Firepower: Japan’s Fastest Time Attack Car

At Attack Tsukuba 2023, all eyes were on Toshiki ‘Fire’ Ando when he took to the track in his Escort Racing-built Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. There was, of course, a very good reason for this. On January 27, at a Zummy-organized event, Ando-san blasted his Evo to a new Tsukuba tuning car lap record: 49.897.

While he wasn’t able to repeat the sub-50-second feat on his return to Tsukuba for the Attack event three weeks later, Ando got awfully close with a 50.112 lap.

I was just happy to see the car in person again, congratulate the Escort Racing team on their amazing accomplishment, and take a quick crawl over this legendary time attack machine.


Hiroshi Shiobara and his team at Escort have decades’ worth of experience at the pinnacle of Japanese drag racing, building powerful engines that deliver time and time again. When Ando-san employed them to build and develop the Evo, it was the beginning of a match made in heaven. An E85-fuelled dream that has seen them achieve the goal of creating Japan’s fastest time attack car relatively quickly.

It obviously takes a huge amount of effort, skill and money to build a car capable of running a sub-50-second Tsukuba lap, and you have to get lost in the details to really appreciate it.

Starting with the Voltex aero package, the way it interacts with the Mitsubishi bodywork beneath, and how everything has been meticulously designed and planned to function as one. Right down to the brakes, which at the business end are comprised of Endless 6-pot monoblock calipers and RPS split carbon rotors.


There are many trick suspension parts at the rear and some pretty interesting air management solutions at floor level to keep the Evo glued to the tarmac at speed. Braking at the rear is handled by 4-pot Endless calipers, but interestingly there are no carbon rotors at this end.


The aero package culminates out back, where the huge spoiler, fin, extractors and canards all come together to create the most impactful rear view of any car ever. 


Looking at the center-exit exhaust, I began to wonder if the Escort Racing team have figured out a way to generate downforce with spent gasses!


And then there’s the engine…


With Escort Racing’s zeroyon background, it’s unsurprising that the MoTeC-managed, billet block 2.2L has a drag-spec feel to it. For track work though, it utilizes a GCG turbocharger that not only delivers a four-figure power output, but also has ultra-responsive pick up.

Oh yeah, there’s nitrous oxide getting pumped into this 4G63’s veins too.


What this team have managed to achieve is nothing short of impressive, and by breaking into the 49-second zone Ando-san and Escort Racing are pushing time attack to a new level.


But don’t for a second think that Ando is done. His next goal is to beat the 49.455-second lap posted by Nobuteru Taniguchi in HKS’s fully-slicked-up TRB-03 – but using Yokohama Advan A050 semi-slick tires. Semi-slicks have, after all, been a mainstay of time attack competition since the very beginning.


So the development continues, for Ando-san and everyone else that competes in time attack competition. It’s the essence of this motorsport discipline; pushing, testing, failing, eventually reaching goals and, if you’re lucky, setting records.

I’ve got one more story to come from Attack Tsukuba 2023 on some of the other heavy-hitters at the event, so look out for that later this week.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Nitpicking here. The way they've done the "headlights" is awful and doesn't justify the aesthetics of a Lancer Evo. If anyone was viewing it head on without any context, they'd think its a time attack Mazda GG1 (Atenza/6)


Exactly my thoughts as well! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah headlights stickers aren't very accurately reproduced. But let's concentrate on the aero and solutions taken to get it to 49 sec!


The old saying about a car's sticker adding 5hp. If this is true, fixing the headlights sticker should add a couple horsepower and get the car to around 48 secs!! =P

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Took me a while to notice that it's actually a Lancer Evo lol
Pretty different look for the fiberglass body I was thinking it was some other car lol


Time for the slicks, i'm event surprised semi-slicks are still holding at this level; plus it's open class now not a street modified so why the tyre limitation (exept tradition / unwritten agreement). Expressed my opinion in the last article and still holding to it.
Good luck in beating the TRB on any kind of rubber, the near future seems exciting.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think that's the challenge right there though. No rules on the cars as long as the best tire they can use is the same for all.


That's one way to spend a wheel barrow full of money!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Dump-trucks full would me more accurate lol


Love these articles! Can anyone shed some light on why the carbon discs are split? What is the purpose of having them cut in multiple pieces and then bolted together ?


It's a much cheaper and easier way of making a carbon-carbon disc than in a single piece making the technology more accessible.


Hi John. I'm no expert on brakes. This is what I have found out from the internet. There are descriptions of why the split of the brake disc.


Thank you Vivizurianty! Interesting , thanks for that. I couldn't find anything myself but the whole thermal efficiency thing makes sense.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Couldn't find much on their page, except more pix of their interesting rotor design


Wow...this is badass. That is a very impressive lap time on a non-slick tire. I like seeing these low displacement 4 cylinder engines absolutely smashing laps. Are there any cars that compete with V8s in this series or is it just open to Japanese cars? Would be curious to see what a Corvette would do here with the same ethos applied to it.

I bet this thing goes like you know what off a shovel!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

There was an RCF at the vent so one V8 at least


Any type of cars can compete, yes there's 2 vette competed before, even McLaren Senna joined the party as well

Steffen Hansen


Love the rear view mirrors.


Nice coverage Dino. The aero components aren't designed by Voltex anymore, they were originally. Ando-san told me in person that it's designed by some people who work with Super GT and it's a one off design.