The Wildest Dodge Dart You’ll See Today

It’s a Dodge? It’s a BMW? It’s a Nissan? It’s a what?

When my friend Ricky told me about the car I’m about to show you, so many questions popped right out of my head. First and foremost though, I needed to know if could shoot it. The car’s owner had left the unique creation in Ricky’s custody at his car detailing company Clean N’ Tidy in Jakarta, where it was taking centerstage in the showroom. Ricky needed to clear the shoot with the owner, but as I was already in town I wasted no time heading over to at least check it out.

So what exactly are we looking at here?

Visually, it’s a ’66 Dodge Dart 2-door hardtop with KPGC10 Nissan Skyline GT-R styling cues. Mechanically, it’s a BMW E34. You have to love Indonesia.


Obviously I was allowed to shoot it, and poring over the details left me in absolute awe; I love builds like this. It take a certain type of person to go so extreme in order to execute a vision, and the end result here is not only totally unique, but also totally stunning.


The build was a collaborative effort between two Indonesian custom car builders – Alstein Automotive Design in Tangerang and Fix Garage in South Jakarta. Each applied their skills and talent to take Dodge’s 1966 ‘senior compact’ model and transform it into a Hakosuka-inspired cruiser. It’s not only a cruiser though; this thing has hit the track at speeds in excess of 200km/h.


We’ll get to the performance side of the equation in a moment; first up the silver bodywork, which gives off some classic Skyline GT-R vibes through a few select modifications: fender flares, a custom front lip and ducktail rear spoiler, and 8-spoke wheels – albeit in a 17×9-inch (front) and 17×9.5-inch (rear) fitment.

Other exterior details include ’69 Ford Mustang door handles, a ’66 Ford Mustang side mirror, and ’69 Dodge Charger hood pins. Finishing it all off is a Volkswagen gas cap.


The interior meanwhile is fully custom, featuring both vintage and modern details. The custom-trimmed classic low-back front seats and wood-rimmed steering wheel coexist in the cabin with futuristic custom rear seats and a custom dashboard complete with BMW instrument cluster. Somehow it all works.


The cluster is the first hint at why lies beneath the bodywork: a BMW 5 Series. Yes, you’re looking at Dart body draped over a modified BMW E34 floorpan and running gear. With an M60B30 V8 engine stroked to 3.5L, BMW driveline, suspension, steering and brakes, it drives like a 530i too.


I can only imagine the amount trial and error it took to complete this one-of-a-kind creation, but to see it negotiating busy Jakarta traffic was amazing.


So why would anyone build this? Why not! At the end of the day it was a passion project; the owner simply wanted something unique and that’s exactly what he got.

Big thanks to Ricky and the Dart’s owner for letting me shoot this amazing creation. Indonesia has a lot to offer, and I can’t wait to uncover more of its car culture.

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig

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Immaculate build. Pictures are great, love the lighting. indonesia is cool place.

I love the idea and the execution, always wonder how one comes to idea like that, wrap a dart around BMW chassis? like what makes you ever think even close to something like that, and going - "yeah that be sweet amma make it" hahahahahha
Props to builders and owner.
Looks very classy. Id love to drive it.


Yeah, It's such a random idea but it works flawlessly!


Very strange combination but looks incredible, well done


Those back seats look beautifully uncomfortable.


aestheticc haha


I absolutely adore this build!


Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Aye on the exterior, nay on the interior. Somehow the lack of a proper dashboard bothers me. LOL!


The craftsmanship behind this car is just amazing especially the interior


An automatic frankenstein of a non-performance cars' parts bin on speedhunters... And it's simply awesome.

More proof that built beats bought anytime, anywhere. Why the rat rod gets more pictures than the widebody lambo wrapped in gold.


Anything proper built is simply just awesome and this one is simply beautiful!


A nicely executed car. I would have never imagined something like this. But I bet the ride is silky smooth.


it's definitely a nice ride and super agile!


its cool because is shiny and low. :v


Credit to the final products they have created but... this is not Dodge Dart anymore. The grille, the headlights, the tail lamps, the seats, console, dashboard are definitely not dodge. The car does not deserve to be named dodge anymore as the originality is lost.

Matthew Everingham

Man, that is pure unadulterated imagination right there! Executed so well! Please uncover more.


Will do my best to uncover more!


All the attention to minor details and then..... very out of its place washer fluid tank. My OCD was intrigued, please tell me it was cleaned or replaced.
I can't wrap my mind around all this classic/modern fusion present in this franken-built, not trying to throw hate here, the exterior and interior all well executed but i was unable to take it as one.


Superb build by the grand masters in Indonesia, with lots of goodies in the blend.
BTW Rick, what name is given to this car, by the owner?


American Hako!


This is the kinda wacky unexpected shit I like to see. MORE WEIRD BUILDS!


For a moment it looked like Doms Dodge in FF7 lol


Amazing build!

I honestly think South-East Asian car culture is some of the most exciting in the world at the moment. I was lucky enough to visit Malaysia pre-covid and I was blown away by all the cool stuff cruising around and the level of creativity.

Awesome photos as well! I love the colour palette and locations. Keen to see more, Rick :)


My first car was a 66 Dodge Dart with the 225 ci leaning tower of power and 3 on the tree. Manual everything death trap by todays standards. My current project is a 95 E34 540i. So... THIS PROJECT IS AWESOME! Great shots, cool car, and yes, those are original Dart taillights James Cortez