A Four-Car Garage Of JDM Dreams

Desire makes people do crazy things. Wanting a piece of something special is human nature, but when there’s suddenly a shortage of something that everyone wants, things start to get a bit silly.

All of a sudden people want old Honda Civics in any configuration and are willing to pay crazy money for something that originally sold in hundreds of thousands of units. I think you all know what happens when people start lusting over something of which only 1,945 units were built…

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All around the world, used car prices are skyrocketing and people who can are buying up collectible vehicles from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and early-’00s like there’s no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow of course, but it’s likely to be all-electric. That means, as these cars get squirrelled away by those with the financial means to do so, the rest of us are left to fight over base model cars, which in turn have their prices grossly distorted.

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When I was in Osaka last year, I stopped by Sho-san’s garage to check out his collection of modified kyusha. With only 45 minutes to get back to the airport for my return flight, this really was a fleeting visit.

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Considering their value, most of Sho-san’s classics rarely see the road, but luckily for me his restomodded Rocket Bunny-kitted S30 Fairlady Z was ready for a run. With the engine warmed up, we set off for a very quick lap around the block.

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Personally, I love this Z’s cold slate grey paintwork offset by the 18-inch Slybucks Forged wheels (made by Slybucks Forged) with the splash of yellow.

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Unfortunately, I just didn’t have time to photograph the details, so my sincere apologies for that. I’ll paint a picture for you though: a plush red leather retrim (with perforations and chrome rivets for the seats), air suspension, and an L-series engine on ITBs. It was mesmerising to see and hear it out on the street for the few minutes we had to shoot.

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Cars of this era are very special indeed. They resonate across multiple generations, the older for nostalgia and the younger because these cars are Instagramably cool.

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All four cars in Sho-san’s garage are worth a closer look, and the next time I’m down in Osaka I’ll try to do just that with some proper features. But which one would you most like to see more of? And on top of that, which one would you daily drive, and which one would you keep as an investment and not drive?

Personally, I would just drive them all. But then, I’ve never really been good with money.

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More of the dream Datsun garage
Such a nice collection of that era


Would love to see more on the c210, never get enough content on them


Agreed! I wrote this on last year in case you didn’t see it


Kevin Reynolds

Wow, nice set of four! That Skyline GT top left tho... holy crap!!! Not quit sure what to make of the Z. I keep going back to it and staring but it just doesn't seem to work with the Rocket Bunny kit, not sure why. I'll keep staring...


I know what you mean, those fenders and headlights are so long and pointy it’s tricky to get the width without a compromise somewhere. Keep looking though, it might grow on you!


The appeal of the modding scene was "underdog takes the win". That is why the FNF movies were popular and that is why Rocky was popular etc etc, the theme of "one against many" the "shy kid against bullies" etc.

Now the underdog is on roids and very angry, the shy kid is 100 kg and actually trains judo religiously.

The appeal of the scene has somewhat subsided due to every car that gets even a bit of attention - sky rockets in price.

I always loved the idea of something overlooked coming on top, its part of human nature. Root for the honey badger, etc.

Now skylines are going for more than new rarris, and Toyota Supra is basically a religious figure.

Where is the new underdog? If a new OG vibe FnF movie would to come out, it would have to define a new underdog and then build on that.
Everyone loves a good underdog story.

Honestly, a new FnF movie should be about a bunch of smart nerdy rich kids who authentically love cars, track their Porsches etc, bet against instagram "isdat a Supra" and similar automatons and just annihilate them on track.
Flip the script of the original. Id watch it. The new underdog is the guy in a suit in a lambo trying to enjoy his meet experience without his fenders getting melted by all the overpriced sedans with antilag trying to cause another heat wave in the world.

(you know I love em all tho, it had to be said tho ; )


the last thing the world needs is a new fast and furious movie. Every single one of them was terrible.


I'm gonna be level with you fellas, I'm not feeling any of these. Those tires look 6 inches too small.


Juz Nar@y@n here from Drive dot com dot au

SIck article Toby!


Look, I'd probably drive them all too. Refreshing to see a distinctive take on these old classics too, from the colour combo to the wheel sizing - it's not tiny wheels and stretched high-profile tyres. The Z and the Hakosuka in particular - all the familiar ingredients are there for a kyusha, but with a unique flavour.


Theres more than one way to skin a cat!


Came for the S30, and although I get how cool and special the other Nissans are, the Datsun needs some diving - hoping the interior has that simple yet "just works" the exterior does. Don't like turbofans, or BBS wannabes, or baby blue and yet... Amazing. Beautiful. I need one now, in a similar fashion, thanks, as if Porsche trading these days isn't stressful enough.


Nicest Hakosuka i've seen, love to see more. The Kenmuri is easily my favorite though. Needs an R31/32 in that collection :)

Embracing Irrelevance

I'm gonna get real with you, so get ready. I'm very old and useless. I cant allow someone to enjoy something unless its exactly what I like and executed exactly the way I would do it because I am an irrelevant miserable dork. gobbless


Just needs a ta23 in there too imho...


The Skyline GT