The KM4SH Body Kit: Your 86, Our Style

It’s finally here! After a long build-up, today we launch our exclusive Speedhunters KM4SH body kit – designed expressly to rock you and your 86 or FR-S.

Deciding to mod your car with new parts is no light decision, so we’ve put a lot of time and effort into this kit: maximum attack for maximum joy of machine. We want to make sure that the KM4SH look is worthy of your car, your time and your hard-earned money. This CAD-designed, high quality kit is styled to be aggressive yet ooze refinement and (relative) restraint. It’s our take on what we think an 86 should look like: a roar without the raw.

The seven-piece kit is available right now at the Speedhunters store, and to make it even more special each kit will carry a special badge showing off the kit number. Of course, lower is better. But with cars, that’s a given isn’t it?


Our resident metalwork master, Keith Charvonia, has already given you a comprehensive introduction to our bespoke body kit and shown how he tackled applying kit #0002 to his personal FR-S, but we’ll be giving you a thorough run-down on the specifics of the KM4SH kit installation in the very near future.


With the KM4SH kit you can choose how you tick those final boxes of stance, paint and wheels to create a completely personal, unique result. We’re excited to see what you can do with it. How will you finish off your 86, making it the best KM4SH car out there?


The KM4SH kit will be available as a full package – four fenders, two-piece front splitter and ducktail spoiler – or you can choose just one area to upgrade. Each full kit will be individually numbered, allowing you to join the exclusive KM4SH owners’ registry; more details on that to come.


Each kit will be built to order for Speedhunters, shipping from Japan to your location. When you order, we’ll contact you personally to run through lead times for the parts you want and delivery options, to make sure you get the best possible service. The KM4SH kit is a seriously major set of parts, which means that you have to be realistic about both cost and shipping.


There’s a full breakdown of the cost of the full kit and also the constituent parts over on the store page. Prices vary depending on location and national taxes, but the full kit will retail for $1,980 in the US, for example. We’ve worked hard to keep the shipping costs as low as possible, and arranged set prices for certain countries. Again, check the store for full details, and contact us at for pricing on countries not on the matrix, or if you have other questions about a specific order.

Let the cutting begin!

The Speedhunters

Speedhunters store
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Ordered, Thanks SH crew! Can't wait to slap this on!


Nice, thanks for supporting us No5ki! We'll be in touch soon!


Nice, thanks for supporting us No5ki! We'll be in touch soon!


so hot


Just ordered my over fenders. Do I still qualify for the numbered badge?


Please make these types of kits for a Foxbody Mustang!!!!!!!!


I would just buy it even though I don't have an FRS.


If this kit gets made for a Zenki S14, I would be so happy.


Hell yeah, lol


Hell yeah, lol


I'm diggin' this. Seeeriously diggin' this.


Here's to hoping for a 5th gen Camaro kit.


that's a sweet looking kit.


Love it. And really surprised at the cost, I thought it would be much more expensive, good job keeping it affordable SH!! Its also really cool how this "full body kit" doesn't include a front or rear bumper but you don't even notice. Cant wait till you guys do a KM4SH readers rides feature!


knockoff kits on ebay in 3,2,1....


2K? That's honestly way more reasonable than I was expecting. Kudos to Speedhunters.


Sooo dam tempted... not sure how I can make it into a more track like setup, but i'm it'll be fun trying to figure it out lol


Will you guys at SH be making a front bumper over fender piece to suite the BRZ


This makes me want to buy an FRS.... the M would be missed


is the spoiler fibreglass? how is it mounted?


Looks good, from what I can see...who uses a black car as a demo car???!


Looks good, from what I can see...who uses a black car as a demo car???!


too bad you cant have it shipped to canada


Damn those wheels are nice. Can you buy them?


Hi, Would shipping to Australia be available? If so, how much would it be to zip code 6059, Western Australia. Thanks