The Weird, Rare & Unexpected Cars Of Ultrace

Pretty much every car you can think of has been modified by enthusiasts in one way or another.

Does that mean modifiers should stop and call it quits? Of course not; humans are competitive in nature and shows like Ultrace exist for the purpose of pushing boundaries and taking custom car building to new levels.


So it’s either crossing unthinkable limits while building another VW Golf project, or finding a car that’s not been done before, which, let’s face it, is hard to do.


At Ultrace 2021 in Wrocław, Poland last month, I saw it all. Everything from Škodas to Alfa Romeos were represented.


Heck, someone even bagged a Polish-made FSO Polonez.


My opinion is that stance is not unique to projects with extreme negative camber and tight wheel fitment. Every car has a stance; the hard part is getting that stance right.


For me, this Bluebird is a perfect example of a functional stance look that doesn’t disrespect the original engineering. Maybe your granddad drove such a car in the ’80s or ’90s? The takeaway here is that Nissan passion doesn’t have to start with a GT-R.


Opels were once a street-racing favourite, but these days you don’t hear much about them. It’s always nice to see less popular brands being given the treatment.


On the other hand, at any show like Ultrace it’s guaranteed that Volkswagens will be in abundance. For me, the excitement truly hits when I find a more unique model in a sea of Golf hatchbacks.


Another VAG resident is Audi. Seeing A4s and A6s is nothing special, but builders now seem to be looking back to history for their next project, and the results are amazing.


Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar owners follow the air-lifted old school trend happily too.


What about sport cars? It’s a totally different treat to see a performance car playing the stance game. Some may say they’ve been ruined, but there are plenty of original examples, so cutting up and dropping a few in the name of diversity is not a crime in my opinion. And they usually look gorgeous.


Ultrace is an ideal place for hunting weird, rare and just plain unexpected builds. Being situated in the middle of Europe, it brings people together from many different regions with their unique vision and resources. Everyone’s constantly trying to outdo each other with wider wheels and lower ride heights, but for me, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, it’s all good.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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I love seeing cars being enjoyed, I love seeing unique builds. I know a few people who own cars that are always so miserable when they take them out because 'the crowd isn't big enough' or 'it might rain' or they 'didn't win'.

Automobiles should be enjoyed in anyway that makes the owner smile, be it slammed to the ground or sitting with a track ready aggressive stance. They only time it's been done 'wrong' is when the owner isn't happy with it because it was built to make someone else happy.




I know I'm in the minority (likely due to my age), but IMO the perfect 'stance' is where the tire/wheel becomes an extension of the body, and not a seperate component which is so visually common with tires 'tucking' into the fenders (breaking that visual flow, especially from behind).

Often this means a less aggressive drop and negative camber, but still looks good in profile AND from behind. The is especially true for classic cars.

I only like to see a bit of tuck if the rear arch is set lower than the front as is the case for Datsun 510 and Mercedes 560SL for example.


I agree completely. I'm so tired of seeing cars dragging their asses on the ground.


it's a proper "performance" stance that you can actually drive. Show cars do go the extra inches to drop the body ))


Some very clean and unique builds right here
I like them all



Only one pic of the slammed, old skool Mercedes convertible?!!!!!! What year is that? 1958? Car is KKKKKRRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY! Full feature pronto!(lol)


O.k. 3 pics! Need a whole more!


Hi David, search for Edelweiss customs (German company) if you want to know more about the car / builder


Bumps, humps and potholes not gonna work for stance cars. Either your bone, air bag, or the car would break. Maybe all.
In my country with pothole aplenty, some car on bags eventually switched back to good old spring becoz bags couldnt take the punishment. Takes heap of money for repair.


All of those cars look childish, the kind of childish that lives with their parents and collects old sneakers.


yeah but aren't they cool?, there's more to cars than mx5s on rpf1s 7 inches off the ground and thrashed e36s on fluro painted stockies


KEVIN!!!! From NightRider! Lil van is life


Cars are cool because they can move. Therefore stance cars are cooler because they are super fast and handle great!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY


Kevin!!!!!!!!! Love Nightride.