The A90 Supras Of Tokyo Auto Salon

You might’ve thought we’d forgotten about the most popular car of the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, but the truth is, we wanted to concentrate on everything else first, and then start a conversation on the A90 Toyota Supra.

TAS 2020 reminded me of the year the Toyota 86 was released and the aftermarket tuning industry went crazy with it. Given that Supra sales only started in October last year, what tuners have so far done with the new car is impressive to say the least. But then again, Toyota – or should I say, Gazoo Racing (GR) – started sharing prototype and pre-production versions of the A90 as early as January 2019. Everyone benefited from this, getting in early to 3D scan, measure, and take photographs of every possible component to ensure that parts development could get underway immediately. It’s nothing new of course, US manufacturers do this sort of stuff all the time with models that resonate with enthusiasts, and it seems that Japan – or at least Toyota for the time being – has finally learned how to take full advantage of the aftermarket world, too.


I’d like to kick off with a Supra I saw first thing every morning as I arrived at the Makuhari Messe, and one I had time to grab a few clear pictures of before all the crowds walked in and swamped the halls.


Blitz took a clean, smooth, and almost elegant approach to sculpting their own bespoke wide-body kit. It’s not exaggerated, only 30mm wider at the front and 50mm at the rear, but the front end is daring, with an elongated center section reminiscent of an F1 car. It ends up looking like – and I had to look this up as I didn’t know the name – the nose on a proboscis monkey. Google it, it will make so much sense!


The general consensus is that the A90 suffers from a pretty underwhelming brake package, despite boasting some rather chunky looking front calipers. Size ain’t everything, right? Blitz have developed their own 6-pot kit for the A90’s pointy end, and it was showed off on this car behind multi-spoke Enkei RS-05RRs. It’s not easy to stand out these days and come up with something that is different, and while this particular A90 conversion might not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly ticks all the boxes.


As for me, dialing it down one more notch is where I believe the sweet spot of the A90 truly lies. This blue example was on display at the GR booth, looking pretty with all its carbon fiber additions contrasting against a blue body.

It just makes sense to take the stock body and add high quality parts that look like they actually have a positive effect in the aerodynamic department. If stance and show cars aren’t your thing, this is probably the more balanced approach.


While I’m guessing this might become a GR optional package in Japan, the carbon additions stop at the lower rear skirts and trunk spoiler. It would have been nice if they addressed that massive black diffuser section with some carbon love.


Maybe like this?


I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see the new Supra GT500 cars battle it out in Super GT this year. Just look at the thick-gauge carbon fiber used to sculpt the body of this GT racer.

And on top of all of these Supras (plus two very cool AE86s and of course the reveal of the GR Yaris street and rally cars), Toyota even showed us the GT4 version of the A90 that will soon be available for purchase through the GR race program. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of these populate the Super Taikyu field this year.


But wait, we aren’t quite done from the official Toyota camp yet. This is what TOM’s came up with – a 460hp wide-body version of the A90 finished in ‘Legend Green’.


Their JTCC Group A A70 Supra won its debut race in 1987, and TOM’s won the 1997 JGTC Championship in a JZA80. Now, after 15 years of racing Lexus models in GT500, TOM’s will return to their roots, and this green creation celebrates that fact. Let’s hope they make a limited run of these things; it looks like a GT3 RS version of the Supra.


New cars these days are a little on the quiet side. Sure, there are drive mode buttons that open up valves and induce the odd crackle and pop, but nothing can quite match the effect of a properly engineered aftermarket exhaust system. The Akrapovič guys have already released their titanium system that shaves over 6kg off the weight of the stock item, boosts power by a few horsepower, and of course deepens the tone of the B58, making it sing as it should. It’s also notably more mature looking than a lot of the other titanium systems out there, with a stain-proof texture outer tip and blue-purple inner tip.


Arios came all the way from Fukushima to show off their bright yellow A90, siting on TSW wheels and sporting their own original aero parts.


Meanwhile, Varis went all-out with their appropriately named ‘Supreme Supra’.


This thing was the widest new-gen Supra at TAS, and it’s not a one-off show car – Varis will make the kit in a limited run.


The sense of occasion is carried right through to the rear, where you can see how wide the fender blisters actually are.


In fact, to fill the cavernous guards they had to ask for some help, and that’s where RAYS came in. They took four of their 13-inch-wide Super GT-spec forged wheels, and custom drilled them to fit the five-lug hubs of the A90. This one-off set of Volk Racing race wheels is shod in 335-section Toyo Proxes R888 rubber.


The Supreme Supra shared space with the Runduce A90 which wears the Varis Arising-1 aero, a more performance and street or track-oriented take on an aesthetic kit.


No doubt we’ll be seeing this car doing the rounds at Tsukuba in upcoming time attack events.

Competition-spec Supras, anyone? The Toyo Tires car is what Kawabata-san drives in D1, then we have Daigo Saito’s drift machine – both of course powered by stupidly-powerful 2JZ swaps. Lastly, it’s Orido’s HKS-kitted time attack car, or at least the beginning of the project running the prototype Advan Neova rubber.


You’ll remember HKS’s demo cars that Ron and I took a preview look at recently.


Starting off with their white wide-body Supra SZ-R demo car powered by the – for now Japan-only – 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo B48 engine.


The black RZ wears A90-specific Advan Racing GT wheels and runs the more powerful B58 straight-six turbo engine found in all export market Supras. There are currently rumors that Toyota will start offering the 2-liter in other markets, which would make the A90 a bit more of an affordable proposition.


As touched on earlier, the A90’s stock brakes have been criticized for an inherent lack of performance and fade resistance, but the aftermarket already has us covered.


I don’t even want know how much these Endless monoblock calipers cost, but they sure do look hot alongside a set of carbon-ceramic rotors. Japan’s performance brake companies are really taking things seriously these days.


Much like the DTE Systems A90, the biggest power gain most owners will look to get from the B58 is the 100 to 120hp extra that a simple ECU re-flash or piggy-back module will unleash, which means 460 to 480hp will be the norm in no time. Let’s just hope inexperienced drivers leave the DSC engaged.


All the big brand names each had an A90 demo car on show.


WedsSport took a black Supra and tinted the headlights, taillights and glass to create the automotive equivalent of a black hole.


I spotted no less than three Super GT Supras at the show, a welcome sight and one that will change this year’s GT500 field dramatically – visually at least. Finally, it will be NSX versus GT-R versus Supra again!

And that’s the main point of it all. Despite the complaints that Toyota sold out and had BMW do their new Supra for them, the fact of the matter is that the third piece of the puzzle is here. I don’t think this will be the second coming of that golden decade of awesomeness that was the 1990s, but hell, it’s better to have all three models back than to not, right?


Seeing how the industry has responded to the A90 Supra, it’s a welcome boost and a new wave of excitement – just like the 86 provided eight years ago.


With the GT-R past its sell-by date and the NSX so expensive it’s barely even relevant, the Supra has pretty much carved its own little slice of the market. The big question now is, which manufacturer will be next?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Only seen my first A90 in person earlier this month and the thing that struck me the most is how small they are! They look huge in most photographs, but they're so much smaller than I imagined. The rear three-quarters is still the best view of them, I don;t think anyone has nailed the front just yet.


Theres a white one at my local Massachusetts Toyota dealership and I have to say that its compact but also big, reminds me of a Z3, Modern Z4 and some wierd supra, GT500 racer car mixed into one. Its not too busy but were definitely back in the 90s/2000-2005 era of swoopy, bubbly, melted soapbox like cars. I'm glad the new supra pays homage to the old one, but I really hate how people are going around like " tHe 90'S aRe BeTtTtTerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, 2jz 4 lyfe" like man, no wonder the automotive industry is stagnated and manufacturer's dont make good cars except this. You can make an aluminum engine reliable, you just need to close the deck and brace it. Most people just like to bolt on things to an engine. :T


'Droop snoot' on the first car ruins it. Toms green 'GT3' is fabulous.


I agree, I think it looks like garbage. Why would you want fake f1 "inspired" stuff on the literal first thing on the car your senses will process?
All I can think of is how atrociously ugly the old mercedes slk was. It's like your car has a penis, but it's a chode.


Interesting. I actually like the Blitz' kit, even though the nose is a bit too much. If they'd kept the bumper as they have now but reduce tho nose to the standard form of the Supra - it would be my kit of choice.


Saw my first Supra in the flesh at the Autosport Show earlier in the month. The plastics used on the rear looked incredibly cheap... was left a little bit disappointed by it. The rear diffuser looked like a real afterthought. I'm hoping more body modification companies will tackle the rear and the front making it look more FT-1 like. We'll see!


good lord, that Varis Supra is sexy


ah, yes the crazy stages of a car thats relatively new. Just waiting for the 2009 effect when the GTR cameout and JUN cracked the ecu in like the next day and flashed it.

Now all we need to do is have JUN do something crazy for this car, HKS and Top Secret, where are they?

Also a year or two or Ten years from now and we will look back on this and go, "oh shit i remember when this was new and now it looks so dated", thus like everything, it all evolves.

Also lol to the "slip on line" I remember when the GTR. GT86 and the Corolla Hatch started doing that too. I laugh at the word slip on, because its so market buzwordy for, DIRECT DROP IN REPLACEMENT. XD



I thought Kawabata-san switched his to one of the UZ engines? I remember jokes about him "LS" swapping


Not UZ, but it is UR powered now.


I was close lmao still a toyota V8

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yup! Must shoot that one


It's just an ugly car... Even these builds, finished to such a high standard with every detail taken care of, can't hide the fact that the basic body shape is just weirdly proportioned.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I wouldn't say it's ugly but it definitely looks awkward from some angles.


The best ones are those that have hidden the bulbous middle nose the most. The red and black Advan, Saito's black Sunoco, and the red DTE systems cars do it well.


Stock look popular again.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Simple is always best...


The Supra is indeed stealing the show!
My personal favorites are the new blue color, GT300, GT500, GT4, Competition-spec, HKS, Varis, Cusco, and Tom's

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Tom's rocks!


The first one is hilarious!
It looks like a beluga whale!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Color is accurate then


First one takes it's inspiration from a blobfish and a Vette IMO. Love the blue one!



that first one looks like a blobfish lol

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Why has not a single kit shown deleted the horrible bird beak? Ruins the whole car. Only one passible is the black/red advan.


i really hate that small bulge at the front of the car


Agreed, and I would love to see a bumper with the "tear ducts" on the inside of the lights covered - just to get a little bit more of an mk4 shape to the light.

That being said, I can really appreciate how the new car is an evolution of the old, they've pulled off the overall look really well.. There are a few styling touches that must be too modern for my taste.


In my opinion the Kuhl Racing A90 was the best looking supra there. Is there any reason you didn't give it it's own little spotlight in this article Dino, or were you just running out of time?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sorry not a fan. Definitely different though


I'm actually surprised by that, especially seeing you gave the ARIOS supra a full sized shot. But I guess people do like different things.

I do hope we agree on the fact that Orido's HKS/Advan supra is bad ass.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's a full sized shot if you click on it ;)


Personally I prefer the A80, it looks more massive than the A90 which looks smaller than we expect

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It is built on a Z4 after all.


I sat in one at a dinky consumer car show where I live. Holy crap is it small! but it had plenty of headroom (i'm 6'1").
I want to know what people in Japan are doing with the turbo 4. I get excited for low displacement engines that get things done.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's pretty tight in there. That's why I keep saying that the perfect base for the Supra should have been the Lexus LC.


Might be. But, Lexus LC is a much heavier car


chode bumper. that's what I'm calling it now.


I want one but just can't bring myself to get rid of my FD3S and do it. I've had it since 2002. ITS HARD TO SELL A CAR YOU LOVE!


Never sell it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Keep the FD!


The Blitz front end reminds me of the (ultimate) Celica Concept by TRD and Rod Millen.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

OH damn, blast from the past! That was 20 years ago, crazy! Thanks for making me feel old!


I'm sure a good portion of the crowd here are babies of the 80s. Surely, you're not THAT old! Haha

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Late seventies for possibly older lol


Who’s next? I’m not sure, let’s hope/dream for a new Z or S15...

But honestly let’s not forget about the mazda. They just won the game with their ND MX5!


Seems like the market isn't really interested in either thus Toyota has partnered at both levels of entry- and mid-range sports car.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd honestly find a new Z with the VR30 far more appealing than than the A90. And I don't know why I'm saying that as I'd take a turbo straight six over a farty V6 any day. Maybe it's just the anticipation doing strange things to me...


Funny you say that. I do fantasise about a VR30 in my Z33. All that low end boost and more top end power on tap with better fuel efficiency... when not boosting hahaha


i hope Nissan will unleash the 400Z and Mazda the RX-9..........................................


I think bringing back the RX-3 or RX-7 would be one better. Paying homage to where it all stemmed from rather than creating a 're-branded' evolution. Unless the RX-9 is a bigger car, which the market doesn't demand.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

One might come, the other probably not...


that first supra kinda look like a blobfish


Dont want to be that guy but the Blitz front bumper looks awful.


First Supra, First Picture, looks like a blobfish - look it up.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Looks like a marine abortion. Ewwww ;)


Mazda please be next with a new rotary 2 door!! Please!! I cant afford it but damn sure want to see it! lol

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't want to be, but I'm skeptical. I hope they make it happen and surprise us all though. I'd buy into that straight away


WRT the blue car that you said "might become a GR optional package in Japan", I believe it already is - I saw a yellow SZ with exactly this kit on at the Fukagawa Toyota showroom, complete with a price tag, just after New Year.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No shit. Damn they are quick these GR guys. Love it that they are creating such support for those that want to personalize their cars. It's not just a few sporty aero bits with red highlight lines, it's proper stuff!


I remember how underwhelmed I was by the Mk IV's appearance when it debuted, but I grew to accept it. That'll probably happen with this one.

I have to say though, I still think the fifth-generation car was the best looking Supra.


Except it's not a Supra. It's a $300k+ supercar


Let's see.

Both are big, sleek, fast, technologically-advanced coupes made by Toyota, both are expensive and beyond the reach of most people and the LFA looks so much like an advanced Supra that I'm convinced it WAS originally a concept design for the Mk V that actually made it into production.

Whatever Toyota might say officially.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ah that prohibitively expensive one that took a decade to make? lol