GOR35ILLA: A Nissan GT-R Dream Build

I met Harold Njdr, the owner of this 2015 R35 Nissan GT-R, through a mutual friend named Adam, who, in my opinion owns the best-looking Evo X out on the East Coast. Adam reached out to me because Harold had just finished his GT-R and was looking for a photographer to shoot it. I’m glad he did too, because this is the best R35 build I’ve ever seen.

Everything about the car flows so well together. It’s as if the parts selected were made for one another, yet they were individually chosen by Harold simply to achieve the look he was going for. At the same time, functionality was high on the priority list – the R35 was destined to be driven, regularly.


Harold did not hold back, and told me he chose the parts as if he was modifying a GT-R in a video game. But Harold also mentioned that he didn’t want his car to look like the majority of other tuner-style R35s out there, which are typically wide-bodied and air-bagged. Working with AMS Autowerks in Linden, New Jersey, the vision quickly came to life.


At the front of the car, Harold liked the factory GT-R bumper so much that he left it in place and built everything else around it. However, in order for it to visually work with Varis Kamikaze-R Circuit Version fenders, which added extra width and a whole lot of aggression, AMS modified both sides of the bumper to continue the arch profile. The result is seamless.


The hood came from Top Secret, while the side skirts, under-boards and side louvers are once again from the Varis catalog.


At the rear, matching Varis Kamikaze-R Circuit Version over-fenders are used, as is a carbon fiber N-Tune Spec N bumper with integrated diffuser. Tying all these genuine parts together is a Varis swan neck GT wing – in carbon, of course.

Wheels can make or break a look, but there’s no questioning Harold’s choice of custom 3-piece BC Forged LE72s in a 20-inch fitment. The black wheels contrast nicely against the BMW Donnington Grey laid down on the R35’s bodywork at AMS Autowerks.


When it came to the GT-R’s interior, Harold wanted to keep it simple, but make a number of special upgrades. This starts with a pair of carbon fiber-shelled Recaro Podium seats fitted with SCHROTH Racing harnesses.

Those harnesses are attached to a yellow half cage, its bright color breaking up the otherwise grey palette and tying into custom steering wheel detailing, and also the Brembo brake calipers and GT-R badge work on the outside of the car.


Everyone knows that no one fits into the rear of an R35 GT-R, and with the cage severely limiting the back seats’ use, Harold simply replaced them with carbon fiber delete panels.


I’m sure you’ll agree that Harold’s GT-R looks amazing, but of course the story doesn’t end with just aesthetics. Thanks to a bunch of AMS Performance upgrades – including that stunning carbon fiber Alpha intake manifold – the GT-R’s VR38DETT engine is now putting down 700whp and over 630wtq. Thanks to a Boost Logic 4-inch titanium exhaust system, it sounds every bit as tough.


When Harold set out to build up his R35 with AMS Autowerks, he did so knowing it wouldn’t be a quick, easy or cheap process. He was happy to invest in the car though; it’s Harold’s dream build and one he’s adamant that he’ll never part with. It also holds a special place in Harold’s heart, as his late brother Charlie, who was also big into cars, never got to see it finished. For that reason, GOR35ILLA is dedicated to him.

David Morales
Instagram: deadshutternyc

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Good grief!!


When the R35 GTR came out, it took Porsche by surprise although it was already + /- 250 or so lbs too heavy , However Porsche and other supercars have progressed and Nissan stays stagnant. Many car reviews show that the 3.0 lt M4 is a tad quicker to 60 mph or at least equal. Nissan should step up its R&D to regain that "budget" supercar status.


Your right, but I think nissan woke everyone else up back then. Heck even the 370z was faster than a lot of the muscle cars back then when it came out. I think the only reason they haven't progressed much since then is just a lack of sales viability. And there is so much competition now for fast cars, it would be difficult to make something now that stands out as much as the R35 did back then. But in my opinion, if they made an R36 that had a touch more power, but focused primarily on a lighter chassis, they would have good results. That would also make the next gtr a more viable platform for race teams, which is important from a marketing and advertising standpoint.


Yeah the impact the GTR and 370Z had at its time of release was huge and something memorable however it just felt like something that was overstayed and half assed as the years went on
Even the new Z didn't really have that much of an impact despite all of the hype it ended up being overshadowed by the Supra after and the GTR is still the same with a mere facelift
Maybe there is some hope maybe with the brand revitalizing themselves they can bring out something more exciting but let's be real here there's nothing really new and innovative that Nissan is doing these days compared to the 90s even Honda is doing better than Nissan they've been making better cars than Nissan for the most part since the last two decades



AMS is 4 miles from me. Diego has a serious shop. Lambos, Ferraris, Bimmers, etc.


Honestly I think this is a nice build but it just seems like every other GTR build
I don't mean to sound disrespectful however there's just so many GTRs with a similar kit and wing
If I was to do my dream GTR build, I would do a subtle bodykit with a subtle wing with some nice Volks, Rays, or Work wheels


Hey I just saw your car at the Kanjo Night show in AC! Dude it was so much more awesome in person, reminds me of a shark with the bodykit.