The Roadster Gets Slammed

It was going to happen sooner or later, right? Welcome to the very first onikyan-style ND Mazda Roadster that Japan has created for us all to see, love, loathe or lust after.


It took me a while to actually find this car as it was parked up in the center of what was a huge turn out for StanceNation at its very first Odaiba show.


I must have walked passed it a few times, but I probably didn’t see for the simple reason that it’s so damn low! Built by T-Demand in Sakai City, Fukui, the car sits on the shop’s own Pro Damper coilovers and also runs T-Demand Pro Arms.The 15-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37Vs are a very well chosen wheel for this sort of look, combining that timeless 6-spoke design with a deep dish.


The new-gen Roadster is a great looking car as it comes from the Mazda factory, so aside from the number plate being offset at the front, there were no other noticeable aesthetic additions.


A stance like this on a car designed for driving pleasure might warrant some detestation, but I wasn’t going to pass up sharing this with you guys.


I made sure to drop a Speedhunters Hunted sticker in the ND’s passenger seat, so hopefully the guys that built it can check back here and maybe answer some of your questions. Let’s discuss!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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really clean, but to much rear camber for my likes, could you imagine how much money you would waste on tires if that was a daily. Looks good, just financially not so much


To each their own but i prefer a function and form balance.


News flash to people who will comment/hate on the camber: You can adjust it.


Wow, that didn't take long!


I agree, that camber's probably too much for me but I still couldn't dislike a new-gen Roadster if I tried - Mazda really killed it with the ND! Looks really cool in this colour too.


Meh...  no performance or speed to be hunted...


BT180 That's exactly what I thought. Hence the spotlight.


@Silverspoon No, just stance


Jumpoff1 So do I :)


speedhunters_dino #stancehunters


I like the idea but there is something off with the tyres looking too meaty


With a more "purposeful" (for lack of a better word) stance, it could pull of the extra tire meat quite well, like most Miatas. For this style, it should probably have a bit less profile.


Looking at that opening shot I keep thinking how crazy wide and low these cars are going to look after the boys at rocket bunny and the like get their hands on these cars. The track width will be nearly as long as the wheel base.


I really like the owner's choice. It's a nice change of pace from the usual low profile look.


Ugh, I love the new miata. This one looks pretty gnarly.


What I'm about to ask isn't intended as a criticism, but merely an attempt to comprehend.

Why is Low so popular?

While I get the idea of closing a wheel well gap, I don't get why someone would want to put a car on the ground.

Can somebody help me out here - I just want to understand.


You're right. But this is a car culture website. I am sure nearly all the cars owned by the readers/authors of this site are financial mistakes in the eyes of the wider public.




Ha so bold for a new car, but I do like it :)  Cheers Dino!


@Ice Age
If you have to ask you could never understand. Its kinda like asking a crazy person why they do crazy have to be crazy to understand. You seem like a logical car guy, low car guys my friend dont adhere to logical standards. They are crazy in a sense. I for one, am very crazy. Got a bomb ass reinforced oil pan to feed my crazy.


Exactly. Its like drugs. If u want it you have to sacrifice.


Because for some people there is just something intrinsically cool about seeing a car on the deck.


I'm gonna share this on facebook, and see how many of my SCCA friends want to unfriend me.
I on the other hand, fucking love this car.


This looks cool as hell. Now I want to see the exact same setup, but with a more functional ride height and camber settings. Someone is bound to do it soon enough.
Also hyped on the white RX-8 sitting on Ferrari wheels.


Drugs would probably be cheaper though haha


Ice Age  if it's there to be modified, modified it must be.


Another squashed bug ride?


@Milano Fair enough.


Speedhunters :( I'm looking for the barf emoji on this phone. The sad face will have to do.


Speedhunters like it immensely!


From an aesthetic point of view, the height/width ratio keeps improving the lower you go. If that's your focus, I guess the ground is where you stop.
Each generation "builds" upon the last. Lowering a car that much is something a lot of people grow out of, but some not. In some places in this world, some young people can afford to "ruin" these cars.
I run some of my cars a little under 3" of ground clearance, To some that's stupid, others, say "It's a nice amount, not too much". Different perspectives.


Here, in America,that would have a "No Fat Chicks" sticker on it.


I remember slammed miatas being un normal and we all did it just so we can get more caster for drifting! lol! Then guys like Peter and Ken pushed the limits with wheels. Then people were able to get more steering angle with their miatas when IED did knuckles for everyone and you were running at least a 0 offset wheel. Now, it's normal for miatas to be slammed to shit and low offsets! #roadsterdrift #og


How to say "I don't like camber" in a nice way


I liked that white sedan on left side. What is it?


ScottRedmond i still don`t get it ! DFS (Destroy For Style)


there is this thing called 'style'. It shows that a human can progress and make any cool things into expression of attitude called art i think.


there is this thing called 'style'. It shows that a human can progress and make any cool things into expression of attitude called art i think...


obviously you don't check in everyday.


yup, thats the point.


alexgavieres Speedhunters Not for everyone of course :)


@LowFairladyZ_NZ So many contrasting opinion. I like it :)


It took years for Mazda to make the perfect geometry, then some peasant comes and ruins it for the lols.


Geextah502 Toyota Comfort. Built purely for use as a Taxi.


Much to like here. Being the first of its kind, being a new roadster that's freshly slammed, what's a warrantee? 
Superb looking ride, my only drawback with the car would be the factory design convertible roof. I just hate soft tops. Much like the S2000, I think these cars would be instant classics if they were OEM hard top.

Nice one Dino!


@Ratpacker By that token you should never modify any car because it takes the manufactures years to perfect the intake system, camshaft specifications, spring and damper rates, etc... 
Only a silly person would think that every aftermarket modification done to a car has to be expressly for increased "performance." And you're not a silly person, right?


Finally a Miata that will get dusted by a Prius on any autocross or road course, that's quite an accomplishment.
Some might say the retarded idiot who modifies a car like this is just a mentally challenged loon who values style over substance to their chagrin. Actually anybody with a brain should be able to see that the camber setup on this car telegraphs how immature and unintelligent the owner must be.


cynicalyricist honestly? there are cars that's better left alone.

i, for one, do not think that i'm stronger than 200 engineers who design suspension geometry, ECU settings, or stuff like that.

most kids think they're smarter.


@Eric I remember when I was the (first) only person who would post on old Miata forums about my slammed 10th anniv car and test fitments of all the sets of wide, low offset wheels I'd run. I didn't get as much flack as I thought I would, but it probably helped that it was a clean, good condition car at the time (it was about a year old, so that should date me) and it looked like I actually cared about the car. Nowadays, it seems like 8 out of every 10 modified Miata has the clap, and is driven by someone who just doesn't care...jacked up paint, jacked up body panels, mismatched wheels, etc. Not sure if that's an improvement...


@Ratpacker cynicalyricist Smarter in what way? You forget that perhaps some people modify their cars because they like to. And some people take the route of modifying their cars to serve a purpose other than "RACE CAR ALL THE TIME!" Especially if it's a street driver, then why not just slam it and put crazy wheels on it etc. if 99.9% of your driving is going to be done around town, at normal speed limits, and all you care about is to make it look good -in your eyes, and maybe a few others'?


Now someone need to do a 20B swap into this model!


NicholasMaher  Wow! Don't hold back!! :/


That looks pretty mad!


NicholasMaher And what great contribution to automotive culture have you made, other than spewing diatribe?


Why is everybody ahteing on this car? It is so fresh that I think not much aftermarket parts have been build and maybe if one of you could just see that it may be just an show car for the guys at T-Demand? A show off for what their parts can do? Anyway that's mad what they are doing but I also like how low the car is.


It's nice to see a new car that doesn't need 18 inch wheels to fill the fenders


@Ratpacker cynicalyricist
There are absolutely cars that are better left alone. However most cars, at least those within the scope of the average automotive enthusiast, are built under a series of compromises.
Compromises that the "200 engineers" have to strike a balance between, under the remit of both the company and what regulations allow. Balanced Compromises of cost vs quality, speed vs safety, handling vs comfort, aesthetics vs ease of repair etc.

The aftermarket effectively allows us to re-adjust those balances.
That doesn't make us more or less intelligent than the team of automotive engineers, it just means we're working under different circumstances.


I find it sad that most negative comments are given without respect to the car culture of where the cars was shown.


I feel like ever since that article came out about respecting the car culture and everyone having an opinion on the internet and being entitled and all that, the comment threads on here have become so PC towards "unique builds". I for one don't mind this car, it's cool. But everyone gets so worked up and sensitive when someone puts out negative feedback about a car on here. If you want to say "This car fucking sucks" say it, be prepared to get in a pissing match with other people for a few comments, but go ahead and say it. We don't need a safe space here guys, don't catch a case of feels and feel shocked when someone doesn't like something.


What is the camber angle?


As my name implies.


Usually I am not a fan of a ton of negative camber, I like the race car look.....but...this is kinda awesome to me for some reason. Maybe it is the tiny wheels that makes it work better, either way this car is doing its own thing and I respect that.


These people take the idea that closing wheel gap makes the car look better and so why wouldn't putting the car on the ground make it look even better than just closing wheels gap, it's all just over exaggeration of a certain style, some agree with it some don't, I like how it looks but I wouldn't drive one just because of how impractical it is for daily use, impracticality usually doesn't bother these guys though so they go ahead and do it because that's what they like


nicemiatabro HA! :)


Jagdroach True.


NicholasMaher You really can't call someone out for being "immature" when you call them a "retarded idiot."


man if they do make a new rotary I sure hope it looks as cool as the ne miata


Wow, Mazda! The styling of the ND is spot on, and personally, I love the way this one looks!


Option86  Same! I think Mazda knows what they're doing when designing these things. They're so eye catching, it's hard to not take a glance at one whenever you see one.


Verdigrie NicholasMaher You are thinking this is "great contribution to automotive culture", really? Are you sure? If so you have issues. This car is on this site simply because it's the first new style Miata modified is this misguided fashion. It is nothing for than a footnote certainly not a contribution in any way.


Ha! Say it like it is...


nissan (with others) needs to learn form mazda, keep a car in production for as long as possible but kind of keep the original lines, cough cough gtr, zs, 86's, others. From the cars listed the modern styles look good but they completely threw away their ancestors. Mazda's mx5 has always put its car before in mind, it always is small and affordable keeping the lines as much as possible, that is just so respectable.


TBrown525 I believe that's referred to as "an elephant sat on it"


THOR275 The comments' negativity is directly proportional to the camber's negativity.


BigTmoneyD Lol I think this one could also do with a "too late" sticker directly beneath it too.


That's great.
Even awesome if we can fix the camber.. (I love that TE37)


Stance or no, I love these cars and am quite happy to see it here!  Keep an eye out for crazy NC builds because it won't be long they will be everywhere.


I personally like it (as u should tell from my username ) but honestly its nice but idk if i would drive it that low. Cant scratch that new body just yet. its something i would drive to h20i tho ;)


If this car had those wheels & tires under the fenders, probably also under big bolt on flares, with camber that made sense (3 degrees at most) this car would kill.
As it is with 10-15 degrees of camber it just blows.


News flash: You can adjust camber.
So, stop complaining about it people..


You misunderstood, I wasn't speaking about this car, I was asking what your contribution has been to automotive culture as it clearly must be massive considering your vitriolic derision of other peoples work.


Verdigrie NicholasMaher I suppose you could say my contribution is the harsh, deserved, righteous criticism I reserve only for cars with suspension as on this car. It's done for aesthetic reasons yet to me it doesn't look good and objectively is absolutely unsafe to drive a car like this at an decent speed.
You end up with what? Style with no substance.
If this car had those wheels & tires under the fenders, probably
also under big bolt on flares, with camber that made sense this car would kill.


TBrown525 Camber angle is the angle in which the tires sit vertically. Positive camber angle is the tops of the tires leaning outwards, and Negative camber angle is when they lean inwards, like in this Miata. You're welcome.


NicholasMaher Translated from ignorant retard to english: "Boohoo how dare he modify his car like he wants and not how I want!!!!11"

You're a total sh*thead. There, I said it.


@Ratpacker cynicalyricist How does it bother you how he modifies his car? The owner of this car is doing the car scene exactly right, unlike you thinking you're better than everyone.


Geextah502 I thought I was the only one! :D


I need an extra set of hands so I can give this build four thumbs down...


He did this for attention, well I think it sucks. People screaming hater can get bent, you suck to.


CEL400 Geextah502 It's basically Crown taxi.


I think we can both agree on two things. That this car favors style over substance and that it would have a larger appeal if, as you said, it ran flares to suit the wheels and suspension geometry to make use of them.

I think you could have made your point more constructively than through ad hominem attacks, but that's neither here nor there at this stage.


mastaworm THOR275 hey guys just because a car can no longer accelerate, brake, corner or ride comfortably doesn't mean the owner has ruined a car built precisely to do all of those things well, actually it does.

With all of the fast, good handling cars out there does "Speed Hunters" really have to make every 3rd story about some useless POS that will end up with frame damage on craigslist next week?

Seem antithetical to the whole purpose of this site to begin with and is more than evident since every single one of these articles starts with some explanation as to why it's cool, no one should judge and just because it's a show car doesn't mean we should have any negative opinions about it at all.


hcram39 NicholasMaher While obtaining your GED is commendable, your comprehension issues are still quite evident. This car builder (or any other) can modify their car any way they want, no skin off my back.
I like the car, (with one exception) it’s basically stock except for the suspension.
I do, and always will, specifically take issue with the irrational and nonsensical camber angles and the setup of the suspension to achieve this “stance” on any car.
Doing this “stance” on a car is to deliberately miss-engineer the suspension for a “look” while sacrificing the ride, handling and safety of the car. The tire contact patches (for instance) are now down to the size of motorcycle tires.
Objectively and subjectively, dropping a car in such an ill advised fashion is not something to be admired.
As I said in another comment: If this car had those wheels & tires under the fenders, probably also under big bolt on flares, with camber that made sense (say 3 degrees at most) this car would kill.
As it is with 10-15 degrees of barely drivable camber it just blows.


I like these from the back and side, but those headlight ruin the front. Too squinty. I think the wheels are too small/tyres are too big and the fender shpae doesn't lend itself well to this style of slammage. I don't hate it though.



Gianluca FairladyZ

YotaWraith motorness  so what?

Gianluca FairladyZ

no words

Gianluca FairladyZ

mastaworm THOR275  epic :D


ha! accurate


@verdigrie you hit the nail on the head.. Honda, Toyota, bmw... all have to make sure their cars are quiet enough, comfortable enough, efficient enough, etc, etc for the normal consumer. Well, I'm a car guy and i don't really give two craps about that stuff.. We do to our cars what the designers and engineers wished they could have done without said compromises. Get off of speedhunters and go flip through the dupont registry if you only want to look at pure breds.


Soo much hate on this. Starting to get rediculous! This personally isn't my style. But, it is a clean car, never been done before, not yours and was entered in a show named "stance nation." What did you expect? Either way, timeless wheels and a cool chassis. thumbs up for doing something different and expressing what you/ your shop is all about.


Ga ga ga ga ga gag me.


I must have walked passed it a few times, but I probably didn’t see it for the simple reason my subconscious was trying to protect me from a bad case of PTSD. Ruined by T-Demand in Sakai City, Fukui, the car (if you can call it that) sits on the shop’s own Pro Donk coilovers and also runs T-Donk Pro Arms, which are 110% useless given the donk camber. The 15-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37Vs are the biggest waste of money on the planet consider the car has negative 110% performance, combining that timeless 6-spoke design that is boring as heck considering it's on 1/2 the cars on SH.
Like a coked out supermodel trying to walk a Paris runway with compound fractures in both ankles.
Or one of those backwards tribes that takes their babies and straps boards to their heads to distort their skull.


I want to make myself believe stances cars have credibility like low riders of the 70s and 80s. No matter how hard I try, I just don't feel it.




Verdigrie NicholasMaher Nothing I said was ad hominem, I criticized specific issues.


man the gloves have come off in the comments over this one. Good work SH


You sound like someone that had a board strapped to there head as a baby.


You're wrong, it's 'cause he's crazy!!! You mustn't be a crazy guy, like us, if you think it's because of aesthetics. Only crazy guys understand illogicality, and that's why we get it and you don't. Logical guys always try to explain design by principles and ratios, when crazy guys know it's just other crazy guys being crazy. Maybe some day you'll become a crazy guy and understand.
This reminds me of the time some guy asked me if I lowered my car for better handling. I told him he was logical guy and didn't understand I lowered it because I'm crazy, not because I wanted a lower center of gravity. Most people don't understand us crazy guys.


I agree with your criticism. We all need to discourage these idiots from driving with unsafe modifications. Their endangering peoples lives on the road, that's why these type of extreme modifications are illegal in the USA.


A culture that directly influences a significant portion of the USA's modding culture; globalism, it's real.


Why didn't you just say you don't like slant eyes, and only like round headlights. You disgust me. [just joshing]