Simple Always Wins: Hakosuka Perfection

Go to an event like Wekfest and you’re guaranteed to see lot of cars striving for your attention. Sometimes they’ll do it with ridiculous wheel fitment, crazy looking engine bays or a bunch of stuff that seems to be done with the intent of stirring the pot. Sometimes these cars work and sometimes they don’t; but either way they get people talking.

But a car doesn’t always need to be modified to the hilt to make a big impact.


In fact, one of my favorite vehicles from the recent Wekfest Long Beach event was actually one of the most lightly modified cars in the entire show.


Part of it might be that I’m just a sucker for old Japanese cars, but this Hakosuka Skyline ticked all the right boxes, even with its minimal modifications.


The interior? It’s all original down to the shift knob and the factory 2000GT-X steering wheel. The only aftermarket change I noticed was a tape deck that was likely installed during the ’70s or early ’80s.


The body did have some alterations from stock, but nothing that’s uncommon to a Hakosuka. There are front and rear spoilers, front and rear fender flares and not a whole lot else.


Usually I’m not a huge fan of large wheels on old cars, but in this case it’s a look that just works perfectly. They’re 17-inch SSR/Watanabe RS-8s that appear to have be re-barreled to fit perfectly under the body work.


Combine that with a set of stretched Yokohama S.Drives and an aggressive ride height and you’ve got the makings of a pretty killer stance. Wait, am I still allowed to use that word? Anyway, I love how it looks like one of the cars drawn in my favorite comic series Wangan Midnight and Shakotan Boogie.


There’s always something great about doing more with less, and this subtle but beautiful piece of Japanese automotive history is one the coolest stateside Hakosukas I’ve seen yet.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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YES. The Hakosuka always wins, and this one really wins, BIG.

Although it wasn't a GT-R, but it's still a Hakosuka.
Now this is the perfect example of my favorite dream car!

Thank you Mike, this one really made my day!  :D


Perfection , wouldn't change a thing.


Stunning! I wouldn't change anything either.


I concur, so whole heartedly. Those interior shots are honestly heart wrenching.


Funny, I've always liked modern, large wheels on older cars. What are they called, Grand Touring cars? Those muscle cars that are restomodded for circuit racing? Reminds me of the te37s on Sean's shelby in Tokyo Drift lol.

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Bold font fags for days...


Condensed fonts steers for queers?


johnbezt I think it's Pro Touring, not Grand


johnbezt "Reminds me of the te37s on Sean's shelby in Tokyo Drift lol. " TE37's or a Shelby Mustang in Tokyo Drift Movie... nope


want, want, WANT, just stunningly simple, simply stunning


eejjkk johnbezt I was thinking off the top of my head, sorry.


johnbezt Pro Touring still usually doesn't go beyond 18 or 19". The difference is in the WIDTH of the tire - up to 345 rears and 295 fronts. If you're really ambitious, some people will run 325 DOT R-compound meats in a square setup. That's some next level nastiness that I aspire to lol.


spdcrzy johnbezt sounds very aggressive. I like the sound of it.


KeithEdwards Good news! It's for sale now!


Kudo to the owner who didn't stick a few GT-R badges on it and kept it authentic


'not a whole lot else.'

Other than a massive cut to the rear fender that is! Still, a great looking machine. Especially the interior...

Nakae Shinsuke

ハコスカ( ・∀・) イイネ!


with the old style car that looks good on the road if you want to have


good car for the race and I'm sure very fast


the car was very good 
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