Locking Down Project 912SiX

That’s right boys and girls, I bought a Porsche. But don’t worry, it’s pretty beat up..

I’m giggling a bit writing this, because ‘budget build’ and Porsche don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Add to that by having a ’73 RS as your ‘ideal’ inspiration, and you’ll be laughed at by any Porsche enthusiast. After all, that is the holy grail.


With an ideal project in mind, I looked for a classic 911 for months, passing on countless cars, and even contemplating changing direction by going with a G-body car or even a 964 or 993. I was starting to give up hope, because every single classic 911 I came across was either a complete pile of crap or totally overpriced by the ridiculous amount of flippers and dealers slanging these things. Sometimes, even the competitively priced projects would get picked up almost immediately after being listed for sale. Then of course, the flippers would re-list them at a premium. I think in total I lost out on probably 12 to 15 good deals.

But just before I caved in, as fate would have it, I stumbled across a local add for perhaps the ugliest Porsche I’ve ever seen for sale…  It was the one.

From Fritz To SiX
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.37.39 AMProject-912SiX-For-SpeedHunters-By-Naveed-Yousufzai

Alarmingly, the advertisement was up for over three weeks. I was actually surprised I hadn’t seen it prior, but I guess my narrowed search was filtering the car out of the listings (pro tip: when searching for a car, try not to narrow the search too much, as you’ll potentially lose out on other possibilities).

For a few days following, I found myself going back and forth on whether it was worth looking at. Despite being only 15 minutes away from my house, I was unsure about it, only because I had wasted so much time already looking at other cars that were described in similar light. But after consulting a few Porsche friends, I stopped doubting myself and decided to give the guy a call to schedule a time to check out the car, and an hour later I was en route.


When I arrived, the car wouldn’t start, was covered in dust, and as I imagined, was being sold by someone who happened to come across the car on the street, and persuaded the original owner to sell it to him. ‘Here we go again’ I thought to myself, thinking that this was just another flip. And to be fair, it actually was just another flip.

The seller had no idea about the car’s previous history, even though it came with a mountain a paperwork that he was too lazy to sort through to read. Interestingly enough, the paperwork alone had a story to tell, with clippings of other Porsches for sale, maintenance and previous restoration documents, and even receipts from EASY dating back to the 1980s, which was particularly exciting since I still frequent their monthly meet today. I know the guys will get a kick out of seeing some of this stuff when I take the car to next month’s gathering.

Eventually, it all worked in my favor, because had he actually took the time to understand the car, he would’ve asked quite a bit more than his already fair asking price. I left shortly after snapping nearly 100 photos for a Porsche specialist/mechanic friend to use for inspection. Ideally, I would’ve liked to have him come inspect the car in person, but because there were a few other potential buyers lined up for the car, I had no choice but to act as fast as I possibly could. It was risky, but a calculated risk nevertheless.


Despite having the Porsche specialist’s approval to pull the trigger on the car, I was still on the fence. My biggest constraint this time around, was that the car wasn’t actually a 911, but it’s dumbed-down sibling, a 912.

If you’re wondering what the difference between the two are, most of it resides underneath. When the boys at Stuttgart decided that the Type 911 (originally Type 901) would be their sole offering, they feared the potential loss of sales due to the increased price of the flat-six powered 911. So to keep things simple, they tossed in the last version of the 356 1.6-liter flat-four, along with the 902 transmission, and considered it the ‘entry level’ variant to the 911. I’ll dive more into that in the next update, but because of this, I knew for a fact that I’d never be satisfied with the four-banger version of the 911. Surely though, as the saying goes, a little bit of luck can go a long way.

Gotta Love It When The Stars Align

I kid you not going into this next part of the story, but that same day, that same specialist who I’d consulted about the 912 posted a red Carrera wing for sale. Intrigued, I messaged him asking what car it came off, and it just so happened to be G’s red Euro Carrera I drove during the Coastal Range Rally. ‘Interesting,’ I thought to myself. Why was this wing from that car up for sale? I knew G wouldn’t be modifying that car as it was basically his ‘around town’ car. I pushed my curiosity a bit further and asked my mechanic what the deal with the car was, only to find out that unfortunately for G, the car had been in an accident (not his fault), and was unsavable.


I quickly messaged G asking what his plans were for the car, and he said that he was just going to part it out. BOOM, the potato-powered lightbulb in my head went into full illumination, and the puzzle pieces immediately started coming together.

‘If I buy the ugly car, and I buy G’s car, then I can make the ugly car, the right car. I’d literally have everything I need.’ And just like that, I was the owner of not one, but two Porsches, both of which did not work. Sigh…

Now, it was all a matter of putting the puzzle pieces together – in real life. I’ll dive more into those details in the next update.


For now, we fast-forward a bit to this past week, with the car finally home after a long surgical procedure.


So far, I’ve already burned through the paint on the quarter panels of the car. It’s far from perfect in terms of paint anyway, so I’m considering these new blemishes as part of my inauguration process. Other than that, the shakedown period has gone rather well, thankfully, and now I can shift focus into getting all the little details done, which I’ll surely be sharing with you guys along the way.

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning…

Naveed Yousufzai
Instagram: eatwithnaveed



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Looks good! Greetings from Northern California! Hope to see this tearing up the roads when I'm in the Bay!


If you see me, holler!


Great addition to speedhunters garage.
can't wait for the next update.


MAN, r32 now a Pcar. You really love driving. excited to see the upgrades you are going to make with this one as your r32 check all the boxes.


sorry but I just can't stop reading and looking at your 912 over and over. since I was young and doesn't understand cars I really liked the body of the 912. which i didn't know that it was a 912 all those years and just learned when I attended Manila International Auto Show, I am so envious right now that you bought a 912. and super excited to read all about your next updates.


lol much love allan, thank you. I think you may have been seeing the 911's around, as most people probably wouldn't have bought a 912. But then again, I'm not super familiar with Porsche choices in the Philippines, so they could have been! =)


Is it illegal in CA to replace those godawful sealed-beam headlights?
It makes the front look like a dune-buggy.

Otherwise a great purchase.
Looking forward to updates.




Thank you! it's not illegal, and is on my list of details to button up =)


This may not apply to the author of this post, but I find funny how almost every JDM fanboy who somehow gets his hands on a Skyline ends up selling it to buy an European sportscar. So much for the JDM hype, childhood dream car bulls**t. I'm yet to meet one who kept it for more than 5 years.
That Porsche is very nice though, I like the pure lines.
And by the way, no words about the awesome Noble M12/M400 next to the red 911 ? Because that's driver's car royalty next to those Porsches.


I guess it's quite normal that if your dream is a material object, you get numb quite soon after the dream is realized. One of the major differences between humans and other animals is that we adapt fast, so even if there is an extreme change in our environment we start soon to feel it's normal. Purchasing your dream anything will feel good for a while and then you long for something else.


TBF, Dino's had his R34 GT-R since new. Wholeheartedly agree that there's way too many people shouting 'WOW I GOT MY DREAM CAR', online. Only to sell it 5-months later to buy their new lifelong dream car.


I mean to be fair, keeping a car for 5 years is a strong commitment lol.

The noble belongs to one of Turbo Hoses clients (i did a shop tour story on them not too long ago). =)


Amen to that. I kept my Z32 300ZX for a little over 5 years (Bought it on my own at 16 )..having to sell it because it was, well, a bright red money pit, which needed someone with far deeper pockets than myself, who was making barely above minimum wage , to truly get the car to its full potential. (Plus my entire family, minus Dad, hated the thing, which saw frequent visits to a trusted Z specialist.) I definitely lost a couple thousand, probably more, with all the money in aftermarket bits I put into the car, i.e. full Powertrix suspension and a Labree catback, plus the I money spent in refinishing the exterior in community college..

I hated to see it go. 5 years later, I still regret selling it. But, the man who I sold it to, and his young child, were very happy, when I finally handed them the keys to their 'new' Z32, which always has made me feel good.


i'll be coming up to my 10 year anniversary in Feb with my Z32 and i can hardly believe it..almost let it go some years and its hardly had as much work done as you, but it's definitely had some down time while i tried to save up for major work. It's honestly amazing to see how quickly time seems to have flown by and it sorta turned into my dream car through all the fun and adventures i've had with it since...can't imagine letting ever it go...my 7 year old probably wouldn't be thrilled at the idea either

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Kinda sad to see your R32 go, but hey, at least now the Speedhunters Project Cars stable has something different!


Yeah, it was a bittersweet feeling to be honest. I think the GT-R is the best thing to ever come out of Japan. But I also think the 911 is the best thing to ever come out of Germany, so I guess I'm just acting on strong feels lol.


Looking forward to seeing how this progresses! I was amazed to see a 205 GTi in one of the shots! What's the story behind that?


Thanks! Still have some ways to go.

The 205 belonged to a friend who races for black falcon mercedes, and has some interesting taste in cars. He recently sold it to G, who has also been using this past week on many of our runs to 'shakedown' the car.

Benjamin Scott Cook

Yesss! I had my fingers crossed for this, excited for updates!


So first of all I'm jealous of the PERFECT R32 and now you have a 911. Why did you return the R32 to stock before selling? And please tell me the rubber overriders are going to go along with the nasty headlights :D


thanks! it's easier to recuperate funds by parting out a car rather than trying to get a higher asking.


Modded R32 probably wouldn't pass what ever inspection is required for road use. Resale value would be higher for an R32 that passes inspection over a modded one that needs changing to be put on the road. Plus bonus cash for selling off parts.

More money in the pocket.


Looking forward to this, just please don't stick a Turbo rear wing to it as everybody does, keep it original.


that would be ultra sacrilegious on a narrow body car lol.


Or just do whatever you want as it's your car


I've driven every Porsche from the 356c to the 992 on track as well as coaching, mountain roads and all the rest. I have also been racing for over 20 years. After all of this, as much as I like to drive these cars I have to say they are pretty shit in terms of handling dynamics. Very far off from something that handles properly. I get the appeal...I totally do, but the reality is they aren't as good as people say and really don't deserve the praise unless you consider the relative performance available at the time.

There are tons of cars that drive like a 911 now and tons of cars that drive miles better, but good luck convincing anyone who is brain washed of that. The 997 GT3 RS stood out as did the 993 I drove and the 356c, but other than that I can't really recall ever being in one that did more for me than a modified Corvette of which I am a huge fan. I suppose we all have our preferences, but the blind "omg its a Porsche" crap I've never subscribed to. *shrug*


Lol I find that hard to believe. I mean, what your saying is strictly subjective. The current number 2 road car record at the ring is a GT2 RS, which was set 2 years ago. Only to be beaten by an SVJ lambo... statistics make your claims of "shit in terms of handling dynamics" totally irrelevant. Despite this, I will say that the 997.2 GT3 and GT3RS are probably some of the best driver centric water-cooled 911's out there.


Neat and sweet!




Do you know what the new motor makes for power? Did you do much driving with the flat 4 before the swap?