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I’m going to start this article with a little complaint, unfortunately.

Last year, after Players Classic, I wrote an article about my friend Ray’s Mercedes SEC and my BMW 740i Sport. In that piece, I explained how BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes of the ’80s and ’90s were going through a renaissance in popular culture, making it more difficult for enthusiasts to obtain them.

Well, there seems to have been a shift more towards Mercedes models since then. Iconic examples are being bought up in droves, and often for the wrong reasons.

187 SH Jan 2023-93

The ’90s Mercedes-Benz has become the darling car of people craving quick Instagram fame, and trying to achieve it by chucking a Notorious B.I.G. song over a reel with generic angles and a moody filter.

A little note for you folks: Biggie was a Lexus and BMW man, not a Mercedes one.

187 SH Jan 2023-82

That’s why, on a recent trip to Wales, I decided to stop by 187 Automotive and give myself a little cultural reset of the three-pointed star variety.

187 SH Jan 2023-86

Nic Stubbs is the man in charge, and within minutes of chatting to him at FittedUK last year I could tell he was a Mercedes enthusiast through and through.

187 SH Jan 2023-99
187 SH Jan 2023-75

His own 1994 E-Class Convertible – an A124 model – is one of my favourite old school Mercedes in the UK at the moment. I’m a sucker for rare split rims, and his Brabus tri-spokes by Ronal are close to my heart.

It’s a simple, relaxed build, with choice parts to make one achingly cool package.

187 SH Jan 2023-95

Not like Nic’s 190 E though. That’s a different kettle of fish, but we’ll come back to that shortly…

The casual attitude of the 187 Automotive team seems at odds with the engineering might and ‘serious’ nature of the cars they’re working on. After all, Mercedes-Benz is a powerhouse known for producing some mechanically solid vehicles.

187 SH Jan 2023-4-2

That’s not a criticism of 187 Automotive though, far from it. There’s something refreshing about being in a messy workshop, surrounded by cool cars.

Yes, there’s a lot to be said for a pristine working environment, sterile walls and white floors, with the latest in bleeding-edge equipment capable of performing brain surgery on a flea. However, as 187 technician Ellis Simin so eloquently put it, “a clean workshop is a workshop that isn’t getting used.”

187 SH Jan 2023-61

Some of you may be foaming at the mouth in a fit of rage and disagreement at that statement, but allow me to address your concerns. First, the quality of the cars and craftsmanship that leaves 187 Automotive is top tier, so anything you may have to say about the cars ‘reflecting the standard of the workshop’ is moot.

187 SH Jan 2023-87

187 is an outfit that has produced back-to-back-to-back award-winning show cars, after all.

187 SH Jan 2023-54

Second, whilst retro Mercedes-Benzes may have been over-engineered, they were still closer to heavy machinery in their construction than they were to most other cars of the ’80s. After all, the first 124 Mercedes to have a V8 dropped in it by AMG was known as ‘The Hammer’, not ‘The Scalpel’.

Take the rubbed-down shell on the right, for example. A Mercedes-Benz E 500, in at 187 for a comprehensive restoration. Co-developed by Mercedes and Porsche in 1989, don’t mistake this for a delicate sports car such as a 911 or a 968.

187 SH Jan 2023-3-2

A thunderous M119 V8 producing 342hp resides in the thick steel chassis, making this a five-seater, four-door muscle car. Ellis knows these engines, electronics and chassis like the back of his hand. Fortunate, seeing as the wiring looms enjoy disintegrating almost as quickly as the heavy German steel enjoys turning into lightweight German rust.

187 SH Jan 2023-57

The Evo II-kitted 190 E is Nic’s next ‘big’ project, following on from the silver ‘Evo’ 190 E. I can’t give too much away, but there’s a clue as to the end goal for this car somewhere else in the photos. All I can say is it’s going to be wild, and pre-empting another comment, those wheels are only on for a test fit.

187 SH Jan 2023-63

Does the presentation of a workshop matter? To an extent, yes it does. However, I’d much rather take my beloved German classic to a small, messy garage run by die-hard enthusiasts with real-world knowledge than a pristine garage that would have to dust off its manuals to re-learn an old car.

187 SH Jan 2023-67

Oh, if the vibe at 187 didn’t seem cool enough already, let me mention 187 Studios. Nic’s partner Mica Dori has her own tattoo studio next to the workshop’s detailing bay, so both you and your car can spend the day and leave with some new modifications.

187 SH Jan 2023-71

Mica herself owns one of the most unique and straight-up coolest 190 Es in existence right now. The craftsmanship and level of detail put into the build by both herself and the lads at 187 is insane, and I was lucky enough to have had some time up close with the car last year. I think it’s about time you folks got to see it, so keep an eye out. Mica’s car is going to blow your mind.

Mr. 190 E
187 SH Jan 2023-12

If you’re so bold as to have ‘mr_190e‘ as your Instagram handle, you’d better have the car to back it up. Nic’s long-term 190 E pictured here, and the fact that he’s owned over 25 of the things over the years, definitely go a long way towards justifying the title.

187 SH Jan 2023-18

Starting with the obvious, Nic’s 190 E wears a 2.5-16 Evolution body kit, my personal favourite for the W201. Not to be confused with the swoopy Evo II kit, the Evo (or Evo I) is the better-proportioned choice in my eyes. The car had a bare-metal respray in Brilliant Silver 744 metallic during fitting, and Nic went so far as to find a rare non-sunroof skin to give it a ‘slick-top’. The symmetrical mirrors are a combination of RHD and LHD passenger ‘stubby’ mirrors, for a ‘Cup’ look.

187 SH Jan 2023-38

It’s hard to comprehend just how much work goes into making an Evolution kit work on a road-going 190E, but our own Need for Speed hero car is the perfect way to show you. To quote Ryan Stewart, “The DTM cars are tubbed and dropped some six-inches over the factory cars; they also don’t need to be used anywhere other than a perfectly flat circuit, with huge wheels.”

187 SH Jan 2023-31

Nic built this car to drive fast. He found as many photos as possible, both new and old, as well as technical documents of 190 E DTM cars to base his own fabrication on. As a result, whilst fitting the FIA-approved roll cage and seam-welding the chassis, Nic also tubbed the front and rear arches to allow for a full range of steering angle and clearance on compression with a low ride height.

187 SH Jan 2023-23

Nestled inside the cage are a pair of Recaro Pole Position seats with Sabelt harnesses. Simple yet effective, the driving controls are a full leather BBS three-spoke steering wheel (an LBB 36/3-01, to be exact) on a BG snap-off boss and an OBP adjustable pedal box with Wilwood hydraulic cylinders. Past the steering wheel you’ll find a custom, pared-down instrument cluster with a vibrant little boost gauge.

187 SH Jan 2023-25

Between the seats sits a nylon gear knob-topped shifter with a surprisingly positive shift for a 190 E, as well as a line-lock valve in lieu of a handbrake. Why a boost gauge, no handbrake and a surprising gearshift? That would be down to the fact that not a single part of the drivetrain and suspension or braking package has been left original.

187 SH Jan 2023-42

Nic’s 190 now runs an M111 supercharged 2.3L engine with a 5-speed W202 gearbox and an ASD limited-split differential from a W124 E-Class.

187 SH Jan 2023-41

The crankshaft pulley has been enlarged and the supercharger pulley has been reduced in size, drastically increasing the RPM of the Eaton blower. The whine this car makes is ridiculous. Even with a windy, wide open tailgate and an insulated hat over my ears, all I could hear was the supercharger while shooting the rolling photos.

187 SH Jan 2023-43

The supercharger has been ported and polished for better airflow, and a complete stainless steel exhaust runs from the manifold to the back of the car.

187 SH Jan 2023-1

Speaking of which, in the boot is an 8-gallon OBP aluminium fuel tank with dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps and an in-line high-flow filter connected via AN-8 braided fuel lines.

187 SH Jan 2023-21

Behind the 18-inch satin black BBS BC306 wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyres sit W204 C63 AMG brake callipers with grooved and drilled 365mm and 345mm disks, held in place by bespoke billet carriers.

187 SH Jan 2023-22

The BBS wheels were as much a necessity as they were an aesthetic decision. Nic needed a wheel with a lot of clearance, because the AMG callipers are enormous.

187 SH Jan 2023-51

Custom-built BC coilovers with bespoke camber-adjustable top mounts allow the 190 E to drop enough to fill the heavily raised and radiused wheel arches. 190 Es rival Unimogs for Mercedes-Benz models with the most factory arch gap, and Nic’s given his W201 a very purposeful stance.

187 SH Jan 2023-13

The sheer presence this car has on the road is huge, and seeing it chase me at eye level made me feel as though I was in a ’90s DTM highlights clip.

Nic’s 190 E is a loud, snarling, rough and ready pocket rocket – a world away from the Mercedes-Benzes dominating my Instagram feed at the minute.

187 SH Jan 2023-53

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in no place to tell anybody how they should enjoy a car. I own a large ‘gangster’ BMW, in which I enjoy listening to hip hop. Occasionally I’ll post a photo of it on my own Insta too.

To many, I may appear to be exhibiting the type of behaviour I ranted about at the start of this article. Yet my gripe isn’t about what people are doing with these cars, it’s why.

187 SH Jan 2023-7
187 SH Jan 2023-81

What I find so endearing about 187 Automotive is that they are simply doing what they love, and having a blast. There’s nothing contrived, nothing try-hard. Nobody’s trying to maintain an image or create a perception of a lifestyle that isn’t there. This is a group of hardcore Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts living their best lives.

187 SH Jan 2023-5

Nic and his team are building some serious motors without taking themselves too seriously. That, to me, is seriously impressive.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn

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Whats going on with that sparkplug and that masive wrench haha.

Great article as always!


Thanks Jesse!

I was hoping someone would pick up on it haha. I went to get some candid photos and Ellis decided to find the least practical tool possible for fitting a spark plug. He pulled those grips out of nowhere.


How have I never seen an EVO I street car? Looks amazing!


It's a very handsome car. Nic's 190 E makes me wonder why the E36 is so much more popular to modify, when these can look so good.


I'm not in the market for either of these cars (way too broke lol), but I'd presume the Beamers are cheaper just because of brand name?


I think it's because of branding, BMW went for ultimate driving machine, pure driving joy,... some more slogans i can't remember; while MB went for luxury (sometimes luxury with healthy hp figures) last time i checked AMGs were han built and the engineer responsible of assembling the engine has his name engraved on it.
Plus of course initial price, depratiation / resell value, and aftermarket support.


Love the balance of form and function these guys are producing. Another beautifully written article start to finish!


great car! bird poop welds on the cage tho :/


Incredible shop! Love those 80's Benzes. My dad's cousin owned a tripple-black, 190E AMG Hammer. Car was fast. Love those body style. His silver 190E is nice! Lotta work went into that. 187 means murder in California penal code. Snoop Dogg. I think he knows that. Nice shop!


two words very nice. This looks much better than the current AMG A45, C63,BMW M3, M etc and ... without that extra weight (FAT).

Mgr Fabrice Carpentier

what about the top of the zender range body kitted red landaulet?


8 gallon fuel tank? How much range does that get?


And all of the sudden I'm a Mercedes fanatic all over again they still do make good cars but it's nothing like the peak era
The 190E is certainly a car like never before and something that I never expected Mercedes to make to one up the E30 M3
A fantastic car overall one of the best!


How do you know this car was built by someone who KNOWS Mercedes? Because it's form following function, and still looks great.
I'd love to actually hear what this sounds like, I find a stock M111 to be abit thrashy. I'd also love to experience one with a manual gearbox and not lugging around a W203 or W210!