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This 1988 Civic Wagon started off as a joke.

It was a build which infamous tuner, Bisimoto, took quite light heartily. But as all jokes go, its all about the delivery or final punch line. In order to have that great punch line a bit of seriousness had to brought in.

Last year, a print magazine held a high profile engine building challenge and invited all the big tuning houses to compete. The challenge was for those tuning houses to build an engine that can produce the most horse power per liter in an streetable, unleaded fuel engine. Many tuners (we'll be leaving the names out to protect those involved) entered with turbocharged motors with the exception of two tuning houses. One of them was Bisimoto Engineering.

Long story short, the other competitors with boosted setups faired very well in the competition. Bisimoto entered with a 360 horse power F22A engine but did not win the event.

At the award ceremony, Bisi was approached 

one of the tuners in the competition, and asked why they chose to run a naturally aspirated motor. He simply answered that he wanted to build an engine in the true spirit of the competition: a reliable, streetable, chassis friendly engine. Apparently Bisi's answer was not good enough, as the tuner responded, "didn't you build a naturally aspirated motor because that is all you know?"

After such a proclamation, there was only one option for Bisi: to prove that tuner wrong. 

Sitting just above the Weksos CRX front lip is a rather large Turbonetics intercooler is good hint of what lies just beyond….

What Bisi built was, in his eyes, the most powerful street, small displacement Honda ever, with this 724whp and 500 ft/tq 1.6L single cam D16Z6! Instead of slapping on a giant turbo and calling it a day, Bisi build the D16 like he would a naturally aspirated engines. Inside the D16 head featured a Bisimoto Cam Gear, Bisimoto Springs and Titanium retainers, Bisimoto Level 3.6 camshaft, Supertech Stainless Steel intake valves, Supertech Inconel Exhaust valves and a Golden Eagle Head gasket.

The block was also beefed up with Arias 9:1 75.5mm pistons, Golden Eagle sleeves, Bisimoto Spec H-beam steel Rods, and Honda Bearings.

With the engine bulletproofed the next thing was to add a Bisimoto/Turbonetics BTX6565 turbo…

…which features a Turbonetics RG-45 waste gate and a Turbonetics Godzilla blow-off valve. A ceramic coated Bisimoto prototype top mount twin scroll manifold, was used to mate the snail to the head. An AEM Water Meth kit was also installed for those super high boost moments.

The intake system features a Golden Eagle Intake manifold, Skunk 2 68mm throttle body, T1 1000cc Injector Dynamics squirters, AEM fuel rail, and an AEM fuel pressure regulator

A solid set of Hasport D-series EF engine mounts tames beast within. 

Bisi finalized the motor with a set of his own reservoir socks. 

Bisi sent over this dyno chart. The left side was the motor running on 91 octane and water methanol which resulted in 708whp and 487ft/lbs. The right side of the cart is with the motor on VP100 unleaded and water methanol which bumped up the power to 724whp and 500ft/lbs!

The finished engine was the joke's punchline. It became the most powerful motor with the least amount of displacement for the engine building competition and the tuner which started it all gained a might higher respect for Bisi.

In terms of suspension, Bisi used a set of Progress Series 1 coil overs and combined that with a Progress Honda EF sway bar, Progress Spherical Solid control arm Bearings, and Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex bushings. The result was a car that rides low, goes like stink and takes corners like a champ. 

The car originally had a set of really aggressive wheels but Bisi replaced them with his own Bisimoto Fighter Special Wheels which are 15×8 with a 0 offset in the front and -6 offset in the rear. These wheels aren't as aggressive yet still sit flush. But these wheels let him actually use tires rather than waste them with excessive camber. The wheels are wrapped with a set of 195/50/15 Falken Ziex ZE512. 

Bisi decided to keep the interior as stock as possible.

I love the fact that he's kept the original steering wheel on it. 

The only thing added to the interior was this AEM serial gauge…

…and this five point roll bar.

In the trunk sits the water methanol injection tank.

After getting all the important shots in, Bisi suggested that we should have a bit of fun and get some burn out shots for the feature. I couldn't agree more.

As the tires started to smoke up, the wind started to pick up and swept up all that wonderfully billowing tire smoke away.

For the sake of photography, Bisi climbed in the car again and tried once more. This time facing the opposite way so the wind blows the tire smoke in the right direction. Since the tires were already heated from the previous burn out session…

… this was the result.

The cabin of the car filled up with an insane amount of tire smoke. Let's play the game of where's Bisi, shall we?

There he is! The crazy tuner himself. 

This was the aftermath: smoldering chunks of Falkens from the rear…

…and on fire from the front! 

After letting the engine cool down, Bisi decided we should do one more tire smoking session. This was the result.

Bisi took the car and I out onto the motorway for a few quick pulls. When I say that this car deserves the name 'shuttle' I mean it. This little wagon can be rocketed into Earth orbit without breaking a sweat! 

Since the engine building competition, this car has become Bisimoto's most popular build. It proved to be even more popular than his crazy race car builds, like his drag racing Honda Insight. The fact that the car still retains its original body, original interior (all of it as a matter of fact), houses a tiny motor engineered to fly this car into Earth orbit, and its simple and clean exterior help solidify its popularity.

It's funny to think that this car originated as a joke. It was created with a light-hearted mind set. Nothing as serious as Bisi's race cars.

But at the end of the day, it was the little blue Civic wagon that got the last laugh. 



- 1988 Civic Wagon, 2WD
- Steen Chassis 5 point cage “tuck” 


- Progress Series 1 coil-over suspension
- Progress Honda EF sway bar
- Progress Spherical Solid control arm Bearings
- Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex bushings

Wheels & Tires:

- Bisimoto Fighter Special Wheels, 15×8, 0 offset front, -6 offset rear
- Falken Ziex ZE512 tyres, 195/50-15


- D16Z6 head
- Bisimoto Cam Gear
- Bisimoto Springs and Titanium retainers
- Bisimoto Level 3.6 camshaft
- Supertech Stainless Steel intake valves
- Supertech Inconel Exhaust valves
- Golden Eagle Head gasket


- D16Z6 
- Arias 9:1, 75.5mm pistons
- Golden eagle sleeves
- Bisimoto Spec H-beam steel Rods
- Honda Bearings
- Stock Ported Oil pump
- Bisimoto/Evolution Aluminum Flywheel
- Bisimoto/Evolution Sandwich plate
- K&N Oil Filter
- AEM Oil Pressure gauge
- Hasport D-series EF Mounts


- Stock D15B Vtec 
- Skunk 2 short shifter
- Spec twin disc clutch assembly
- Insane shafts axles
- Hasport Hydro to cable mechanical conversion kit
- Hush-22 EF cable to hydro conversion kit


- Bisimoto heat shielding gasket
- Golden Eagle Intake manifold
- Skunk 2 68mm throttle body
- T1 1000cc Injector dynamics squirters
- AEM Fuel rail
- AEM Fuel pressure regulator
- AEM fuel pressure gauge
- 6AN fuel lines
- Stock return lines
- AEM Water Meth kit
- Kinsler Monster Mesh fuel filter

Turbo system:

- Bisimoto-Turbonetics BTX6565
- Bisimoto Prototype top mount twin scroll manifold, ceramic coated
- Turbonetics RG-45 wastegate
- Turbonetics Godzilla BOV
- 3" Intercooler piping
- Turbonetics/Spearco 5-364 (3.5"x10.5"x28" wide..and yes, we made it fit!)
- 3an oil feed line
- 10an oil return
- Burns Stainless 3.5" 2-stage muffler
- 0.5" aluminum exhaust system


- Torco TBO 40 (break-in oil)
- Torco SR-1 racing 10w-40 (after break-in)
- Torco MPZ Spray assembly lube
- Torco MTF gear box oil


- AEM 6040 Gen 2 EMS
- AEM Twin fire
- AEM pencil Coils
- AEM Serial Gauge (this is so sick!)
- AEM boost control solenoid
- AEM 5 bar map sensor
- MSD digital Boost-a-pump pn 2351
- Power XS S680 Battery
- Rywire mil-spec wiring


- Custom dual pass Griffen radiator
- Buddy Club Radiator Cap


- Bisimoto Adjustable Oil Cap
- Bisimoto Reservoir Socks
- Type 2 graphics
- Golden Eagle Rear Tow hook
- Weksos front CRX lip



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finally this car gets some love!!


awesome build... been waiting for a decent feature of it since the first time i saw it on motrmavens with the "aggressive wheels" suits great for this month...


insane specs!!! and insane power curve!!! the throttle from 6000 rpm must be ON/OFF


1/4 mile ETs?


Adskiy Negr.


My god, just watched some of the videos, this thing is a MONSTER. I love it!


i wonder if he ever thought about throwing this into the awd version of this civic. that would be super cool


Beautiful shots, please gives us some desktop wallpaper sizes!


Where do I find Inconel valves for a B6-ZE?????


Lovely, the car hasno power all the way to 6000 rpm.....

Who drives around town above 6000 rpm???? And they call it a street-daily driven car???


ah ha i was waiting for bisi 's wagon to stand proud in this month theme. thanks bisi for making this ef wagon so good. now can you find a awd model and do this?


Linhbergh for president!

Seriously Linh, can I buy any of your pictures to hang on a wall in my freshly renovated flat?


What a cool car

14 the best possible way!


a mite* higher respect

setups fared* very well


Evn for 700+hp stil sounds like a weak ass honda


Love this car so much, I almost bought a wagon beater because of this car. And "said tuner" that talked smack was AMS Performance :S Nothing to hide as it was published for the general public to see.


the little engine tha could... this was a really good write up. i like this. awes9ome work on the car.


Bisi,I would do a Kanye West move at that competition. Soccer mom ride that kicks A##.


I wonder which runner was $hit talking. Go Bisi! Dopeness.


I know this word get used more than it should .. but EPIC !! seems to sum it up :)

Though who was the other tuner?... My guess AMS ?


Desktops with the burnouts please.


I hope Honda is taking notice. Bisimoto is the sickest Honda tuner, hands down. They should make a Bisimoto dealer option for cars!!!


Nice write up..crazy horses 4 a honda daily driver and on a single cam.Im not huge on hondas but gotta give props to the builder...


Bisi got rob at that competition, great build. Soccer mom ride with a kick.


Bisi is a true tuning legend. Glad to see Bisomoto and the car here. I would love to see some footage of this car moving.

Here's a vid of the above burnout!


@Alex - if anything, having low power until you really mean it (6000rpm) would make it more practical as a daily driver.


Very interesting motor, Also like framework with rear seats. It's easy to drive somewhere with friends =)


@Alex you only need 100 horses to drive around town. So yes this is a DD.


I've known Bisi in the early days(mid 90's) when he had 3bar chrome rims on his crx and worked at circuit city in compton while going to CSULB! I was in his racing crew and ran the same setup he running! The guy has come a long way from being ridiculed to respected.


out of a 1.5L he could of used anything from a k24 to a j35 but he chose the smallest motor possible which really kicks the other guys in the nuts haha 360 out of the f22 was insane also


I meant 1.6L lol still impressive


Jesus! That is one crazy little wagon! One day I wanna do something similar.

Would it be too much to ask for a desktop?




It way be a powerhouse, but it is still ugly as heck+ its a honda


Love this car, just wish it wasn't FWD.


Where can i buy this car,meaning Bisi's ?


Im still waiting for my ride when i reach la bisi!!!

anyone seen his 533bhp CRZ???? it wasn't shown on the la show post here but im shure they are saving it!!!


yes!! I was hoping for a write-up on bisi's wagon for this month's haulers feature, and well done - this is the best writeup, and best shots, I've seen of this wagon yet. Bisi killed it with this car, just amazing. The only thing that could top this would be an awd version. Hi-res desktop shot please! (He's also already worked a CR-Z...)


"theres no greater motivation than doubt"


nice, clean civic with jdm style!


ahhh i miss my wagon sooo much!wallpapers of third and third to last pics please!


wallpapers of the engine bay side shot


another bada** high hp honda great job Bisi


wow that is a useless car. Is it really that cool to have less then 150 hp and torque all the way to 6k and then at 6k you make 520 some odd horsepower more in another 1k rpm? That thing must only be good for burnouts cause on the track that power curve is pointless. respect for what it is but if you care about anything more then making obscene amounts of power at the end of your power curve then .... no thanks.


We need some burnout desktops! I love this wagon!!! Props to the OP.


Bisi, your a madman!!!!!! Love it


Turbocharged tiny engine rules!!!! No replacement for displacement my a**!!!


fuckin love it AWESOME one of the cleanest civic wagons out there


it's been awhile, and props on the thoroughness of this article. I'm not into hondas or FWD much, but this article had me scrolling down and wishing for more!



Nice , I absolutely adore this car ! It's just mental. Would like to see a desktop of the #9 pic and one of those burnout pics. Nice feature . Thanks for making my day at work that little brighter :)


can't say how much respect and support i have for what bisi does. since he came out with his carb'd Honda back in like '99. he's an intelligent character without pissing on other ppl. He has the soul of what is missing from so many tuners nowadays.

And this comes from way down in the caribbean. Biggup Bizi.


do like. I normally dislike hondas with an intense passion (it's irrational so please don't take it personally, anyone), but this is one solid build, and i have immense respect for what Bisi has accomplished!


attention to detail like no other. this car is so well built and its defintly the coolest honda shuttle ive ever seen!


good numbers useless powerband....what does it make off the water meth? i bet on 91 octane only..probably not so good, you take any decent engine block and sleeve it, run cams, port work ,you too could do it. but who cares if it is smallest 4 banger import he does not run the numbers..against twin cams so i gues for the sake of being different impressive, but who cares and yea how many n/a d16s run on the street against turbo b-series or k series waste of a build and hella ugly car many other cars you could spotlight....and if your injecting meth with pure methanal or alchahol or race gas he can say whatever he wants at 300 horse to wheels you couldnt tell the differenced with those tires anyway..


LOL.. at least this guys knows what he's doing here - a very well turned out, surperisngly desirable car!! love those burn out pics


oh man this is one of the best car i've seen in my life! so clean,unique and powerful..for the haters at least u respect this car..


nice car, I had a Civic dx in the 80's, always liked Honda cars and interior styling, even on a basic car like a Civic.; great cars


This is better than any grocery getter.


Super awesome car. Plain jane and built to haul ass.


cool, i really like the ducktail-style spoiler in the 4th pic.


Wow...why is there always a ruckus around here everytime a Honda gets featured? Great job Bisi for such a sick build. Desktop of the burnouts please!!


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