Liberty Walk’s Next SEMA Showstopper

The other day, I was off a plane and straight onto a train headed for Nagoya to visit Liberty Walk.

Aside from checking out the refreshed shop and shooting Kato-san’s newest demo car for a full feature (coming soon to Speedhunters), it was a stock white McLaren that I was really interested in.


You see, within a month’s time this 650S will become the first McLaren to be cut up and fitted with an LBW aero kit. Blasphemy? For some I’m sure it is, but Kato sure as hell doesn’t care. His plan to do the unthinkable to as many supercars as he can get his hands on isn’t showing any signs of stopping.


With this in mind, I had the Liberty Walk guys move the 650S to the front of the new LBW Cafe building so I could grab a few ‘before’ images.

The fenders won’t be looking anything like this come the end of next month. Once cut, multi-piece flares will be bolted on to instantly transform the look of the already menacing looking McLaren. In preparation for all this, air suspension has been installed into the supercar, meaning that once the appropriately sized wheels are fitted Kato will be able to achieve that perfect stance his cars always have.


It’ll look something like this, but for how accurate 3D renders can be, nothing can prepare you for that moment when you see a car like this in person for the very first time.


The massive P1 GTR-inspired wing is already having a huge impact.

The wing itself is made from lightweight dry carbon fiber, but the stays are pre-production items created to test the mounting position and angles.


Right now it looks a little different in the rendering, so we won’t know what the final design will be until the car is completed. What I’m personally curious about is what will be done with the rear grille, or rather that area where the exhausts exit and the taillights are suspended.


For now, the LED stop lights and indicators have been temporarily zip-tied to the bumper until all the pieces come in.


The demo car already runs a valved exhaust to help the twin turbo V8 to sing a little deeper and a whole lot louder, so it definitely sounds the part.

While this first car will remain in Japan, a simultaneously build is happening in the US at one of Liberty Walk’s distributors, and that car will be the one we’ll get to see in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show this fall.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I don't know man.......the design is nice but I like the car the way it is. why mess with something that isn't broken? Also, I cant see why someone who can afford this car would say to themselves "I'll chop up the fenders and put this kit on it." I would not dare cut up a perfectly nice car just for this kit, but then again I'm not rich enough to buy something like this so I guess I see it from a much different perspective


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@tom Don't worry, some Chinese billionaire kid will probably do it. We could always count on them. Anyways, not my cup of tea either....i feel like this whole wide-body craze is a fad like body kits were in the early 00's


It'd look even better with a Martini or Gulf Racing livery on it. The rendering of the complete kit reminds me of a GT3 class car in a way. I quite like this. I think some people will like it more if the rivets weren't exposed and the flares were blended into the factory bodywork of the car..I'd like it either way.


Stop giving this guy attention. Only then will he go away & stop ruining everything he touches. 
Banning he & Kei Miura from any further unnecessary wide body kits could restore balance to the world, Israel/Palestine could work itself out, Putin becomes a pacifist and the polar bears are saved.


The satire is appreciated. Kids who could never afford a supercar, are pretending to be angry about somebody adding fenders to a pricey car... They should go back to playing Pokemon on their mom's phone. This "widebody craze" has been around longer than you or your parents, and will be here when your grandkids are dead.


Quite looking forward to seeing the results of this!! Being a boy from Woking I see these beautiful Mclarens all the time, infact I was at the employee car show the other week and yes this latest RB kit certainly makes these things look a lot like the GT3 650s.
I do love the way LB and muira retain the bits that allows you to know its still an Aventador/650s/458 without totally ruining the original design. Sure Muira has hacked more that a few cars to the point of not knowing what the heck they are but I love the style.

Big thumbs up in my opinion, push the boundaries!!


You do know that this was going on since the 80's...right? The Bosozoku/Kaido racers have been doing this same exact thing for many many years now..And when someone like Kato San does the same thing to something like a Aventador or when Kei Muira does it to an FR-S/GT86/BRZ, people get all in a fuss about it.
You all need to know your history before calling something a "fad".


In theory, I don't like it. If I seen one in the wild, I would probably wet myself with excitement. The overfender paradox.


Wow a person that is actually giving a positive opinion..good show sir.


That's why he gets paid to modify cars - and you don't. I wish Kanye would stop making noises that hurt my ears, but I fully understand why he does it. And while you kids are whining, Kei and Kanye are living very large.


@Nick you are welcome my friend!


bakayaru then lets see some widebody stuff from literally anyone else besides Liberty Walk and RWB.  I'm totally fine with the widebody look, and if someone's got the cash, go nuts and do it.  But the media hype for Liberty Walk is way too high.  This car is not even close to being done, there's no story here.


Widebody flares were on the sides of stock cars in the 50's. It would be very interesting to go back and see the first widebody flare. I'm betting it's closer to 1949.


Paddy McGrath I know what you mean Paddy, we do see a lot of them but if I saw any zooming down the road past me I would stop and drool everytime!


GwynnBallantyne bakayaru Sounds like we need a feature on Dimma then??


Amen amen and amen to you. This "overfender craze" as people like to call it..has been going on since the 80's.. I guess people aren't smart enough to realize this.


Seriously now? You sound so ignorant GwynnBallantyne.


TurboHippie Paddy McGrath I can't explain it. I would never do it to my car, the idea of it is a bit silly but when it's front of you, it's the best thing in the world.


I think that the rear grille would be more beautiful with the P1 design lights.
That ass is amazing, men.


TurboHippie I don't know what that is, so yes.  Variety is the spice of life something something.


Would be cool if they remove the stock wing and make the adjustable wing work with the big wing at the end. Would make the rear end more cleaner and make the wing/s less redundant as that wing moves up when it reaches certain speeds and when running on different modes.


Rcent McLaren's are having trouble hold value no? The thought of taking a angle grinder to another one of these exotics is saddening to me.


When you add to something it becomes more of something but if not the same thing is added it becomes a different.


Paolo Siega if to chenge the mode to become faster on between corners to slow down it is efiecent to expect new dimensions


My issue with Liberty Walk, RWB and the like is that these modifications generally serve no other purpose other than to say "Look at me!", which is kind of sad given what the car is, and what it's capable of.


I was on board until now. When you explain it, it makes it all sound dumb. sry


Hyped to see this!
Also news flash for the haters:


@Kenny  or it could be said that such modifications serve the purpose of allowing the owner to have something that, even within a niche field, is even more niche.  At the core, same reason a lot of us modify our cars.  Sometimes mods make the car better, other times mods make the car "more of what I want to see everyday in my driveway".  Neither route is wrong


bakayaru I'm more bothered by him/Kei Miura's fanbois cutting up FD3S RX7, NSX, etc., (cars I was in the market for this spring when I bought my weekend car) than I am with exotics. I imagine it is much easier to replace a panel on a McLaren as a result of the carbon tub than it would be on a car with a traditional unibody. 
Wide body kits have been around for a long time, however in the past they had the potential to be functional, this is only going to make the car worse, to drive, to look at, to park at the inevitable parking lot meets the owner will frequent, etc.


@revtil9k Exactly


Carl146 ya but who wants that??


@revtil9k Then why not go to a coachbuilder if you have that much money to throw around and want a car that is unique.


So it's a SEMA car that will only be notable because it's an exotic with a body kit?  So it will be a more expensive and exclusive version of every other SEMA car, except for the other exotics that are also at SEMA because they too have body kits?

Put a body kit on it or not, I don't care and it's not my car.  But I don't see how this is really groundbreaking...  I'm not jaded, and I'm not a hater, I'm just not impressed...  Putting a body kit and wheels on a car, not impressive.


ScottBrady GwynnBallantyne bakayaru But that's not an overfender; that's a redesigned fender. I'm sure we can all agree that RWB's and LW's works would be infinitely more impressive if they autoCAD their designs and fabricated either CF or aluminum body panels to replace the stock ones rather than cutting the stock ones and bolting overfenders on.


bakayaru Probably!


Paddy McGrath TurboHippie So true!


@revtil9k And that is precisely all it comes down to!


@Kenny Couldn't you argue these guys are the modern day coach builders?


speedhunters_dino You could, but in my opinion you'd be stretching the definition. Especially compared to some of the other ones you guys feature.


Would be nice if he and Miura-san would stop taking a particular overfender design and pasting it to any car. But why change a winning formula I guess..


@DriveCircles Genius! Similar to the IDX concept's flares, with or without rivet holes. That design is beautiful.


Frozzy Saw a 12C on DuPont Registry for 160k, it's lost almost about 70k in the five years since it's been here and that is being gracious being alot of these cars are optioned out


GwynnBallantyne bakayaru I've seen overfenders from 3 places: factory, Liberty Walk, and *the rest* Factory is the cleanest, but small. Liberty Walk has their standard agressive, very wide look, and well done. *the rest* I've seen look like utter, utter crap. Yes, flares are overdone, we know. But at least these are well done flares. Most are really embarrassing.




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speedhunters_dino  Zagato is a coachbuilder. LW is peddling bodykits of very questionable taste.
I like to think they are worlds apart.


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50s. It's been going on since the 1950s.
After all, that's all that Shelby did at first with the cobra......


Zagato would be one end of the spectrum, and you also have the likes of Speedkore, bisimoto, autohaus Hamilton and I'm sure there are hundreds of others that do beautiful bespoke work.


@Fabrik8 And can we (I really mean you, SpeedHunters!) please stop calling things "dry carbon fiber"...?  It doesn't exist, it's not a thing, and the only people that call it that are the aftermarket/tuner community.  Call it what it actually is, it's pre-preg carbon.  It's been around for many decades, with the correct name.


@Fabrik8 Could the the problem be only haters think RB cars are supposed to be "groundbreaking"? When people like things you dont do you think those people like are liking what ever it is because its ground breaking?


Mitchellol Just like the 911 is the same design pasted onto the next model year.


Central seating position or bust! :)


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"...blasphemy..." "...unthinkable..." "...doesn't care..." yes, we know, like how every article on here about a car with overfenders tells us, as if it's still some kind of rebellious ideal.


Good improvements, McLaren don't know much about car design...


No, coachbuilders do more than vutting up a new car to rivet up some cheesy looking plastics.


zeal041  Well said. I am getting tired of those introductions as well. Talk me through the process, the CAD-designs, whatever, but let me judge for myself whether I think it's a polished turd or not (I do).
They're bodykits for chrissake.


EdoNYC "hur dur jealous h8rs XDDDDDDD"
you sound like you're 10 years old mate, people have opinions and some want to voice them

64 I
have to agree on this. There's been this mind set over the Summer "people
are sick of seeing cars with wide fenders. They're far to mainstream now to
continue being cool." and I guess I'm not understanding it. So... who are
these people that dislike low, wide, high performance sport cars wearing 305
width tires again?


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I think they should have started with the older MP4-12C. That was a good Mclaren but lacked soul. Would have been just as big a challenge and quite nice to see how much more they could have improved on it since it was often dismissed as the characterless option in the company of cars like the 458 Italia


@Fabrik8 so much this! On top of that is it even Pre-preg they're talking about? It's such an overused term I bet that it doesn't even have anything to do with that anymore.
To be more precise, it's only used by dilettantes in car circles. It's not a term used anywhere else anyone talks about carbon fiber.


rook56 wash your mouth out young man....


ryanmule31 Agreed actually, I quite liked the 12c look. Wasn't terribly keen when they just simply added the P1 style front end to make the 650s as the rear is still the same as the 12c


RichieTipsyKariuki now that would be a SEMA show stopper!


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TurboHippie ryanmule31 True actually, I can barely tell the difference between Mclarens current line up.


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Adam_4 Personally I think they should have kept that front end on the P1 only. I love what they have done with the 675LT but maybe they are starting to over use that front end a little now. IMO the P1 is the most beautiful hypercar on the planet, I could spend hours drooling over one, but anyway, enough with my obsessions!


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speedhunters_dino Over fenders is not coach building, adding super wide wheels that fuck with the handling is not coach building... This is just another look at me I wasted all this money and fucked up my car build...


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Paddy McGrath i just don't get it anymore, I loved the over fenders at first but now its like on everything I still love RWB but I just can't with the McLaren to me it's just a thing to be done to a car that needs nothing


TarmacTerrorist I can just see that dude chocking down his cigarettes on a stool figuring where to chop up the EB110 and rivet on his fender flares... maybe even some sweet retro bumper stickers? yeah!


@Kenny "was" capable of...


TurboHippie Found it! :)


So RWB is the buddy club of this generation?