On Wednesdays We Wear White

Everyone in my city wants a photoshoot with these cars. Honestly, you can’t blame them; there is so much individuality reflected in each one of them. They technically aren’t even the same color, despite the fact they’re all white. What these three cars do have is common is being purpose-built to shred, and shred hard.

Max, Ben, and Eric are brothers that hail from just outside of Tampa, Florida, but put down roots – and built their cars – right here in the shade of Pikes Peak, Colorado. I met Ben Councill first at the shop where he lives and runs Drift Factory. Later on, Eric Councill sold me my house. Max Councill owns Heart of Gold Tattoo, and might eventually tattoo me if I ever stop spending money on my own car.


Tyler Walton of T Walton Kustoms made magic on the paint, transforming mismatched kits on the two S-chassis cars and getting the Corvette from black to white in no time. A little pearl here and there sets things apart, and some custom helmet liveries pay homage to a traditional Marlboro race look, as well as the standard Drift Factory colors.


Max’s S13 hatch is an LS-powered wide-body car that matches his personality almost to a T. The Louis Vuitton-inspired roof and gold Weds Kranze Cerberus wheels make this 240SX impossible to miss, and I don’t think anyone minds being blinded by the bling.


Need a realtor? Eric’s JZ-swapped S14 can get you to that open house in no time. This car is absolutely proper: Cerberus wheels in a more subtle gunmetal color, 2F Performance Super Doof kit, and red carpet that I love with every fiber of my being. I’ve seen Eric’s driveway and I do not envy the process of moving this car from garage to trailer. It seems worth it for a car of this caliber, though.


The Corvette acts as a red-headed stepchild in a way, getting the full Under Pressure Performance twin turbo treatment. While Ben generally prefers time attack, he’s no stranger to drifting and rips it on whatever track he’s presented with.


For the sake of clarity, I had already shot these cars prior to the track day. While pretty cars make for pretty pictures, what I really wanted was action shots to break up the monotony of the still life photos Instagram is used to. So UPP set up a private track day at Pikes Peak International Raceway. I went overboard buying snacks and water, and met the guys at the shop before rolling out to PPIR.


No matter how prepared you are, something at the track is always lying in wait to test you.


Max blew out an oil line. Eric lost his bumper somewhere along the way – twice, I think. Ben dropped enough coolant to fill a bathtub. Despite any setbacks, the goal of a three-car team drift is stronger than drivetrain mischief. And team drift they did.


There is no place I would rather be than smack-dab in the middle of the backlot at PPIR being pelted in the face by dirt and tire confetti. There is no place the Councill brothers would rather be than in their respective cars, pelting me in the face with dirt and tire confetti.


There were plenty of beautiful cars out, and I definitely took advantage, but on Wednesdays we wear white. The Councills were the stars of the show, and they sure know how to thrash. Eric, Max, and Ben proved to everyone that not only can they build unique, eye-catching cars, but that they aren’t messing around: they know how the hell to drive.

Eliza Kirberger
Instagram: warui.tenki


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that was such a dude bro article. that bump cage looks like shiit. bunch of posers.


You sound fun

Eric Councill

Joe blow sounds a little sensitive haha. Maybe one day we will see your feature but for now you’re just a internet troll angry at some posers <3


Bump cage? And these bro’s are the dudes sooo


The C5. The Corvette that will age the best of all the 8 generations.


It's definitely my favorite gen. I get flavors of FD from this one, which is never a bad thing.


I've always thought that the FD looked like a combination of a C5 Corvette and a first-gen Viper rendered in 3/4 scale.


Definitely. The Viper is one of my favs as well. They seem to have all been originally designed within a few years of each other as well despite the C5 not coming out till 97. Though it's hard to find dates from just googling it.

Tryon Lippincott

We need a team like this back in Tampa. The car scene is lame here. Its boomer's with muscle cars and fuk bois with whatever shitbox they can hope up with AutoZone parts.


This is like the Hanes white T-shirts of cars and that's pretty cool!


Really article! And Mean Girls reference

Eliza Kirberger

Knew someone would catch that!


Me scrolling through the pics: "man those zoo murals in the background look familiar"

2 hours later I realize that's because its 5min from my house. Can't say I've seen a Colorado feature here!