens and the world at large. I was curious about the Deepal SL03 so I did a quick google search -- looks like this vehicle was built by Changan Automotive which is a "state owned" company.

This made me wonder how many of the machines we see here are actual owned and built by private Chinese companies and citizens. The answer is zero. Any business to my understanding must be associated with the state. So what is the real purpose of this show? I dont think this is a simple question to answer. China is simultaneously trying to become the world dominant super power by 2050 (per Agenda 2050 and their president's own words) while also being one of the most restrictive and brutal dictatorships in human history.

Does Speed Hunters take any kind of money in from China / Chinese companies to feature shows like this? I am curious why the coverage of China in the last 2 years.


I agree with your viewpoint. The reality is that 90% of the modified cars showcased on GT Show are considered "illegally modified." Driving them on Chinese roads would result in penalties from traffic police, under code 1087. In a communist authoritarian state, people are not allowed to modify their own cars and motorcycles. In anothet hands speaking of motorcycles in China, they only have a 13-year usage right, after which the government forces them to be scrapped, necessitating the purchase of a new one. The situation is equally harsh for cars too .Your pickup truck and trailer can only be used for 15 years before the government mandates scrapping, revoking road rights. There's no vintage car culture here, at least not for cars produced before the 1980s, and even if there are, they lack licenses and road rights. The commercial purpose of the exhibition and the interests behind it deviate from real life. We only see these glamorous photos, but the actual car culture environment is like hell.


Dude have you lost your mind? What has cars to do with politics? I was the author of last year’s article, my purpose was just trying to spread car culture with love and peace. Then people like you came out, shouting for the so-called peace and break that balance. I am NOT saying anything about my country, because it has nothing to do with cars! Why you have to bring up politics every time you talk about China? Besides you are wrong about one thing, very few car brands in China are actually owned by the state. So DO your research next time before you say something stupid.


This maybe surprising to some who hasn't paid attention to China's rise in prosperity. Take a stroll to a college or university campus near you. If the institution accepts visa students from China, the parking lot will look like this car show on a daily basis.


Chinese students studying in America are already from some of the most wealthy families in China. They are not a reflection of the prosperity of the average Chinese citizen.


Exactly Bingus. Kanye west is pretty stupid and has no idea what he’s saying.

8're trying to argue that a Chinese student in the USA who drives a BMW is evidence of China's rise in prosperity for the average person? That is one of the most grade A retareded things I have ever heard in my life. The only people sending their kids to other countries to be educated from China are the wealthy. And you don't get wealthy there without heavy government ties. JFC people are getting dumber than hell in 2024. And this comment has 2 upvotes lmao.

My father taught at a private university. I have literally seen this first hand. The only kids with nice cars at this university were government connected kids. Dude...fking read a book. Christ.


Its not an argument. Its a statement. It is reality. No need to get your panties in a bunch just cause some immigrant kid took your job or has a nicer lifestyle than you.

Your keyboard and laptop is probably made in China. So do me a favour and hit me up for 3 up votes.




Don‘t forget Wuhan-Virus !
It is not COVID-19


Good point but take it a step further—the virus base genomic sequencing was done at the University Of Chapel Hill North Caroline. This is public record anyone can look up.

Congress actually banned gain of function research so Obama and Fauci illegally moved the research program to Wuhan.

It is very obvious the release of the virus—which was intentional—served several purposes in the advancement of the “global” agenda. It is the largest crime ever committed against humanity and was globally coordinated.

Over 20 million people have now died from the vaccine which they created too. It is the hagelian dialectic in full swing and a lot of people are clueless. Very sad the national who replied to this article has to sit there and comply or he might disappear.


North Carolina…autocorrect got me


This was great to see, people getting interested in cars and modifying them. Please keep your politics to yourself, go out and touch grass.


Yeah stay stupidly blind and have fun looking at cars that are illegal in so many countries ... (-;


You sound like someone with strong convictions and I applaud that, respect it even, but I think that someone with such strong moral compass should not waste your time on a website, you should go directly to the source of your outrage and tell them in person, or with a bullhorn outside their government buildings. China would be a good first stop on your crusade. Safe travels.


One of the greatest things anyone can do is to spread awareness. Information is a powerful tool.


seems the blue huracan is having some unibody straightening done? rear bumper cover R&I'd to assist repair. Been there done that


Franks probably doing therapy sessions over this. Toni has to be giving him so many bone broth packets lol. I WORK ON MY OWN CARS. I AM A GOD TONI. A GOD. THEY DONT EVEN AGHHHHH


Came here for the political comments...was not disappointed lol


F*** the Chinese government and their dictator. it is evil!


The wheel in the last pic looks sick as hell. What car is that on?


Great photography of an interesting show.
Pretty ironic that there's a US Navy E/A-18G "Growler" (electronic warfare) hanging above the grey RWB Porsche and an F-14 "Tomcat" hanging above the red one.


So much eye candy!!! I feel like this article could have shared way more pics and spin off with a lot of car features. Please for the love of god, share more! This is fascinating stuff.


I've always loved a highly modified tuner Porsche that has a reference to Porsche's history, and that RWB 993 with Rothmans' style livery with one wheel off is just awesome!