The Magione Superbattle: Bringing Time Attack To Central Italy

Autodromo dell’Umbria – better known as Magione Racetrack – is a small circuit located in Central Italy. Situated in the quiet, green region of Umbria it’s far away from the iconic Italian tracks, but the layout and length (2.50km/1.55mi) is very similar to Tsukuba Circuit, making it perfect for time attack.

Central Italy isn’t really famous for time attack though, and here, like almost all of Southern Europe, it’s not easy to find large numbers of hardcore enthusiasts. The most popular motorsports in this region are slaloms and uphills, historic racing and track days.


However, this did not stop me and my friends Riccardo (Mocini) and Stefano (Trapè) from putting on this time attack event in November last year. We named it the Magione Superbattle.


It all started many years ago during a trip to Japan – specifically, a day out at Tsukuba Circuit for a Battle Evome time attack event. The atmosphere at the event wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced before. The people, the quality of the cars and the iconic location itself – it was all amazing and not something I’ll ever forget it. Anyone who has attended a major time attack event in Japan will surely understand what I’m talking about.

We wanted the Magione Superbattle to be unique and, most importantly, have some real Japanese flavor to it.


On that point, we need to give special thanks to one of the most important people in time attack – Daisuke Aoki, the CEO of Japan’s top time attack series, Attack. Daisuke-san gave us a big hand with the classes and rules in general, but, most importantly, he gave us the true Attack spirit and supported us by allowing use of the Attack logo. Grazie, Daisuke!


Due to various Italian regulations, the event was limited to road legal cars, but these were split into a number of classes dependant on chassis and engine configuration – FWD Naturally Aspirated, RWD Naturally Aspirated, FWD Turbo, RWD Turbo, AWD. We also added an Open class for supercars and anything that didn’t fall into one of the main categories.


In addition to this, we allowed visitors to park their cars inside the paddock which created a real community atmosphere, something we’ve all missed over the past few years.


There was a lot of variety in the competition entries. In keeping with time attack tradition, many cars were of Japanese origin, but of course, being in Italy there were just as many European models.


Tires were capped at semi-slicks with no limit on size, and the same went for aero – anything was eligible. We decided to keep this aspect free to attract as many cars as possible.


The best time of the day was a 1.17.423 lap from a lightly-tuned Ferrari 488GTB, and this set the benchmark for future Magione Superbattle events. It goes to show how good these cars are straight from Maranello.

While there is no official lap record for a road car at Magione Circuit, those of us who have been living at this racetrack for many years know that this is a great time. Hopefully we’ll get to see it challenged in years to come though.


Our dream is for the Magione Superbattle to become an annual event, attracting time attack enthusiasts from all over Italy and beyond.

Alessio Cavaletti
Instagram: rsidecava

Photography by Ivan Caravona
Instagram: ivancaravona


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Suprised by the number of JDM and lack of European cars in the beginning, then later on in the article they did appear but the last thing i could image is a Smart with a Marlboro livery and a tribute to Senna.
Good luck in the upcoming years, hope you get a global attention like other time attack events.


Shows how much of the global car scene is posing metoos when such a clean, well intentioned event like this isn't held every weekend of every week all over the world. I passed dozens of modified cars, hundreds of noisemakers, but why the same handfuls at the track?

"In the mouth of the wolf" to these guys! Lol looks fun.

Also, how the hell has no one mentioned that the GR "Corolla" is 9001% more Honda than the actual "Civic type R" is? Honda pretends it didn't just make a super cheapened copy of the Urus, but when Toyota can deliver the real deal for them, how can sheeple be that blind and continue to buy any type R's? Probably the reason there's no expensive BMW/Audi/etc at this/any legit grassroots event: poseurs are poseurs because they don't get it. Please, graduate from wannabes to honest with themselves (you're not fooling us, lol) amateurs, and grow into actual enthusiasts that aren't responsible for killing sports cars, or even manual transmission options. ICE for all is on the final years, don't ruin the chance to get the best ICE production cars ever with your BS, need for compromises, and fake ideas of what speed is (hint: it's not "stage 88 tunes" or how much money you threw at a mechanic/dealership).


...the GR "Corolla" is 9001% more Honda than the actual "Civic type R" is

I didn't know Honda made AWD Civic Type-Rs. Also, GR Yaris is a WRC homologation special like Evos and Imprezas, so it is never meant to compete with Civic Type-Rs.

The only thing I can agree on is when people keep harping that the new GR Supra "iS a BmW". In a world where sports cars are being slowly replaced with crossovers that tries to be sports cars, we have people who just aren't grateful for the existence of it.


jesus christ with the gatekeeping man. Let these people enjoy their hobbies however they please, ffs.


Bruh ikr that's like someone saying the Mustang is more "Camaro" than the Camaro or the Corvette being more "Ferrari" than Ferrari like what? How does that make any sense? And for someone who just does nothing but criticize and bring down people all day that just shows the kind person he is


This is a cool article, I love the variety, if italy had texas or florida laws regarding cars this would be a lot more popular. It's a shame the country with so much auto history is so strict


Somehow they manage to put on a Grand Prix, the 1000 Miglia, and plenty of other rallies and races. Without any specifics from the writer, there's no way to draw any real conclusions as to why it had to be structured as it was. But Italy's hardly lacking for automotive events, so it can't be too strict. And thank god it's not Texas or Florida.


Somehow I always overlook Italy especially for track events but man seeing something like Time Attack in Italy is a cool sight to see
And I love the diversity of cars on the track which just makes the experience even better


"in boca al luppo ragazi" I hope more of this kind of event's can grow and spread across all the south Europe. Good look and i am already wait for see the next event


I want to know more about that Smart fortwo! Looks like a hoot to push around the track!


It's not my first publication on Speedhunters but the feeling is the same, goosebumps for 20 minutes in a row and tears in the eye. Just want to say thanks to all the organizers of the Magione Superbattle for having me as photographer and for believe in me since 2018. A super thanks to all the people that partecipated at the event and make a dream of 4 Italian enthusiast came true. Be here is always special, hope everyone are liked the pics and the words in the article wrote by Alessio. You will see more of my works on Speedhunters this year, that's a promise! Thanks everyone, Thanks Speedhunters! Big Love!


Does anyone know what front bumper is on that eclipse in the front?


time attack :DDDDDDDDDD !


if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver.


that's disgusting get off the site


Bro get that crap out of here!!


That Guys with the smart is a Hero!


That looks like a blast! I'd not heard of that track, we've been very close several times (Lago Trasimeno, Perguia) so I'll have to check the schedule next time we're there.