1,400hp At The Wheels: Not Your Typical Nissan Patrol
The Sensible One

On a recent trip to Qatar, let’s just say that I was exposed to a collection of cars that you could call considerable. This collection of cars differs from a lot of the collections you typically see online associated with the hyper-rich, in that all the vehicles are driven on a regular basis.

The owner is a very private person, which is something I respect and why I’m not showing you this collection (not that I have any photographs to share). I did, however, manage to wrangle a few minutes with one of the cars that really caught my attention – a rather humble looking Nissan Patrol.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-5

Well, humble-ish once you notice the two very large turbochargers poking through the bonnet.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-7

The RAYS Volk Racing TE37s are subtle though, likely only to be picked up on by those who know.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-13

The huge Endless brakes with 2-piece floating discs are less subtle, but again something that you would have to look for. That’s pretty much the extent of the exterior modifications, but this is very much a car that’s all about what’s beneath the surface.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-14

The two large Precision Turbos turbochargers are mated to Nissan’s TB48, along with bigger injectors, custom AAP camshafts, and an upgraded fuel and cooling system. The setup runs on a MoTeC M1 engine management system, and was all put together at Al Anabi Performance. There’s a little bit more too, but for now those upgrades will remain a secret. The result is a headline figure of 1,400hp at the wheels and enough to propel the Patrol to 308km/h (191.4mph) in the standing half-mile.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-3

Enough to leave a Bugatti Veyron SS for dust (literally and figuratively) at the same event, which is in itself a remarkable feat and not something you would expect from a vehicle that has the aerodynamic profile of a small house. An Albins gear set along with QRC’s drag package play their role in getting it across the line so quickly.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-9

The interior has that nice balance of being stripped but not all-out race car where the truck is going to be a pain to drive on the streets.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-11

The cage is properly padded too, something that irks me when it’s not done on street cars.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-10

All the vitals are now read through a MoTeC C187 digital display with integrated LED shift lights. The rest of the interior is almost perfectly original, although a few extra buttons and dials have been added discreetly throughout the cabin.

2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-6

I only had a few minutes to photograph the Patrol in between other planned shoots, but it’s not something I regret taking the time to do. Far from it.

If I make it back to AAP in future, I want to dig out another one of these Patrols for a full feature, because, believe it or not, this is actually pretty tame compared to a couple of the others that were in the workshop.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Cutting Room Floor
2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-2
2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-15
2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-12
2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-8
2016 AAP Nissan Patrol by Paddy McGrath-4


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thanks Paddy for bringing this to us!


Watching some of the sand hill climbing on youtube and sand drag racing makes for a fun filled few hours


Just perfect to give the kids a ride to school every day.
- ''Dad I'm gonna be late!'' 
- ''Don't worry son we'll be there in no time'' (floors it)


Always enjoy seeing the mental 4wd's that these guys build. Any chance of some more in the future?


Widebody GTRs and BRZs can wait. This is why I like Speedhunters! I'd like to see more of stuff like this in the future! Stuff like that V8 VW Caddy! More sleepers! Anyway, that's my little rant.  :)


I don't know if I'd say those turbos are beneath the surface


That's fkn rad.


looking like something that Smokey Nagata could built if he is a redneck off-roader


Very awesome build! Thanks for featuring this, I just love those performance 4x4s. 
Here's a youtube video of a previous gen Patrol 3 door with RB25DET that you will appreciate if you like this post:

I think a lot of us seedhunters would appreciate a post about Pajero Evolution


we have the privilege of seeing this car each drag event and it is getting faster and faster everyrun


Looks great, especially in the opening shot!

What i always wondered is if these open turbos don't wear down quite quick in the sandy conditions of abu dhabi. Okay, it's no offroad car, but there always seems to be a bit of sand in the ir.


1400hp in that short wheelbase,    with no aero.   must be scary at 190mph !


Thanks for taking the time to take these pics and post them, it's these more unusual articles and cars that keep me coming back


JakWhite The sand cars are even more mental than these!


EvolveWRC Once you don't have the week's shopping in the back XD


3nigm4 Will definitely try and dig out more...


@Jo Cool I like that we can post pretty much anything that's cool with an engine.


ian0391 If you squint, walk really far away and look at it from the rear...


johnbezt I don't think we got the SWB model here either. They look cool!


MichaelGrayen Hoooooooly Shiiiiiiiiii....


alex_efk24 Do you have any video of it? Couldn't find any online. Would love to see it run!


flyingjolly It's a common sight out there (this is in Doha BTW) but I suppose it's one of those things were the engines probably need to be re-built regularly anyways, so long term it's much of a muchness.


Paddy McGrath alex_efk24  hi paddy I saw some videos are posted in fb few weeks ago.  Let me see if I can find one and will let you know.


Paddy McGrath Absolutely! Not giving any hate to widebody cars or cars that are more mainstream. It's just nice to see something really different for a change.


@Jay Supposedly once it gets to that speed, it's like hitting a wall of resistance. I think the guys told me that the speed over 800m was achieved by soft launching it through first, second gear and the pinning it in third.


I could hear it screams down the sand dune, just by looking
at these pics..


Low flying black brick comes to mind


Why?  There's no way it could handle 191 on anything but asphalt.


SuperSlickITGuy Just give it different tires and watch it fly.


He could have you one aw burnout lol


Anyone else saw the non-existent welds of the "rollcage"? also the tube fitting sucks...

Maybe they can tune an engine, but they can't weld for sht


You're looking at a padded cage brah


Saw a similar kind of those amazing builds, I found it on Instagram under the username @tb48de lol just check it out.


@Elvergun Classic "I didn't read the article" post.


Love it. Proper balls hanging out those short shorts sleeper.


SuperSlickITGuy I think youre on the wrong site bruh


Do women have to wear head scarfs in Qatar?


That half-mile speed must be on different tires, no?


Smiggins  not really.  Qatar is open and beautiful country but they highly value their culture.


Preludacris  def. those tires are for keeping in the garage purposes only.


Bima Leksono  that guy is quite famous in Saudi


alex_efk24 Preludacris garage tires on TE37s, I like this guy's style!


nothing new, Arab countries loves Patrols. Found accidentaly about 7 years ago:


"If I make it back to AAP in future, I want to dig out another one of these Patrols for a full feature, because, believe it or not, this is actually pretty tame compared to a couple of the others that were in the workshop."

God bless Qatar lol.


alex_efk24 Bima Leksono not saudi in the GCC


THAT is a sport utility vehicle - emphasis on the SPORT



Paddy McGrath MichaelGrayen Now we know where all the crazy cars in Mad Max come from. People who built crazy stuff like this and then raiders get their hands on 'em after the apocalypse.


Paddy McGrath MichaelGrayen Oh, also I found this:


To hone logic, supported with open minds and a lot to learn. For logic that is already extensive, balance it with humility


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Yeah lol basically they use slave labour and force inequality on their women. So basically scumbags


I wonder what is durabilyty of turbos and engine wihout air filters in this desert land...