What We’ve Been Watching…

A new week of Speedhunting is about to kick off, but before that happens it’s time to take a quick look at some of the videos we’ve been watching this week.

First up, we have a recently released clip featuring some sideways driving antics from Aussie drifter Luke Fink…

Drift Challenge from Bandana Boy (aka Lukas Skersas), was filmed Down Under in and around an abandoned warehouse facility, and as you’ll see by hitting play above, the outcome of this unconventional shred session is very cool.

Next up we’re in the UK for a look at Ultimate Dubs 2016. Jordan brought us some great coverage of this event earlier in the month, so this short, wheel-focused film from Rotiform is a nice little follow up to that.

Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt Bergiff is a busy man these days building customer cars all over the world, but it’s good to see he still makes time for himself. And by that we mean, he’s just built another RWB creation for himself - this time a convertible named Carolina. 

Finally this week we have a new clip from Acura, featuring the GT3 version of the 2017 NSX. What’s to say than just watch…

That’s all for now, but as always, if you’ve watched a cool automotive-related video this week, please share it with us in the comments section below!

The Speedhunters



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Some sort of terrorist

Can people stop doing luke huxam like videos. Its just getting real tacky.
The russian guy ruined it. And luke fink the sheep following...


@Some sort of terrorist WHAT!? Who's Luke Huxam  Your comment is unrelated......and can you please take it somewhere else....'coz I don't really freakin' know what you're talking about.....this is automotive-related stuff not some good-for-nothing bull***


EythanAldrich calm down buddy, dude has a point the 'huxham' style videos have been very popular as of late. not complaining just noticing it


super jesus  EythanAldrich ah ok I understand now.....carry on.....end of argument

Dimitry Mochkin

@Some sort of terrorist Go make your own videos then. Your own videos with black jack and hoo...Hoosier tires.

Dimitry Mochkin

Great collection! The NSX video needed some longer action sequences though. In 4K =)


Love the new NSX GT3!! Someone needs to do some renders of Takata and Castrol liveries on it. Can't wait to see this thing duke it out with the GTR and RCF, and the rest of the GT3 field.
I have a feeling someday we'll look back on these days as the golden era of GT3 racing. Let's hope it keeps going.
Only downside of the NSX is it means no more TSX in PWC...I always liked seeing the 4-door Acura up against Ferraris, Porches, McLarens, etc.


Dimitry Mochkin


I've been following Speedhunters for close to three years now, but am new to commenting and such! I don't know if it is considered poor etiquette to cross-post from other blogs...but this R35 is definitely one worth checking out, I know I'd love to see a full-feature on it.


Some sort of terrorist

Black jack and Hoosier tires lol, nice.
But tbh It's true. It does look like a terrible imitation of ken block and huxam. In saying that, I like the parts where it's just raw drifting.
I do wanna bring this up though, cause I do cringe at the "imitated" parts...
A Huxam video hits you in the heart, with the way the videos are done. Something that to me, people just don't get.
Watch this from 3:10 https://youtu.be/XrhlBWEZ8As?t=3m10s




oldworldgoods that was cool. I'm also willing to bet that Luke Huxham had something to do with that video ;)


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