Mega Gallery: The Perfect Recipe At Players Classic 2023

Finding a balance between inclusivity, diversity and a high standard of car might be difficult at times.

After all, when receiving as many applications as Jay McToldridge and the rest of the Players team do, you’d think there would be some slips through the cracks. And yet, after spending this weekend frantically running around capturing the cars of Players Classic 2023 – the 10th anniversary event – I can tell you that the quality of the show is as high as ever.

PC 2023 SH-140
Show Report

Saturday is my personal favourite day on the UK car show calendar. The mix of track day and car show is unbeatable, offering entertainment far beyond that of a static event. Even if performance or track-oriented builds aren’t your thing, there’s just something about the sound of cars being driven hard which resonates with spectators, adding to the vibe.

PC 2023 SH-91

This year’s track action featured favourites such as Nigel Pinder’s ‘Pinderwagen’ Mk2 VW Golf, one of the fastest of its kind you’ll see on any circuit, and the Auto Finesse BMW M2 wearing its bright livery.

PC 2023 SH-184

Drifting is always a firm favourite with the crowd, with tyre smoke and limiter bashing V8s bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni was, as ever, putting on one hell of a show for the crowd alongside Luke Woodham, George Barclay and a special guest in Sultan and his LS-swapped, Old & New-kitted Porsche 997 drift car.

PC 2023 SH-279

Sunday is the more relaxed day at Players Classic, with the track being used as extended parking for more show cars rather than a track day.

PC 2023 SH-376

This little EP91 Toyota Starlet Glanza V was one of my favourite cars at the event. With gleaming paint, a set of adorable Desmond RegaMaster Evo wheels, and a pair of special edition ‘confetti’ Recaro seats inside it ticks all the boxes.

PC 2023 SH-11
PC 2023 SH-8

Another red car that caught my attention? This absolutely stunning NA1 Honda NSX with a subtle bodykit and classic RAYS Volk Racing TE37s.

PC 2023 SH-263
PC 2023 SH-266

As less performance-oriented builds go, Colt Powell’s Air Lift Performance-equipped BMW M3 Convertible may just be the perfect summer cruiser. Fine paintwork, a nice interior colour, lip kit and a set of stepped-up 19-inch BBS RF split rims complete the look.

PC 2023 SH-248

It’s remarkable to think that Players Classic has been going on for a full decade at this point. I remember reading the very first Players Classic article on Speedhunters as a teenager in school on my lunch break. The show has only grown in size and quality, and it’s a fantastic thing to see.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy increase in the number of Dutch, Belgian and German cars which had made the drive over to the UK for Players. It may not quite be the ‘good old days’, but we’re getting there slowly.

PC 2023 SH-45

Realistically, more of us Brits are driving over to the continent for European shows than vice versa. Brexit and the pandemic did nothing to help at all, but this year has given me hope for more car culture Channel crossings in the years to come.

There were stand-out cars with fascinating stories which really need their own posts, so keep an eye out my spotlights. They’re not to be missed!

PC 2023 SH-205

Players Classic 2023 was one of my busiest car shows yet. I barely had time to sit down and catch my breath. And yet, a beautiful venue in Goodwood Motor Circuit packed full of a high quality, interesting and quirky machinery is exactly the appeal of Players Classic.

Bring on 2024. I can’t wait to do it all again.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn

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Wow! That's ALOT of pics! The two cars that stand out to me: The BMW pickup truck and the VW MKIII Golf with the all Black engine. Got any more pics of those? Incredible cars! Boy you guys in Europe have ALOT of shows...Sheesh! Making us U.S. people feel bad.

Mario Christou

Nearly 400 photos and you’re asking for more?! No satisfying the SH readership I see haha.

This is definitely a packed period for European shows


Great photos, however you gotta clean that sensor ASAP :O

Mario Christou

Oh dude tell me about it, I’m absolutely kicking myself over it haha.

I shot a flatnose Porsche in a dusty quarry the other month and it just keeps finding its way onto everything!


Can anoyone tell me what kind of fabric is used in the purple TT 8N (picture 266)?
I think I've found a new goal for my oakgreen metallic MK2.

Looks like a nice event! I have to make it there one day.


"Finding a balance between inclusivity, diversity and a high standard of car might be difficult at times."

Inclusivity? Diversity? What is this an HR meeting? lmao.


The Fiat Panda is my favourite, the fact that nobody ever sees it as a performance car when in reality its super lightweight, there are some very easy engine swap options and has the boxy look of the Integrales, it is just right and not played out


kept waiting to see that yellow clio pop up in later photos but to no avail aha

looks like a great time.


Love to see the Pinderwagen healthy and in action. 100% home-made and so fast and well-engineered. Always admired the Brits for their tradition of ingenious shed tinkerers like this.

Sebastian Motsch

Hello Mario,

thank you for the huge amount of pictures, it sure looks like it was an epic event.

May I kindly request a feature shoot (or at least a couple of pictures) of the Honda Accord Aerodeck CA5 parked on the pit entrance/exit next to the black Supra? Must have been the rarest car of the event. I had one of those 20 years ago and now they're pretty much extinct. :-(

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards