Gatebil Part Two: The Speed
The Need

It’s arguably the lesser known Gatebil.

Whilst the cars in a lot of cases might be familiar, not many people outside the events really understand their purpose. For me, it’s probably the best part of the weekend. In true Gatebil style, it’s not really a time attack series as such.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-34

The variety of cars competing pretty much covers the entire spectrum, much like how the drifting and other classes do.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-1

It never really occurred to me until I sat down to write this, but previously I was never aware of a class system in operation during these particular portions of the event. Points can be scored, which go towards an overall Gatebil Extreme championship, but that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-2

I’m sure some will bemoan this lack of information, but this isn’t really the point of Gatebil. At least not to me it isn’t. It’s about giving crazy cars a home to go out and go maximum attack. When I cover motorsport, of any kind, I rarely find myself interested in the timing sheets or how driver X is 0.0007s faster through Turn 7 than driver Y.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-40

Instead, I prefer to try and convey the feeling of being there; what it’s like to have a grid of 40 cars and many tens of thousands of horsepower barreling towards you. As the recent electric cars at Pikes Peak posts reminded me, racing is about more than winning.

The Gate Bils
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-21

As I pointed out in the last post, Gatebil is Norwegian for street car, and much like the drifting sessions, the grip sessions also encompass cars from both ends of the performance spectrum. At each event, scheduled track time is allocated for ‘Street’ and ‘Extreme’ class cars.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-6

Street is certainly the tamest class that runs at Gatebil, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting or exciting. For me, it’s probably the most relatable. It’s also a bit of an eye opener, as when you’re track side for so long, you become accustomed to the speed of the drift cars. Then the street cars come out. Often though, these aren’t ordinary street cars.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-8

Probably one of my favourites on track was this new Audi R8 V10. For a road-legal car, the speed at which it covered ground was mind boggling.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-9

It was a pretty simple looking car too, wearing lightweight OZ Racing wheels, factory carbon ceramic brakes and an aftermarket Akrapovič exhaust system. When it first appeared over the hill, I thought there was no way it was going to make the next corner. Okay, I was still adjusting to the drastic increase in speed versus the drifters, but still. It absolutely carved through cars. The fact that anyone with license can walk into a showroom and buy one of these, doesn’t make any sense to me.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-4

Drifting is strictly forbidden during these sessions, which is why there are cars drifting through the background of this image. From what I saw, the perpetrators were black flagged multiple times, before they returned to the pits and joined the queue for the next drifting session.

I don’t know where you’re from, but a black flag where I’m from means pit immediately and report to the clerk of the course. At Gatebil, I reckon you have probably two or three laps before anyone takes the black flag seriously. If a marshall literally throws the flag at your car, it’s probably then time to return to the pits.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-42

I’m not sure I would pay too much attention to this Audi if I spotted it anywhere outside Gatebil. On track however, it sounded like a jet spooling up and it hauled ass up the straights. If this isn’t a 1000hp car, I would be genuinely surprised.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-7

A pair of 997 GT2 Porsches would often lap in tandem. Again, much like the R8, it’s amazing that these are street legal cars. It’s easy to forget just how quick something can be until you see it in person.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-10

I’m trying to make #ProbablyA2JZ a thing, and this is definitely another candidate. I think Gatebil has reached peak 2JZ, but I’m also not sure if that’s a bad thing either.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-68

Let’s just say that cars in this class come in all shapes and sizes. That’s a Transit Connect leading an M3 saloon, leading a GT-R, leading a Mk1 Escort with another GT-R entering the frame at the back.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-41

But as cool as the street cars are, and they are, it’s very difficult to live up to what always came next on the schedule: the Extreme cars.

The Extreme
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-59

These are amongst some of the most recognisable cars from Gatebil. I’m sure if you’ve heard of Gatebil, you’ll be familiar with some of the series’ hero cars, like LaSupra or the KRB machines; the former of which is the first (maybe) Gatebil car to assault Lord March’s hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-49

I doubt it will be the last to run at Goodwood, but it does beg a simple question about these cars: why are they built? More often than not, these are often very humble and homemade builds. What might start out as an idea over a few beers, emerges from a home garage some months later, ready for action.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-17

Gatebil Extreme is probably the only place where all of these creations can be used in anger. Safety regulations aside, I’ve not seen anything to indicate any resemblance of technical rules. An engine, four wheels and functioning doors seem to be pretty much the only things that many of these cars have in common.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-38

There aren’t many places where an Aquila CR1 prototype-style race car can legitimately compete against say a Mk2 Escort or a KE70 Corolla. But that’s exactly what happens.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-75

During the process of writing this, I figured I’d reach out to one of the Extreme competitors to get a better grasp of the series. You might not recognise the man, but Karel Silha’s green E90 BMW M3 is something that you wouldn’t miss. We featured it last year just after it was finished, and it’s already evolved into something even crazier over the last 12 months. With a new aero package, new lightweight carbon panels and a supercharger, Karel is aiming for the top at Gatebil.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-62

When I popped him a quick Facebook message, enquiring as to the breakdown of classes within the Extreme series, there was a short reply.

“In the Extreme class, there is no class. It’s all against all.”

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-73

That pretty much confirmed my suspicions, but it’s still an amazing tidbit of information. This would be crazy enough on its own, if this were a regular time attack series, but Gatebil is anything but regular.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-61

Twice a weekend, these lunatics go door-to-door in an Extreme class race, featuring around 40 cars of wildly varying performance and a rolling start. Honestly, I can’t even come close to putting words to this.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-66

I’m sure Charlie Whiting would have an absolute mental breakdown if he had to oversee one of these races. Track limits? What track limits?

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-58

Because of the hilarious speed differences, it’s impossible to tell who’s where in the rankings after maybe two laps. It’s particularly impressive when the really fast cars sandbag during qualifying, just so they can cut the field to shreds on their way through.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-25

It’s taken seriously too, don’t underestimate that. Those with absolutely no hope of a win – unless the entire field retires around them – still give it their all. With an open rule book, I guess the idea is that if you want to go faster, you build a faster car.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-64

If you really can’t win, well, you might as well turn on some style. I can’t say I’ve seen too many quattro-equipped, 1.8T Minis doing big, smokey skids before.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-65

I think this guy won. I’m sure my Pulitzer is in the post for this cutting-edge and detailed journalism. Honestly though, outside of those competing, it’s more about the show than anything else. Why else would something like this exist?

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-36

When there are works-like competition cars competing against bonafide ex-works-spec race cars, tube-chassis specials and everything in between, there can be no other reason for this race to happen, except to promote automotive joy.

2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-74

To break up the event coverage a little bit, in my next post I’m going to give you a quick tour of just some of the cars that popped up at Rudskogen this year, before going on one final walk around the paddock. After this is done, I need a serious break.

Gatebil will do that to you.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-5
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-11
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-12
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-14
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-15
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-16
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-18
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-19
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-20
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-22
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-23
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-24
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-26
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-27
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-28
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-29
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-30
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-31
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-32
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-33
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-35
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-37
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-39
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-43
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-44
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-45
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-46
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-47
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-48
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-50
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-51
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-52
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-53
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-54
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-55
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-56
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-57
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-60
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-63
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-67
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-69
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-70
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-71
2016 Gatebil Speed by Paddy McGrath-72


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Awesome article and pics Paddy! I'm interested what sort of components and engine that Beetle in the bonus chapter is rocking. Looks to be quite fast!


No_Chance I have a spotlight planned on it this week :)


Paddy McGrath No_Chance If I were to choose I'd like the next year filled with features of every single car on that grid. Btw, was KRB running the Audi S1 'thing' too or just the Lotus?


Acc Paddy McGrath No_Chance At this point, we've probably featured nearly all the cars on the grid! Go back through the Gatebil tag on this post and you'll find a lot of them.

Just the Lotus this year.


You wouldn't pay attention to an Audi like that?? I've only ever seen 1 in Newport, RI. They're head turners stock imo.

Awesome coverage here. I like how they just throw everyone on the track.


Is this really what I think it is ? A time-attack customized 918 ? THIS almost-a-million $ porsche ?


johnbezt A LWB Coupe isn't an everyday sight or anything here, but it wouldn't be anything to get overly excited about either I guess, considering a lot of them here were FWD.

If it was a SWB on the other hand...

Deep Dishin It

Is there a feature on the #51 Holgers car? If there is i am having trouble finding it. Thanks!


The mini was upgraded to an 2.5 straight five this year. Same engine you find in the new Audi S3.


AndersSteenThoresen The S3 is still a 2.0 TSI, did you mean the RS3?


Yeah, sorry. +R


It was KRB in the blue and white Lotus that won btw. :-)


AndersSteenThoresen I need to learn Norwegian to understand the commentators! Happy for Kai :)


Nice article and Pictures Paddy.

Been some changes on this car as well since Larry Chen and Brad Lord had a feature car in 2013 :-)


Check out Rober Linevskij Photography on Facebook for more pics from Gatebil


Paddy McGrath Esawo Still is a very cool car, but it would have been even more awesome if it really was a 918 haha :)


Paddy McGrath Esawo  How in the flip did I miss that article, it looks fantastic in the green.


JakWhite Paddy McGrath Esawo The green one is a new build, he got two of those:)


More Mini!


Thanks paddy!


last pic of LaSupra is MONEY. Likewise, how insane is that pic of all the Extreme cars haulin' down the main straight? Chills.


You know something? The Ferrari XX, McLaren GTR, and Aston Vulcan programmes, plus the entirety of Koenigsegg's owners, should make a stop here. In fact, the SRO Blancpain Ultracar Sports Club should pay Gatebil a visit. It's a great opportunity for the builders to have a look at high-level manufacturer tech and see what they can adapt, and Gatebil is the perfect playground for hypercars like the ones we have now, just to see how far or near OEM machinery is from shed-built visions of Unlimited Racer. The rich guys who own and race in the OEM programme can learn a lot from Gatebil regulars, and there are good opportunities for the same owner-racers to help fund a team or car they think can go to the next level. BBC or Amazon can film the event there and have it televised, or make it a live show with presenter walk-arounds. The PR gold mines itself!

Let's just hop the FIA doesn't get the idea, though...


I would recommend going to King of Mantorp on August 7th if you're still in Sweden and want to cover some of these cars in a more standard time attack environment! Last year was really good.


I know it's only a tiny element of the weekend, but every year I always moan that there isn't any mention made of the extreme race: thanks for  silencing me this year!

Gianluca FairladyZ

when i see these pictures... man i love racing!


That silver EsCos with the B3WRE 0 late was in the fast ford mag a few months ago. Those two blue and orange mk1 escort look awesome - and they also look YB powered


Paddy McGrath Here are a dozen Gatebil cars that have been featured on Speedhunters:

R33 Skyline
Escort RS Cosworth
BMW E90 V8
NISMO 350Z Super GT
Twin-engined Toyota
Mk I Escort
Turbo BMW E90
R34 GT-R Skyline
Honda S2000
Opel Omega wagon
VW Mk3 Golf


Please more photos of the SONAX 190E!!


Mazmip missed that. Wow man *.*  tnx for this,Ill scope it out. love the e34


UWerqxTeam_MJ +1!


Amazing.  Thank you for the coverage.


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Absolutely like this gatebil coverage! Amazing that nearly every car class is present from mk1 Escort to open class cars. And I agree that motorsport is more than timing....

Very nice pictures (again) and cool write-up with a smirk


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What's that #103 super car? Never seen one before. Thank you in advance!


It was my 20 years in a row this time, will be back next year aswell


Thanks for this great report and for featuring our Ford Transit Connect M-SPORT!
Find more information about our M-SPORT conversion on

See you in 2017 at Gatebil!


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