Drag Racing In The Desert
A Faraway Place

Drag racing never really appealed to me.

I was born and raised in a country where there isn’t even as much as a single drag strip, so I guess that’s played a big part in it. Instead, we made the most of what was and remains around us; twisty and technical backroads that force a focus on cornering dynamics rather than outright horsepower.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-9

I’ve never been naive enough to consider drag racing as easy, over-simplified, or anything like that; I’ve just never had enough exposure to the sport to have it grab my attention. My experiences had been limited to re-runs of NHRA events on Extreme TV in the early hours of the morning, and even then it seemed like a whole lot of waiting around for five seconds of action. I would quickly get bored and change over to pretty much anything else that happened to be on.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-10

However, I’ve always had a peculiar fondness for American muscle and vintage cars, something that peaked late last year when I was in Sweden of all places. Since that opportune weekend, I’ve been trying to learn more about this particular side of Americana, and it seems that drag racing is intrinsically linked.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-11

When I visited Qatar last year, the very good people at Qatar Racing Club were adamant that I should come out for a round of their drag racing series. At the time, I sort of brushed it off, but as their season approached, it just happened to coincide with my rise in interest of all things America. Where as their drifting setup is still very much in its infancy, drag racing is really what these guys and girls are about. In an incredibly generous offer, they arranged the flights and accommodation so I could come and see the Arabian Drag Racing League (ADRL) for myself.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-17

Something you should know about ADRL is that their season is incredibly short due to the high heat in the desert. As such, the championship takes place over four consecutive weekends in January and February, but this window also provides absolutely perfect conditions for racing. For the third round, which I would attend though, the weather had its own plans…

The Winds From The East
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-2

I’ll save you the details of my travels, but you might want to know that it’s approximately 17 hours door-to-door from Ireland to Qatar. It’s not the worst journey in the world, but it does play with your head and body a little bit. I’m going to jump straight in to when I arrived at the track on Wednesday morning…

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-3

Wednesday was the designated test day for the third round of ADRL, with qualifying and racing due to take place on Thursday and Friday. The last time I visited these workshops they were relatively empty, but on this morning they were home to a lot of horsepower.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-4

For me, it was the perfect introduction to drag racing in the Middle East as I could spend some time with the cars that would be competing and talk to some of the teams involved.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-6

Regular NHRA fans will no doubt be aware of Al Anabi Racing. Despite their departure from NHRA last year, Al Anabi still retains strong links with the United States in the form of team members, tuners, and builders etc. From my short time working around them, they take their drag racing incredibly seriously.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-8

Their most recent project – wearing the newly established Al Anabi Performance branding – has taken the drag racing world by storm. The KH Series V6 Corvette is a 10.5 Outlaw car which broke the Outlaw record two weekends in a row on practically its debut. Its current best 1/8th mile pass is a 3.87 at 199mph, and tuner Steve Petty reckons they’ve not even reached the car’s full potential yet.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-13

Prior to my visit, I was aware of this Corvette and its potential, but I still couldn’t get my head around the idea of a car accelerating so quickly. In the space of a little over 200 metres, this thing is going from a standstill to just under 200mph – in less than four seconds! It’s insane. It just so happened that it was one of the first cars that ventured out for testing, and the first car I’ve ever witnessed doing a proper run. I’m not going to lie, it scared the absolute sh*t out of me.

And I loved it.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-16

With conditions ideal in the late afternoon, the full Pro Modified and Outlaw grids took to the strip. January is the height of Qatar’s winter, but even on this overcast day, the temperature was somewhere around 21c (70f) during daylight. Considering it comfortably reaches 52c (127f) in summer, you can see why they choose to run in January.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-15

There’s no Top Fuel or Funny Car categories, although there are one or two dragster classes. As such, the Pro Mods and Outlaws are the quickest cars running at the event.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-18

There’s also Street 6-Cylinder and Street 8-Cylinder classes, which featured a lot of cars that I was certainly more familiar with.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-24

I have to admit that I did have a big silly smile on my face when I realised that all of the Skylines I saw competing were running Toyota 2JZs. I guess some things are universal, although I don’t ever remember seeing a turbo this big strapped to a drift car.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-21

With the sun setting, the numbers lining up increased. This was still just a testing session, but the ferocious nature of the launches had me hooked.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-25

What was probably my highlight of the event was coincidentally one of the slower cars in attendance. Driving a half-scale dragster was a small girl aged no more than 7 or 8 years old, with the support of who I assume were her parents.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-26

I want to live in a world where this, right here, is a normal sight. The half-scale cars are specially designed for kids to go drag racing, but can still put down pretty quick numbers all thing considered. They only race 1/8th mile in this particular class, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-30

By this point I was growing in confidence, but had also become acutely aware of something.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-38

That is, that no photo or video could possibly convey what I was experiencing. It’s not so much about what you hear or see, but all about what you can feel. These are just snapshots of moments in time, but they do no justice to drag racing.

Video is marginally better at sharing the experience, but even still, it’s missing that visceral punch in the chest that you can only feel by being there.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-37

That’s not a cop out either. Everyone I spoke to, most of them drag racing veterans, said the very same thing.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-41

There’s the smell of fuel and rubber constantly lingering in the air. There’s a sense of atmosphere that whilst friendly on this particular evening, was quite focused too.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-39

These often intangible elements are what make drag racing so impressive, especially at this level. What felt boring when waiting for each run on TV, were simply times where you could try and get your breath back.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-40

I never once looked at my watch in frustration due to a lull in the action, and I was honestly surprised by the time when a halt was called to the day’s proceedings. I’d spent six – maybe seven – hours trackside and it felt like minutes.

Safety First
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-43

I’ve had to take a breath between these chapters because I know I’m getting carried away with myself, but I was genuinely so hyped by the event. I’ll try to maintain at least a sense of restraint going forwards.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-45

This is Thursday, day two of the event and the first day of proper competition. I had big plans for this day, shooting-wise, and really wanted to capitalise on what I had learned from the day before.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-47

Drag racing is probably a little bit more difficult to shoot than I had imagined. It’s quite confined and it’s very, very fast. Trying to convey things accurately and finding those little details always take time.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-48

I was trying to talk to as many people as possible too, to get the best insight as I could as to just why drag racing is so popular here.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-50

I couldn’t really feel it near the start line, due to being protected by the grandstands and control tower, but the wind had picked up quite considerably. I knew that QRC were on edge about the wind all week, but I hoped it might not be as bad as forecast. I was wrong. Quite understandably, the last thing you want to deal with when accelerating from 0-250mph in a matter of seconds is an unpredictable crosswind.

For the safety of the competitors, the trackside marshalls and the media, the event was postponed.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-64

Whilst I 100 per cent agree with the decision, it still didn’t change the fact that I was very disappointed. It was a tough decision to make and absolutely the right one, but I really wanted more.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-56

The event was postponed until after the weekend, by at which point I would be back in Ireland. With the teams packing up and hitting the road, I only had maybe an hour to extract all I could from the event.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-54

There were many nationalities competing, nearly all of which originated from the Gulf countries of Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE, plus a few US drivers amongst others. Most would store their cars at the track and head home for the traditional weekend in the Middle East, which runs from Thursday to Saturday.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-59

This gave me a tiny window of opportunity to check out the cars of ADRL – in particular the Super Street classes – and talk to a couple of drivers too.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-55

I don’t think I saw a single non-2JZ car competing in the SS6 class. The teams’ dedication to compete is pretty admirable when you consider that there’s practically zero access to parts locally. If something breaks or an upgrade is needed, parts typically need to be imported at extraordinary cost.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-63

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of these guys and girls competing are super-rich millionaires because of their nationality either; the majority are ordinary folk who make big sacrifices to race, just like the rest of the world.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-62

I would probably go as far to say that it’s often a disadvantage in certain regards to be Qatari or whatever, as the price of anything seems to be jacked up once an outsider knows you need to import a part, due to this misconception of all Arabs being oil barons or what not.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-66

At the end of it all, I was still trying to figure out just what attracted so many to drag racing in Qatar and the Middle East as a whole. There’s obviously a huge love for American cars here, but upon asking some of the competitors and staff, the reason is actually far more obvious.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-68

Like all motorsports, it started on the streets. Living in a desert country, there isn’t exactly much in the way of physical geography, so nearly every street out here is straight as an arrow. People started drag racing on the streets since it was all they could do, and it simply grew from there. QRC’s strip – which I’m told is the flattest in the world – was finished and first used in the winter of 2008/09, and the rest as they say is history.

2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-49

In a relatively short time span, the Gulf has produced several notable drag racing teams. There’s Al Anabi in Qatar and also the likes of EKanoo Racing in Bahrain – both of whom are putting it down on the world stage. It’s very impressive.

It was a bittersweet few days for me. I got to shoot and see things I never thought I would, but I was definitely left wanting more. There’s still cars I want to hunt down – like that 240Z drag car which seemingly vanished when I sought it out – and I certainly want to experience the Pro Mods and Outlaws running in full anger and head-to-head. I’ve got the bug and for the first time in my life, I can really see the attraction to drag racing. I only have one question:

Is it January yet?

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-7
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-12
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-19
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-20
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-22
2016 ADRL Round Three by Paddy McGrath-23
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It's a shame the event didn't run but this is stunning stuff Paddy.


Jordan_Butters Thanks, mate. I can't help but think 'what could have been' though. Hopefully there's a next time!


pmcgphotos Mate, you need to get yourself to some NHRA. It's a whole new world. Absolutely bonkers.


jakeyorath That’s pretty much what everyone told me out there. The Top Fuel cars are meant to be a whole other level?


Can we have more drag coverage on speedhunters please? Someone beg with
mike to go cover radial vs the world, the greatest small tire race in
the world!!! and nhra sucks, besides nitro, nitro, nothing beats the
sound or burn of a nitro car firing up


pmcgphotos If top alcohol is taking a sip of beer, nitro is snorting, shotting and throwing tequila in your eyes. Simultaneously.


pmcgphotos It hurts every fibre of your being if you're downwind.


pmcgphotos jakeyorath top fuel is another level, ill never forgot the feeling of standing behind one as it launches


jakeyorath It’s amazing how appealing that sounds. ADRL’s top class is ProMod & Outlaw 10.5, so Top Fuel is another big leap up.


pmcgphotos Watch how I literally can't stay stock still in this video: https://www.facebook.com/jctyorath/videos/vb.545295264/10156082537600265/?type=3&theater


pmcgphotos Also scroll down and read the comment by Janos, with all the ridiculous top fuel facts...


pmcgphotos If you think it's good on video... We should head down to Santa Pod this year!


jakeyorath Nevermind Santa Pod, I want to go see the real deal!


pmcgphotos Well, I was planning to persuade RaceEngReports to go again - wanna come?


jakeyorath RaceEngReports Let me know rough dates / cost and I’ll try. 100% interested.


I second that about Top Fuel NHRA. Seeing them at Race Sonoma was astounding. They shake your bones as they go by. And now they are putting down close to 11,000 HP. Insanity.


Im_JustJim Your logic is sound. I concur.


pmcgphotos I haven't been to a proper drag event since I was a kid. Trying to schedule in the NHRA event here in Indy hopefully this year.


Paddy McGrath You got on the flight, that's further than I did


oil money for the win!


pmcgphotos jakeyorath RaceEngReports when I went to gatornationals last year, the top fuel cars were setting off car alarms on each pass.

You NEED to see a top fuel event in person.


@open your eyes Lazy stereotypes are the best.


Mook Genius That sounds like all sorts of good.


@john knight If I can make it happen, I'll definitely try make more events this year.


Jordan_Butters Paddy McGrath Well, there is that.


Crowd looks like it's going wild :P

Some cool cars there, that's for sure!


Paddy McGrath Please, Radial vs. The World. I look forward to the youtube coverage every year. I think even some of the street outlaws are going to be competing in this this year.


Awesome insight Paddy, was a good read.


I know I am beating a dead horse with all the other comments, but you have to come see the top fuel cars run out here in the states. The NHRA may not have the character of some of the more local events, but the sensory overload has to be experienced at least once. Just don't forget earplugs!

Also the two shots of little girl and her family warmed my heart.


Jagdroach Yeah, I'm trying to figure out which is the most cost effective / best value to travel to.

I definitely won't forget the ear plugs, although there was a point where I was watching the ProMods and thought I forgot to put mine in, but they were actually in. They're loud.


willis85 Glad you enjoyed it!


Spaghetti To be fair, it was only a test day. The eliminations attract a decent crowd from what I've seen.


LutherRogers Paddy McGrath I've added it to the research list!


@Paddy McGrath

Here's a nice video of people watching (and feeling) top fuel


You've gotta be there


Well if that search leads you to the northwest nationals here in Washington state and you're looking to do it on the cheap I'd be happy to host you.


I'm sad to say that extreme sports is gone on England


Paddy McGrath are you saying none of those people got money from oil?


Smiggins Paddy McGrath I'm saying that it doesn't matter. What top level motorsport doesn't involve shit loads of money? The grassroots guys are still grassroots, same as anywhere else in the world. 

Qatar's primary export is natural gas, FYI.


Paddy, I can't say I agree... Travel just north of the border and you'll find we have a very active drag racing community, at two drag strips..
And you better get your butt up here for the Air Cooled Drag Day at bishops court in August! ;)
Also, I checked out them guys you talked to me about doing the track days, so I reckon I'll be going to the next one when it's announced, will ya be there? I'll be in the Impreza Wagon with the SpeedHunters sticker. :P


I doubt it'll rank highly on a list filled with other options - but drag racing is always close to my heart. It was my first taste of motorsport when I started driving in 1992. Yea I'm old. What of it? LOL - anyway, since 1995, this was my place - and it all grew from here for me.



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