The Japanese Cars Of Ultrace

In previous years’ Ultrace coverage, I’ve followed up my main story with an exclusive look a popular make.

I’ve covered Volkswagens and Porsches, which probably means that I should have shone a spotlight on the Audis of Ultrace this year. Instead though, I’ve decided to devote this gallery to the Japanese cars that helped make 2022’s event the biggest and best yet.


I would’ve loved to make this a proper JDM feature, and just shown imported Japanese domestic market cars, but these are a rare sight in central Europe. So all things Japanese it is.


Ultrace always has a good variety of Japanese cars on show, from practical performance hatchbacks to ’90s supercars. The 2022 event was no exception.


The values of Japanese cars – especially JDM variants – have only gone one way in recent times, and this even applies to everyday models like the Honda Civic. If you don’t believe me, just try finding a decent EG6 for sale with a reasonable asking price.


But what about Japanese sports cars? The Honda NSX isn’t just at home next to a Ferrari in a parking lot, but in the classifieds these days too. And Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and Toyota Supras sell for more than some high performance Porsches.


It’s weird to think, but pretty much every Japanese model I stumbled on at Ultrace could qualify as a collectible or future classic, even though in the past most of them were simple family cars.


Even more interesting is that, in Japan, some are are considered to be worthless old boxes on wheels. So I think a lot of it is our perception.


This Nissan Silvia S15, kitted with a fresh Liberty Walk wide-body, took out second place overall at Ultrace 2022. If it had a clean paint job and resembled a crazy street car, I think it would have taken the number one spot from Pullman, but you have to love this look.


My favorite car from the event? I actually had two –  the Finnish RX-7 that I featured previously, and this Honda Accord, one of the finalists at Ultrace 2021.


As anyone who has ingrained themselves in the Japanese custom and modified car world will know, once you’re in it, it’s hard to escape. But with such a strong community built around the cars, that’s not really a bad thing.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Mixed feels about this: it's high time the world appreciates a good sports car for what it is amd not because the badge told you it was, but then now these values have gone nuclear and sort of becomes classist where most (REAL enthusiasts, especially) can't afford or even find a solid condition JDM hero anymore.

Now of only manufacturers continued to supply sports cars like these... As simple as opening a new sub-brand marketed with vintage logos, selling it the best of the old factories, relocate the jobs, and make basically Factory Restomods that range from cheap economy sports, to limited edition v16 5 counts to satisfy and take advantage of moneyed insta-whores with the same model but more specialist labor paid well. Then they won't need to compromise on "family sports sedans/crossover" jokes, meet much legislation, and can be done in a very green way anyways. BEV is great for mobility, but the future simply cannot be 100% electric, and the environment won't notice the what, 50,000 of us, that are actually nerds that are passionate about the tech we grew up with - that's a >1% left old school with maybe the new synthfuel, for the enjoyment of the world to probably make fun of as they buzz by autonomously.


Totally, Honda and Toyota should bring back some hot hatches like the gr yaris/Corolla or a Civic si/type r. Maybe Toyota could bring back a cheap rwd sports car like the gr86, or Nissan could bring back the z car? I really wish Mazda still sold the miata as well. Sure sucks to be an enthusiast these days


Apart from the miata, you think these "revamps" are sports cars? Get out amd drive the OG, child.


I mean, sure.. RZ34, GR86, GR Corolla and Yaris, FL5 Civic Type R, Integra, and even the most-despised of all: the A90/1 Supra, don't call them 'sports cars' if you will. But you said it yourself back there earlier, right? We're now in the unfortunate times where the value of those 'OG sports cars' went all the way through the roof of affordability and there's nothing we can fix that. Hell, there's nothing we can deny about that 22B Impreza STI being unfairly worth six figures. Six. Figures.

Let's assume this 22B having the value of $250,000 in that case. Wait... I think it's actually that worth nowadays. If I ever have that much, and I find out that there's a used 2015 WRX STI with a price tag of approx. $15K, I'd definitely own and drive the latter over the former, save the rest of the budget for parts and maintenance. It's that simple. It's sad that the OG cars like this we wanted since childhood becomes something unattainable and left us no choice but to look for other options to go with, but that's how the way it is, it's how the car market dictates.

So, for me, I think it is high time that I move on from those OGs, given with this one of MANY factors that made me do so.


Nice to see an MR2 in there. They seem to be very overlooked.

Vladimir Ljadov

Yeah, they are on the rare side!


It's funny though as they are one of the few 90's Japanese sportscars that are out there in huge numbers and still affordable. And they are far better to drive than their reputation makes them seem.


Beautiful photography, lots of high-quality cars and an all-around awesome event.
Will there be an "American Cars of Ultrace 2022"?

Vladimir Ljadov

I would love to do a US edition, but there were around 3-5 cars in total, and mostly as a show car for some car polish or cleaner.


The cars with 90 degrees of camber always make me die inside. Like do they have a second set of wheels? somewhere under the car that it actually rolls on? Like this? //||---||\\ LOL

Vladimir Ljadov

Yes, that's how it works, did you think otherwise? ))


Just simply clean


Anyone know what wheels are on that accord?

Vladimir Ljadov

Rays gram lights 57


Its funny to see a "no dust no glory" sticker on a car on a trailer, both cleaner than a showroom.


In fairness he does push that thing pretty hard


love to see more of this car; any more details,links,...
Are these rally spec lights for purpose or only a show piece?


he hasn't put anything out on the build as it is in the article but here's it getting sent in the snow


That LW kitted S15 used to be one of Endless' drag demo cars, and it's so disappointing seeing it like this.


Jesus, people really need to move on from the past.

This is better than the car being butchered or parted out. At least it has a second life as a show car with go to match the looks.


The addition of the kit already butchered the car. When it got imported, it was fine. You're not putting down 900+hp with tires that small and with that amount of camber.

Vladimir Ljadov

Yeah, I noticed that it was a drag car in the past


Justin here from

S'up y'all, this is a sick event.

Reminds me of the JDMST days, I had a stanced out S13 which I think could hold against some of these cars. My S13 was (#41 of 112 cars).


anyone know what that yellow Honda hatchback is? We didn't get that in the states.

Vladimir Ljadov

I believe it's called a Honda Logo


+1 for the s15


I'm starting to love VIP more and more, awesome pictures of this awesome event! Can't wait to be there myself one day.


More on the Rally R34 please!!!