Throwback: The 1,029hp Minivan
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Bisi Ezerioha and his company Southern California-based company Bisimoto Engineering, need no introduction.

For years, Bisi has been cooking up cars that are both fast and interesting, and back in 2014, Larry and Mike featured one of his most iconic creations – a Honda Odyssey packing four-figure horsepower output. What’s this minivan on steroids all about? Let’s check it out in another throwback post from the Speedhunters archive…

2014 Feature

Bisi Ezerioha knows how to build a fast and completely functional automobile, and how to do it with show car-like attention to detail and aesthetics. In a world increasingly focused on stance and looking cool, Bisi is all about keeping performance alive in a big way.


The thing I admire most about Bisi is the way that he likes to play with unconventional vehicles. Sure you’ve seen his incredible Porsche builds, but it’s not all sports cars and exotics for him. The man is just as famous for creating more unusual cars like his Honda Insight drag car or popular Honda Civic wagon project.


And if you’re looking for unconventional, this Bisimoto project is about as good as it gets. It’s a 1,000+ horsepower Honda Odyssey minivan, and from the moment we saw it on display at the 2013 SEMA Show, we knew we needed to get hold of it for a full feature.


Thankfully, Larry was able to spend some time with the van on the streets of Southern California and now we can share the full story on this one-of-a-kind creation.


Bisi likes nothing more than blazing new paths, and when the minivan build started, the goal was to prove that any car could be made fun – even if it was originally designed to haul families in comfort.


So starting with a showroom-fresh 2014 Honda Odyssey, Bisimoto got to work on building something for the horsepower-hungry racer who happens to have a family.


The main idea was to build a radical sleeper out of this minivan, and to be honest an Odyssey with even four or five hundred horsepower would be more than enough for crazy reactions and huge grins on the street.


But this is Bisimoto, and the plan wasn’t just to build an Odyssey that was deceivingly quick, but to build something completely off the wall. Look under the hood of this van and you’ll find the same J35 V6 that powers the stock version, but that’s about where the similarities end.


The motor was torn down and completely rebuilt in Bisimoto’s climate-controlled clean room with heavy-duty parts like Arias 9.0:1 forged pistons, R&R rods, Golden Eagle sleeves and ARP head studs and bolts. Up top, the heads received a full porting job and the engine was also fitted with a set of Bisimoto/Web Level 2.4 cams and a valve train from Supertech.


All of the engine work was done to prepare the motor for a healthy dose of forced induction, which would come in the form of a Bisimoto custom turbo kit that uses a huge Turbonetics BTX7265 turbine, RG45 wastegate and Godzilla blow-off-valve.


The kit also includes an enormous Spearco intercooler that dominates the van’s front end. It’s one of the few external signs that hint at the Odyssey’s performance.


Elsewhere, the engine is controlled by a full AEM Infinity 8 system and is filled with high-end PurOl Elite synthetic motor oil. It’s also been built to run an E85 flex-fuel system.


Since this is a street vehicle, the boost and power can be set at various levels, with the high boost setting putting out a mind-bending 1,029hp. That’s not just sleeper status, it’s pure insanity!


One of the biggest challenges on the project came not from the motor, but from the transmission set-up. Like all minivans, the Odyssey is only sold with an automatic transmission – so Bisi went through the tremendous task of converting the van to a manual using a 6-speed gearbox from an Acura TL Type S.


The transmission swap was far from a bolt-in affair, considering the routing of the pedals and the placement of the Odyssey’s shifter. Sure it might have been easier to get the 6-speed in there however they could, but the goal was to have everything look as factory as possible – regardless of the work involved.


While the van is putting out an incredible amount of horsepower, the Odyssey was designed for the street – so plenty of effort was taken to make it look as cool as possible.


If it weren’t for that huge intercooler popping out of the front bumper, you could easily be fooled into thinking this was just a VIP-inspired street cruiser.


Rather than running a stiff competition suspension, the Odyssey has been fitted with an adjustable set-up from Air Ride Equipment, which can make the big van hit the deck with the flip of a switch.


Helping even more in the style department is a set of Tarmac R40 wheels from Fifteen52.


The custom-built wheels measure 20 inches in diameter and are wrapped in 255/30R20 Toyo T1 Sport tires at each corner.


An important part of the vision for the build was to have a van that was not only fast but could carry a family around in comfort – just as the standard Odyssey does.


Not only does the minivan have all the creature comforts of the stock model, but it’s also got some cool luxury touches like full leather upholstery from an outfit called SOS.


There’s also a one-off Bisimoto 4-point roll cage with custom powder-coating by RJ Coatings.


Let’s not forget the family goodies, like the genuine Honda roof-mounted accessory box and the Recaro child seat.


As with every car that Bisimoto builds, the attention to detail is just top-notch – whether it’s the placement of the air suspension controls in the center console.


Or the Racepak IQ3 dash system cleanly set into the factory instrument hood.


The result of Bisimoto’s work is images like this: a minivan destroying its front tires on the street. Even at daily driver boost settings (600hp), there’s no traction in gears 1-3 and at full boost, you won’t find traction in any gear.

As Bisi says, that just means less stress on the drivetrain!


Even with all the crazy cars he has built, we’re told the Odyssey has been the shop’s most popular project yet. When you think about how off-the-wall this thing is, it’s not surprising at all.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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I start by saying that fast/high power minivans and trucks do not make sense to me. Don't care for them at all. So I was not going to even look at this because I automatically thought that this person did what everyone else does, put an LS and think that they have done something special. WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!!! The Bisimoto team has stuck to the brand and made it work. You will not confuse it with a Vette if you hear it, You can open the hood and see "Honda!". I am sure that this build is more expensive than doing what everyone else does but this is a rolling display of knowledge and skill. Does this change my mind about these cars? NO. But, do I appreciate this project? Hell yes!!! All day!!. Thank you so much for going about it this way.


Bisi and this car are the epitome of what main stream car modification have become: no point. No real goal. Just do something to break the internet. Get views. Onto the next project that doesn't have to perform, hook up, or produce any real numbers.

Anyone remember when people actually cared what a car could do? Not just what it had on a spec sheet?

Those in the industry who have been around long enough will be familiar with this man's bogus claims about adding horsepower to Honda engines via headers etc which were proven false after enough people got tired of being hustled by him and someone dyno'd his self proclaimed industry leading header.

The header produced something like 0.2hp over a stock engine. All of this can be found via google searches with his name and Honda et. He then moved onto the Porsche community where people who get hustled don't bother to know any better before creating things like this mini van.

This van showed up to a drag race where it got slaughtered by vehicles with lower levels of performance in a drag race. I spoke to Bisi about this in person and he had an excuse which admittedly I don't remember, but I do recall it sounding like utter nonsense from a racing perspective (of which I have 30 years experience).

I think he's a bit of a con, a bit of a hack when it comes to actually producing things that can perform (not just show cars with high horsepower and pushrod suspension...oh GOD the pushrod suspensions...), and he never competes in anything legitimate that would validate any of his designs.

This guys entire company is about this exact article right here and the comments that will ensue. Nothing more. Nothing less. Aesthetics and "the vibe" > everything to the current generation / aftermarket industry goons.


lol if you think modification focused on aesthetics are new, then you are severely wrong.

if you look back, you can even find them as early as the 50s.


The fact your take away from that was "aesthetics are not new" is legitimately retarded.


lol just accept that your take is factually inaccurate


Mas: the difference is back then no one cares and it wasn’t thenoredoiminant form of coverage. Racing > aesthetics back then. Now it is aesthetics > performance as the primary metric which is why drifting is so popular. 100% about the look of the driver and his car instead of finishing ahead f the next guy.

Absolutely incredible how little the average enthusiast knows about history now. The 50s were about going fast. Not the “vibe.” The fact this even has to be explained is proof


lol no

the difference now is that it is easier to get coverage for everything. even back in the 00s, there are more magazines on "aesthetic" or street mods than motorsport available at the news stand.

plus motorsport being harder to join for newer and younger fans also didn't help with your opinions.


Lead sleds just didn't exist in your recollection of the 50s then?


Dave -- let's not detract from the original point. His claims are unfounded and were never based in reality. Has been proven wrong. Is a hack. Gets beat in almost anything he enters. Has never raced or proven his claims in any environment that was actually subjected to competition. Is glorified by media outlets who don't know any better.

Yes, there were show cars in the 50.s No, the predominant metric of performance was not numbers from journalists but what cars could actually do.

What did exist was some pretty badass drag racing, and NASCAR racing on the beach, karting, etc. What didn't exist were journalist who didn't know anything about cars and goof balls who try to detract from original points about the validity of engineering.

Bisi is a hack. End of story. You're journalists. End of story. Nothing he does is actually held to a performance metric that matters. These are show cars and internet builds.


I wasn't trying to detract. I am just once again illustrating to you that the industry has not suddenly become as bias as you claim.

Bisi is an expert level promotor. Be it his accomplishments, sponsor products, what have you. He is friendly, educate, and well spoken. I can say all these things because I have met and interviewed him.

I am also aware of all the header debates and have personally asked him about previous projects that seem to have vanished. To call him a hack is a stretch. He builds vehicles to serve a purpose. That purpose is not always racing.

Journalists yes, but not investigative. It's counter productive to everyone that works at SH to tear down the vehicles we feature.


Building something with 1000hp for the sake of building something with 1000hp is a gimmick. You are just building something to hit a number. You know why people actually tuned cars to get 1000hp FOR STRAIGHT LINE PERFORMANCE.


The header debate is not a debate. DYNOS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO DEBATE. You either make hp or you don't. Those tests were done in a controlled environment which shows you don't even understand the fundamentals of performance testing. Honestly, this entire publication is just amateur as f*** and when you guys get called out you just double down on being amateurs instead of learning. It's pathetic.


A debate is when two opposing views are discussed yes? Bisi said under his controlled environments the header made x. Opposing groups said y. As far as I know there was no rebuttal from Bisi but either way we're left with claims, counter claims. Two sides. Same way people say they make numbers on one dyno over another. Also this is going back to what 2011? Forgive me if my specific are off.

If you are as knowledgeable as you claim you could learn a LOT from Bisi regarding presentation of said knowledge. It could take you further in this industry than where you're currently at. All the tools exist for you to be wildly successful in whatever endeavor you wish to pursue in the automotive space.



That is a fair point. I would definitely make the argument with evidence that a majority of his projects are show cars as opposed to legitimate engineering feats accomplishing anything tangible.

People tend to be very polite to the media. There is often a relationship between needing them and vice versa. I’ve been on both sides.

I only say this stuff to show people they should research everyone in the industry in order to maximize time and money spent on parts etc. for some reason this wildly offends people in this comment section.

Any smart consumer does their homework. What I see in these comment sections are a lot of brain dead men without any real knowledge of how things work from a mechanical stand point or media standpoint and I’m just trying to show people the other side.

Notice how you didn’t mention the headers but you acknowledge you know about it? That’s withholding information about your subject from the audience. It is the definition of media bias.

Just some food for thought. At the end of the day you guys are media. I’m a free agent with a lot of experience and this is why my clients praise me. I don’t have to lie or pander to get likes. I just speak truth. The people who want the truth pay me for it.


Somehow I think Bisi’s accomplishments hold a little more weight than the random internet poster who keeps getting banned for making up nonsense and acting like a fool. The guy went to college at like 15yrs old, has multiple degrees and has held multiple world records. I don’t know who you think you met but it wasn’t him lol


If he's so smart and he has a degree at 15 he should 100% know the claims he was making were impossible. 26bhp from a header on a B18? Absolute crap. If he's as smart as you claim the only explanation for this is fraud. See my comments below with actual data.


You never know who you’re talking to Nate


Anybody can take pictures of somebody’s collection. What I do know is you log in under multiple accounts and respond to your own comments lol. You are the definition of cringe and nothing but a troll, which is why they delete your comments and accounts .


And what I know about you is you're a giant pussy.


We can run if you want but you need to bring cash. I am located in So Cal. Let me know how to get in touch with you. Would love to make a YouTube video about it. If I'm such a troll you have nothing to lose.

So, how do I get in touch with you?


lol Nate. Pull your tongue out of his asshole. Dogs do that. You’re not a dog are you Nate?

Unfortunately nothing you typed changes what anyone can look up. A lot of people have world records that don’t matter. First into the 10s etc are the only records I could find.

Who else was gunning for these numbers at the time? Always remember if you’re the only person who enters a class and you win your technically a champion but the quality of your competition is what matters.

Would love to see a deep dive into who was running these classes at the time. Might have to do a little digging.

Did you know about all the stuff with the headers and actually read about it? It’s pretty clear you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer so responses like the one you gave above don’t surprise me anymore.


In before noobs call you a hater for speaking facts!!


Is there anyway to do a check in on some of these older articles? Like arrange a visit with Bisi and see how the van has fared the past 10 years? I understand that shop builds will come and go and it's probably not as simply calling Bisi-motors and saying 'Hey, we are coming for a visit!' but it would still be an interesting article!


They won't do this since throwback posts are here to save them time and money by re-hasing old posts instead of making original and new content for the site.

Remember when Speedhunters was posting 3 or 4 articles a day? Was sponsoring and covering live racing events and championships? Was pubishing books? It used to be the pinacle of car culture's website. Ask kids these days they don't even know about Speedhunters.

People have been asking them for more content, for the store, people were willing to get more of Speedhunters and spend money on them, but they thrown away the towel instead and that's where they are now. Like Petrolicious, I'm sure the site won't be around anymore anytime soon unfortunately.


gotta love it. Milking old content to stop from creating new content. Sounds like a decline in fresh ideas and staff for sure. The industry has been on a downward path for a long time in many aspects. Most journalism is completely dead and automotive journalism is a reflection of that. Quoting specs and general blanket statements were great in the 90s, but things have moved forward in 2024 considerably. Hell, any actual insight into cars now and you get flamed on here if you don’t have clout it’s hilarious. This is not a sustainable model. Ngl I kind of hope publications like this crash and burn. They aren’t helping move the yardstick forward anymore. Just taking ad money from air ride companies and promoting squid builds like LWB Etc.


"22whp gains from swapping out an already stout header for the bisimoto!? Holy can you NOT want this header? How are we not seeing cars in race series' like Honda Challenge where your engine must remain stock rape the rest of the field? For any all motor enthusiasts with a backbone this type of claim had to be questioned. Let's say a Hytech replica made 8whp over your stock b18c5 header, and the bisi made 22whp over that. That means you'd make about 30whp on a stock ITR engine by bolting on a header! With a price tag aroud 800-1000 for a custom to spec Bisi header thats a damn good dollar per hp when messing with naturally aspirated honda stuff.

This test has never been done independently. In some cases where people have claimed to test the Bisi header back to back - it was shown that other modifications were done at the same time although their claims were otherwise.
For example you would hear things like
"I tested the Bisimoto header and found 30whp. But i also threw on cams and kinsler ITB's at the same time"
"I tested the Bisimoto header but my car was untuned on a stock header beforehand"
So now its time for something different. We tested a Hytech Replica that was smashed real good from bad ground clearance, a Fake Bisimoto header from China, and a real deal Bisimoto header that was built specifically for a 1.8L engine.

For reference sake our test dummy is a
JDM ITR 98 Spec Engine
AEM Short Ram
Walbro 255
Tuned on eCtune(each header was tuned individually)"

"Hey, wheres my 22whp?"

Chimmy Chongo

Notice not a single reply to this comments? Wonder why….