GMA T.50s Niki Lauda: The Flyweight That Packs A Heavyweight Punch

Gordon Murray has always walked a different path in designing and developing cars. Lap times and top speeds be damned; for Murray, it’s all about driver engagement and connection, and light weight.

Of the four GMA (Gordon Murray Automotive) supercars currently being produced, the T.50s is the no-compromise, pure track variant of the road-going T.50.

This year’s Goodwood Members’ Meeting served as the platform for the world debut, and along with a static display, event attendees were treated to high-speed track demonstrations.

T50s SH 001

The T.50s Niki Lauda is so named in honour of the legendary Austrian racing driver, recognising the partnership between Lauda and Murray as teammates on the Brabham Formula 1 team.


It is hardly appropriate to refer to the road-going T.50 this car is based upon as subtle, given its ludicrous 12,100rpm engine redline. GMA claimed this to be the most power-dense naturally aspirated production motor ever produced – but that was before the T.50s came along.

In this version, power has risen from 670PS to 772PS. The motor has been completely reworked, and with low-RPM driveability no longer a concern, variable cam timing is gone.


Thinner-walled Inconel exhausts sans catalytic converters reduce more weight, along with amplifying the operatic wail as the car dashes through its 6-speed (now sequential) gearbox.

T50s SH 007

The ground effect fan (inspired by the BT46 that Lauda drove for Brabham) remains but runs in high downforce mode permanently. This helps contribute to the 1,200kg of downforce available.

T50s SH 002

On top of more aggressive aerodynamics front and rear, a rigorous weight-loss program has been completed, which further reduces the T.50’s already ridiculous sub-1-tonne weight to under 900kg in the T.50s. As a comparison, cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and McLaren Senna GTR easily weigh a few hundred kilograms more.

T50s SH 004

The central seating position is reminiscent of Murray’s earlier design, the McLaren F1. But instead of two passengers, only the left side passenger seat remains, with the right taken up by a control panel and various electronic modules.

To get a better idea of what goes into the T.50s, you can follow the build process on the GMA YouTube channel. Thoroughly detailed videos documenting the development journeys of the T.50, T.33, and T.50s are all available, along with various other behind-the-scenes videos.

Nowadays, it seems every high-end manufacturer has a track-only hypercar on their roster, leaving buyers spoilt for choice. But realistically, anyone cross-shopping at this level likely already has a few other offerings in their climate-controlled garages.

T50s SH 014

Seeing the T.50s did, however, leave me feeling slightly conflicted. Cars like this are the pinnacle of internal combustion and a last stand in a world where white-goods-style EV econoboxes are taking over the road networks. As an automotive enthusiast, I appreciate everything the T.50s and cars like it stand for.

On the other hand, knowing that the sorts of cars offering an engaging, analogue driving experience are slowly disappearing from the realms of affordability for most really hurts.

Chaydon Ford
Instagram: chaycore

Additional Photography by Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia
Twitter/X: markriccioni



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The problem I have with cars like this are:

Why would I buy this instead of getting 1 formula 3000 car which is faster on the track. 1 Maybach which is more comfortable for the road. And 1 truck with a trailer to tow the formula car.

The conclusion I have arrived at after being in the sport 30 years and coaching several hundred super car owners is that the primary influence for purchasing these vehicles is either social status, they don’t know about formula cars, or they are not fit enough to drive formula cars.

Hard pass on the T50 and a hard pass on super cars and “raACe cARs FoR ThE ROad.”


everyone in this thread needs to just stop using the internet immediately

Gordon Murray

I'll put you down as a "maybe" then. Let me know if you decide on a colour


You guys got super butt hurt bc I said a kart would beat a time attack car at Tsukuba. Normal people would just acknowledge this but you guys had to be children. This is the repercussion. fun right? I’m having a blast.


Out of 10 comments (11 including mine) here 8 are yours.
It's not a blast, it's begging for attention. Constant one, I may add.


No a dot. This is fun for me. I love watching you guys all try to fight facts. It’s hilarious to me.


Well, tough luck - seeing you trying to prove your point while belittling the others is hilarious to me as well so...that makes two of us.
Come on, give me some more of that!


Thank God I’m providing some entertainment. And remember most of this is just me calling people out and correcting them. You should thank me.

Lamborghini Rupert

Those who can afford this car, can also afford the F3000, the truck, the trailer, and the Maybach. It's not an "either this or that" scenario


I have a couple atlantic cars that operate out of So Cal Rupert. You and Frank should come have a go. We can record your lap times and then do a comparison to a 17 year old who runs the local track in the same equipment.

I'd love to film this segment for YouTube or IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER so we can show the world how awesome you and your group of friends are. And since you can afford it, when you crash you can pay for the car to be repaired.

Let me know how I can contact you and Frank? If you can fit in the car we'd love to have you.

Lamborghini Rupert

"Let me know how I can contact you and Frank?"
feel free to comment here in your own name, like we do
(you won't)
you are the one hiding


I guess this anonymous charlatan cant use google?
When he finds out who you are his foot will become real friendly with his MOUTH!!


If he’s Rupert from the Aurora AFX series, then no I’m not impressed at all. I’ve raced with some of the most prolific designers, engineers, and drivers Frank. It takes a lot to impress me these days. The 3 guys I primarily raced with have 2 F1 titles to their name as a designer, 3 hall of fame inductions, 3 Le Mans wins, 3 formula 3000 titles, 16 karting world championships, and two work shops where we build all our own engines and transmissions. Only thing we don’t have is a big drill press. A few weeks ago I met sir Jackie Stewart and when I mentioned the names he said “ I know all 3 of those men. You keep very fast company.”

Fun chat. Put some more quarters in the machine and try again.

Lamborghini Rupert

Frank your a lovely guy but appreciate if you stop mentioning my name on internet..your a bit bombastic please dont involve me in all these rows. We have only met a few times


Frank "Stolen Valor" Profera
Brown-nosing random Lambo owners until they publicly distance themselves from him


Ep3 Justin:

Yup. Shows you Frank is a joke and a liar. Everything about this car was a lie from the get go with regards to performance claims and people he knows etc.

I think he is an example of someone who has no value other than the things he owns / the money he has. A great example of how not to live as a man.

All of the comments I’ve made that have gotten back lash are based in truth that anyone can look up. From Frank to Bisi to things I say about performance…because I’ve been trained by incredible men with real credentials and history to their names.

It’s fascinating to watch this stuff play out. We have now found that Rupert who he claimed was his canyon buddy seemingly does not know him and disavowed any relations they have beyond colloquial.

And yet some people on here still think I’m the aggressor or bad guy. Amazing times we live in. Peoples ability to research and educate themselves is seemingly zero.


The Scorpion and the Frog is an animal fable which teaches that vicious people cannot resist hurting others even when it is not in their own interests. This fable seems to have emerged in Russia in the early 20th century.

You sound like a good guy who may have picked up a Scorpion, Rupert. If you did run in that series my hat is off to you. Even if it wasn't F1 it takes skill to pilot those kinds of machines and I admire anyone who competes on the track. We probably have a lot of acquaintances with valuable over lap.

Best of luck. I'm off to another track this weekend for some coaching. Cheers.


His foot will become friendly with his mouth? So when he finds out who I am he’s going to suck on his own toes?

Sounds like this guy really likes me. I’m flattered.


So your birth name is Lamborghini Rupert? Lmao. What is your last name ? Drop yours and I’ll contact you. But are you down to even race on camera for money? I’d love to dismantle you guys in front of the world. It would be hilarious fun.


No need to know my name to take a bet. I have a 220whp Atlantic car that will sustain 3.8G and brake at 5G. Willing to run for anything over $50,000 and televise it. Are you guys game?

Lamborghini Rupert

LOL..I've been lucky enough to "race on camera for money" for a living..never was much good at it of course


Then you would definitely get your ass kicked if we raced. I’m in my 30s extremely fit. Get paid to race and coach. If you and Frank want to come race let me know. We are willing to roll the Atlantic’s out for 5 figures minimum bet.

As far as your foot meeting my mouth or whatever Frank said: you should probably get your lap dog back on his leash. Not smart to make threats like that on paper. Lol.

Lamborghini Rupert

Do you see a lot of 70 year olds on the F1 grid?


Aurora AFX?

Daniel Huneault

Such a gorgeous car - I love pinnacle cars and would love to hear this scream at the top of the rev line!


A true successor to F1. Marvelous Creation. I love it and I am happy the whole thing came around really quickly (pun maybe intended) since I first hear news of it.
There are cars and there are F1 and T.50.


Frank— you saying someone else’s understanding of cars is pitiful is incredibly ironic. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt you don’t understand damn near anything about performance cars or the methods behind how they are made to corner / accelerate fast.

You have crashed your cars multiple times. You have not built anything yourself. You have never raced. Never won anything. For all intents and purposes you are simply an old man who flaps his lips about whatever idea he has in his head as if they are fact.

You’re clueless. Not even an amateur…you’re a newbie at best, but you have some money so people feature you and the kids / squids who don’t know anything praise you. You’re an ego maniac and a sociopath who displays many personality traits that are borderline psychopathic. You’re a real piece of work.

But beyond all of this, you’re simply an untalented fake who can’t drive fast in anything. We all know why you don’t go to the track. We being professionals. Mulholland is for amateur dorks who can’t cut it beyond their local fish bowl bullsh**. And you sir are the champion at bullsh**ing.

If you ever want to race…or box…im right here cupcake.

Burning Shaka

What fun we've had...